Report to Tyke at the doors to the bridge and give her any aid she requires.
12 December 2013 @ 11:33 am
[look, it's a face. look, it's legolas's face. you don't see that on the network very often. he looks-- relatively calm, in spite of the drawn eyebrows and overall weariness. or as much as an elf is able to look weary. that might be a smudge of dirt on his chin.]

..It is always painful to lose a friend when the cycles turn. Or two, and one of them for a second time. [not to mention another one in a coma.

he sighs though, lifts his shoulders in what might be a shrug, and pulls on a smile. ned did say something about charm.. a few months ago.]

Seeing as my employer is asleep again, and I think it has been some time since the last one-- the oxygen gardens is currently-- ah, short staffed. [as.. always.] I think we may be able to manage it, but some assistance would be much appreciated, even if you do not decide to join the department itself.

There is some gardening done, but for those less inclined to the soils, there is also the monitoring of the hydroponics [did he say that right, can ned be proud of him for saying it right.] and the water cleaning system. And as always, we would advise that the owners of the the plants in the community garden and the creatures that reside here come by to care for them accordingly. It may be difficult for us in the department to have a hand in everything at the moment.

[shuffling. the camera jostles for a moment, and then a garden.txt file is attached. no, he was not not the one to name it.

he takes on a more serious tone now. the kind that's trying to be serious but also trying not to scare people away, otherwise known as a bit worried.]
I have heard also of a thing known as Christmastime that might be celebrated this cycle. If you require a tree or any other plant from the gardens, please ask for some assistance. If possible I would have them removed in a way that they may still be replanted afterward with little damage to them.

[not to poop on holiday spirits or anything. but if another tree is dragged up haphazardly, he has a bow and he is not afraid to use it.]

Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions in regards to this. I may be found here at all times, and there is often someone else from the department here as well.

((ooc: agriculture 101. no hoverdollies and spaceracing for non-dept members, sorry. open to action, set in the gardens of course!))
02 August 2013 @ 10:49 am
For those who noticed the incident that triggered the watering system in the garden a few hours ago, I'd like to assure you that it wasn't a ship error or an act of random vandalism, and it wasn't anything to be concerned about. It was an accident and it won't happen again.

[a pause. okay, anakin, your turn to speak. explain the accident]

There was a slight…malfunction while we were testing the repairbikes.

[okay, so perhaps it's more like "they were being idiots and pushed the bikes too hard and managed to hit a tree" but shh.

also, guess who isn't impressed about having to make this post in the first place? damn future masters.]

The rain managed to put out the fire before it spread, but- Look, it wasn't our fault. We fixed them perfectly, but then the controls froze up and it either this or let them fly about and possibly kill someone. At least this way it's just a few trees that got hit.

[because that means they made the right choice, doesn't it? he just glances back across at obi-wan now, leaving him to finish this up. there's a reason the other jedi usually takes the lead in discussions instead of him.]

Either way, we accept full responsibility for our actions, and apologize if we startled or frightened anyone.

[ooc: Blue is Obi-Wan, this refers to this!]
[the post is made some hours after the jump. it's video, strangely enough for this passenger. light skin, pale hair, bright eyes. a curious expression at first, then a flashing, shy sort of smile once he realizes the feed the communicator is recording.]

Greetings, Tranquility. My name is Legolas. Some of you may know me, some may not. Regardless.. in light of some-- recent events [pirates. pirates being killed. bodies being strung up. his father being put in the brig. you get the idea.] my acquaintances and I have seen it fit to settle down with a few drinks.

Unfortunately, we.. seem to have brought too much. [video pans to show a few bottles, ale and whiskey, and then backs away to show a rather large barrel (three feet tall, to be exact) with dark red liquid inside. it spins around back to show legolas.]

Therefore, by unanimous agreement [...or just his agreement.] we would like to extend this courtesy to any who wish to join us. Our party may be found on the second floor of the Oxygen Gardens, near the lifts. There will be glasses provided, though I do recommend bringing your own flask or cup. We ask only for company in return, and that the drinks be put to good use.

[he takes a sip from a glass of wine and raises it in a toast before the feed cuts out.]

((ooc: log is up here! legolas will be replying to this post.))
28 April 2013 @ 10:39 pm
[He looks unusally grave as he addresses the network.]

Remus Lupin here. I think most of you know me. Er-- if not, well, there's your introduction. I've been on the ship for a number of months, and I've been noticing a few things.

