08 January 2014 @ 09:26 pm
( nothing about what's happened since nuala made her choice makes a great deal of sense to her. she lives, inexplicably, but there is a wound in her where once her brother was; a hollowness she can't account for, in point of fact the very opposite of what she might have imagined her afterlife to consist of. dressed in strange clothes and adrift in a place even stranger than the BPRD's headquarters, handling truly peculiar technology--

--it is all very small, in the wake of that most important detail. it is, however, a sort of smallness that permits her anything else to think on while she gathers herself enough to, perhaps, investigate its cause. her first contribution to the comms network is therefore simultaneously accidental and very much with purpose: a period of audio recording where nothing much seems to be happening, video of Nuala's hands as she turns the device over several times, of her face as she examines it. audio, again-- an exasperated sigh, a little jostle, and then a startled vocalization followed by a bit of scrambling, and then, finally--

Nuala, having at some point prior to this transmission found her way to the room she's been allocated, looks composed of nothing but determination to be composed. )


( ...and patience. she has that, too, in great stores. this is a device for communication. someone is going to communicate with her. eventually, this will begin to make sense again. )
25 November 2013 @ 07:18 am
[ what's that? totally pretend that the whole memory thing never happened, up to and including the discussion of the new information about the manticores? well, if you insist. will is incredibly wary of getting roped into working this puzzle out, when all he wants is for people to get out of his head. ]

Does anyone else on this ship keep dogs? Other pets? I've run into a few strays around. Thought maybe I could borrow some space in the gardens to run something between a shelter and a playgroup. Might need a hand, if you're good with animals.

I'm still collecting samples of foreign matter found in the lockers for tissue analysis. Might need a hand with that, too. You'd be surprised how much meat turns up every month.
16 October 2013 @ 08:41 pm
My name is Thranduil. I am King of the Woodland Realm in Northern Mirkwood, in Middle-earth. That which has happened in these last days is unsettling, but since I am unable to stop it, the best comfort I may offer you is this: if you experience any of my memories you find troubling, you may speak to me about them. I do not mind. Perhaps I may put your mind at ease, for you are seeing only a little of a very long story. I do not expect the same of you in return.

[OOC: Side effects of an empathic link with Thranduil are here. Memories for each of his empathic links can be found here. This post can be action, text, voice, whatever you need, and used as a catch-all for his interactions for the month which are related to the empathy plot.]
[here's a face that doesn't show itself very often. or, well. a voice, anyway. a bit tired, like most everyone is lately. (or maybe just tipsy.) and yet somehow airy and melancholic at the same time.]

..It is more than a year since I was first brought here. At that time I was not in my home world-- I had already been taken to another place. A dying city without death, where it was only ever night. Though I was only there a short time, I have seen a man die and return a week later, impaired but alive. [more quietly:] ..My last memory of the place is of having seen my friends dead, among many others, and myself leaving before I could be sure of their safety.

[and also killing someone. but that's a bag of cats he isn't touching this time. or ever.]

I was told in the City that I had been there before, yet I have no recollection of it. There are people here that I knew in the City, from my world and not, though those here do not remember being anywhere else.

What I mean to say, is.. to ask if this is a common occurrence. If there are others besides myself who have been to other places. I have wondered what powers could take us from worlds we have already been stolen to, how such a thing happens, what it might be that decides where we go next, if we are to go at all. And-- to apologize, I guess, to those I should have told this to, if it is a thing worth apologizing for.

[a hushed breath, and a moment of silence. when he speaks again, it's a little brighter, and lighter.]

There are drinks in the second floor of the gardens. Wine and honey mead, and tea. Neither will aid much in sleeping [he tried. a lot.] but may help calm the nerves, if nothing else.

[for those wishing to talk face-to-face, there is a table set up near the lift with a pot of tea, cups, a barrel of mead, and a flask of wine. legolas himself, however, seems to prefer lying on the ground looking up at the trees instead of sitting on chairs like a normal person.

(he is definitely just tipsy.)]
13 September 2013 @ 05:23 pm
[ She'd just as soon use the video function if 'sleep deprived' was a better look for her. But it isn't. She's got bags under her eyes that are barely concealed with makeup and her hair is tossed up in a lazy ponytail, not to mention she's wearing her pajamas. So she sticks with text for now, even if her future plans involve being seen by people anyway. ]

Anybody up for mani-pedis? I can't sleep and I'm bored.

