12 May 2014 @ 04:44 pm
[ elizabeth sits in the grass, with white roses in her hair and her skirts pooled about her. she looks thoughtful and placid to most, and only those who know her passably well may note an undercurrent of sadness in her features. it is there, but not readily apparent unless one has seen and interacted with her often.

her mother's absence and the hell that awaits her family in the future have not been forgotten. they hang like a great weight about her neck, and in the way her shoulders bow a little despite being straight and stiff otherwise. she keeps her eyes averted from the camera for now, as she speaks up quietly: ]

It all began upon a lovely day in spring
A maiden fair stumbled upon a King
Beneath the boughs of a mighty oak
Whilst two boys clutch'd at her cloak

And lo he came upon them there
Stricken at once by the maiden so fair
He gaze'd at her and she at him
Love-struck and helpless to its whim

[ she releases a long breath of air, and finally looks up at her comm device. her face still appears peaceful, as though the words and the act of writing them have had a calming effect. and perhaps they have. she effects a small smile, though, for good measure. ]

I think it a good beginning. What say you, Tranquility? Putting such a tale to words has been a daunting task, indeed.

I shall continue, and add more to it. But I must ask, are there such tales whence you hail from?

[ and if poetry is not your jam, elizabeth has another query. she holds up a plastic container (a stick of deodorant) and a glass bottle (perfume) and various other sundry items she has found. all sweet-smelling, all utterly confusing to a girl from the late middle ages. ]

And I must beg another query of you, if you please: what are these? What purpose have they?

[ anyone who knows her will see that this is only an attempt on her part to distract herself. sitting idle and stewing over the heaps of negativity life loves to send her fmaily's way has never been her thing. ]
09 May 2014 @ 09:09 am
Captain Tauriel has gone.

[That's it. That's all there is to be said, save for everything unsaid. But those things were never meant to be spoken. They were too deep to be put into words. The daughter he never knew he had is gone.]

I am King Thranduil. [Which is a title he doesn't point out unless he's being official about something. This came after the bit about Tauriel for that reason. He is stoic but relaxed, and there is a warm tone to his voice.] Nederlands has contracted me and mine to protect the gardens alongside ship security. I am sending the rules he has written for us to enforce. [True enough, a link appears.] Unfortunately, half of us are gone, and therefore I would encourage you to speak to Tyke or to Miles Edgeworth if your interest is in helping to guard a sanctuary that gives us life every day we are here. To be a part of my force, I would expect your fealty.

Which brings me to another matter altogether. A number of us were accustomed to feudal rights in our homelands, and these I offer to any who wish for the comfort of a feudal lord. I would uphold your rights as a vassal and hold you to my laws and those of this ship, and in return you would uphold my power to protect you and others. It will not stop any trouble you might have with ship's security, but at least you would have a lord to speak on your behalf.

[Or damn you, if you've really screwed up that badly.]

My law does not supplant that of this ship, but it will give you the right of a feudal lord. Unless you wish it otherwise, you will be under my protection, not in my service. I am not seeking to build a private army, nor does this absolve you of past lawbreaking or troublemaking. In another's country, we must obey another's law.

Lastly, there are two nests of fledgling sparrows in the gardens. If they are natural prey for an animal in your possession, you will ensure that your animal has been properly fed before bringing it to the gardens. I encourage all to come hear them sing.

Good day.
[The gardens are in the background. Thranduil appears on the screen looking impeccably turned out. His poise is stiff, his tone formal.]

It has been brought to Security's attention that the criminals Melkor and Mairon did capture twenty-two hostages from this ship. Of these, nine were enslaved with sorcery to do their bidding and keep the others entrapped. Their intent was to hide upon the station Arima and make their way to a planet from there.

[He lifts his chin.]

In doing so, Melkor and Mairon emptied several houses and killed and ate their inhabitants. When we arrived, there were piles of half-eaten carcasses to which some of the hostages had been bound face-to-face. The hostages themselves are in varying states of health. When we became apparent to him, Melkor set fire to the house.

[A muscle in his jaw twitches. Legolas' legs were broken.]

Melkor and Mairon are dead, and with them one of their willing servants--AM, I am to understand he was called. Their executions were quick and necessary to free those under their spell. They will not harm another soul here.

