[ The camera focuses on Chase and she's quietly sitting in one of the common rooms, hands folded neatly in her lap, a pleasant smile on her face. If you look closely, there's a few art supplies behind her. ]

I've seen it. The truth. And I'm so very sorry I didn't see it sooner. To everyone who does not believes in God that I have been a petulant child to, I apologize.

[ She nods. It's firm, it's full of resolve. ]

It's going to be okay. Not for a very, very long time, but it's going to be okay. But first, there is something I need to do. So--please, don't fight. And above all else, treasure one another. I'm going to help you.

[ There's a brief pause, and Chase clears her throat. Her eyes glow a pinkish colour. ]

No key is needed, the truth will surface. The way will shine and the journey will be new, but They will not. They are watching, and Their presence will be met with red, red, red. There's a place--a labyrinth--that They will claw out of, clutching what they once where. Whispers are no longer whispers. Whispers are roars, are shouts, are screams of the damned and the dead. The murals are laughing. The network is laughing. And--

[ She closes her eyes. ]

There is something I must do. Today, I'm going to try to defy God.

[ She cuts the feed--and to anyone that can pick out what common room it is, they'll find her communicator lying on a table, along with a heavy book from her world. The one item in her possession: her version of the bible, the Ghansgraad. She's taken the art supplies. ]
09 January 2013 @ 09:56 pm
[The room Taylor's sat in is dark, unidentifiable from the wall behind her, but soft, blue-tinged light from another source washes over her face intermittently. It highlights how drawn she looks, pale, tired. She's a mess, really. Even by Tranquility standards.]

It's January, right? Been counting on the jumps since I got here. [She isn't slurring as she speaks, but the lack of focus in her expression and sluggishness to her movements makes it clear she's inebriated to anyone who knows what to look for.] Guess it doesn't matter though. Just start calling them by numbers. I was meant to turn twenty in December. Be an instructor back at the Academy. [She frowns for a moment, taking a drink out of an unlabelled bottle.] Or maybe they'd have terminated me.

[Another pause, and she shifts off to the side for a moment, putting the bottle down. When she comes back into view she’s holding something else – a mask. Her mask, an mongrel canine face, beaten, bruised and bloody. She holds it up, hanging off the fingers of one hand.]

Turns out these show you ghosts. Hallucinations. Whatever. If that isn't fucked up enough to get you thinking don't touch them, you're a fucking idiot. [Very evidently angry, suddenly, half a snarl on her mouth. She looks at the mask again, then drops it to one side.] Didn't want to see my old man the little he was around, sure as fuck didn't want to see him here. Thing I've been thinking, though - what do you see, you wear someone else's?

[She doesn't hold the second mask up for the camera, but it's there in her hands, looks like a modern military gas mask. She's quiet for a long while, like she maybe forgot she even had the comms running, all of the anger and energy drained out of her again.]

Tommy's gone. Gone last jump. Told him he would, cause everyone goes. [A thin smile, strained, sad, and then gone again.] Guess I didn't wanna be right.
13 November 2012 @ 08:25 pm
[ This video starts out much like any other - new person being mildly awkward, staring a little to the left. Sheepish might be a good descriptor for Peter at the moment. ]

Right, so. [ Which isn't what he planned to open with, hang on, let's rewind. ] My name's Peter Petrelli. I'm from New York, year 2006. I've read back on the network enough to get a decent idea about what's going on, but not nearly enough to make sense. I did read that we have a medbay, and that I was here before. So uh, sorry about this, but I don't remember being here the first time around.

I guess what I'm trying to say is — who do I actually talk to about getting on the medical team?

Oh, and I can't figure out the space microwave. A little help with that, maybe?

[ Chase's voice is hollow, face void of emotion. She's addressing her communicator by holding it up and pointing it at her face, somewhere in one of the hallways. Slowly, her lips turn to a frown. ]

The walls are painted red, but not with blood. There are three--past. Present. Future. More line the walls but these are the focus, these are what's meant to be. It's Tranquility.

[ Her lips quirk, though through the entire thing she doesn't blink but if you look quickly, there's a flash of purple in her eyes. ]

There's a cross, there's man on a cross and then there's whispers. Keep your secrets and guard them well. There's no violence, only in the paintings, but just in case--just in case. Don't speak to the walls, the walls can hear.

[ Heaven's Fence Encryption 100% - Tyke, Captain Kirk, Spock, Tony Stark, Neal. ]
Some of you told me to contact you before this. I felt a warning was appropriate to the general crew.

