24 November 2015 @ 12:56 pm
[The feed opens on a view of the jungle, dark as night falls over the trees. A fire burns in a pit to the right side of shot, the orange glow flickering across the trunks, the crackle and spit of burning logs. Boots come into frame, Riddick dropping to his haunches in front of the camera, only his hands and their recognisable guards visible. He's holding something. A medium-sized creature, limp in death.]

Got a sickness in the animals. [He holds the animal closer to the camera, showing the state of it. Bony ridges breaking through fur, misshapen limbs, blood crusted around its eyes. Sickly. Unnatural.] You see any, kill them. Burn the bodies.

[He rises to stand, boots turning, and the corpse is thrown onto the fire.]
17 July 2014 @ 12:18 pm
Hey everyone.

I'm sure some sort of demographics survey has been done in the past but I haven't seen one since I've been here and I'm curious. I've tried to keep it pretty basic. I know people are touchy about their privacy, and I know some aren't cool with being asked about special abilities/skills/powers/whatever, so obviously skip questions if you want to, no hard feelings. I'd rather just get name/age/planet than nothing at all, you know? Not like I'm going to hunt you down and force you to fill it out. But if you're willing to be more complete that'd be awesome and if there's something you think is important that I didn't include a field for, let me know.

Maybe there's a pattern here somewhere, maybe there's not, but at the very least it might be interesting or provide some useful data for department recruitment or something. Maybe you'll find some friends, whatever.


UPDATE: On request from several of our fellow passengers, I'm adding a 'relationship status' field. You're all welcome. Feel free to edit/update your entries accordingly if you want to.

(ooc: feel free to treat this as threadjack city as far as I'm concerned. if you squint it's kind of almost like an ic cr meme?)
11 July 2014 @ 07:23 am
[Johanna flicks on the video with a glare. The room around her is dark; the screen lights her face from below. When she speaks, her voice is a little rough and hoarse, like she's been shouting a lot, very recently. (She has.)]

Hi, friends. [She bites out the word.] Just a little message for you all. You've all gotten really comfortable on this hunk of junk you're calling a ship--or what's passing as a ship-- [And she manages a little smirk at that--] --which, come on, it's crap. But I get it, it's not yours. You're all just prisoners here, it did some horrible things to you... yeah.

And that's where this comes in.

[She holds up her arm, where her tattoo is clearly stamped out, fresh and new.]

See this thing? This isn't a fashion accessory. This is bullshit. The last time someone shoved something in my arm and told me to smile and get on with my life, I didn't put up with it. I'm getting this thing out of myself, and if any of you have any sense--you'll do the same. You wonder how they get to you? It's things like this. But I'll bet you already knew that.

Well, fuck that. Fuck all of it. I'm not doing that again.

You want us to join up and help you run this ship? --Or resist this ship, or fight whatever you think is here? Here's my offer. First person that tells me how to get this thing out of my arm without dying, I'll join whatever they're running. And you want me on your side.

02 July 2014 @ 09:10 pm
How do you keep faith, here? How do you remember that God wants...how do you keep some kind of faith, keep from losing your mind with the things that happen to us?

My whole life I've heard God; all I had to do was listen and there He was, like music, like a symphony, and even when I was at the height of being terrified, there He was just working the notes of this great symphony. But then I followed that music, I followed Grigori, and I did something and now I can't hear anything, for the first time I've lost God and I just want Him back-

What if I did was unforgivable? What if saving another person isn't enough? What if what I did has stained my soul?

How do I keep believing that God loves me when I can't hear Him anymore?

How do you keep faith?
21 June 2014 @ 08:10 pm
You're not alone. People you care about are calling for your help, and you want to go help them. I'm going to ask you to be a little more patient before you run off into the dark. We know they're lost, we know there's something pursuing them, we know they need help. But we also know that the most recent post on the network, the one talking about warnings from the captain - a captain we don't have - wasn't made by one of us. That means this problem is bigger than you think; it's bigger than all of us, and it's important we get a clear image of what we're facing before we leave. Shepard's team has gone missing, and other comms have started going off the radar too--we'll start where they disappeared, and if we do this together, we might even succeed. The last thing we need is more of you lost out there because you chose to do this on your own.

Right now I need your help in a different, but just as important way. If you've received a message from someone, we need to hear them. That way we can establish a thorough list of who's missing, and try and piece together what they were all trying to say.