[ Because mani-pedis are always the answer, right? ]
09 August 2013 @ 03:53 pm
[Video turns on to show the garden in the background and an Elf in the foreground looking neutral.]

Before the jump, my son and I began making mead. We have returned to...unexpected results.

The different casks, though they were begun at the same time, have...aged differently from each other. One cask is spoilt as though many years have gone by, two are ready to drink, and one has yet to finish fermenting. Do what you will with this knowledge.

As we now have two casks of good mead, one shall be given as promised to Chuck, who provided the honey. The other we will open three nights from tonight, and we invite you to join us on the second level of the gardens with whatever food and drink you wish to provide. There will be music and dancing as ever.

However, remember the gardens provide you food and air to breathe. Enjoy your revelry, but if you so much as bend a leaf you will be asked to depart.

Health and joy to you.

02 August 2013 @ 10:49 am
For those who noticed the incident that triggered the watering system in the garden a few hours ago, I'd like to assure you that it wasn't a ship error or an act of random vandalism, and it wasn't anything to be concerned about. It was an accident and it won't happen again.

[a pause. okay, anakin, your turn to speak. explain the accident]

There was a slight…malfunction while we were testing the repairbikes.

[okay, so perhaps it's more like "they were being idiots and pushed the bikes too hard and managed to hit a tree" but shh.

also, guess who isn't impressed about having to make this post in the first place? damn future masters.]

The rain managed to put out the fire before it spread, but- Look, it wasn't our fault. We fixed them perfectly, but then the controls froze up and it either this or let them fly about and possibly kill someone. At least this way it's just a few trees that got hit.

[because that means they made the right choice, doesn't it? he just glances back across at obi-wan now, leaving him to finish this up. there's a reason the other jedi usually takes the lead in discussions instead of him.]

Either way, we accept full responsibility for our actions, and apologize if we startled or frightened anyone.

[ooc: Blue is Obi-Wan, this refers to this!]
20 July 2013 @ 07:11 pm
[ the device is set just beneath one of the trees in the garden and allows the viewer to see that someone hanged chains upon chains of these from the branches!! ]

Hey Tranquility!!

[ so where is Rapunzel? heard but not seen! ]


[ and then, from the top of the tree, a waterfall of golden hair flows down and Rapunzel slides down on it until she reaches the grass. ]

Ta da! I hope you're all doing well. I had an idea! You see, Jenna gave me all these pillows -

[ she points towards a small bunch ]

And I have seen others! and blankets! so I decided to build a pillow fort! in the garden! and since it doesn't rain here ever since we're inside it will hold and not get wet, haha!

But I need more blankets and fabric. so if you have any to spare, I'm over here at Chameleon Land at the gardens!

[ Chameleon Land. that's what she said. yep. ]

Thank you!!
06 July 2013 @ 04:05 pm
[Bofur’s sitting in the gardens as the feed starts, glancing up to offer a brief smile. In his hands is a small block of wood, which is starting to take on the shape of what seems to be a bear. Steady hands direct his whittling knife against the wood, slicing off little shavings bit by bit.]

Back in th’ day, I ‘ad wee dwarrows beggin’ for me t’ make ‘em somethin’. Fili an’ Kili too. Can’t even name ‘ow many toys I made f’r those troublemakers. An’ they were always breakin’ ‘em! Kili in particular. ‘E’d come up t’ me with those big ol’ eyes o’ his, all teary, an’ beg me to fix ‘is favorite li’l ‘orse or soldier. [He lets out a soft laugh, continuing to carve.]

Bein’ here, someplace so diff’rent, ‘minds me o’ all th’ things I miss. What I wouldn’t give f’r a piece o’ Bombur’s mince pies! [Bofur chuckles.] S’pose that’s th’ trick though, innit? Rememberin’ the good things, an’ just trustin’ it’ll get better. ‘S how I get through. If y’ don’t got those good mem’ries, don’t keep ‘em fresh an’ new an’ happy like they were, that’s when y’ start questionin’ what it’s all for.

[He looks up from his whittling, the movement of his hands pausing for a moment. His smile fades, something more sober crossing his face.] ‘S not meant t’ be easy. Ain’t no point in that. Y’ keep lookin’ ahead t’ a brighter day, y’ take comfort an’ joy in th’ little things, that’s how y’ get through.