Neal told his secrets and now they know. They never forget. [ She clears her throat, and, finally, her gaze falls downwards, finally blinking. ]

Mr. Smiley is not part of the Tranquility. But he's laughing as he paints them and there's--there's...

It's not just machinery in holes. Not just parts. Mind the gap, the gap might bite back. [ Even if she doesn't understand it, she figures it bears explaining. ]
18 October 2012 @ 08:51 pm
[Blake's jumping right in today; if he's still feeling any aftereffects from Silent Hill, it's not evident in his voice.]

Sorry for the delay on the basketball club. For those who missed it the first time, or are new this jump, I was thinking about starting up an intramural basketball club, if there's enough interest. No experience necessary; I'm willing to teach anyone who wants to give it a try. I was thinking of meeting up three days from now, in the gym on floor 009, at 1200 hours if that works for everyone.

As a side note, does anyone have electric clippers?
17 October 2012 @ 01:11 am
[ This is Bruce Wayne's voice. Cheerful, foppish, and the audio itself is somehow unsteady as though he can't decide how close to his mouth to hold the device. Apparently his default is too close, because--well, you'll see. He speaks like he's called someone specific. ]

Um, hi there. I bet I mess this up somehow, send it to the wrong number - something like that - but I don't really know that many people here, and... Well, this is embarrassing, actually--

[ At this point he bumps the video feature on with his chin, and it records a swathe of his jaw. ]

Do you know how to cook?

[ He's squinting into the camera, super close when he draws the device back, so that only his left eye and a swathe of slightly too-long hair falling over his forehead is visible, and then that eye narrows and the feed shuts off. ]

15 October 2012 @ 09:01 pm
[Luke looks into the device, the jumper he's wearing isn't zipped up all the way and he looks a little uneasy.] I've never been good with introductions but I figured I might as well give it a shot.

[He doesn't knew whether or not if he should give the full story or not but hey... whatever.] My name's Luke Castellan, I'm new around here. I take it that I'm not the only one. There anything worthwhile on this spaceship? Back home I never was one to just sit around.

Need to do to something. Keep my mind going. [Because yeah... he's supposed to be headed to the Underworld.]

Guess that's about it. Told you. Not much on introductions. [He huffs a laugh before the feed ends.]
13 October 2012 @ 05:20 pm
[the video clicks on to a view of the shuttle bay. gee that is a nice shuttle bay, real big and full of ships that's cool. until you notice what else is there. namely an enormous fucking dog that's snuffing around the base of one of the shuttles.]

I found a dog.

[Tate states as the behemoth of an animal seems to just disappear into a patch of shadows for a moment. it could be a trick of the eye, it's hard to tell, but when it shows up again it's face is all but in the camera.

she gives Tate a wary look when he reaches a palm out to her, before snuffing distastefully and trotting off again.]

It's kind of temperamental. I'm pretty sure it wasn't here before since, you know, it's the size of a horse and I don't think anyone would have missed that. Anyway someone should come and get it before it starts chewing on one of the bikes or something.
12 October 2012 @ 09:34 pm
In need of information regarding the symptoms of those held in this facility. Particularly interested in signs of fever, vomiting, visual and/or auditory hallucinations and sudden or unexpected changes of behavior. Blood samples will be accepted if you wish to actually make yourself useful.
11 October 2012 @ 05:34 pm
[ The feed starts. ]

Hey, this is September. Please don't dissect me, thanks.

[ The feed ends.

It starts again several hours later. The boy appears shaken up, actually shaking his head at the screen as he readjusts his posture. His partner's next echoing words: "No one is out to get you, you moron." Apparently he remembered that small lecture over this short range of time, so here he is again. He rubs at his neck that appears pink from pinching. Making E N T I R E L Y sure this still isn't a dream, it seems. Or something worse.

So, he tries to fix his small stumble there.

Right, I was kidding before. Hah. Okay, I'm September and don't attack me. Thank you. [ That works, right? ]

( P.S. Permissions post for dream eating, thanks! )
11 October 2012 @ 09:08 am
Unlike my predecessor I have the benefit of knowing better than to demand to know if any of this is some kind of terribly unfunny joke. That being said, the sorry state of these so-called uniforms is the worst kind of hilarious. I don't suppose anyone on board has the good luck to have a spare set of clothes (of a decent standard, if you don't mind) and the good grace to share?