Tyke, as Head of Security, is going to coordinate the rescue. I imagine she'll speak to you shortly herself. Rest assured we'll need bodies on the ground for this one, and I know there's going to be no telling some of you to stay put, so forgive me if I - at least - save myself the effort of trying. The corridors are dangerous: bring weapons, ammunition, your communicator, but don't worry too much about rations--you won't need them.

[ He seems about to sign off, but he has to address that post, the grinding static and the screams underneath it, all of it so familiar to him by now. ]


"They're getting closer." I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a coincidence. Whatever we find out there, whatever is after our people, try not to kill it unless you have to. Don't get killed, but bear in mind the risk that we may be deceived into murdering people who would be our allies. I can't shake the feeling that we're being set up. Alright. Hang in there, everyone.
10 May 2014 @ 07:34 pm
( nuala isn't often in the room given to her by the tranquility - so rarely, in fact, she hasn't been there since that very first broadcast that brought her to the ship's wider attention. she's there now, though, her hair still damp but tied low at the back of her neck, pulled out of her way, dressed in a simple gown of pale blue.

it's a bit more rumpled than she usually appears, but then, she's not alone, either. the beast periodically visible in the background of this broadcast may explain the slightly rueful pleasantness of her expression, and the fact she hasn't even bothered trying to straighten fabric she knows is likely to just get rumpled again the second her new friend decides she hasn't been paying enough attention to him (eg ALL OF HER ATTENTION). )

This fine gentleman's demeanor leads me to believe that he expects particular companionship. If that companionship is yours, you may collect him from the room number listed in this broadcast within the next hour, or from the elven flets any time after that.

Thank you.

--oh, no, no, my dear, it isn't a toy--!

( the feed cuts off as nuala hurries to rescue her father's silver prosthetic hand. )
[ Nathan wears his black bomber jacket and jeans, a rare occurrence for a video post. His hair is slicked back, he's made no effort to shave, and...is that a sword tied across his back. Yes, yes it is. He looks downright rakish, more ne'er-do-well than politician. ]

Let me bring all of you up to speed. If you haven't been watching the network in any detail recently, you won't be aware of the fact that our deceased friend and victim Felix Laurens took to the airwaves to speak to us, ostensibly because he had the information we needed.

Laurens, for those of you who weren't here at the time, commanded the Scylla and her crew, a ship of raiders - pirates - that attempted to strip the Tranquility more than a year ago, and caused most of the damage on our two hundred and fifty passenger floors, destroying at least one of them when the Scylla was ripped from our hull during the Jump.

Laurens was certainly helpful; he told us that the place we're approaching is called Arima, a no-good dive for pirates and villains of all kinds, who'd kill you so much as look at you. Whoever took that shuttle fled there, probably to try and find a way off the Tranquility for good, and if they can do it, there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to do it too.

Now I'm not saying it won't be risky. Hell, the universe out there might be more than we can deal with, but in two and a half years we haven't found a way to make this ship send us home. This might be the only way for us to break the cycle once and for all, and with it leave behind all its mysteries and its brainwashing, and the threat of death, disease or madness that hangs over us every day. At the very least, we need to find out who stole that shuttle, and why they thought it was time to abandon ship.

With Carolyn's permission, I'd like to volunteer to fly the first shuttle down there. Anyone who feels like they could offer assistance securing the landing platform, you'll get priority seating, and I'll attempt to use my experience to establish radio contact with the ship, let everyone know whether or not it's safe. For the rest of you, there's time to think about if you're ready to try and leave, and while we don't have many pilots left, there should be just enough to get us all down there. Even so, Laurens has made it clear that we shouldn't waste too much time thinking. We have days--four at most.

You all have an hour to make your decisions and pack. Do not wear your ship issue jumpsuits, and keep your tattoos concealed at all times. Come armed, and look tough. There's a chance this may be a one way trip, so anything that's precious to you should come along now; there's no knowing whether we'll have the opportunity to come back and get it.


Text (added two minutes after the video post goes live to the network)

Do not bring: horses, dinosaurs, heavy armor, large collections of animals, the entire content of your wardrobes, volatile chemicals/weapons/explosives.
Watch this space for further updates.

Private to Netherlands )

Private to Peter Petrelli )
23 March 2014 @ 07:36 pm
[ There are a lot of reasons to post something like this. Carolyn is ignoring the ones that are more personal to her, but she makes it text to prevent anything from leaking through. ]

If you were to leave the ship right now, permanently -- whether it was on a shuttle, to a station or new ship, or a planet -- what is one thing you would try to bring with you?