One hostage could not be saved. Meriadoc Brandybuck was murdered for his valour, and with his death he saved all his fellow prisoners. Because of the fire, Merry's body could not be retrieved. All effort was put toward saving the living from the fires. A funeral will be held for him. His honor is great even among the many great souls I am privileged to know here. The wake will be held tomorrow night, after a night and a day of mourning.

[He stops speaking for a second, though his face makes no change. At last, his gaze drops briefly and his voice becomes a soft hiss.]

Savo hîdh nen gurth.

[He cuts the transmission.]
13 March 2014 @ 04:14 pm
[The video comes on at a weird angle and distorted by water droplets, but the view is clearly of the gardens during a rain cycle. A tall man (probably--his golden hair is very long) in exceptionally Medieval clothing has his back turned to the camera, occupied with tying the corner of a tarpaulin to a sturdy tree branch. It seems to serve as a canopy over the makeshift bed he has spread out over the grass. One corner of the bed is clearly wet, and the perceptive will discern that this is, in fact, the second time he has tied this corner of the tarpaulin to its branch. The camera becomes too obscured by water to see more than a blur for a moment, until a pink tongue clears it off and the audience is treated to a close-up of a deer's nose. Ethuil considers the camera, then ambles over to where his caretaker is nearly finished with his work. Impatient, he nudges the person against his leg. The man starts and the knot slips from his hands. The corner of the tarp comes free and water pours down upon the bed.

The man turns at last, nudging the deer away with a gentle, chronically shaking hand. Those who have never seen an elf usually know one when they see one nonetheless. He does not look entirely human, especially in the way he moves, like a tendril of smoke in the air as though his feet only just touch the ground. He does not seem to mind the rain on himself, but he pats the deer with an impatient look toward his soaking bed.]

[OOC: action or network replies are both fine]
10 March 2014 @ 12:04 pm
Does there exist documentation or any record concerning the use or effects of magic on the ship? I am interested in notation on repeated instances of magic during menial or daily activities as well as during times of flux as has recently passed, irrelevant to 'type' or origin of said magic.

I have perused the informational guide as well as backread through the network but this technology is not in use where I am from; I am unsure if I have missed anything due to unfamiliarity with the interface.
08 March 2014 @ 05:07 pm
Another Jump has come and gone.

[ hey, Tranquility. Lucrezia Borgia's hair falls freely down her back today and her cheeks are rosy and her lips are smiling. though if you know Lucrezia Borgia, and many do by now, you would perhaps recognize something in her smile, a twinkle in her eye which is impish. ]

I have counted more than twelve jumps, near fifteen and my days on this ship had been many yet today I come to you with a plea, Tranquility.

[ notice the faux!serious expression on her face. ]

There is a man upon this ship who had promised me a most wonderful promise many months ago and failed to see it through. I do not know if it is a regular affair in this person's world to break a promise made to a lady but I have come before you seeking justice from him so he would see it done. Duel him, pester him, chase him down at my name, if you wish it. Only bring him before me or tell him to present himself to me and be given punishment for said offense.

His name is Sirius Black. He is taller than me with dark hair and mischievous eyes and a talent in magic and he had given me his word that he will hold a Christmas upon this vessel. I do not know the months but surely not celebrating it at all is worse than trying to. My Holy Father would say the attempt is as important as the result. I trusted Sirius Black with such and here I am, months afterwards and nearly married -

[ allow her to look very pleased for a moment ]

And not a Christmas in sight. That said, I call upon my friends to deliver him to me so we may settle this matter once and for all.
18 February 2014 @ 07:03 pm
[When Thranduil appears, his own quarters in the background, he looks pristine. All signs of hardship have been washed away. Lúthien has even regrown his hair, which lies in a shining braid over one shoulder. He has put extra effort into his presentation this time. No dark circles under his eyes, no glassy, haunted look. His hands are tucked away carefully out of view on his lap. If he can't make it for real, he is excellent at faking a full recovery. There is no filter on his message. He wants to be seen.]