Mr. Sinclair, you do realise we put the LHC where it is for a damn good reason, don't you? Namely because nobody in the Order would split a bollock if Switzerland was blown to hell, least of all the Swiss themselves. So what in God's name ever convinced you and that Temple fellow that it was a good idea to build your own? No matter how redeemingly phallic it must be for you to have control over something that size and shape that doesn't mean you can play with it whenever you feel like it, you know.

And maybe when dear Aberdeen's skills as a hacker matched her arrogance then perhaps getting your sticky little fingers all over those nanites would have been a good idea. Perhaps.

( ooc: rather than clog up the ooc comm with another intro from me I thought I'd pop a quick note here! This is an alternate universe version of the previous Cambridge that was on board before, except this one has 100% more penis but roughly the same amount of terrible attitude. Enjoy, or not. )
10 October 2012 @ 12:59 am
[ click. cue Raven Darkholme, in a flightsuit that's kinda like the Tranquility jumpsuit, only this one comes in blue and yellow. s-so stylish. for whatever reason, she's been wearing that around more often than not since she got back from the jump. well, when she's out and about. which... she hasn't been much lately, not as much as usual. new memories from home meant new things to think about. she needed time to process. still needs it. and it's a little obvious by her posture and her expression that she's a little bit distracted, isn't ready to get back into the swing of things just like before... but not without getting in touch with a few people first. ]

This is going to sound much worse than it really is, but at this point I'm not sure how else to say it, so - I'm looking for a fighting partner. Not sparring, not training, but someone that would be up for fighting with me, every so often. I know we have a fight club, but before I do that, I'd like to try more one-on-one, hand-to-hand fighting first. I don't need a babysitter, or a punching bag... I need someone that I can trust, and someone that won't hold out on me. Maybe we can meet up at the next fight club first, but I'm looking for something to do outside of that.

[ breathes! ]

... Yeah. Yes, I'm serious. No, I'm not asking for someone to try and beat me up, it's not a power play, or a weird backwards question. I just need more experience in actual fighting. No more tiptoeing around it, I wanna learn.

[ and now slouching a little bit in her chair, like she's said all the stuff that she was a little nervous about. ah! yes. good. done. ]

Anyway, how's everybody holding up?






09 October 2012 @ 05:11 pm
[ The video feed shows a girl in her mid-teens, pale and with her hair hanging loose around her face. She's dressed in what some might consider an old-fashioned style -- a dark skirt and coat, with what is very obviously a man's overcoat slung over her shoulders. The left sleeve of her coat is tied in a knot at the elbow, and hangs loose below the knot.

She appears to be somewhere in the oxygen garden, judging from the foliage behind her. ]

I did not think to find myself in this place again. Can anyone tell me if a Mister Tillman or a Mister Lensherr are still in residence? Or Bran Stark or Jack Kelly? Or a girl called Chase?
09 October 2012 @ 04:41 pm

non-IC cut for extraneous bitchery )
Hullo, Tranquility. Now that we've had a little bit of time to settle in, I have a proposal I want to put to you. I know I'm awfully new here, but it seems like something that needs doing.

I know everyone who's been here for even just one jump has made friends, or had friends or family here from home. And it seems pretty inevitable that every jump, some of those people disappear. I also know that sometimes, things happen here on the ship, and we lose people we care about. I don't think the names of those people should be forgotten. Even if they've returned home and are safe there, they were part of the community here. And I think they should be remembered.

So I'd like to put together a memorial wall of sorts. Not for us to mourn at, but a place to keep all the names of the people who are gone, for whatever reason. I can assemble a list, but I'm going to need some help constructing some kind of display. And...to be honest, probably some help putting that list together as well.

I'm open to suggestions on where it should be, and what it should look like, too.

[OOC: The memorial wall has mod approval. If your character is interested in helping ICly with either maintaining the list or constructing the memorial, please let Tosh know. I wouldn't mind an extra hand keeping track of things OOCly either, so if you're interested in that, please either PM me at this journal, or ping my plurk at [plurk.com profile] verylittlesugar.]
[ the video starts off with a close-up of shark-like teeth and pink painted lips, before it moves to a flash of grey skin and something glowing white. it then immediately clicks off and turns into text.


thanks for that shitty tldr
the fact that we can find out all this OTT-ER shit but not why were even here sounds super sketch yo
thats kinda the most imprawntant fin were shorepposed to be knowin right
so is this ship filled with humans or what
yo any otter trolls here
holla at your gill espefishally my useless fuckin fronds
08 October 2012 @ 02:27 pm
[Nothing here, but your average trendy looking Asian teenager going through one of the kitchens. He has important questions though! Two of them even.]