[His expression turns a little sheepish and he flushes a little, embarrassed with how much of himself he’s revealed.] Didn’t mean t’ be so preachy, but felt like it needed t’ be said.
10 April 2013 @ 05:20 pm
 [ This is a fairly short video. Mostly, what you see is a dark-skinned teenager wearing a black shirt, hands hidden below the range of the device's video. He seems to be smirking a little. ]

Anyone got the munchies?

[ he holds up a pack of nacho-flavored doritos, one of the snack packs you get in variety packs at the store. ]

Looks like I got some cheetos, fritos and lays, too. Not coming free, though, I wanna trade for something else.

[ boyd likes chips but he's willing to see if he'll get any offers. if not, he tried. ]
10 April 2013 @ 10:24 pm
[ When the feed kicks up to life, a face can be seen for a split second; big, green eyes, freckles and a crown of golden hair.

A split second, then the girl screams and flees. But then someone else comes to view, a chameleon! Who gives all of you this impressed look and seems to try and coax the girl to come closer, pointing its tail to the device. She can be heard mumbling to herself out of view. ]

Well, it didn't explode. I don't know Pascal, they could be cannibals -

[ but eventually, she does come closer and picks up the device and then, you can finally see her. Green eyes, freckles and golden hair.

A lot of it, a silky trail of gold that seems to fill the room. You cannot see its end. ]

Well, Tranquility, the name is kind of an oxymoron aha, we've been here for two days now. Two days and a half really, oh mother will kill me, and actually, I simply -

It was my birthday! Just yesterday, ha! I was eighteen in space, I bet not many can say that. But the thing is I kiiiinda wasn't supposed to leave my tower and I really meant to only be gone for one day to finally make my dream come true for my birthday and I!

--- I'm here instead with all of you, possibly a dozen aliens and a ship that apparently tries to kill us all.

So now I'm eighteen and...two days. And I'm still here. In space.

Outer space,

[ and suddenly it seems to excite her. ]

I'm stuck on a possibly living ship in outer space, with men eating aliens and possibly ruffians for two whole days and I'm alive! Ha! Take that mother.

[ erm. ]

Well, anyway, my name's Rapunzel and this here is Pascal and what we really wanted to ask was, I know these jumps occur every month and I was just wondering if there is anything to wrap around my hair for the next jumps since if we're going to stay since who wouldn't want to stay on a men eating spaceship, it'll maybe become a bit of a problem to wash - whatever it was from my hair every month.

[ a pause and ]

Will we ever land on the moon?
10 April 2013 @ 09:56 am
[Simon's not exactly used to filming himself, but the video is still perfectly centered when he begins. He sits down, briefly returning to that old habit of making sure that his bangs are swept perfectly to one side before he starts to speak.]

[His orange jumpsuit hangs in the background. He’s wearing the generic ship one because it's cool. ...If you're Simon, it's cool.]

I've been aboard this spaceship for two days now. So far I've heard a lot of what to do and what not to do. But can anyone tell me why I was chosen?

[Simon glances about nervously, but his eyes are glossy with excitement when he looks back.]

I'd also like to know if there are any extraterrestrials on board. Like in Star Voyage 13.

[Yeah, he has the box set of 1 through 12 too.]

I-I mean you no harm, I've just always wanted to meet one.
07 April 2013 @ 10:16 pm
Do you remember the first man or woman who greeted you upon your arrival to the stars, Tranquility?

[ Lucrezia Borgia sprawled on her bed, a dragonfly ring in hand. ]

I loved the first person I met upon sight, with a love that was stronger that anything I expected to feel at such a time. A love of tales and songs and I carry its mark on my heart until this day.

[ she could end it there but not without the slowest grin of the century. ]

Poets would kill for an opportunity to love so fiercely among stars. It would produce beautiful words for them to deliver to the world to show that love is not a selfish whim.

[ never that, not to Lucrezia Borgia who is still a romantic here. ]

God knows I never sought anything in you except yourself; I wanted simply you, nothing of yours.
31 March 2013 @ 06:41 pm
[The feed flickers on to a young dwarf sitting at the base of a tree, the beginnings of an arrow in one hand as he went about sanding it down. The green of the oxygen gardens is something of a comfort to Kili nowadays, when he’s not at the forge, so it’s really no surprise to find him here.]

