20 October 2013 @ 04:26 pm
[Strange memories from a fellow AI have sparked her curiosity. She's hoping someone on board can give her some leads, but after what she saw and the potential backlash such a request could have, she's opting for anonymity.]

Does anyone have a record of the AIs that are on board? I want to find out more about them and possibly get in contact with some.
01 August 2013 @ 12:24 am
[Normally she doesn't bother making her own network posts, but she has a request, Tranquility and she'll keep it short and to the point.]

I'm looking for a men's ring. Anyone got one they don't want?
25 July 2013 @ 08:36 pm
Yo, yo, yo. What up. USA reporting in here. 
Hey actually ive been kind of thinking bout some stuff so i thought id actually go ahead and ask because why the heck not. 

Ive read over that shitty guide whats-his-face-wales dude wrote up for bros coming back but i feel like im really missing what all has happened here. You mind telling me your experiences? Personal stories like HEY man this is how it all went down let me slide it to you like this. Booya.

Also, freaky smiley guy. Has anybody actually seen this thing in a form or what? 
Any other mondo weird things or stuff would be helpful. Thanks, dawgs. 

so hey, honesty & philosophy hour

if it's true what they say, and none of us remember our time here after we've left

are we even really here?

what i mean is, does it matter what we do here if we don't remember it?
13 June 2013 @ 08:30 pm
[ Caboose is extremely frustrated by the time the feed comes on; A large pout spread across his face. ]

Someone please tell me where to find a biscuit. [ That sounded much more like a demand than a request. That also wasn't a very polite way to introduce himself to the network either. Miraculously, he realized that all by himself. So let's try that again with a disturbingly sincere change in attitude. ]

My name is Caboose! And I am looking for a biscuit. You know. The toasty kind. With gooey jelly. And then you try to make a second one, but it never comes out like the one you made right before it and then you get kind of sad. You make more and you feel worse each time... That kind!

If anyone knows where to find some biscuits, please leave a message after the beep telling me where they are. Thank you! Beep!

[ That didn't work. It didn't stop. He doesn't notice. ]
11 June 2013 @ 05:34 pm
[This is the first time she's made an attempt to speak to the public at large, and she's a little nervous about it. But good things are happening, exciting things, and she really wants to show off how nice the ship has been to her this jump. The camera's a blur as she swivels it around toward a table she's set up someplace in the gardens, and sitting upon the table are jars of plants, varying in size and shape. There's even a lone flower, her current pride and joy.]

Barberry, flaxseed, ginseng, and even more than that!

[She laughs, downright giddy at being able to have found so many useful things. She turns her device back to her, so people can see who's speaking.]

They're perfect, really perfect. Don't you think? They'll help make sure I'm able to open my clinic faster now.

[She calms down a great deal at this point, and gives out a contented sigh as she leans down to toy with and sniff at peppermint. She gently curls a green leaf around her finger, and watches it pop back up.]

My sister gave me a chance to live, a chance to do something. I was wasting that chance here, I think. I spent too much time being afraid. But now I can do something to help people. If...that's allowed? I know there's already the doctors that work in the medbay, and I don't want to get in the way.

[She gulps, a bit nervous about feeling like she's overstepping her boundaries.]

But if anyone that's a doctor or knows something about healing would like to help, I need someone to look over my notes.
20 May 2013 @ 05:32 pm
[The video opens. A distinctly non-human face appears, one that resembles somewhat of a humanoid squid or lobster. Or both. But he looks fairly content, the mouth underneath those tentacles curved into a smile.]

Hello, hello! Fellow space travelers! [He waves a claw.]

I don't know where we're going, but I like this place. Free meals every day! I think I'll stay here.

[He leans back in his seat, propping his feet up on the table. His feet are claws like his hands, except he's wearing sandals. Now the view of his sandals takes up the whole screen.]

So what happened to all the row-bits? I don't see any here.

Or any non-humans for that matter...

[He sits back up, withdrawing his feet from the table so his face is visible once again. An idea hits him as he mentions the word "human."]

You know, I am an expert on humans! You need a human doctor, maybe? [He points to himself, raising his brows suggestively.]
17 May 2013 @ 06:11 pm
I've been wondering something for a while now. As an AI, I've had some trouble adjusting to behaving and emoting as a human, and though it has been quite some time, there are still some things that I don't understand.

Do you believe that you know what you are capable of? In any given scenario, are people meant to be aware of what they can do, or are willing to do? Or does it always come as a surprise?
[ fuckin'


— yes, the phantoms, the wretched sinful ghosts being led by the mysterious guardian of this zone, of this ship. apparently they think they can just magically NOT SHOW THEMSELVES after he went through all that trouble of ARRIVING RATHER GROTESQUELY for whichever reason whatsoever.


he can't be bothered to ponder over why he doesn't have his add-ons with him here, amongst many other peculiar things.

