08 July 2015 @ 01:53 pm
Got a question for you, Tranquility. Tell me everything you all know about Catwoman. And Batman, while you're at it. [It's about time someone told her her own origin story.]
26 May 2015 @ 04:10 pm
[When the feed switches on, it shows Hiro flushed, breathless, and clearly ducked into a small, dark hiding place with a hand pressed to the side of his head and his eyes shut. He tries to keep his voice down when he speaks so that he won't be easily found, but who even knows what someone might be able to hear. Keeping his voice low also helps with the headache that started pounding behind his eyes; which had happened so suddenly that he'd stumbled into things and gotten him into the mess he's in at the moment.]

So-- here's a question. Totally hypothetical... but let's say you got caught sneaking into areas you shouldn't be in or touching things maybe no one wants you to touch. What would you say is the best way of getting out of it?

[He only asks because his usual tactic of "play the totally innocent/dumb kid card" doesn't seem to work so well on the few staff members he's run into in the engineering area, and even the "I'm so sorry, my head's been hurting and I got confused" angle failed. All of which has ended up with him kind of backed up into a corner. He wouldn't bother asking a whole bunch of strangers otherwise. Hiro bites his lip, glances outside of his little hiding spot, then turns back to the camera with a slightly sheepish look.]

It's not as bad as it sounds. I swear. I just... needed some things.
28 March 2015 @ 12:11 am
[ Hey, Tranquility! It's your resident busybody who has no authority or jurisdiction, and no justifiable reason to be taking point on this one, here to kindly inform you he's decided to try and take point on this one. He appears solemnly, wearing that well-perfected dangerous hunter face. How scary. Such intimidating. ]

I'm gonna make this quick and to the point.

[ He declares, voice barking out frank orders like a damn drill sergeant or something. ]

Those people on board- those are people. Not some... evil... dictatorship, not a bunch of spies from the goddamn dark world, not soul-sucking ringwraiths here to steal your jumpsuits. They're just people, and they need a rescue, not a lynch mob.

[ Have a firm and pointed look, because he knows some of you are planning on shooting first and asking questions later. Screw that. ]

I'm going. Anyone who wants to come along and help, I'm leaving in an hour. And before you sign up just to turn around and put a bullet in them as soon as we get there, I want to make one thing clear.

[ And let the cold, dark look in his eye carry just how serious he is about this: ]

You try anything stupid, I'll knock your ass out myself and leave you in the hallways for whatever's hungry.

[ end transmission. ]

( after 1 IC hour (so a few tags) Dean will abruptly stop replying and will be focusing on surviving the hallways. anyone is more than welcome to tag along to his big ole rescue group of friendship and mistake-making! )

[The most cryptic image-slash-message appears on the screen. Looks something like this:

Only repeated, like, twenty times in jumbled letters. Clearly someone was just trying to practice. There are a few other words before it, mostly little things like cat and dog and bird, sun and mat, hat. Eventually it becomes a child's curious voice as he addresses the people at large.]

Names are really -- special. I think. Don't you think names are special? Sometimes they mean things, but I dunno what mine means; do you know what yours means? I bet there's lots of really cool ones that mean a lot of really cool stuff. 

... Did you get to pick your own name? 'Cus mine's always been mine, since I was a baby. I don't remember anything else!

18 March 2015 @ 09:59 pm
VIDEO: here )

Hello Tranquility,

My friend left recently, so I'm afraid that her cat is in need of new companionship. He and I are all right but I'm hoping that someone might do better. He's quite self-sufficient mind you, we just don't get on quite like that. He's brilliant. Honestly, he's solved huge criminal intrigues before regular people have.

If you're able to adopt him, I'd like to check in every now and again for awhile. Cheers,

[It's been a while since L has addressed the network in any capacity: he's been occupied with one thing and another. Today he sounds unusually weary, but people who see him on a daily basis know that this has been a frequent state for him for the past two months: there have been highs and lows, and they've been extreme on both ends.]

This is Ryuuzaki, speaking on behalf of Communications. I'll be discussing several things today.