Hey like how do you guys feel about gods around here?

[There's a pause as he opens some more cabinets and slams them shut after a quick look.]

And like where's the alcohol? I wanna celebrate you know!
[Are you enjoying your relatively quiet comm. right now? Yeah? Well, Takeshi has some stuff he's gotta do. Firstly, he's stuck—transferred, more than likely—and secondly, he can't find anyone he knows. After trying to figure out what the hell to do with this thing (it's kinda like a phone, huh? but...), he finally gets the VOICE down. Unfortunately, his way of trying to use it is talking a little louder than someone should to the blasted thing. That's why a young voice pops up, a slight lisp audible, common with his age:]

DAD?! Dad, can you hear me?! I'm stuck in this weird place, but I'm not dead!

[Thankfully, he leans back from the recorder a little. Thankfully.]

 I think they transferred me, like they did you and Reika. There's some people here, but I don't think they're from the room like us; maybe they're just stuck here by aliens, or maybe they are really aliens like those ones from before, I dunno, but I'll tell you when I figure out. I'm gonna be okay, and I know where the food is and I can take care of myself... but don't get hurt, okay? I'll find you! I can do it. Then Gantz can take us back home and we can stop the monsters from hurt any more people!

[... A pause.]

I love you, dad! I'll definitely see you soon.

[He can only hope soon. His dad is Muscle Rider, so it's gotta be soon...

Muscle Rider never fails him.

Whelp, time to keep searching. Maybe even make himself a sandwich messily.]

[ There are a few things everyone might notice about this video post. One is that there's no way Jaye could have gotten from the medbay to the kitchen on the 001 passenger floor this quickly. Two is that her hair looks both dirtier and longer than usual, and instead of either happily mussed or neatly groomed, it's just a complete mess. Three is that, judging by the way Jaye sort of seems to be wobbling back and forth on the floor and has burst capillaries in her face, she was just rather sick and might be so again. Likewise, anyone who looked around before or after the jump may have noticed that Jaye wasn't there -- didn't go down, didn't go into the gravity couches, and that Faith Lehane was looking after her animals. ]

So. [ Her voice is hoarse, quiet, and the rasp is completely new and sounds painful –- in fact, she has to pause, clearing her throat for a moment. It doesn't go away completely, but she's a bit louder, at least. ] I-- [ and she winces ] sat out during the jump as an insect. Don’t do that. It was a month. Everything was red, copper and salt, until it ended.

[ It hurts to talk, and Jaye takes a moment to rub at her throat. ] Want a shower, food.

[ She pauses, glancing away from the camera for a moment. Her eyes aren’t exactly wet, and maybe it's from her earlier vomiting, but either way... ] Missed you guys. [ And she cuts the feed. ]

((ooc: MCU!Tony will be getting her from the kitchen and carrying her down to medical. Her replies will probably come from after she's there and probably be in text form. If your character wants to go visit her there (or fuss at her or whatever), I'd be up for it, but be warned that she's having a bit of a hard time talking at the moment and will set Faith on you if she feels shitty.

Also someone might want to clean up the 001 kitchen. ))
[ ah, tranquility, long time no- actually you may have seen one of them around last month. or both. maybe you got lucky on that front. what you do end up seeing, right now, looks suspiciously like one the tranquility's science labs. there's one person in the frame right now, and yes, if you see that blue glow coming from the chest, you can guess that it's tony stark in one of his normal habitats of a lab. you can't see his face but you can hear him saying something to someone off screen. ]

Technically it's not false pretenses if after we're done we do get to play. I'm not going to be the bearer of bad news again without company. Seriously, I don't want to be giving this news in the first place. Not right after "Adventures in the English Moors from Hell" or some other stupidly foggy place.

[ yes tony because that's a good descriptor for silent hill. also. not really helping your case at all. especially when you turned this thing on just so bruce has no other choice to actually help you with this psa. ]

I think those are actually in Scotland.

[ ...bruce that is not helpful or topical, tony carry on. ]

Which is a part of England. You're arguing semantics to get out of my main goal here. Seriously, not doing this PSA alone. They're going to start referring to me as the man who brings the gloom and doom if I do them alone too much. It'll be what the new kids call me and that is not even okay in the slightest. [ see bruce, resistance is futile, your life is now apparently made in star trek quotes and horrible other pop culture thing's. and also tony pulling your arm to get you in the frame with him. which really tony who does that to the hulk. you are so weird. so weird that now you've also shifted the comm up to where everyone can see adventures in bruce and tony being five with faces. ]

Quit grabbing-- are you five? [ that last part is muttered-- well. "muttered". ] Fine, all right. Hi.