My name is Thranduil. [He pauses for a beat as if that's significant. Which it is, to someone.] I am King of the Woodland Realm in Northern Mirkwood. If you have only arrived in this last jump, I extend to you my personal greetings and condolences. If among these stars you find a better life than that which you left behind, I am happy you are here. Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

Now to the heart of it. Some months ago, many of us experienced one another's feelings and memories. It is to those who had such a link with me that I wish to speak. I will ask nothing of your own memories, only of mine that you saw, though I have naught to offer but gratitude in return. I would prefer to speak of them on this network with no filters, but if you prefer, we may arrange to meet in person.

Finally, for there are many who have come and gone and come again since I announced it first, I am skilled in birdlore and beastlore. Should you have need of such aid, I would be glad to be of service.

For your time and patience, I thank you all. Be of good health.

[He lifts one hand from his lap to shut off the device. In the second it is onscreen, it can be seen to tremble slightly before the image goes black.]
07 February 2014 @ 04:01 pm
[ The image on the screen is fragmented, static snapping across the screen. It distorts his words, distorts the image, but Nathan is recording his piece as though there’s nothing wrong with the recording. He looks tired, drained, recording this message from the Captain’s chair on the bridge. The bridge behind him is dark, there’s the odd sign of movement.

Others have recorded their messages, and there still may be some activity on the network, but Nathan won't be back online to see it. The last thing he wants is to spent his last hours watching for those few moments the static breaks, and a frightened message manages to come through. But a parting message is his prerogative, so several hours before the jump he records this--and then he sends it several times and just hopes that it gets through.

I ho-- this ----- message reaches --- in time. It --s important to me th-- --- --mmendable service of the men a-- ------ that joined me is --membered. It may not seem -- ------ we achieved much --ring with this mutiny, but wh-- we have achie--- -s more valuable still than many things ---- w- ha-- learned in the last --- -----. I hope our eff---- ---- not be waste-. Do not ---- fight---.

We m--- --- -hoice when we came here. Our choice. We took the b-i-ge. I- was - success. Tyke, Ryuzaki, --is is my final ----- upda--. I want to -------- --ank each and ----- --- of you who gave ---- ti-- --- ----- -- save us. Your efforts gave us -ope. But now it's ti-- to stop. --- to the Jump. Don’t add ---- lives to [ Disconnect. ]

[OOC: This concludes the Mutiny plot, though there may still be posts from others. Thank you so much for everyone’s involvement in making this thing fly! ]
Report to Tyke at the doors to the bridge and give her any aid she requires.
02 January 2014 @ 01:08 pm
I am looking for a dog, or else a pup. Unwanted or unclaimed, though it should go without saying.

Some have expressed concern for their animals in this heat. Provide them with water and they ought not to grow dangerously hot. If they do, wet a cloth with lukewarm water and rub their skin.
01 January 2014 @ 09:21 pm

Humans! [ Good, now that he has your attention. ] There is a sickness aboard this vessel, a Dark Beast that harbours rot and the ruin of any that approach it. I, myself, suffered injuries that have now healed. It is a skilled foe that walks in shadow, a warrior of the forsaken. It does not bleed when wounded or hesitate to give harm and it will kill you, should you be fool enough to challenge it. Unless, of course, it decides to keep you alive for sport — those mortals who deliberately put themselves at risk do so at their own peril. If you believe you are strong, I am here to tell you that you are not. Keep your corpses to a minimum. 

Specifically: it carries a great chain that burns like embers, knows your mind and moves at incredible speed. Thranduil is aware of this demon, as are all those of Elvenkind aboard. 

[ Nuada, who brings the network this message from the corridors where he is patrolling, peers into the camera with wolflike gold eyes. You may have seen them around recently, instead belonging to one massive six-foot hound. ]

To those who are not human, I say this; stay with your brothers and sisters, send word over a secure line if any of you are attacked. All manner of Aes Sidhe, from my world or not, are my concern.

[ What else? His manner eases ever so slightly, as it is wont to do between comrades. ]

Loki — we must speak concerning the forging of your weapon. It is time to take up arms worthy of your skill, my friend.
14 December 2013 @ 06:13 pm
[Thranduil is sitting stiffly against a tree almost like it's his own throne. Most people who've seen him have seen him grumpy. He is not grumpy now. He is pissed.]