We'd like to remind you that your private communications should never be considered completely private. For the past few months, we've all been using a different style of encryption than the one that was previously available. Communications now believes that we have a good understanding of how the new style works. If we can figure it out, someone else certainly can, if they're determined enough.

[It rankles him to have to admit this, but the people who are worth hiding the information from probably don't need to be told to be careful about secrecy to begin with, and letting everyone else know is a matter of good PR. Aside from that, if he doesn't, it's very likely that someone else will.]

Following on that, we still haven't been able to create any encryptions of our own that the rebooted network will accept. If you find that you're able to do that yourself, it's possible that we could use you in the department.

On another note, I've heard some concern that van Rijn's people are eavesdropping on our network. While I can't guarantee that they won't hit the archive if they're ever to gain control of the ship, the method of their contact two months ago didn't utilize this network at all. It was a direct external signal to the communicators themselves. It's extremely unlikely that they're following our current internal discussions -- I think if they were, we'd have heard from them more and in a different way.

[He pauses, and when he speaks again, his tone has shifted in a way that indicates a change in topic.]

I don't think any of us can deny that there have been several important developments in the last few months.

There's always some value in sitting back and trying to determine what we know -- and those of you who are new here should certainly direct your attention to the documents which Support posts in the first few days after a jump. It's vital that you're up to speed. I've attached some useful information to this message.

However, I'd like to propose a different question:

What don't we know?

What are we still trying to determine? In which areas are we lacking information? I'm looking for specific questions, not broad subjects -- try to break them down. Likewise, if you think you can answer one of these questions -- definitively, no wild guesses -- please do so, so we can remove it from the list. If you have information you'd like to share, leads, that might also be helpful. It's always a good idea to use the network to document anything you learn.

These questions could determine new avenues of investigation, or if we receive further outside contact, we may be able to pursue some of those subjects in that way. Even if that turns out not to be the case, it may help us coordinate our efforts.

I'm afraid I'll have to apologize in advance to a few of you -- Ward, Resnik, Charlotte, our smiling friend -- it's possible that we may be discussing you as if you aren't here. [His tone turns slightly wry.] Try not to take it personally.

[He has never in his life cared, not even in the least, about that sort of thing: he'll call someone a murderer when they're in the same room if the evidence fits the accusation. He'll even relish it. But he understands that any of those three could chime in on this conversation, and that the situation is different, because he's calling not for their arrest, but for a discussion that may touch on details that they'd rather were private.]

[OOC note: About the network and hacking! Regardless of what L is looking for, user-created encryptions no longer work on the network as of 1 November 2014 -- and they may never work again. It's a change in game mechanics! A single, extremely robust level of security is available to everyone, simply by marking messages as private before sending them.

It will take even a top-level, technopath-type hacker at least three months of full-time effort to figure out how to hack a message marked as private under the new system, and they will flag SEC several times in the process. Working as a group (dealing with other duties and fluctuations in character availability), it has taken Comms about four months. The amount of time it will take someone to decrypt a single message after they've spent several months working on figuring out how the encryption itself works will depend on the hacking character's level of skill and the length of the message in question, but it will be very slow work even for the best of the best.

L's search for encryptions that aren't built into the system is probably in vain, but characters who are interested in trying may still be interested in joining Comms. They can also make the attempt on their own time, of course!]
[This is Death, this is Death with the skull face/body, creepy eyes, black robe and if you look off to the side you can probably see a scythe. He does however have a cat sitting on his shoulder like it's a totally comfortable place to hang out. It might look a bit weird is what I'm saying. Death however speaks up.]



[The cat on his shoulder does not seemed freaked out by this skeleton at all, in fact it may be purring.]



[Come have tea with Death....and his cat. Please?]
14 April 2013 @ 03:53 am
There's a danger to desperation. When you are reckless enough to claim that you would do anything to achieve a certain goal, you risk losing sight of the things that matter to you the most. Even, I think, the most worthy among us, have risked too much on the half chance of some slight victory, and often the returns we get are hollow, unimportant in the face of the things we dispose ourselves of in the process of arriving there.