Well, it's just-- we have fantastic organization when it comes to security and the medical bay, but we don't actually have any laws. And while we've been fortunate enough to have a peaceful crew and not need any yet-- any against stealing or, thank god, killing-- well, who knows what the next Jump will bring?

[Right. He takes a deep breath and scratches his nose, thinking for a few seconds before continuing.]

It's not just that I like rules and order-- although, frankly, that's part of the reason. But listen: without any sort of law in place, we have no real authority if and when a crime is committed. If someone kills someone else, what are we going to do? We can't rely on mob rule and what people think should be done-- god, that's how things disintegrate.

[He grimaces.]

What happened to the remaining pirates-- that cannot be allowed. What sort of society are we? We can't simply murder people because they attacked us! Keep them in the brig, yes, and we can discuss what should happen next, if they ought to be brought into the crew eventually under supervision, or kept there for life-- but we can't just slaughter them because we felt vaguely threatened. And if someone does-- as just happened-- then we need to punish them.

So with that in mind-- well, here, look at what I've written up. It's attached, I think I did it right-- and tell me what you think.

[A text document is attached. There's basic laws written out: against killing, stealing, embezzling, and so on and so forth. The punishments consist of being locked in the brig for a number of weeks, with some options for a sort of community service rehabilitation for lesser crimes.]
24 March 2013 @ 03:32 pm
In Paris, my brothers and I fought for a republic that has, from what I am told -- now come. Our lives were given to that cause and for that cause; for a day when all the people of the world were to be equal, free, and peaceful. We fought to remove power from the hands of the tyrants and place it in the hands of men who would live as brothers, as they are meant to. That may have come to pass. It may have not. I know there are many on this ship who are from different worlds.

If it has not -- in a place such as this, what does one do? Does he continue the fight? There is nothing to barricade with; there are kings but they do not hold power. My future is uncertain, I mislike it. I need something to do with myself.

I have studied law. I had not yet passed the bar at home, I would have taken it again in the end of June. I am well-versed in various political philosophies and writing articles, speeches, pamphlets, that sort of thing. I am also proficient in canne de combat and various firearms. What might I do here? Assistance would be gratefully appreciated.
23 March 2013 @ 11:44 am
Ladies and gentlemen of the Tranquility, good evening.

[From the video, you can see Albert is seated somewhere in the oxygen gardens, on a wide-open patch of grass. He looks somewhat contemplative.]

I have a-- a somewhat personal question to ask of you all, so don't feel compelled to answer if you don't wish to. [He seems to hesitate, and then he plunges ahead quickly, as if he must ask it before he loses courage.]

How many of you here believed yourselves to have passed away before you woke up in this place?

And-- for those of you who don't want to talk about something quite so morbid, maybe you could tell me what year, or what country, or planet you come from. I'd... really like to hear about other people's homes. As for me-- I'm from Paris, France, the year 5053.

I've also got some tea and plenty of cups to go around here in the garden, if you'd prefer to speak in person. I'd welcome the company, and the chance to meet all of you.
19 February 2013 @ 10:05 pm
[there's the familiar face of Jim Kirk, and judging from his expression, you can expect this isn't going to be a fun broadcast. next to him is Tyke, who is leaning back in her seat, Jim seated in the middle and Spock standing on his right, hands at parade rest and as unflappable as ever.]

Passengers, this is Jim Kirk, if I could have your attention for a moment.

As everyone knows, we've got people lost in the ship. Petrelli has already asked everyone not to use the lifts and I'm going to repeat that caution. We believe something is malfunctioning and the lifts are sending people to the wrong floor. Judging by the faulty messages we've been getting, we can guess that it's somewhere deep in the ship. Communications is currently working on clearing that up.

Right now I need able-bodied personnel to report to the Gunnery via the stairs. We're going to be working with Security to put teams together. While we don't want anyone else getting lost, we've got people out there who weren't prepared for it. That means they need food and water and probably weapons.

[ spock doesn't step any further into the feed, but he does pull a series of data padds from seemingly nowhere. his gaze doesn't lift from the bundle as he speaks. ] The gunnery department is able to supply a number of projectile based weapons as well as several dozen phasers for those willing and capable of utilizing them. Medical is standing by to receive members of each party and equip them with first aid kits.