Other than people.
01 February 2014 @ 08:37 pm
[ When the feed comes on, everything is in its place. The Comms device is set squarely on to a view of a desk, a large American flag hangs on its pole in the space behind Nathan, decked out in his best suit. A painting hangs on the wall behind him. This may be the last time he addresses the ship, in which case he’s going to do it right. ]

Good afternoon, Tranquility.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Nathan Petrelli. I arrived here on the sixth jump, and I’ve been working in Communications ever since. I was here when we all still reported to Resnik to keep the ship running, and I was here when Ward executed the prisoners we took from the Scylla. I’ve been here through most of the worst things that the Tranquility has thrown at us, and never once - not once, in almost two years - have I thought to stop cooperating with the whims of this damn ship.

That ends today.

At 0900 tomorrow morning I intend to take the Tranquility’s bridge. I make this post here, now, because this isn’t just about me, this concerns all of us. So, perhaps against my better judgement, it seems only right that those of the rest of you that are as restless as I am should have the opportunity to join me in this endeavor.

Some of you will call me crazy. You’ll think that makes you sane. You’ll call this mutinous. But let me ask you--how willing are you to carry on the way we have been so far? The distortions we see in the mirrors; the people that are watching; no longer just out of sight; our secrets, no longer secret; the weight of paranoia that is weighing all of us down, month after month. How long do you want this to go on without making a stand, without feeling like you’ve actually done something about it?

I don’t know that this is going to be safe. I don’t know if any of us are going to come back, and maybe some of the less morally indulgent types around here are gonna see it as good reason to lock us all away. I’d like to remind those people that in the absence of an actual captain, this isn’t really a mutiny. We can argue about it lawyer style if you like. Might as well, it might be the last argument we ever have. But please don’t feel as though you’ll alter my resolve.

We have to change what we’re doing. We have to make a stand. And you can shut your mouth right now, Neal Caffrey. I haven’t forgotten what you said; this is about weighing the risk.

[ At last Nathan takes a deliberate pause, steepled his hands in front of him. ]

If you’re going to volunteer, then please consider the risks. You may die. You may go mad. The rest of this crazy crew might decide to throw you into space. This isn’t a decision that you should be making quickly, but I’m sorry, this is all the time we’ve got. If you have even the slightest of doubts, you should stay behind.

Some of you--I know you’re gonna volunteer, and I reserve the right to veto your offers. You know who you are, and you have responsibilities. I’m not tearing apart the infrastructure of this ship if I can help it. Others...well, I need you where you are. Plan B.

Hopefully the next time I speak to you, it’ll be from Tranquility’s bridge. Be safe, and good luck to all of us. Petrelli out.

[ OOC: This is the corresponding network post to the volunteer sign up here on the OOC comm. If you don’t know what’s going on yet, then take a read through. ]
23 January 2014 @ 12:34 pm
 [Welcome back to Conspiracy Theory Hour with Topher Brink, who is currently in medical wearing a parka. He is the worst Stark Bannerman ever.]

When Bennett Halverson was here [he has to swallow a bit, because having Bennett here, however awkward it might have been, was nice and he misses her], we got into our brains to do some research on the nanites. It... didn't get too far, because the problem with these little beasties is they're everywhere and they kinda control how we get in and out of places and, personally? I don't wanna sleep in the hallway. But the fact is, we don't know a whole lot about them and we can't crack 'em without being worried that they're gonna... do something weird or explode our brains. And that's bad on numerous levels.

And I didn't realize until just now how bad. 

Let's think for a second. We've got the whole memory share business with each other, which is now, apparently, extending into memory share with the old crew. We know for a fact the nanites are deeply ingrained into the brain's thought processes. Think about it, guys- when you sign on to become a member of one of our lovely teams, do you go out and get a new tattoo with that shiny three letter badge of honor or do you fall asleep and wake up with it permanently stamped to your arm. [He holds up his own, showcasing his MED « 002 « 195 tattoo.] 'Cause I think I woulda remembered the tattooing process- I'm just saying.

[He sucks in a breath.] So the nanites know the difference between idly thinking "Hey, I'm in medical" versus "I am really and truly in medical." That means they're receiving data from the brain. We already know they can transmit it, because that's how we get around here. It's like any good computer, but here's the thing. We don't- and kinda can't for the aforementioned brain asplode reasons- know how much data these things are actually getting off of us. 

