29 August 2014 @ 03:30 pm
[The video blips on--but as it's meant to be voice, it's not a steady video, or even a good one. The lighting is poor, flickering a little, and at first, the recording is mainly of a hand and a portion of wall. This is one of the lifts, with no life to it. The first sound captured by the recording is a cry of pain, from somewhere off-screen--loud, and low, and agonised--before it cuts off into sharp, panted breaths instead. The video blurs, as Sirius moves--he's the one holding the device, and he hunches over it to record, so most of the image is now his face--]

One of the blue lifts, in the passenger quarters-- it's out. It's stuck, it's not moving. Again. What a shit month we're having. Welcome to space.

[He looks pretty shitty himself, face all pale and hollow, hair damp with sweat. When he turns to look off-video, there's a streak of blood along his cheek, dripping down from his ear. He's looking at someone; he's not alone, the pained breathing, the cry--those belong to someone else. (Sally, actually, midway through a werewolf transformation, not appearing in this film.)]

This lift's meant to be going up to, uh. To one of the higher levels, one of the ones way beyond us. Avoid the passenger lifts for now if you can, I don't know--this one might start up again, and if it does, that's--we'll be all right. And if you do call a lift going up, don't-- jam the door before you let it open, if you can. Wait. You'll know which one this is, you'll be able to hear it, just don't board it. This one's not safe. And no one try and fetch this one just yet. Leave it where it is, just leave it.

[Another sound of pain, from off-screen--louder, more insistent--Sirius bites at his lip, hard, and whether this is to himself, or the Tranquility at large, or Sally, it's not obvious, but he offers--] It's all right.

[Another start of a scream, but by then he's thumbing off the recording, and that's all.]

[[ooc note tho: MOST responses to this will be ic-ly delayed! this is a werewolf transformation in a tiny box scenario. feel free to recognise the voice shouting in pain as Sally's I think that is okay (I will note if that changes).]]
23 August 2014 @ 12:36 pm
I NEEd chains.

[ That's it. That's what you get. Oh, no, wait. She knows exactly what Stiles and Kira would suggest in this moment. She should ask nicely. It's less effort over text than in person, so even though she's rolling around miserably right now because she had it on good authority that weres don't really get sick unless it's wolfsbane, she can manage. ]

Please. :)

[ Be friendly!! ]
29 July 2014 @ 10:22 pm

( and then there's a pause; unsure of what to say, or perhaps automatically waiting for a reply. ) Uh, well, I'm Rory. I've noticed people introducing themselves through this over the past few days, so I… am too. ( he loses the thread slightly. ) Hello.

Sorry. I really don't know what to say about all of this. On this. ( leaving answerphone messages into the void? ) It's nice to meet you; I'll be helping out in medical as long as we're here.

Also, I had a sort of question. We've more or less found our way around the living parts of the ship, my wife and I, but I was looking for a few things specifically. ( short beat. ) For example, trousers?
17 July 2014 @ 12:18 pm
Hey everyone.

I'm sure some sort of demographics survey has been done in the past but I haven't seen one since I've been here and I'm curious. I've tried to keep it pretty basic. I know people are touchy about their privacy, and I know some aren't cool with being asked about special abilities/skills/powers/whatever, so obviously skip questions if you want to, no hard feelings. I'd rather just get name/age/planet than nothing at all, you know? Not like I'm going to hunt you down and force you to fill it out. But if you're willing to be more complete that'd be awesome and if there's something you think is important that I didn't include a field for, let me know.

Maybe there's a pattern here somewhere, maybe there's not, but at the very least it might be interesting or provide some useful data for department recruitment or something. Maybe you'll find some friends, whatever.


UPDATE: On request from several of our fellow passengers, I'm adding a 'relationship status' field. You're all welcome. Feel free to edit/update your entries accordingly if you want to.

(ooc: feel free to treat this as threadjack city as far as I'm concerned. if you squint it's kind of almost like an ic cr meme?)
10 July 2014 @ 07:18 pm
So it's come to my attention that i'm one of the last ones left on the medical team on board. And now, the one who's been here the longest. [ Peter sounds a touch strained - for a variety of reasons - maybe a little on the tired side. But he's altogether more than willing to be doing this and he sounds enough like it to get by. ]

My name is Peter Petrelli and I woke up from a month long coma to find out that the entire department is under my control. I know I've missed a lot, but that doesn't change the fact that i'm happy to take on the mantle. What that doesn't mean is that I'm planning on trying run the whole thing by myself or considering ruling with an iron fist for my own benefit. But I might as well take the position that's been handed to me by way of default and make the most of it.