[ it isn't an afterthought, but there's something about the way he finally looks at the screen that still says illogical humans. ]

Despite individual concerns for the well-being of friends, family, and your fellow passengers, I do not believe it unreasonable to remind you that this is an emergency alert. Personal feelings aside, we are meant to aid others, and cannot be expected to do so if we do not also ensure our own safety.

[It's at that point that Tyke finally leans forward, but it's clear in her expression and tone that she doesn't want to be talking any more than she has to, barely covered-over frustration and agitation.]

Respond to this if you can see it and you're currently in a known location, even if you're not gonna be involved in running supplies. We need to figure some working idea of how many are lost and how many are safe.

[ooc: kirk, spock & tyke. here is a OOC post for coordination if you guys need it! if you're renting a weapon, check that post out please! also feel free to action it up in this post/talk amoungst yourselves etc]
[ Lucrezia is in one of the lounges! Sprawled on one of the sofas, fingers busy turning a pendent of gold in the shape of a sea-horse. There are no poems today, no joyful greetings, something is different. She looks more pensive than anything else but there is a shade of concern there as well as quiet annoyance.

When she speaks, her voice is devoid of any of it. Her eyes still focused on the sea-horse. ]

A riddle, Tranquility.

How to mourn for someone who does not deserve it?

If your duty demands it and you have no desire to - do all men need to be mourned for? Is it a a more grievous sin not to mourn than it is to speak false words of grievance?

[ a beat. ]

Perhaps I must fast again.

[ a moment later she puts down her necklace, smiles. ]

I would have a cup of wine with your answer, if any of you have some to spare. You will join me in the lounge.

[ and it is not a question. ]
12 February 2013 @ 12:54 pm
[Yeah yeah it's this guy looking - what else - grumpy. Though this time he takes a moment to light his cigarette before reaching forward and speaking.]

Read that.

[And suddenly there's a ping with the oh-so-creatively named file gardens.txt on the screen. No other explanation is provided; he's pretty sure it's straightforward enough. No stupid shit, they deliver, and they're always taking applications. That business taken care of he gets to the point.]

Rest of Agriculture - wanna have a meeting in a few days. Three days from now, 15:00, tell me if ya can't be there.

[A second to smoke. Puff puff.]

The people I talked to couple jumps ago - first batch is cured an' ready, if you payed for it.

[Batch meaning tobacco, but he doesn't explain that either. The cigarette hanging from his mouth probably makes it obvious.]


[[ooc info about the Gardens is right over here for the curious. and to the department - totally going to handwave that meeting if that's cool]]
08 February 2013 @ 10:26 pm
How can people be so idle when there is so much at stake at your inaction?

[It's quiet. The past jump has not been kind to Marius. In fact, he sounds positively unsettled, almost as if he needs to just go to sleep and not talk to the public at large, but he needs to do something and this is the only way he can make his heart less heavy.]

We are slaves here to the whim of individuals we cannot even see, to those we cannot even meet, and -- I cannot keep quiet about it any longer.

[He draws in a breath.]

I know there will be much discussion about why we are here and whether or not we can escape -- and I am interested in hearing all of that, but what I am more interested in is opinion. I want to hear what people feel about being here, be it anger or apathy, rather than the facts of our situation, for nothing has ever been changed with cruel numbers and statistics so much as heart.

[And he stills for a long moment before Marius shuts off the feed -- and, maybe twenty minutes later, he sends out a text.]

[Filtered Away from Enjolras]

What can be done about nightmares?
06 February 2013 @ 08:20 pm
[ the device is balanced on robb's knee, with grey wind at his side, circling around out of sight and then back in on robb's other side, all sleek muscle and bulk, a counterpoint to how lean robb's grown, newly shorn hair a riot of curls, despite his attempts to smooth them. eventually, he reaches a hand, brings grey wind to heel, the great wolf settling as robb begins to speak. ]

I'm aware there are greater things to consider than the whims of a king, but I would ask your indulgence in this instance. Things have gone quiet, for the moment, so perhaps this is the best time to pose such a question.

[ there's a rumble from grey wind, a shift and scrape of claws on the metal. robb runs a hand over his head, settles behind the ears. ]

I would hear what was known of skinwalkers and shapechangers, if there are those aboard who would be comforable speaking of such subjects with me. Anything you wish to speak of, even legend and lore. I'd be grateful for it, good people of the Tranquility.
[aren't you sick of all these PSAs yet, Tranquility? well too bad, here's another one. this is from a Kirk with a nice five o clock shadow going wearing the Starfleet greens of the command track.]