[He rolls his chair over to his computer.] And-and the thing is, all the nanites operate on the same network. Receiving, transmitting, whatever- we're all connected through them- so what if the memory links were a nanite malfunction. What if we saw a little glimpse behind the curtain of what's really going on here. Remember that line from the subnetwork? "It wants to keep you?" I know you remember that if you were for it, 'cause I still have nightmares about it. 

[A bitter, manic laugh.]

You can't delete a program- not really. If these nanites were in the original crew- doing their whole receiving and transmitting thing, then whatever they got off of them is still here. Floating around in the ether. Guys, what if we've been approaching this whole Smiley thing from the wrong perspective. Smiley's not one guy or an AI or Gallagher's freakin' ghost- Smiley is everyone. The whole crew. A literal ghost in the machine- the collective memories, feelings, whatever, of the entire former crew that somehow merged to create this one... composite. We die? We'll still be here. Floating around with the old crew. Boom. Prophecy fulfilled or whatever you wanna say.

[Basically, Smiley is a composite event without a host body or complete personalities. Just fragments. It makes a lot of sense to someone who has seen some shit. It's the only thing that can make sense. The ship's crew is just... gone, but they're still here.]

I mean... People have seen Smiley act outside the ship, right? And the only thing we bring with us when we leave the ship are our nanites. There's gotta be something to that, right?

21 January 2014 @ 05:03 pm
[ like so many of robb's network addresses, he appears with grey wind at his side. he's in the gardens, sweat sticking his curls to his skin as grey wind huffs beside him, for once not pacing impatiently as robb speaks. ]

It seems the ship has seen fit to save the strange temperatures for those who slumbered through them last month. I suppose there are few left who remember the ship growing cold once? Perhaps it feels the heat suits us better.

[ robb's tone suggests that is most certainly doesn't suit him, but is that really a surprise? starks have ever been more suited to the cold. ]

If you would all permit me, I would ask to speak with any who slumbered, this month or prior, for last month was not the first that has seen people remaining trapped within their pods. I dreamed, and I would know if they were shared, or if any recognize that which I saw. Time has passed, and yet I've still not made sense of all that happened within those dreams.

[ grey wind makes a soft noise, almost a whine. robb doesn't reach a hand to soothe him, as if it's important neither of them seem unsettled. ]

Lastly, I would speak with Erik Lensherr, who I hear has returned once more, and Cesare Borgia, if he will indulge me with an audience. And my family, those of my House and those who carry my banner, I've news to share with you.

[ robb takes a breath, and grey wind gets to his feet, shakes out his coat, and paces off camera. robb chuckles, and cuts the feed on a murmur too quiet to be heard. ]
10 January 2014 @ 09:15 pm
You know what? I really hate playing catchup. You're going along, minding your own business, think you're ready for just about anything--

[ Sheppard shakes his head. There's a dusting of five-o-clock shadow, a nasty nick to his jaw, a patterning of bruises that have had a chance to come up thoroughly over the last few days--but what can you do? If you shoot an already mad as houses elf in the leg, you sort of deserve whatever you get, and Nuada was comparatively gentle with him. Just don't ask him to move too much. ]

Get on with it, Sheppard. Alrighty, what was I saying? Wraith, right; washed out, grey skin, teeth that would make a SoCal dentist hysterical. Went by the name of Todd? Well, I should probably apologise for him. He's sort of-- [ Accurate words. What are those? ] --a pet, you know? He bites other people, growls at strangers, but you just didn't have the heart to put him down when you should have. Okay, maybe that's not exactly what I mean, but anyway. Sorry about that. It won't happen again.

Second thing; much more important. Since it turns out I'm down one technobabbling chatterbox right when I actually need him, I thought I'd do auditions for a replacement. No, not a replacement. I know you're going to listen to this one day, Rodney, and I'm going to get the silent treatment for all of thirty seconds. Not a replacement, then; a stand-in. Anyway, the winner gets to peek behind the curtain. [ He waves his lifeform scanner in the air where the video can see it. ] A basic understanding of sciencey stuff and obscure movie references is at the top of the list. Applicants should also enjoy long walks on the beach. There will be a quiz.
25 October 2013 @ 01:30 pm
[ Angel isn’t excited to be facing the camera - especially considering this is his first ever appearance on the network, he doesn’t look like he’s doing this for the potential shits and giggles. Though it’s… not as if he ever looks like he’s having that good of a time, facing the entire network with a painfully somber expression, it mostly looks like he’s been wrangled into this confession of his. ]

I’m not gonna beat around the bush, at this point there isn’t any reason to. We’ve all got memories we’re batting around, and none of them are the feel good family picture kind. Unless you managed to get the one where I saved a puppy, in which case-- [ -- you didn’t get the one where he’s nailing them to objects. probably a good thing. back to the serious topic at hand. ]

Anything else you get from me? Isn’t gonna be warm and fuzzy, and I already know that a few of you got the worst of it. My past used to be the kind of thing I bragged about and it isn’t anymore-- it’s not who I am now but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still mine. It’s still who I was, and if you want to know more? I’d rather have you ask than let it sit in the back of your head like it does in mine.