For those of you who don't know - who're new around here and haven't heard about it yet, we've got jobs that're set up by departments. That's the simplified version. If you want to hear more about all of them, I might not be the perfect person to ask considering I don't know everything about all of them. But if you're looking for a job doing something, ask around. There's more than enough opportunities for everyone.

But that's not what i'm trying to get at. [ A pause, only noteworthy because of the sigh that follows. ]

After missing a jump and the entire month that followed, i'm pretty sure i'm behind on who all's now in medical and who might want to be. Half of all I want is to meet everyone who's joined that I haven't met already, make sure i've got an actual grip on things. The other half is to try and find anyone who's interested in joining. We'll take anyone who thinks they can offer any kind of help - we're lacking in staff right now, or we were last I knew, and finding some more help would be appreciated.

Or if you just want to stop by the med bay to talk about it in person, feel free to. I'm here now if anyone's interested - I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
15 May 2014 @ 10:17 pm
The xenobiology and genetics department would like to note that should anyone find themselves struggling after contact (of any kind) with what would be considered dark magic, that we are equipped to offer you help.

In the interests of cataloging ship-induced phenomenon, we would like to know if any passengers experienced either of the following:
a) A desire to return to the Tranquility while on the Arima colony, contrary to personal expectation of such desire or otherwise

b) Any out of the ordinary emotion or incident while on board the Tranquility while others were on the Arima colony
The information will be used to further such activities as sitting around and thinking about it, given lack of other options.

[ If this sounds slightly friendlier and more sedate than usual coming from this ID#, it's because Charles and Nuala are both hovering over his shoulder, attempting to ensure Severus doesn't act like a total jerk to people while speaking on behalf of the department. (Despite this, he may have adlibbed that last line and gotten away with it.) It is unavoidably logical for the staff member fluent in dark magic to helm an offer concerning it, or somebody else would be making this missive. ]
14 May 2014 @ 03:33 pm
I've got food on the 18th floor. DO NOT EAT THE SOUP. The risotto, the pizza, the stroganoff, and the pudding are fine to eat. DO NOT EAT THE SOUP.
09 April 2014 @ 03:23 am
Look. If this is a SHIELD bag and tag I'm really sorry, ok? For w/e it is that I did. Can I please go home now? I learned my lesson.

If this is not a SHIELD punishment, did somebody's ASSHOLE BROTHER open an Einstein-Rainbow bridge into space? Like AN ASSHOLE?? Not cool.

[ That is not what a wormhole is called, Darcy. ]

More to the point, who do I have to blow* to get a beer around here?

*No one is actually gonna get blown. sry not sry. pls give beer tho k tnx.
10 February 2014 @ 11:42 pm
[The image on screen screams witch. And old woman with grey hair in a stern bun. Dressed in black. Including her hat. Her pointy hat. She also doesn't look terribly pleased, though anyone who has been on the ship long enough is probably used to that.]

Seems we get more 'n' more magic usin' folk every jump. Likely start trippin' over each other if we ain't careful.

Never really held much with covens and the like. But they got their uses fer keepin' track of what everyone else is doin'.

[By which she of course means she can keep track of everyone else's business.]

Worth gettin' together with tea and the like. Make sure there ain't cross spells goin' that'll tear a hole in everythin'.
10 February 2014 @ 07:52 pm
[Sam lasted approximately 3.8 days resting in a bed after getting sort of kind of stabbed in the back (well, at home, then it sort of... followed him here). He's mostly healed thanks to the powers that be and Castiel, but he's still slow on his feet, all sore and stitched up and sort of exhausted from losing most of the blood in his body (or whatever Dean would claim he lost; he thinks it's not that bad anymore, so whatever). He sort of rests himself in the garden with his network comm, wincing a little to get comfortable against some old gnarled tree trunk.

He wants to get his mind off home. Dad's dead — dead dead, not coming back, no hope of fixing that — and he's got demon blood pumping inside his veins, and Ava and Andy and so many other kids are dead by now... And Sam is pretty sure he's dying back home, regardless of how his conversation with his brother goes. Basically, life sucks, it's a shitfest, and we're all gonna die eventually. But hey, he tries to keep the topic light and his faith a little high.]

Well, everyone from the bridge — I'm glad you're all okay. That was a terrible idea, but. I'm glad anyway. [And he is. His voice is light when he says that.] We'd rather want you guys all alive and kicking, y'know, even if I get why you guys took that risk. I mean, where I'm from? That sort of thing is something I deal with a lot, so... I'm not about to wag any fingers. But did anything in particular happen in there that would be good to note for the future? I know everyone just about tore their own arms off trying to get the doors to open from the outside; how was the inside, though? Any sort of visions, ill omens? Possibly changes in the setting that might imply something spiritual or omnipresent there with you? There were a few distorted voice and video posts, and I'm sure it's been brought up, but humor me.