Morning Tranquility, this is Jim Kirk. I don't know if everyone's been briefed yet, but there's an FAQ file available to read or listen to which I'll link to this broadcast. In short, you're on a colonization vessel in an alternate universe traveling through space. We have theories as to how everyone got here, but they're only theories. I'll be happy to answer questions if you have them.

[he flashes a smile, and you'd almost never guess that he has a pounding headache and is still feeling nauseous.]

From the sound of it we've had a little hiccup with the grav chamber. If I could get a diagnostics report on that, that'd be great. I think it's a good idea for all of us who spent the last month in stasis to get together and share what happened. I've heard a few people discussing a dream, and I'm starting to get the impression everyone under had the same one. It was lucid, and of the Tranquility, before the former crew was lost.

[his gaze drops then, to his notes; everything he'd taken down between two files- one that shared everything, and one that would be for Starfleet, should he ever go back. he's not sure when he started considering his own return to Starfleet an if, but he isn't about to say anything about that. he spoke with Jenna earlier; he knows he needs to do something to rectify this idea people have of him lately. he can't think of anything more blatant than sharing information on a ship that covets it's secrets. it might paint a giant target on him, but better Kirk than the rest of the ship.

bright blue eyes come back to the camera.]

During the dream, I wasn't able to find Ward or Resnik. [and, yeah, just let that sink in for a minute.] But I did discover Captain Gallagher's first officer. Her name was Roshan. I can't tell you exactly what that might mean, but I wouldn't suggest spreading the information where Ward or Resnik might catch wind of it.

[he pauses, and adds:]

Gunnery, report. Tyke [you haven't been answering youR PHONE CALLS TYKE] I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible.

Kirk out.

24 October 2012 @ 07:16 pm
[the feed opens up to Eric seated in front of the camera and Kirk leaning over his shoulder, presumably setting up the video. his hand comes down as he addresses the ship.]

Tranquility, if I could have your attention. In the interests of openness, I’ve been asked to address you on another topic people might consider off colour. As you know, on board we have more than just humans and extraterrestrials. We also have what some of us would call supernatural entities. This extends from angels to werewolves, and while I’m not at liberty to discuss the others, right now I’d like to take a moment of your time to discuss vampires.


[and he glances to the man in question as he straightens, leaving the floor open to him.]

[Eric sits forward in the chair, a calm, if somewhat cocky smile crooked on his face. one can tell that he’s very much at ease being in front of the camera, in front of the spotlight]

Good evening, ladies. Gentlemen. Shifters, angels, werewolves, etcetera. My name is Eric Northman, and I. [he crooks his smile a little bit wider, one brow a little higher for a moment] I am a vampire. Now, some of you may be aware as to what that means, but some of you do not, so allow me to break it down for you. Vampires were humans, at one point. Although the process is different depending on where those on board came from, the idea is the same: we drink blood, it is how we survive. Without it, we starve, much as a human would without food or a succubus would without... [smirk] Well, you catch my drift.

Now. We have been surviving off of synthetic blood for this long thanks to the generosity of the medbay and their science equipment. And we can continue on surviving like this indefinitely. But humans of the Tranquility, ask yourselves this. Would you yourselves enjoy to live off of the barest of rations while the rest of those around you do not have to hold themselves to the same limitations? Would you continue to choose to live that way?
[he adjusts his position in his seat, leaning towards the camera, intensifying his gaze] I would not think so. So why ask us to continue to do the same?

What we are proposing instead, myself and Kirk and Godric
[he shoots a quick glance off-camera, to where Godric stands watching, both apologizing if the other did not want his name attached to the idea and standing his ground at the same time. behind him, Kirk too glances in that direction.] is instead a donor system, if you will. Like a blood bank, overstepping the bag donations. Donors will not be harmed - donations will be equal to if not less than those that one would give in any local blood drive. The condition of vampirism is not passed by bite, and the contact of the bite itself can be quite...pleasurable.

We recognize that there will be questions, and between us, will be happy to respond to any and all posed to us. There are many preconceptions of vampires, and those too we will be happy to honestly confirm or deny, to the best of our ability.

[Jim again leans over Eric’s shoulder here.]