[ He knows you guys are out there, he knows. And he’s not going to hunt you down because that just makes it a hell of a lot creepier. But he will fold his arms over his chest and look put off by his own existence. ]

I don’t want anyone’s forgiveness, that’s not why i’m asking you to listen. I’m not trying to make anyone understand the things that I did. But if you want an explanation? If you ended up with memories from someone they called Angelus, spending time in Europe killing more people than you could count- torturing the rest just because you wanted to? Maybe getting cursed with a soul? [ this face he’s making means that he really could go on for awhile. ]

Then those were more than likely mine, and if you want to avoid it, that’s fine. So do I. I’ve done everything I can to try and redeem myself, and I can tell you i’m not the same person I used to be. That doesn’t mean you have to believe it. But you should hear it from me instead of wondering if there’s one more monster on board the ship.
25 October 2013 @ 08:16 am
 [What you are seeing is Topher. Topher looks a little like hell. Someone may or may not have been avoiding dealing with one of his empathy links for SCIENCE (the first one worked out fine- that's how he knows enough to figure this out, but the second one...) ... Also, it's possible he's been occupied running scans and trying to figure out if he's wrong, which... he's still not convinced he's not.]

I've been working.... [He pauses, plants a palm on his forehead, and sucks in a breath.] I've been working on a theory. It's not entirely sound yet, but I was trying to run through every logical possibility before entertaining the notion that it might actually be... that, and... no dice. None. And it was bad enough when it was just memories, but now- now. Oh, it's much worse. 

Whatever this is, it's on a synaptic level- whatever one person feels, the other person feels too. Observe. [He picks up something sharp and pricks himself, which makes him hiss in pain.] Now someone out there felt that. That means that we are doing some serious groupthink weirdness without the whole "all of us are Borg" BS- SO FAR. Who knows what it'll be in a few weeks. Or days. And what was the last thing 90% of us experienced that involved groupthink? Anyone?

[YEAH, TOPHER'S HAVING A BAD DAY. HOW ARE YOU?] I think we might be in trouble.

[He rubs his face.] And is anyone who was fully assimilated on Strela even still around? 'Cause that'd be a start to maybe possibly proving me wrong. Or right. But let's err on the side of blind optimism and assume my fancy medical degrees in neurology mean nothing and I'm just talking out of my... bottom area. Whatever.

[Maybe you should deal with your link first, Topher. MAYBE. There's science to do, okay.]
[ The flight crew is noisier than usual, a buzz of activity and excitement that is usually more toned down when Carolyn makes these posts. Part of the problem is that she's in the thick of it, where usually she'd move away; the other part is the shining white metal visible outside of the windows. ]

We docked somewhere.

[ Carolyn almost sounds like she can't believe it; in the background, it looks like someone practically has their nose pressed to the window to verify that they are, indeed, docked somewhere. ]

About ten minutes ago, judging by the noise we heard. It's gone now, which means-

[ There's a pause as someone says something, indistinct, but Carolyn's eyes widen a fraction. ]

One of the halls opened up. About 100 meters down from the shuttle bay -- we're definitely docked. Airlocks on both sides are open. [ She grimaces as she says this; luckily it actually seems to be oxygen and decent pressure over there. A few other crew members look fairly uneasy at the thought as well. ]

I shouldn't have to warn all of you to be careful if you head over there, but consider it done anyway. Let's not forget what happened last time. [ A beat then, helpfully: ] People were brainwashed and killed, last time.

[ Just before the video goes off, at least one person can be heard responding to that comment. ]

((ooc: YAY WE DOCKED AT ANOTHER PLACE THAT'S GOING TO TRY TO KILL US. Be prepared for the flight crew all over this post, guys.))
We haven't had a jump that exciting in months. Smiley, a puddle of someone outside the medbay and a jump that felt a little different than normal. Almost makes me think that was just the start. I know, Tony, don't do the thing where you ruin the calm, but seriously, we're overdue for it. Personally, I vote for no pirates this time, but that may just be me and the residual annoyance of them.