[It's important to note these kinds of things.]

The ship seems to be warping itself a lot lately, so I figured best to ask. Like — the numbers. I don't know the implication or importance of them, but I know some of you've been talking about them... and the masks are a new thing for me, technically. I wasn't around for that, so I guess there's none to worry about for the newer arrivals, but I've heard it wasn't exactly rainbows and candy canes, though.

The mirrors were freaking out the last time I checked, the previous jump; on the bright side, I'm 100% sure that it's not Bloody Mary. Already had a hell of a time dealing with that particular ghost. [but we did it cuz winchesters. savin ppl. hunting thangs. family bidness. He shrugs. Where was he going with this before he got distracted by old cases? He must be getting too used to this place if he's okay with chatting about them to begin with. Then again, nothing wrong with admitting you deal with vengeful spirits on occasion in a place full of supernatural issues. It's when you admit you kill vamps and werewolves on a ship full of them that's a problem.... Anyway...] I don't know. It just seems like little things are building up. We're getting more information, sometimes literally through someone else's point of view in memories - but I get the feeling it's not gonna continue on like this without something big happening.

[For anyone interested in Offline. threads, Sam will be resting in the gardens; he's been sleeping a little more until he feels more up to speed, or will otherwise be combing his father's journal and some of the books he'd received from home to see if there's anything on 'haunted mirrors'. Just because they dealt with Bloody Mary doesn't mean this is the same kind of application of lore. He'll probably just end up nodding off here for a while until he's energized enough to drag himself back to his room. Maaaaybe he should be resting there. Whatever, hunter thug, don't need no sleep.

Library it is. Maybe he can find an e-book with anyyyy information on numbers and the importance of numbers in cultures from this universe. Chances are he'll find squat he can apply to the numbers on the walls, but it's better than having to sit still for a full week or something. And then maybe go to the med bay and make sure his nasty little row of sutures are doing okay. Hygiene is important mkay. Though he might be hobbling along like an old man until his back feels better. What a loser.]

21 January 2014 @ 08:39 pm
[Behold, all and sundry shipmates, a young woman, most likely unfamiliar to you all. She has dark hair, she's wearing expensive-looking sunglasses, she has a cigarette between her manicured fingers, and she's not smiling. As a matter of fact, she looks more bored than anything, which wouldn't be inaccurate. It's Penelope, and she's annoyed. Get accustomed to this.]

Okay, so. Quick question.

Are you seriously telling me that this spaceship is not only haunted as fuck, because it is obviously haunted as fuck, you guys, what the fuck is up with that, but nobody has tried to set up any wards or barriers or anti-evil magic protection of any kind? I mean come on, this should be like kindergarten baby shit. Surely somebody's tried something, but since there's no like, history books of this hideous floating evil space basement we all appear to be trapped in, I have to ask.

Nobody's tried magic? Seriously?

[There's a brief pause as she attends to her cigarette, and then it goes back to balancing between the fingers of her hand. She tends to gesture with it, vaguely, as she speaks, presumably for emphasis since her voice is a practiced monotone of affected disinterest. It's all extraordinarily irritating, and it's very much intended to be so.]

Apropos of nothing, since there's so many honest-to-god wolves on board, are there any werewolves around? I need a donation.

That's all. Back to your regularly scheduled cowering-in-fear-awaiting-all-our-inevitable-hideous-deaths, or whatever it is you do for fun around here.

[...That bit about the werewolves goes totally unexplained, because Penelope promptly ends the feed.]
20 January 2014 @ 08:47 pm
I need bolts — or arrows, I guess. I can work with either.

[ the opening is concise, sweet, and to the point ( if only because she only recently ruined both of them ) like she's already practiced what she's about to say. she pauses and then quickly adds: ]

And I could probably use a sparring partner. [ and while she loves her dad and all the training he can provide, it's not really the same — doesn't really give her that much stress relief. ] I don't really have anything to trade unless you really like leftover chocolate, so...

[ she trails off, gives a shrug, and looks like she's about to turn off the feed before she actually launches into the real basis for approaching the network. ]

This is a crazy and unrelated question, but does anyone have any experience with — [ wait for it. there's a brief beat of hesitation before it comes out. ] — hauntings? Not just the stuff people have been seeing in the mirror or the hallways, but ghosts. Things like that.