In all things I have tried to show patience. [His voice is dripping with ice.] I have lent my aid and resources to this ship, I have offered my hospitality and friendship and asked nothing in return, and what has happened? I have been robbed.

[His lip curls in a slight snarl.]

One of you took from me a precious necklace, a gift to me from a friend I am unlikely to see again. It is silver with pearls and diamonds and was wrapped in a cloth and hidden from sight. If you return it to me, I will be merciful and no charges will be pressed. If you do not, I have many eyes aboard this ship. It will be found.

[The feed cuts off.]
12 December 2013 @ 11:33 am
[look, it's a face. look, it's legolas's face. you don't see that on the network very often. he looks-- relatively calm, in spite of the drawn eyebrows and overall weariness. or as much as an elf is able to look weary. that might be a smudge of dirt on his chin.]

..It is always painful to lose a friend when the cycles turn. Or two, and one of them for a second time. [not to mention another one in a coma.

he sighs though, lifts his shoulders in what might be a shrug, and pulls on a smile. ned did say something about charm.. a few months ago.]

Seeing as my employer is asleep again, and I think it has been some time since the last one-- the oxygen gardens is currently-- ah, short staffed. [as.. always.] I think we may be able to manage it, but some assistance would be much appreciated, even if you do not decide to join the department itself.

There is some gardening done, but for those less inclined to the soils, there is also the monitoring of the hydroponics [did he say that right, can ned be proud of him for saying it right.] and the water cleaning system. And as always, we would advise that the owners of the the plants in the community garden and the creatures that reside here come by to care for them accordingly. It may be difficult for us in the department to have a hand in everything at the moment.

[shuffling. the camera jostles for a moment, and then a garden.txt file is attached. no, he was not not the one to name it.

he takes on a more serious tone now. the kind that's trying to be serious but also trying not to scare people away, otherwise known as a bit worried.]
I have heard also of a thing known as Christmastime that might be celebrated this cycle. If you require a tree or any other plant from the gardens, please ask for some assistance. If possible I would have them removed in a way that they may still be replanted afterward with little damage to them.

[not to poop on holiday spirits or anything. but if another tree is dragged up haphazardly, he has a bow and he is not afraid to use it.]

Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions in regards to this. I may be found here at all times, and there is often someone else from the department here as well.

((ooc: agriculture 101. no hoverdollies and spaceracing for non-dept members, sorry. open to action, set in the gardens of course!))
22 November 2013 @ 01:39 am



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21 November 2013 @ 06:22 pm
This is Thranduil.

Lady Galadriel and I spoke of a dream last month in which two guards spoke with one another while screams resounded from behind a door.

The memory some of us experienced today had those precise screams. Those precise screams, but from the other side of the door.

It is cold in the Biolab. The guards blew on their hands. Arunima wore a heavy coat.

[That is where they make Men into manticores, Elves into orcs.

He's just going to shut off his comm now and try to stop shaking.]
08 November 2013 @ 12:39 pm
[The video turns on to show an elf-king in the gardens.]

To those newly come, le suilon. I am Thranduil, Elvenking of the Woodland Realm.

[At this moment, the head of a dog-sized fawn pops into view. The deer chews grass quietly at the camera.]

It was declared by one Arya Stark that this fawn came to us in the spring, and thus his name is Ethuil. If that day marked the beginning of spring, then now it is near midsummer. And three days hence, there will be a midsummer festival in the gardens. My son and I will supply the mead, as usual, and any with gifts, talents, or goods are invited to perform or to show their wares. There will be music for those inclined to dancing and food for those inclined to eating [ha ha] as we celebrate the summer together.

[Ethuil finishes his mouthful of tender grass, sniffs up at Thranduil lovingly, and ducks down for more grass.]

No doubt some will question why we celebrate the summer in a place without seasons. I encourage you, most of all, to come and find joy where you can, for you will not find it everywhere.

[He inclines his head to the camera, then hesitates.]

I would speak with Eric Northman in the gardens.