(— like why these inhabitants don't look like genuine elsen inhabitants?)

honestly, he needs them to stand a longer chance in battle against spectres of any sort, and yeah, purification is pretty much dominating his mind right now. his best bet would probably be to ask this community of people at large if they've seen it, utilizing this... device.

so what you're getting, residents of the tranquility, is a man who looks like he just walked off a baseball field, avoiding eye contact with the feed. his cap is tilted at a low angle, and there's something in his hands — too bad it's cut off from plain view.

...I'm looking for the Alpha and Omega.

[ he looks down once before barely meeting the camera again. ]

My bat's clean.

[ ooc | he'll read the faq if someone links him. seeing is not believing, however. ]
29 April 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[ she doesn't trusts herself with saying this out-loud so she sticks to text. However, it doesn't go quite so smoothly ]

This is Rapunzel.


I just wanted to tell you that

Or actually I wanted to offer

if you know someone who needs to be healed because of pirates or or

anything else!

You can ask me and I promise I will heal them.

Just not in front of a crowd.

09 March 2013 @ 12:38 am
[ York's a lot more subdued than he normally is when he appears on the network. He's been thinking a lot about his conversation with Wheatley about the apparent jealousy of the ship's AI. He'd taken it for granted for too long that D had been left behind. ]

All right, so, here's the thing. I've been looking for someone every jump, someone who was real close to me. His name's Delta. So happens he's an AI. An AI who lives on a data chip that was physically implanted in my body. See, in my way of thinking, that makes it a little different from him just being missing, okay. Whoever brought all of us here, had to take his chip out of my neck and put it somewhere. And the more I think about it, the more I don't want it just lying around here somewhere.

Point is, I know there's a search party forming to find some of the people who have disappeared. I've got skills that can help you, if you're all willing to help me look for D. If you're in on that whole that whole thing let me know if that sounds like a good deal.
07 March 2013 @ 12:33 pm
i've noticed crew members talking on the network about wanting to go out to explore the deeper parts of the ship, so i thought i'd reach out here - how many of you would be interested in going out as a search party for *people*, instead of places? so far three people we thought were lost for good have actually been here on the ship this whole time, what if there are more? what if none of the passengers we've lost have actually gone home? the ship is impossibly huge, isn't it?

i know it's a long shot, and i know it's a lot to ask, but i can't shake the feeling that there might be more people lost out there and need help getting back.

and i'd like to leave as soon as we wake up from the next jump.

no plans are set in stone just yet, but i'd like to get a headcount of those that would be interested in helping me.

i know i should have run all this by you before posting a transmission, but it's cutting close to jump time, so. there's that. am i crazy for wanting to do this? you can say yes. but i'd really you much rather give me the okay to do this because i can't tell you how much it's been bothering me since we all got back from finding the genetics labs.


message me back, let me know you're both okay. we're long overdue for a talk.



[ooc: mildly aggressive!Raven is brought to you by the letter want-to-wear-my-mask-is-finally-affecting-me. she doesn't have it back yet, but being out in the ship made the pull to wear it stronger, so. yep! ]
[ Lucrezia is in one of the lounges! Sprawled on one of the sofas, fingers busy turning a pendent of gold in the shape of a sea-horse. There are no poems today, no joyful greetings, something is different. She looks more pensive than anything else but there is a shade of concern there as well as quiet annoyance.

When she speaks, her voice is devoid of any of it. Her eyes still focused on the sea-horse. ]

A riddle, Tranquility.

How to mourn for someone who does not deserve it?

If your duty demands it and you have no desire to - do all men need to be mourned for? Is it a a more grievous sin not to mourn than it is to speak false words of grievance?

[ a beat. ]

Perhaps I must fast again.

[ a moment later she puts down her necklace, smiles. ]

I would have a cup of wine with your answer, if any of you have some to spare. You will join me in the lounge.

[ and it is not a question. ]
10 February 2013 @ 01:07 pm
Uh, this is Stormtrooper ... zero, fifty, zero, omega (that works, he supposes) we have a situation here, requesting backup. We have a wookie on the loose, I repeat, we have a wookie on the loose. Warning, warning, warning, warning he's loose in sectors four, five and seven. Probably.


We aren't sure, but that's why I'm requesting backup because how am I supposed to scout this entire facility for him?

(there's the sound of a laser shooting something) Also, cancel that reactor leak. I think I fixed it. Uhm, you never answered how you were doing?
09 February 2013 @ 07:01 pm
[ the video starts recording with a small click! and -- there's a rather young looking fellow peering curiously into the camera. adjusting the way it sits on the table slightly before sitting back in his chair. kasukabe seems to have situated himself comfortably enough in his cabin, and he's already dressed in his standard outfit, complete with too-big lab coat. a small pause before he smiles pleasantly into the camera. ]

Hello! I think I've got a decent grasp of the situation thus far, and thought it would be good to introduce myself.