[ because that doesn't sound crazy at all — but she's completely aware of how it might sound, so she shrugs her shoulders, sheepish, and tries to convincingly add: ]

Just curious.
14 January 2014 @ 07:22 pm
[ hey, tq, it's dean. he's looking... well, a little more restless than normal, and mostly because now that it's been some time after the jump, he's finally accepted that yet another friend has left the ride. he rubs the knuckles of one hand anxiously before looking at the communicator. ]

Any of you ever had a friend or two in this ship who you know ain't around back home anymore? Sucks when they go back, doesn't it. Especially when home isn't just a box six feet underground, but... [ but purgatory, where you personally put them.

it hurts. it sucks. ]

But something a lot more dangerous. Guess we should learn by now to hold on to 'em as hard as we can while we still have 'em, instead of...this. [ as sincere as he is, he can't quite help the strained smirk, like it really is all some big joke. ]

But since I can't do that, I'll ask for the second best thing; anyone feel like doin' a little sparring? And I mean the off the record kind, no punches pulled stuff. You know, fun. [ it's something he's good at, something he could just lose himself in for a little while, so it's worth a shot. ]

Those easily bruised and ready for tears-- or too busy whining about the temperature need not apply. And if you ain't sure, we can even throw a bet of some kind on the winner-- whatever works. Even you freaky supernatural critters are welcome.
12 January 2014 @ 02:37 pm

[So either this is a) VERY IMPORTANT TO BIGBY or b) this is his first post to the network and he still doesn't know what he's doing with his communicator. What on Earth in capslock. And maybe he should have chosen video or voice but -- well. He doesn't know how to switch over to either of those now.

This is going to be an awful learning process, isn't it. Be proud he even made an attempt.]
08 January 2014 @ 03:29 pm
[ it's late, or maybe early, either way the lights in the room are dimmed to nearly black. stiles, lit by the device, scrubs a hand over his face, then runs it through his hair, which has grown out all over the place. he's sweaty with the heat of his room, and there are bags under his eyes. this insomnia thing is seriously getting old. how is it possible to get so much sleep and still be this tired? (probably by not having a month's worth of nightmares about being chased.) ]

Hey, uh. It's- last jump was gonna be my twelfth. Jump. Except for how I didn't wake up. Buuuut that was counting number nineteen and twenty as one, so if you count it as two then technically it was this jump.

I think.

[ he looks like he's about to try and do the math again, but then snaps out of it, focuses back on the whole, talking to the camera thing. ]

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, whatever, that's a long time to be stuck here. I'm beginning to feel like it's not so — when I first showed up everything was so cool, you know? I mean, space. Light sabers. Robots. Super powers. There are - there are freaking elves.

[ he makes a kind of i can't even gesture that is probably ridiculous if you already know just how much supernatural his life back home contained. and then he once again veers himself back on topic. ]

That wasn't actually... the point of this post was to talk about all these masks I've suddenly got now? Except not really, because they're Meg's, and she was cataloging them, and now she can't, so I guess the point is to say that— she's not around anymore. And Cassie... Cassie went home too. And Remus. Guess this ship's not big on the magic users, ahaha.

[ he gives a rough, upset chuckle, and visibly pulls himself together. talking about losing people would be easier if he wasn't hot and tired. ]

Anyway. You all probably already knew all of that, since uh, as we established, I'm a whole month out of the loop.

[ he shrugs. ]

Soooo, you know. Loop me.
03 January 2014 @ 04:35 pm
So— let me get this straight.

[ Veronica looks sweaty because, you know, apparently the Tranquility believes it's in the tropics in space. She makes a face, wiping her brow with the back of her hand. ]

My laptop, somehow, needs to get recharged. My camera seems to be busted, because it's either that, or everyone has seven days to live, and I'm trying this thing called optimism. I'm all out of crosswords, this is not the vacation that I signed up for, and apparently there is a big giant monster only some people can see that wants to kill us. [ That, and people here either seem to spend their time drunk as hell or being big mystical beings who do mystic things. (Veronica is not worried. Veronica is not worried because Veronica has accepted that this is, like, at least 81% real, and by that juncture the rest of it is just— you roll with the punches. You adapt. You try really, really hard to distract yourself by doing literally any job that falls into your lap.)

That's her. Veronica Mars, modern college girl on the go: the sequel.

In space.

I'm already helping Edgeworth, but if anyone wants me to do an odd job, point me in that direction. You'd be doing me a favor — it's better than just sitting around, trying to deal with the fact I really should have listened more to my AP Physics teacher when he talked about string theory. And, uh—

[ She pauses, her nose wrinkling. ]

I've never— This— whole inter-dimensional science fiction thing? Is new to me. So if there's some kind of, cultural, verbal address that would be more polite when it comes to people who aren't— humanesque, I'd appreciate it if someone could fill me in.

