22 August 2013 @ 12:13 pm
[Taylor's walking while she talks, which means voice might have been a better choice for getting this message out without the jerk and bump of the current camera work, but she hadn't stopped to think about it past hitting a button. She's got more important things on her mind right now, like the space station they're apparently now docked to.]

Not gonna tell any of you not to go over there. [It'd fall on deaf ears, plus-] If they've got supplies, we need them. But you stay sharp, go armed if you can, don't go alone. Like Fry said, we do not need a repeat of Strela.

[Though she is really hoping the brainwashing thing was a one time deal.]

SEC, I'm heading out and I want half of you with me. Half stay. Don't trust this place not to try pulling some fucked up while we're looking the other way.

[Always ending her posts on the most cheerful note.]
24 July 2013 @ 09:34 am
[Francis has been having a really hard time of it lately. not only is the ship the same as ever (ie: it sucks), but his dad's gone, too. not his dad dad, since he's never actually been on the ship, but it's hard not to project onto every Clint Barton he happens to meet, and Ults Clint is gone. whisked back to wherever he came from, where Francis doesn't exist

the kid doesn't take loss easy, no matter what he'd like others to believe, and this one he's taking particularly hard

so he went hunting. grabbed his gear, made his way into the lab and started killing every rat he could find. which isn't hard to do, since there appears to be a never-ending supply of them, and Francis only had so many arrows

which is where you come in, TQ. because Francis is currently pretty beat up and fending off a few rats with the one arrow he has left. it's the only reason he even turned his device on. he isn't one to ask for help, but he also doesn't want to die, so]

Could use a hand here.

[and the feed cuts]
27 June 2013 @ 08:44 am
Everyone stay the fuck away from the corridors around Space Babylon. [ voice clipped, the message short and sweet, right? ]

[ filtered to medical & SEC ]

There's a kid shooting up the place.

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26 June 2013 @ 01:42 am
[rikku is slouched over her work table, which is actually just two bureaus shoved together and covered in tools and various bits and pieces of metal and paper. the comm itself is propped up against one of those random bits of metal, and has turned on thanks to a stray screwdriver bumping into it. rikku herself is wearing her jumpsuit--well, half of it. it's unzipped and pooled at her waist--she's just got her bikini top on beneath it, along with a pair of goggles over her eyes. for safety.

a couple of spheres (five, to be exact) are rolling around on the table, glowing faintly. she pays no mind to them except when one gets a little too close to the edge of the table--then she gently nudges it back with whatever happens to be in her hand.

she is currently prodding at some sort of device, round and flat and about the size of a medium plate. there are round recesses carved into it, along with a strange design. the skeleton of a small machine is where she directs her words:]

Alrighty, I think I've got it this time. If it works, we're back in business, little buddy.

[she sits up, shoving the goggles away from her face to inspect her work. she grabs a soldering gun, makes a last-minute fix, and then stands, biting her lip a bit, clipping the device to her belt.]

Here goes nothing. Or something. Hopefully a lot of something.

[she closes her eyes and, for a moment, it doesn't seem like anything will happen. then there's a low hum, growing louder by the second. she grins for a brief second, and suddenly panic appears on her face. there's a loud zap sound, she yelps, jumping and lurching into the desk. the comm falls over, focusing on a worn-out piece of paper. rikku herself is not happy.]

Shiva's freezing tits, what now! Sheesh, can't a girl catch a break with anything?

[she's scrabbling around on the desk again, and notices that the comm is on. she picks it up with one hand, rubbing at her forehead with the other.]

So, uh. Man, this shouldn't surprise me anymore. It always happens when I blow something up. Anyway, anybody know much about machina? Or magic. Or both! Both would be good.
25 June 2013 @ 12:49 pm
[It's rare that Tyke makes a post to the network not looking annoyed, but this time there's obviously some attempt to smooth it over, to keep her tone neutral.]

Manfred von Karma's death has been found to be self-inflicted. Miles Edgeworth has been released.

[It looks like that's going to be it, because she doesn't want to explain the outlying circumstances or invite questions on Edgeworth's innocence. But then all of the annoyance she's been keeping tamped down rises to the surface, irritation clear in her expression and her voice as she continues-]

You find a scene like that, you report it to SEC, and you don't fucking touch anything.