I was wondering if anybody would be welcome to bartering something for feathers I could use as fletching. I’ve a few left from before I arrived, but I would like to get a few more if I could. [A pause, head tilting.] I've not much on me, but the offer my brother and I made in our last message still stands, and we’ve managed to get our forge running. I know there were a few who had asked of it.

--That’s all for now, I suppose.

[Kili smiles brightly to the camera, and takes a moment to attempt to filter the feed away from the populace, managing it after a try or two.]

PRIVATE; Filtered to Netherlands )
13 March 2013 @ 06:04 pm
[Nestled in the gardens is where England can be found. Even surrounded by the hum of the Tranquility, this nation feels much more at home while enclosed by leafy greenery and wild, curling flora.

He begins the feed, knelt near a particularly large tree that appears to have extensive roots.]

I haven't used this... device yet, and I think now is as good a time as any. [England clears his throat. He's over two thousand years old. Social networking is not his forte.]

Are we permitted to ah-- plot our own little garden? I should hope so. [With a light spread of his hands, palms up, the air shimmers and the leaves of the bushes near the tree shiver and grow and their greenery deepens.]

Seeing as I will likely be stuck on this egregious waste of time... I might as well find something constructive with which to occupy myself. [closes his hands with a snap and a scowl twisting his face. Much of the softness has left England's voice. Nonetheless, he is calm and collected and otherwise gentile.]

I am not opposed to meeting others, and because I'm quite the gentleman I expect courtesy given in return! [Arrogant bastard isn't he? Or maybe he's just very proper.

The Englishman laughs.]

I'm the nation of England, and though I doubt I can say "It's a pleasure to meet all of you"... certainly some on this ship are amicable enough!

Oh! [The smile fades and tilts and the nation squints his eyes until they're green slits.]

Would anyone know where I might find a bit of decent tea on this ruddy ship?
17 February 2013 @ 07:26 pm
--you mean we just talk into it? [The sound comes through first, screen flickering between the warm tones and dark that speak of a hand covering up the camera on the comms device. It’s a jostling thing, and yet there’s a soft “Aha!” as the owner finally realizes how it (sort of) works and gently cups the device in his hands to stare in something close to awe. Not much can be seen past the large eyes and the dark unruly mane that falls about his shoulders, but Kili moves quickly enough, showing the device to his brother sitting next to him.]

Look, Fili, it’s like a mirror.

[Fili mutters something like ‘oi--elbow!’--before shoving Kili to the side, the blond now appearing on screen. His hair is more well managed, a few braids pulling it off his face. He’s facing Kili now, quirking an eyebrow.]

I told you--it’s some sort of magic. Allows you to talk to people like they’re right there. Don’t think they can be trusted. People could spy, you know--powerful magic, I think.

[Thing is, Fili hasn’t quite figured out the ‘on’ and ‘off’ thing on his...so there are times when he’s probably broadcast long expanses of nothing...as he hides his device under pillows.

But still, they have an audience, and if there is one thing that the brothers can do, it’s charm.]

Do you think anything can be trusted? [Kili murmurs to his brother as he leans back into frame, rucks hair back out of his eyes. But there is an audience and Kili preens a bit as he faces the camera once more.] Right. Hello then.

[And then he pauses, uncertain, and looks to Fili once more. Kili’s not entirely sure how to go about addressing a little handheld box that apparently speaks to the entirety of the ship, but really it’s not like Fili’s got any more of a clue there.]

My name is Fili.

[Fili gives a nod, naturally taking the lead in this. He is the older brother, after all. He gives a gesture towards the dark haired dwarf next to him.]

And this is my brother Kili. It seems that some of you may well familiar with our burglar’s nephew, Frodo Baggins. Curious place, bringing people from all times here. And different sorts of dwarves--I saw a female without a beard--very strange.

[But someone is getting on a tangent, focus, Fili. He shuts up, and gives Kili a chance to talk.]

What my brother means to say is that we are offering our services to the ship. [There’s a resolute nod, smile at his lips never fading.] It doesn’t seem like people are in need of smithies or leather workers here, but the offer stands.

We would also like to offer our weapons, a strange place like this could certainly use more protectors.

[Fili nods again, and gives a proud grin. Kili knows how to speak directly when he wishes to.]

We have the skill and heart for it, I assure you.

[They may have failed Thorin, in the end, but Fili is determined that they will not fail here.]