I lost much as a young man. As an older one, I gambled what little I had left. I have chased my fair share of ghosts, both real and imaginary, and failed to notice that in my pursuit of a family I had lost, that I, perhaps, had failed to embrace the family I had found.

I fear that I will never be a particularly good father, if indeed I live long enough to become one. I have certainly failed, in no particular order, to be a good son, a good benefactor, and a good friend.

[ No questions. Just some things that people need to hear: apologies to some and reminders to others, worked into the same kind of thoughtful rambles that so many other passengers spill onto the network after a few months here. Bruce has to blend in, after all; how better than to make it seem as though he's come to some great epiphany. ]

03 March 2013 @ 03:06 pm
[Blake's not using video today - he's still feeling the effects of the illness he contracted after that rat bit him, and he's tired, and he's not interested in showing the entire ship the bags under his eyes. So it's just voice today.]

Blake here. We've been testing the elevators, since Ianto made his post. They all seem to be working now, but I still recommend exercising caution - go with a friend, if you can, and report any possible malfunctions to engineering ASAP.

[That's out of the way, at least. And now for a slight change of subject:]

The jump is in a few days. I know a lot of people are still recovering from what happened. If you're not already in the med bay, and you need help getting to the pods, please ask for help. I know there are a lot of lone ranger-types around here, but maintaining your pride doesn't mean anything if it kills you. For those new this cycle, yes, I'm completely serious - if you're not in a pod when the jump happens, you will be killed. Whether you think this place is real or not, when people die here, they're definitely dead, so don't be stupid about it. If you can't find a friend or acquaintance to help you get there on time, ask someone on security. We'll give you an escort.

We don't have to like each other - but we do need to communicate and cooperate with each other, if we want to live long enough to get back to our homes.

[Private to Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle - batcryption 85%]

Has Crane been accounted for since the elevator malfunctions?
02 March 2013 @ 12:18 am
You poor things, I worry so much.

Tell me what you see.


[ It's been a long, long time, Tranquility. Maybe it's time to test the waters againespecially important for a man who is so 'hush-hush,' but it's left to you to determine if this holds any meaning. So much time, so much silence ( what exactly could be done in that time? ). It scratches at the nerves, doesn't it?

What do you think?
01 February 2013 @ 03:52 am
I happen to be a very private man. It tends to happen when you're brought up in the public eye. My parents-- [ He pauses. ] They were wonderful people, but their deaths caught the imagination of the world, and I grew up under that shadow.

You can imagine how difficult it must be for me to speak to you now. It isn't a subject I enjoy visiting, but it's come to my attention that I've been coming off as... Well, as aloof. It's not my intention. You're all so close, helping each other out when times are hard. It's a long way from what I'm used to. It's difficult to know how to--how to join in, when you've never really done it before.

I'm afraid I really don't have any applicable skills. I'm not a doctor, I know a little about science, I'm afraid to say I wouldn't be much use in a fight, but if there's anyone on board who wouldn't mind showing a closeted ex-billionaire the ropes, I'm willing to try to learn. I'll take anything.

It's Bruce Wayne, by the way.

[ A wary smile, and then the feed clicks off. ]

28 January 2013 @ 03:52 pm
[Hello Tranquility, it's been a while since Blake has addressed the network. Enjoy this rare event (or not so rare, whatever). Today he looks - well, about how he usually looks, which is serious, but polite and neutral, even if his words express a certain amount of, well - frustration.]

In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, running off into the ship by yourself tends to lead to bad things happening. Like maiming, or death.

Instead of doing more of that, maybe we can think of some actually productive ways to spend our time? The basketball club has been short on participants lately. Anyone is welcome, any skill level. If you don't know what basketball is, I'm happy to teach. It's a team sport - a game, it involves hand-eye coordination and it's good exercise.

If you don't like basketball, well. Everyone has stuff they like, stuff they're good at, right? Maybe others can get some other activities going. I saw Miss Berry asking about people who like to sing, maybe.