[That's it. She cuts the video before her temper can get any worse.]
13 June 2013 @ 08:30 pm
[ Caboose is extremely frustrated by the time the feed comes on; A large pout spread across his face. ]

Someone please tell me where to find a biscuit. [ That sounded much more like a demand than a request. That also wasn't a very polite way to introduce himself to the network either. Miraculously, he realized that all by himself. So let's try that again with a disturbingly sincere change in attitude. ]

My name is Caboose! And I am looking for a biscuit. You know. The toasty kind. With gooey jelly. And then you try to make a second one, but it never comes out like the one you made right before it and then you get kind of sad. You make more and you feel worse each time... That kind!

If anyone knows where to find some biscuits, please leave a message after the beep telling me where they are. Thank you! Beep!

[ That didn't work. It didn't stop. He doesn't notice. ]
05 June 2013 @ 10:56 pm
[The broadcast begins mid-sentence, the video at a funny angle, as though the comm device has been physically tossed aside. Please ignore the dusting of something over the image. There's a slightly scruffy blonde man standing there, near a bowl, and his head is bent over something...]

--got a damn eggshell in there, hold on.

[Beside him is a brunette with slight bed-hair and pursed lips.]

Don't take it out with your fingers. Use a spoon.

You're acting like I was going to use my hand. So now I am.

[He slowly starts to put his hand in the bowl...]

I don't know where those fingers have been. [Except she has. And she's keeping it to herself.]

You do it, then.

[It's about that time that he knocks into the device again. Hawkward.]

Did you turn the thing on?

[A look of confusion crosses her face before she realises what he meant.]

No, I didn't. At least I don't think I did. [A pause.]


[He picks it up and looks directly into the device's camera.]

She can't cook.

You'll pay for this later, Barton.

[With an indignant huff, she cuts the feed.]

[ooc; Clint is red, Bela is green. Feel free to see them in the galley-type-area or give them a little hell.]
25 May 2013 @ 04:42 am
[It's taken a few months but Q has finally run out of things to toy and tinker with. He's attempted to hack his communicator to no end, he's wiped his laptop twice already and tetris can only keep him occupied for so long. As such, he needs some more hardware, particularly if he wants to make any discoveries about the ship, and he's forced to make a public post to ask for it. Armed with social shyness under the pretence of security, he's decided to write a text post. At least that way he has enough time to carefully consider what he says before he submits it to the world.

Hello everyone. My name's Charlie and I work in communications. I'm a bit of a hobbyist in regards to technology, though on the Tranquility I'm a little short on supplies. I feel a tad uncomfortable attempting to pull the ship apart. [That and he's already tried.] So I was wondering if anyone had any spare communicators or technology from back home which they don't need which they might be able to lend me. I don't mind if it's broken or functioning incorrectly. If it had a battery or wires in it at some point, I probably want it.

Although it's not much, in return I can offer one of these which I have made:

[He inserts a clip of a handmade version of a piggy cook, though it's definitely more of a robot than a pig. It's crafted out of odd bits of metal and cutlery, with a shirt made out of a bedsheet. Presentation has never quite been Q's forte.]

They aren't particularly beautiful, though the mechanics are good and I thought they might provide some form of novelty.
22 May 2013 @ 11:12 pm
[ dean doesn't look happy when the feed turns on. unlike before, that hint of smugness isn't present either, as it's all down to business seriousness today. he looks tired, a little ruffled you could say-- like someone who hasn't really seen any rest.

and it holds true enough, too. there's no time for resting when you're searching, worrying. ]

There isn't a day on this ship when somebody ain't missing, is there? [ despite the conversational words, his voice lacks anything inviting. he has his favorite gun in his hands, is reloading it with a new magazine, and tossing it into a small bag filled with a few things.

looks like he's going somewhere, and it won't be just a quick trip either. ]

If anyone sees Jo Harvelle, keep her safe and lem'me know. Starting to look like she's been missin' for a few days now… [ he cocks the gun experimentally before flipping the safety back on and tucking it away. ] …which means it's time for a little search and rescue.