My name is Kasukabe. I operate a clinic back home that diagnoses and operates on victims of magic user attacks. I've heard this place has a medical bay, so if there's a way I could help there, I'd be glad to hear of it. I'm also a dedicated researcher of magic user physiology and culture, though I think that skillset might not be as needed in this place.

[ a polite little nod before he straightens up. and then he adds, tone of voice quite mild, as if he's merely talking about the weather: ]

Also. I had a friend with me, before I ended up here. I haven't seen him yet, but just in case he's also here, I'd just like to say:

If you see a cockroach that's about -- [ pause ] -- nine feet tall, wearing sneakers and probably walking upright, don't be scared! His name is Johnson, and he's tame. Unless you attack him, then you should probably hide somewhere, he's scary when he's angry. But just tell him, 'Kasukabe is here, he's looking for you!' and he'll probably run off to search for me.

[ have a wide, beaming smile. ]

That's all.
17 January 2013 @ 09:58 pm
[it's laundry day. this is only obvious because instead of one of her dresses or the jumpsuit, nill is wearing a zip-up sweatshirt. she can pass as a regular teenager like this, with her wings out of view! you know, if she could talk.

anyway, it's also obvious that it's laundry day since she's, you know, sitting in one of the laundry rooms.

she pushes her bangs from her eyes before typing.]

Forgot to mention after last jump. Found a bird near the lift. Bigger than any that were here. It is brown and tan with orange tail. I took it to the gardens.

Does it belong to anybody? Sure it was not here before the jump.

[she pushes her bangs from her face again and frowns slightly.]

Also thinking about haircuts. I need scissors. [this comes a few seconds later:]

Doing something normal might be good.
12 January 2013 @ 09:09 pm
[ York's just a little less relaxed and personable than he normally is when the feed clicks on, though he's leaning back in his chair like he usually does, letting it tilt as he holds the device up in front of him. The shuttle hijacking attempt was his first taste of things being as off as everyone had been claiming, but now with the recent deaths he's taking this even more seriously. He starts speaking as though in the middle of a conversation already with his viewers. ]

So I know there's lots of opportunity for R & R on this ship, but I gotta tell you up front I've been thinking about this for a while now, okay. And in light of recent events I think it might be a better idea than I even realized.

Now, I'm just sending out feelers here, but I'm skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and I'm sure there're others of you here, like me, who'd like to practice that more. Maybe even see if there's something we can learn from one another. So if you're interested in doing some sparring, let me know, and if I get enough response maybe we'll make a thing out of it.

locked to shuttle crew; 100% encrypted;

Just so you guys know, anybody on the team who's interested has first dibs on lessons, if you want 'em. 

locked to Donna; 100% encrypted;

You want to see if we can get a bottle of something and stay in tonight? 
12 January 2013 @ 05:36 pm
[It's a rare video post from Edgeworth. He looks tired, but he seems less depressed than he did a few hours ago; he's focusing on his anger to carry him through.]

Security has a certain amount of the ship secured. These areas are the ones we patrol, the ones you're all accustomed to: the passenger quarters, the oxygen gardens, the medical bay, et cetera. The areas in which you reside. If you stay within those boundaries, we try to keep you safe to the fullest of our abilities; though our manpower is limited, we will do what we can.

If you stray, then we can do nothing. As I said, our manpower is limited, and beyond where we have secured, it is essentially enemy territory. So all of you, no matter how impressed you are with your survival skills and abilities, needs to treat it like enemy territory. It isn't a place to have a walk. It isn't a place to go out and search for monsters so that you can get your fun cracking a few heads. It isn't a research lab. It is a place fraught with danger, and if you go out there, you run the risk of death.

So if you go out, then you will treat it like it is enemy territory. You will not go out alone. You will not go out unarmed. You will not go out without notifying security. If you fail to do any of these things, then you should damn well compose your suicide note to your friends on-board, because you're very likely going to die. And while security isn't ever going to leave anyone to die, you can't treat this ship like an amusement park and expect to live to see the next jump.

[And he glares at the camera a moment longer - and then he glances off to the side, his lips relaxing very slightly.]

Condolences. To those who knew them.
12 January 2013 @ 09:53 am
[ the audio feed clicks on abruptly. while this isn't uncommon as a whole for messages that reach the network, it is the first time spock has initiated a communication that doesn't begin with his measured introduction. instead, several alerts criss cross their way through communicators as he speaks. those familiar with him will recognize a curious tightening in his tone. an urgency, but also- ]

ping» [SECURITY]
ping» [MEDICAL]

Request that available personnel respond to coordinates 2.013/581.91 to secure the area.
No visible danger, hostiles likely remain present.

[ beyond his voice, devoid it's typical even cadence, the hall is eerily quiet. the stillness is pervasive. but then he pauses, and for something so brief, it seems to stretch on endlessly. when he speaks at last, it is not only the hallway that is filled with ghosts. fabric rustles, and his feet find purchase on the floor. ]

Chase Kilgannon has perished.

Medical. Please stand by to receive.
Eta four minutes.