And if you really need to go out exploring, let's do this right. I'm just a cop, but it seems like there's safety in numbers. Some organized recon groups, properly trained, might be able to get more useful information without more lost lives or limbs. Those maps might be a good place to start, if we can get some more clues, but right now it mostly seems like a wild goose chase to me. Except the geese can kill you.
24 January 2013 @ 04:00 pm
[ It's been a while since Cibo put herself on the network, hasn't it? She's a little nervous looking, which is different because what she wants to ask is something she knows nothing about. That makes her a little embarrassed for no real reason actually. I mean, it's totally understandable that she doesn't know about— ]

What is a girlfriend supposed to do for a boyfriend? [ And why isn't she asking Scout? Because he probably doesn't know either. They're both a little clueless on this. Baby steps and what not. ] We already talk to each other and... [ You know. ] I just don't know if we should be doing anything different now.

I've never been in this sort of relationship before, so...

[ What is dating even supposed to be like? She has no clue.

With a little smile the video ends. ]
14 January 2013 @ 04:52 pm
Look, I don't really care if you go or don't go looking for whatever it is that killed two people this week.

But if you do, at least leave the door to your rooms open so people can loot your stuff after they find the body.

[Yes, he thinks people are pretty stupid for going out]

I didn't know Chase, but I'm assuming no one was watching her because no one thought of her as a kid?

[Well, no one thought of him as a kid, but then, he had a robo!bodyguard so....]

I'm sorry about the people who cared about her.

Encrypted to Cameron; 100%

Two things:

First off, do you know a guy named Josh Levinson? He mentioned my dad. By name.

Second off, how do you feel about moving to the first floor?

Encrypted to Kurt; 100%

Need company?
29 November 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[ A dark corridor, incredibly low light and clearly not quite on the beaten path. The camera is steady, and something dark moves soundlessly into view. The cape that sways across the corridor is ink black, like shadow moving rather than fabric. An arm moves out of the bulk of the shadow, holding a long tube, and then there's a hiss, air rushing through a narrow space, a semi-phosphorescent, clearly chemical paint sprayed onto the blank surface. The symbol glows as the hiss stops, and Batman pivots on the spot to face the recording device. His outfit is so dark that the whites of his eyes are the brightest point, catching in the pathetic light generated by the device. ]

Remember. I am always watching.

[ He raises his hand again, and a small red light is briefly visible before the device turns off all on its own. ]

[ OOC: The bat signal will be appearing/have appeared in all sorts of places, but particularly the less familiar parts of the ship. Bruce has spent months now orientating himself and learning how to come and go without being seen. Just as a warning: Batman may not be very talkative, might not respond at all and is likely to end any given conversation abruptly. That's just how he is. Also he means it. He's always watching. Fourth walling is on a case by case basis, and people who know his secret identity, you douches can keep it to yourselves, otherwise I won't be responsible for what I might let Dexter do to you. ]

25 November 2012 @ 10:52 pm
[ selinas been watching the network a great deal since she arrived (hasn’t everyone) and she can't help but wonder about few things that she has seen come up a few times - so it only seems right that she asks, right? (she could just be stirring the pot though, who knows.)

…anonymously of course]


These lists that I've seen mentioned, what makes these people on them so interesting and why them?

catcrypt viewable to: Bruce Wayne, John Blake and Stpehanie Brown )
12 November 2012 @ 06:46 pm
[Hello again, Tranquility. Blake's face is probably not a popular one, after his last appearance, but today he looks tired and remorseful instead of angry. So that's an improvement, right? Indeed, he wouldn't even be doing this except he knows he owes it to everyone. So he definitely looks like a man who is biting the bullet – a particularly unpleasant, embarrassing one.]

I know a lot of you were really confused and angry over my last network post. I'm sure many of you would rather not give me the time of day right now, and that's fair enough. I don't deserve much, after the things I said and did. I certainly don't deserve or expect forgiveness for them. But I owe it to everyone to apologize, so that's what I'm doing.

[Here he glances away momentarily. He hates talking about... private things, about feelings, but this is his responsibility right now.]

I wore my mask. A few times. It was a really bad call on my part, but at the time I thought that would be the best way to figure out what it did. Be the guinea pig, I guess. I didn't anticipate the consequences. Every minor annoyance became a major problem, became something that I needed to blame someone for, and my brain-to-mouth filter was completely removed.