SEC, I guess this means I'm taken' a few days off from patrollin' and whatever.

[ a hint in his tone suggests that if that's a problem, keep it to yourself. ]

I'll be back before the jump with her.

[ or he'll try to be. if he isn't… well, that'll be the end of yet another winchester. ]
30 April 2013 @ 10:12 am
[Godric has been scarce during the invasion by the Scylla's crew, and for good reason. But he's been paying attention. He's in the emergency shuttle bay when he turns on the video, and evidence of the pirates is immediately apparent. There are supplies and equipment, some of it packed away, some of it scattered on the floor in disarray. But more concerning are the devices attached to the walls, the floor, and even the door -- clearly explosives of some sort. An escape plan, or a defensive perimeter. It would be more alarming, but for the fact that all the devices look still and quiet, void of frightening red lights or ominous noises.

Perhaps most eye-catching of all is the message written above the two tubes protruding from the outer hull of the Tranquility:


Godric turns the video onto himself, and addresses anyone watching.]

It seems our friend has left us a note.

[Usually, this would be locked to Security. But with Tyke out of commission, it's probably a moot point.]
can wwe just all agree right noww that wwe wwont all go wwanderin around the ship tryin to find wward or any a the obvviously real secret passagewways that theyre usin to get around
after evverythin this ships put us through i think the only fuckin rule or laww or code a honor or wwhatevver floats your boat that wwe havve is
dont go into the depths of the ship
evver preferably but at the vvery least dont go wwanderin by yourself
(already a rule i knoww but some people might need it repeated due to rust occupyin the frontal lobes a their thinkpan)
an maybe dont go actually lookin for people wwho wwill bloww a hole in a bunch a relativvely harmless prisoners for no reason other than to keep this mystery dinner date afloat

that bein said wwho wwants to idly speculate on howw wward got into the brig an wwhat this ship actually is cos clearly its somethin hilariously awwful an horrifyin an wwhat better wway to pass the time before the imminent jump than tellin glorified ghost stories about the ship wwe currently inhabit
26 April 2013 @ 05:39 am
[ When these sort of announcements go up, John is usually one of the people replying to them, waiting for orders or confirming them. He hasn't stepped into a leadership role on the ship, hasn't even been too social, and he's been just fine with that. But Tyke's injured, in Medical, and she had sent him a message: "Take SEC".

And so he does.

It's not his first time giving orders, though it's been some time, and he doesn't like to think about those last times. Still, John's the picture of a good Marine when the camera flicks on, the chain of his dog tags visible around his collar. ]

Tranquility, this is Staff Sergeant John Grimm. [ "Reaper" lies unsaid, his handle lurking on his tongue and in the tattoo hidden under his sleeve. ] We've done a thorough sweep and the pirates are all either dead or captured. You're clear to return to work and to your rooms. Anyone injured should report to Medical, if they haven't done so already.

Anything the pirates taken hasn't been put back yet. If you want to do inventory on what's missing [ or where, he thinks; they were just practically ripping the walls apart in some places, after all ] then we can work on getting things back to where they belong.

[ Beat. ]

You may all be wondering why I'm telling you this instead of Tyke. She's [ his gaze flickers for a moment, taking a breath; he's worried ] currently out of commission and had me take Security until she recovers. I don't know any more than that at this time.

[ And he's fairly certain Tyke wouldn't want him to go around dropping details about how he's doing anyway. Now's the part where John looks a bit awkward, like he's not sure how to finish up. ]

If you have questions, ask them.


If you're not injured, I want to add the brig and surrounding area to your patrols. When Tyke comes back, she can make her own judgment call.
20 April 2013 @ 06:07 pm
[Taylor's walking as she talks, clearly not caring about keeping the camera steady with the way it dips around. But from what you get to see of her face, she looks pissed off and tired, and when she talks she's clipped and fast, not looking for a discussion.]

These fuckers are loud, I don't need to tell any of you what's going on. And I'm not waiting around to see if they're gonna back up their threats.

Everyone should take what they can carry from their rooms and the nearest kitchen and proceed like we did during the emergency lockdown. If you weren't here for that, grab a member of my team or someone who's been here longer, ask them in person. Communications are compromised.