[ God, how is this real. Still hallucinating? Maybe. It's definitely hot enough to be. ]
19 December 2013 @ 06:47 pm
[On comes the video feed, to show one (1) Booker DeWitt. His collar is a little undone and his sleeves are rolled up higher than usual due to the heat, but that's not the reason why he's addressing everyone today. The issue of the temperature and people seeing "shadows" doesn't escape him, but he figures he'll be keeping an eye on network posts for any development in those departments.

Right now, he has something else on his mind, and as always he gets straight to the point.]

Got a question for the people on this ship with -- [what's the proper phrasing to use? Even though he's the one asking it still sounds awkward leaving his lips] --unusual abilities. Does this place seem to affect them in odd ways, such as some of them not even workin' at all?

[Oh, and those watching might also notice Booker's left hand and part of his forearm, which is smattered with patches of sprouting black feathers and nails that have grown into long black talons. Yeah.

Even as he speaks, he's shaking out the aforementioned limb with an annoyed grimace, and it begins to revert back to its everyday appearance of a normal human arm.]

Or is it just me?

[Damn vigors. More trouble than they're worth.]
08 December 2013 @ 02:41 pm
[ No exceptional rants or helpful PSAs from Nathan this month. He put off talking to Peter, and now he can't, and as much as he knows that this has happened before, he can't help but feel like it's something different this time, something more sinister. He's worried, and his natural defense is to work it off. ]

Departments check in. Let's see what we've got to work with.
11 November 2013 @ 05:28 pm
[The small, not quite comfortable smile she greets the network with is a far cry from the face she'd been sporting only a few hours before. It was one thing to accept her new lot in life for a day, maybe two- until reality really sunk in and the memories started pouring in. But she doesn't want to weigh in. She doesn't have the experience to, and even if she did- Her world extends only to those from Boston right now, and she needs to keep it that way]

I'm getting the impression the more hands there are in the medbay, the merrier. I'm a nurse from Boston. The- Uh, the year is 2013 if that matters. [It's space, it probably matters, she doesn't know- her nerd culture exposure is only by proxy. Her fingers curl around the steaming mug of coffee, and wishes it was a little less coffee and a lot more vodka. Still, it's hard to beat surprise breakfast in bed] I'd appreciate a guided tour, as soon as someone's available.

So let's get the mundane out of the way. I'm Nora- Josh's wife. I'm one of the new kids passing through here, but he's let me in on the fact that he's been around for- way too long. I feel like taking the lazy scenic route for making new friends and I'm going to keep stealing his.

So if you know him, why don't you come say hi? I'm thinking of taking a look around.
[Ruby's in the kitchen, nursing a cup of coffee. She looks tired, though not overly so. Adapting to life on board isn't going all that great for her - but thank whatever deity you want to insert here for coffee, because Ruby is just going to survive on that. Hey, Grenny pestered her with early morning diner shifts often enough, and Ruby isn't ashamed to admit that she's addicted. Doesn't mean she's gonna kick the habit anytime soon. She smiles at the camera, friendly as always.]

Hey guys. Ruby here, for those I haven't met yet. Pleasure to meet you, not pleased about the weird circumstances, you know how it goes.

Two things... first of all. I gather I'm not the only one hallucinating. Or... having dreams. Memories. I'm not awake enough to puzzle that out. Is this some sort of... group hallucination, and what's so interesting about two people talking about how hot some prisoner is, anyway? Do I need to be concerned? Do I need to... I don't know, do anything about this, report it to anyone?

[She rubs a face down her hands, smiles, because all this sounds insane, but it seems to be common practice here.]

Second thing... well. I was wondering. I'll admit, I'm not the brightest bulb to ever light the room. So... we're in space. And I was just wondering, if you were. Say. Sensitive to the moon. 

[Yeah, this is harder than she'd thought. Crap. Ruby takes a long sip of her coffee, a little too hot for comfort, but the burn is quite welcome right now. She can't exactly go saying that she's a werewolf and very likely to kill anything that moves in front of her during three months a night, because she doesn't think she'll be in control of the wolf after not transforming for a whooping 28 years, plus she doesn't have the magical cloak that'll prevent the transformation - yeah, that's not gonna get her pushed out of an air lock at all. She's had enough angry mobs after her in her own time.]

Are we in any way affected by moon cycles, given that we... well. Have no... moon of our own?

[Yeah, it sounds even more stupid when she says it out loud, but does the truth of her little problem really sound any less stupid?]