[And as is his wont, he abruptly cuts off the feed. Because kings don't really need to be polite all the time.]
03 November 2013 @ 09:13 pm
[The video begins with a view of Galadriel and Thranduil standing side-by-side in the gardens. Galadriel gives a small, formal nod before addressing the camera]

Well met. What we would say is pertinent to all who reside aboard the Tranquility and, while we are known to some of you, we are certainly not known to all. It seems, therefore, that introductions are in order.

I am Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien and this [A gesture to the man standing next to her] is Thranduil, Elvenking of Mirkwood.

For a month, the both of us were kept in an extended sleep and visited by a strange dream- one which we both believe to hold truths about the past of this ship and implications about its present.

[Thranduil's eyeline drops slightly below camera-level.]

In the dream, two men stood alone in a long hall. A door was behind them, with a sign that read 'Biolab.' One of the men stood with hands in pockets and his weapon on the floor although the other warned him he would be sent to the brig if anyone noticed him so. They both said it was very cold, to the point of discomfort. They blew on their hands.

They called one another Ruiz and Nichols. Ruiz was the one with his gun on the floor, I remember, but Nichols was his superior. Nichols began to set his weapon down when a terrible sound, one I haven't the words to describe for I have heard it not outside this dream, came from the door. It did not seem natural to me--a machine of a sort we do not have in Middle-earth is my guess. Following it was--

[Thranduil's eyes are completely hollow and glassy, face expressionless.]

--a scream. A scream that made both men flinch, although I believe they must have heard such things often enough by now. A loud, wet scream. The two men began to smoke little cigarettes--foul things--and were silent for a time, when there was another scream. An animal scream it was, not like the one before it, and it was born of great pain.

Nichols reminded--reassured Ruiz that they had only two hours left of this, and told him they were to remain silent and pretend they saw and heard nothing. They did not like the situation, but it seemed to me that they would be in danger if they spoke of it with anyone. They picked up their guns. There was one last, terrible scream that was cut short, then an equally terrible silence.

[Bright eyes flicker to the side for a moment, then he turns to Galadriel and inclines his head to her.]

[And she takes up where he left off, keeping the same solemn expression on her face.] It is clear enough that atrocities were committed in this lab, though of what nature you know as much as we. [She has her guesses, of course, but she will let you all draw your own conclusions.] Regardless, we urge caution to any who should come across this lab. We know not what may lurk within it still.

[Thranduil continues.] Your warning may be that you have reached a very cold part of the ship--for why would it be so cold, if not purposefully, when they most likely had full control over the ship in those days? Still, use caution if you are lost, and expect it around any corner with or without warning. There is no need to repeat what happened when the genetics lab was discovered.

[He reaches out to cut the comm, but a look from Galadriel makes him stop in his tracks and tuck both hands behind his back very formally.]

Until next we meet. [And, then, with another little nod, Galadriel reaches out and cuts the video.]
16 October 2013 @ 08:41 pm
My name is Thranduil. I am King of the Woodland Realm in Northern Mirkwood, in Middle-earth. That which has happened in these last days is unsettling, but since I am unable to stop it, the best comfort I may offer you is this: if you experience any of my memories you find troubling, you may speak to me about them. I do not mind. Perhaps I may put your mind at ease, for you are seeing only a little of a very long story. I do not expect the same of you in return.

[OOC: Side effects of an empathic link with Thranduil are here. Memories for each of his empathic links can be found here. This post can be action, text, voice, whatever you need, and used as a catch-all for his interactions for the month which are related to the empathy plot.]
09 August 2013 @ 03:53 pm
[Video turns on to show the garden in the background and an Elf in the foreground looking neutral.]

Before the jump, my son and I began making mead. We have returned to...unexpected results.

The different casks, though they were begun at the same time, have...aged differently from each other. One cask is spoilt as though many years have gone by, two are ready to drink, and one has yet to finish fermenting. Do what you will with this knowledge.

As we now have two casks of good mead, one shall be given as promised to Chuck, who provided the honey. The other we will open three nights from tonight, and we invite you to join us on the second level of the gardens with whatever food and drink you wish to provide. There will be music and dancing as ever.

However, remember the gardens provide you food and air to breathe. Enjoy your revelry, but if you so much as bend a leaf you will be asked to depart.

Health and joy to you.