SEC, I want you escorting people or down there setting shit up. Passenger safety is our priority.
11 April 2013 @ 11:49 am
So now that we've got ship kittens, it got me thinking about some things.

Anybody here have a family? Are they with you here? Or your best friend? Hell, even your pets. I'm kinda curious as to the state of things, especially right after the jump.

[Locked to Ult!Tony and Bela:]

I'm fine, just in case you were gonna ask.
09 April 2013 @ 10:30 am
[the feed opens up on a familiar mask, before panning back to Francis. he hasn't eaten, hasn't slept, since the jump, and it shows, both in appearance and the bitter, tired way he talks]

Figures you'd still be here. Everyone else is gone, but you stick around. [short, hollow laugh] Just like home, huh?

[he runs a hand through his hair, takes a deep breath, and properly addresses the network this time]

Yeah, so. I know he had some friends here, but Azari's gone. He wasn't in his pod. [man he just feels tired] Azari's gone, James and Torunn are gone, Chase is dead - are any of my Avengers still around? [and really, guys, do you want to be? bad track record going with his team right now]

Whatever, just figured I'd let you guys know. Gonna go patrol if anyone needs me.
31 March 2013 @ 12:14 pm
[You are greeted by a man who looks nothing like his usual self, a bit lazy and unkempt and half asleep. He had a long couple of nights exploring, alright? But he runs a hand over his chin and looks thoughtful.]

You know. I was going to ask something else, but... I'd give twenty bucks I don't have for a good shave and a trim on my hair.

Yeah, you've heard it before. Doesn't change that there's necessity. Somebody ought to make a list of this stuff. Barbers, tailors, cooks, things like that.
25 March 2013 @ 06:35 pm
[ The screen snaps on, revealing one magnified blue eye. It snaps off for a minute, then turns on once again to reveal a dirt-stained face at a far enough distance to catch his whole expression. He looks annoyed to say the least, brow furrowed and lip curled in mild frustration.

The screen shuts off again.

But the blank screen is suddenly accompanied by a harsh SCREECH, followed by the loud two-beat thump of someone hitting the side of the device. There's another loud screech, as the device is pushed away in frustration, accidentally turning on once more to reveal a clear picture of Ben Hawkins, looking down at the device. ]

—— Future ain't nothing but a goddamn piece of shit.

The picture shifts in a blurry streak of colors, and another two-beat thump roars through the speakers.. ]
18 March 2013 @ 01:23 pm
[the only thing that appears on anyone's screen is the text. this is serious business, and nill thinks that if people see her, they won't take her seriously. it's the big blue eyes and angel wings, man. but she's thought about this for a while, and knows that heine is better with guns than other weapons. but after what happened in the genetics lab... well, maybe she won't always have a gun on her, and she isn't that great of a shot anyway. so this is something she wants, which is a lot coming from nill.]

I want someone to teach me to use a knife.
07 March 2013 @ 12:33 pm
i've noticed crew members talking on the network about wanting to go out to explore the deeper parts of the ship, so i thought i'd reach out here - how many of you would be interested in going out as a search party for *people*, instead of places? so far three people we thought were lost for good have actually been here on the ship this whole time, what if there are more? what if none of the passengers we've lost have actually gone home? the ship is impossibly huge, isn't it?

i know it's a long shot, and i know it's a lot to ask, but i can't shake the feeling that there might be more people lost out there and need help getting back.

and i'd like to leave as soon as we wake up from the next jump.

no plans are set in stone just yet, but i'd like to get a headcount of those that would be interested in helping me.

i know i should have run all this by you before posting a transmission, but it's cutting close to jump time, so. there's that. am i crazy for wanting to do this? you can say yes. but i'd really you much rather give me the okay to do this because i can't tell you how much it's been bothering me since we all got back from finding the genetics labs.


message me back, let me know you're both okay. we're long overdue for a talk.



[ooc: mildly aggressive!Raven is brought to you by the letter want-to-wear-my-mask-is-finally-affecting-me. she doesn't have it back yet, but being out in the ship made the pull to wear it stronger, so. yep! ]