I don't say this to excuse myself – there is no excuse for what I said, because those were still my words, or what I did, because those were always my actions. I was in control of myself, albeit in an altered state. It was still me making those choices, and they were bad ones, and I take full responsibility for them.

That said, I don't actually believe the things I said. There are always issues, problems, points of contention, in any community, but I sincerely believe that most of the people on this ship are doing their best to help everyone, to figure this out and get us home. What I said, the way I acted, I learned a long time ago that those things are not productive. It was stupid of me, and I'm sorry.

I really can't say it enough: I'm sorry.

((ooc: so Blake has been noticeably absent both on the network and on the Tranquility in general since his angry post of anger. Pretty much the only thing he's been doing are his security patrols; otherwise he's basically been in his room, brooding, not talking to anyone he normally talks to. Feel free to comment on this!))
05 November 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[The feed comes on, and hello, Tranquility, Blake is making a rare showing of his face on the network today. Unfortunately, instead of his usual mild look, he's, well. Angry. Visibly so. Like he turned on the video just to give everyone a good, hard glare.

This probably has a lot to do with the fact that he's worn his mask a couple of times, but good luck getting him to admit to that right now.]

Hypocrites. Cowards.

[Good way to open up, right? Get everybody's attention that way.]

I've seen it. I've seen what happens, when things are bad. I've heard the doublespeak, listened to them make their pretty speeches and then forget about all the suffering. The ones who are supposed to help, the ones who have the responsibility to help, they abandon you. They have their own agendas, money to make, power to gain. What does it matter if the madman is loose, burning everything down?

Back room deals, politics. Dirty hands. It doesn't stop when the world goes to hell. And apparently it doesn't stop on this hellhole, either. Because that's what I see here, and it's disgusting. Everyone scrambling through the mud, trying to feel like they're at the top. The top of what? It's the same pile of mud, it's just a matter of how dirty you're willing to get. People are dying. We're all going to die, if we don't wise up and cut the bullshit.

So keep quoting your poetry. Keep putting up creepy anonymous messages. Keep doublespeaking about how you're just protecting people while trying to keep vital information to yourself for just a little while longer. Keep encouraging the suspicion and distrust. See how long we last, while you play your power games.

[If anyone would like to try and talk (or smack) some sense into Blake, he's in the gym nearest the security office. He might be on a treadmill, lifting weights, or punching a punching bag. Generally being angry and trying to blow off some steam.]
20 October 2012 @ 03:14 am
Got quick questions for you. Bite the barber and indulge me, dig?

[ Brendan's looking pretty uncomfortable. That's probably because he's not used to (nor does he like)video, but he figures if he's asking a public question he might as well... well. Be as public as possible. It's exactly why the film noir slang is a little more pronounced. ]

First, if the word "brick" catches, hit me on the square. That's the most important. Don't ring any bells, don't worry about it.

[ An odd shrug. He's crouched down just outside the med bay, hands hovering up to just over his chin, most of his eyes hidden behind his glasses and an unruly mop of brown hair. ]

And if anyone's got actual music--y'know, like on a casette--and want to cop it off, drop me a dime. Lookin' for Lord of the Flies, too. Paper, not hologram.

[15% encrypted away from OPR » 002 » 022 "Wichita" ]
...If a guy's dizzy with a dame and that doll's got in the dutch recently, what's there to get her? He's on the nut and thick as what all, but she's pretty gowed-up.
17 October 2012 @ 01:11 am
[ This is Bruce Wayne's voice. Cheerful, foppish, and the audio itself is somehow unsteady as though he can't decide how close to his mouth to hold the device. Apparently his default is too close, because--well, you'll see. He speaks like he's called someone specific. ]

Um, hi there. I bet I mess this up somehow, send it to the wrong number - something like that - but I don't really know that many people here, and... Well, this is embarrassing, actually--

[ At this point he bumps the video feature on with his chin, and it records a swathe of his jaw. ]

Do you know how to cook?

[ He's squinting into the camera, super close when he draws the device back, so that only his left eye and a swathe of slightly too-long hair falling over his forehead is visible, and then that eye narrows and the feed shuts off. ]