Since this isn’t a subject of starvation, this isn’t something that requires an immediate decision. This is as much about creating awareness of the situation as anything else. We want to make people as comfortable as possible up here, which isn’t easy with all the walks of life we’ve collected. If for some reason you have an issue, contact me. My communicator is always on.

[he already knows it’ll be going off the hook, but with a nod Jim steps out of the frame to let Eric finish it off]

Godric and I can only speak for a select version of the condition of vampirism as it appears on board. There are those that do not possess the same level of self-control as we do. These negotiations will by no means justify any attacks. [In case any of you were getting any ideas, he’s not gonna take the fall for you] We seek merely a more comfortable arrangement for all. [pleasant smile]

[ooc; gold is for Jim, blue is for Eric]
12 October 2012 @ 03:05 pm
[If it sounds like he's rattling off meeting notes… it's because that's exactly what he's doing. Sort of. He doesn't keep to the script too well. But the last time he did the PSA for the Gardens he was a dick, apparently, and not being a dick is important (apparently), so this time he's written it all out beforehand. Hey, he tried.]

Couple-a things about the Gardens.

One: If you want something specific from 'em, place an order here.

{attachment: Order Form.}

As soon as we have it, we can take it up to the specified passenger deck. Saves you time, saves us a huge goddamn headache when we go for somethin' and it's not there. There's also a sheet by the Garden entrance, so use it. Especially if ya want potatoes. [GLaDOS.]

Two: If you pick your own stuff, fill out that form too. Inventory.

Three: If y'don't want to deal with us and want your own plot, we got a section for that. Or you can grow it on the upper levels if you like dirt. Not our fault if somethin' happens to it, though. [A pause.] Not our fault if somethin' happens to it anyway. We're not security.

Four: Tell us if you throw your animal in here, before you throw your animal in here. It ain't a farm. We're not petsitters, either.

Five: Don't smoke near the chemicals. Or the filtration systems. Or the scrubbers. An' if you smoke filtered cigarettes, don't leave the butts on the ground.

Six: There's a few of us workin' down here. If you have questions, ask.

{attachment: AGR Staff Sheet.}

Seven: That list is a sign-up sheet too. Could use the help. And uh. We're not all assholes. One-a you nice ones should do the announcement, next time.

[So yeah. GO TEAM.]
09 October 2012 @ 03:04 pm

chatting with mrs. nesbit

Hello Tranquility, you're in for a treat today! I'm sure most of you don't have the slightest idea about chatty topics. It pains me to see you all so idle. So... so... blah.

Gather up your tea and biscuits, I've got some gossip for you:

😒 You know that Chase girl? Well, she's been keeping us chasing around for that Smiley fellow. She knows who he is! Don't trust that face.
😔 Heard of Kara? Turns out she's been called "The Harbinger of Death." How corny, more like Harbinger of YAWN!
😍 Turns out she also has a secret admirer. Leoben has been prowling close behind~ Harbinger of Stalkers!
😏 That adventuring fellow with the facial hair found a lovely tiger and didn't shoot it. God, it's not like you flaunt about your shooting or anything. Fetish for the furry creatures that growl, mayhaps?
😶 Have you guys seen that little guy running around? That frolicking Frodo? WELL, he's sharing a room with look-at-my-hair Legolas! Ooh! There's something going on behind closed doors!
😘 Red alert: Natasha + Clint, ooooooooh la la~
😡 I'm sure we've all had to sit through Nathan Petrelli's boring talks. Weird, he should have gave us a talk about that crazy killer on board... who was here for months! Not even a mention or warning! Sure you care, Mr. Petrelli. It's about time you FLY AWAY!
😳 Wow, stick-in-the-mud Mr. Casey has something for look-i'm-charming Neal Caffrey. Face confusion or caught in his gaze? Get a room you two, no one cares about your drama.
😋 Sherlock and John is a thing that happened. Hint: Not the one who went swimming.
😈 Wow, Wichita is a witch. She created the delusion of a world in order to mentally justify her serial killing. Not kidding, she is INSANE. She never even seemed that innocent, but what a shocker! She needs to be behind bars or strapped up.
😎 Fish couple? Seems questionable. Feferi and Eridan. Strange kids. Eridan might have been rejected before... and we aren't surprised. You might as well ignore this one.
😹 That cat girl Nepeta is making oogly-eyes at Robb Stark. Out of your league, girl. I've heard she even writes creepy fanfiction about real-life pairings... ewwwww! And I mean creepy. Something is wrong with these grey kids.
😵 Wheatley and Hal... Those two loooove each other's company, don't they? Hmmm. Something is up.
😪 All these archers and their bows are practically married. Someone should look if inanimate-bow marriage is legal. But who is to say they haven't skipped to their honeymoon?
😢 We all know John Watson. Seems like a sweet guy, but god, that guy literally attacked someone in a past Jump. He had to be torn off this poor fellow to make him stop. Goodness, what was that all about? Has he finally gone insane?