[ this is so not actually what tony meant to open up with, but it's meant to sort of break the ice a little bit before he moves onto the important question. not to mention, maybe even pressing the issue of feeling weird after the jump was partially important to him. but details.]

Speaking of exciting jumps though. We all know that sometimes you get weird things from home and the like from the lockers on occasion. If you haven't, sucks to be you. [ a beat where tony takes a moment to take a drink of something. ] Show of hands, how many people got something that didn't look like it was from home, or seemed to just hop right over the bad line and into the territory of unpleasantness that may or may of not prompted you to scream what the fuck? Or whatever profanity you're fond of.

Don't be shy, I'll admit it, I found a shin bone in my locker and since I don't moonlight as a surgeon that cuts off limbs, that definitely shouldn't have been there. So, spill, satisfy my curiosity about this.
19 July 2013 @ 11:32 pm
Do not get complacent.

You are not on holiday. This isn't a cruise. The Tranquility is a very dangerous ship, and your life is in constant danger. Fail to pay attention and walk down the wrong corridor, and who knows if you'll find your way back--and if you do, you'll be missing eyes or hands or whole parts of your sanity. Just because it's been quiet recently doesn't mean that any of us are safe. We don't know where we're going, or what will happen when we get there. We don't have a captain, and with Kirk gone, Ward vanished, and Gallagher dead, that means the best you've got is me.

Our survival depends on each other. It depends on you all pulling your weight. Join a department, cook for other people, cut hair, sew, or teach people to fight. Share your experiences and your skills. It's all up to you.

If you have any questions, or you want to know where we need the help, then call me. I'll put you in contact with the right people, or else do everything I can to get you the answers you need.

I don't want to frighten you, but after all this downtime I think it's important that everyone stays on their toes. This peace could collapse in a heartbeat, and it might be you need to fight for your lives. Be ready, that's all I'm asking from any of you.

[ The video clicks on to show Carolyn in the shuttle bay (of course), standing in front of one of the windows showing the vast expanse of space. After letting the camera roll for a moment so that you, dear viewer, can come to terms with what you're looking at, she focuses it on her face and starts to speak. ]

This is overdue, but we're going to be having another information session on space, space travel, and the features we're aware of on board the Tranquility in a few hours. Make the time to attend. For those of you who want to get caught up on the previous lessons, I'll include a link to the recordings.

We're going to be going over everything, including evacuation protocols, but I'm going to be paying special attention to what I know about stasis. [ Which admittedly isn't much, as they use cryosleep, but it's more than most of the ship. ] It's been a popular topic lately, after all.

[ There's some fiddling with the buttons and after a pause, viewers will have a link to a sub-network with the videos embedded. ]

If any of you newcomers are interested in joining the flight crew, whether you have experience or not, we'd be glad to have you. Come on down and talk to myself, Hikaru Sulu, or John Casey.

[ Carolyn pauses, shifting a little uncomfortably. ]

For those of you that knew her, Kara Thrace has gone home.

[ Aaand: ]

The kittens are ready, if those who talked to me are still interested.
25 June 2013 @ 07:09 pm
[ as is his habit these days, robb appears with grey wind's massive form at his side, regarding the camera from robb's shoulder. the wolf doesn't move, stares into the camera even as robb shuffles through the things on his nightstand, takes a minute to gather his thoughts before speaking. ]

There were many different religions in Westeros, and since arriving here, I've learned of many more. None are familiar to me, though some bear passing resemblance to those gods worshipped by those of my land. I have attended the chapel, but all of it was strange to me, and I don't think I could swear to those gods as I have my own.

[ there's a pause. grey wind shifts restlessly at his side and robb sighs, tugs at the laces of his tunic until they loosen. ]

There's no weirwood aboard this vessel. I have prayed always to the old gods, and it is said that they would keep watch so long as a man did not stray from their line of sight. I have strayed far, though not intentionally. So what I wonder is if I swear to my gods, or bind two souls together in marriage, or ask a blessing upon my bannermen, do my gods still hear? Do any of our gods hear us, when we've wandered so far?

[ robb stops, takes a breath. he looks away from the lens, reaches as if to cut it off and then grey wind huffs, like a reminder, and robb adds, almost as an afterthought-- ]

Thranduil, I would speak with you, if you would spare me audience.

[ and then robb cuts off the feed. ]