( OOC: Sorry about that, I woke up late... /posts three hours later

LOL and omg i swear the god i didn't copy Ianto's post this is the funniest coincidence FLOWERSQUILITY. Anyways, enjoy. )
[ There are a few things everyone might notice about this video post. One is that there's no way Jaye could have gotten from the medbay to the kitchen on the 001 passenger floor this quickly. Two is that her hair looks both dirtier and longer than usual, and instead of either happily mussed or neatly groomed, it's just a complete mess. Three is that, judging by the way Jaye sort of seems to be wobbling back and forth on the floor and has burst capillaries in her face, she was just rather sick and might be so again. Likewise, anyone who looked around before or after the jump may have noticed that Jaye wasn't there -- didn't go down, didn't go into the gravity couches, and that Faith Lehane was looking after her animals. ]

So. [ Her voice is hoarse, quiet, and the rasp is completely new and sounds painful –- in fact, she has to pause, clearing her throat for a moment. It doesn't go away completely, but she's a bit louder, at least. ] I-- [ and she winces ] sat out during the jump as an insect. Don’t do that. It was a month. Everything was red, copper and salt, until it ended.

[ It hurts to talk, and Jaye takes a moment to rub at her throat. ] Want a shower, food.

[ She pauses, glancing away from the camera for a moment. Her eyes aren’t exactly wet, and maybe it's from her earlier vomiting, but either way... ] Missed you guys. [ And she cuts the feed. ]

((ooc: MCU!Tony will be getting her from the kitchen and carrying her down to medical. Her replies will probably come from after she's there and probably be in text form. If your character wants to go visit her there (or fuss at her or whatever), I'd be up for it, but be warned that she's having a bit of a hard time talking at the moment and will set Faith on you if she feels shitty.

Also someone might want to clean up the 001 kitchen. ))
05 October 2012 @ 01:37 am
let's not talk about..................... all of that
i'm just going to be straight and ask........ ok i want to do something for someone
like a gift
something nice but all i ever do is bake
i'm not even sure what the date is anymore, so might as well make up my own "anniversary" around here

[ He stops typing for a moment. Dramatic effect. ]


anyways, the baking idea
i would be rolling my eyes if a baker did that, yeah you do that all the time ned soooooooooooooooooooooo
wow too many 'o's

what's available around here that she
that person might like?? a walk through the oxygen gardens screams disaster
i feel like i shouldn't touch the flowers either
we have pools but something not so nice happened in one
walk around the ship, but there's that occasion a whole lot of us got lost through mazey fun
advice before our next round of goo please

thanks, hope you are all fine and well
yeah bye
[ everything in neal's life right now depends on coming off as better-- healing, masking pain maybe, but better. as such: time to get back on the network socialization horse.

he's in his devore, this time, and a fedora to boot; armor, but whatever. hot armor. ]

You know what I've noticed? Space is actually pretty boring in between it trying to kill us all.

In that vein, here's something I haven't done in a while. Pick a or b and try your best.

ic attachment )

That's a, here's b.

You're on a road-- let's say to the nearest drycleaners. If you don't understand why we need one of those, you're going somewhere else that's very important and exciting, all right? You come to a point in the road where the path is blocked by three guardians; their names are Knight, Knave and Chaos. Knight always tells the truth, and Knave can always be trusted to lie. Chaos just blows whichever way the wind is strongest, that day.

To get past them, you only have to do one thing: by asking three yes or no questions (one to each guardian, double dipping not allowed) figure out which one is Knight, which one is Knave, and which one is Chaos.

There is, as always, one catch: the guardians understand English but will answer you back in their local language, so 'da' means yes and 'ja' means no. Or maybe it's the other way around-- probably should have read the guidebook closer.

So. How do you do it?

And hey, why not one more for the math geeks living among us. Finish the sequence:

4, 6, 12, 18, 30, 42, 60, 72, 102, 108, ?, ?, ?.

locked to matthew keller )