[ that last bit addressed to the comm. ] So, I know we've all had it... rough, the last week. [ that was his turn tony you go, have a subtle elbow to the side. ]

Actually thirteen, but thank you for thinking I'm younger than I am. [ tony, that's also not topical and let's try to remember why you came here. ] That was also the worst turn known to man. Anyway! Like Dr. Banner said, we've had a rough last week and some of you were in English Moors and some of you were just on the regular horror filled spaceship. Pretty sure no one won there. That being said, we're about to tell you something that's gonna make it a little worse.

Those of you who are new hopefully know who the one we call Smiley is. If not- Banner, you give them a run down on that. This is going to make no sense if they don't know and I think the ship deserves to hear your dulcet tones.
[ …tony that's mean. have an elbow, not subtle at all to your side, bruce. ]

Ow. [ he clutches his side, exaggeratedly affronted. (if you know him, fine. he looks mildly questioning and in need of a haircut like usual, otherwise.) ] Nice cut off point, Tony.

[ and back to the comm. ] Smiley is-- well, the jury's out on what, but he's been a presence in our lives for a while now. If you've heard about lists or puzzles, if it wasn't that guy in the hat-- [ he waves his hands vaguely at the rat's nest on his head. ]

--Or the guy who's obsessed with bacon. Seriously, will someone think of the people who keep kosher? Or you know, the people who actual like eating bacon who don't want to see it ruined.

[ yanking this BACK jesus tony bruce totally isn't quietly laughing at that, no. ] Or him, okay-- if it wasn't one of us, my point is, they probably meant him. We don't... quite know his agenda-- [ correction: we don't know his agenda at all ] But when he communicates, it's better to pay attention.

[ which tony does all the time. even when it's quiet. because he's a paranoid asshole. also you know, just someone who doesn't believe in privacy or things normal people like. right. BACK TO HIM. thank you for no elbow bruce, he was thinking that was his cue, but you didn't give it. ]

Obviously there was no communication while I think, what, half of us were stuck in that fog on the main network of our communication devices. So I was curious, and I checked our subnetwork that he likes to hide on sometimes. Yeah. Got a communication there. First was a riddle, led to some bullshit about not liking planets and and quiet, but liking worlds and peace. FYI, last two words don’t have t’s the first two do. Funny letter play. Anyway, after that, I found this, it’s an imitation, but if you can get someone to hack for you, you’ll find that it’s the same thing I’m sending to all of you right now.

[ do do you all get to have tony turn this to text for a second and get sent this: ]


It wants to keep you. Not the most welcoming lines, especially considering this entire ship and how it'’s at least vaguely creepy to most of us and how I think most of us want to go home. I'm not saying, be worried- actually, no, I am, because every time something like this pops up we end up either having stupid lists that don't make sense pop up or we turn blue from space sickness and have them lead us to a lab, this lab, actually, that had been teeming with abominations of nature that didn't have any eyes and shouldn't have survived jumps without turning into puddles of monster, but did, and- Bruce, you agree with me, yeah?

[ back him up, bro. also no elbow for you but it's implied. ]

...Oh, I get to talk now? [ very very sassy, mr. banner. but he's not annoyed, and there's a tiny actual grin hovering around the edges of his mouth; bruce banner likes hearing tony stark talk. (and thus were a million s.h.i.e.l.d. employee bets lost.) ] There's a pretty decent rubric, in life, for how worthwhile a hunch is. Once is usually a wild goose chase, two is coincidence, three's worth looking into. Four confirmed sightings-- which is what we have, now-- is a pretty good place to start.

[ bruce holds up one fingers. ] "It wasn't our fault." [ another finger. ] "Succeed and give and it helps you to live." [ a third finger, kind of the boy scout sign bruce go away. ] "It'll only find you faster."

[ he lowers his hand, taking off his glasses to finish the point. ] And now "it wants to keep you." I think we need to worry about what exactly "it" is, now. Which leaves one more very important question--

[ and take us home, tony. ]

Who the fuck is T? There's a list, I know all of you have seen it, if you haven't, I'll send it to you, I guess, but last name our list of people who still don't make any sense is T. I can hear you yelling already Nathan- We knew R and W were Resnik and Ward, we have no clue who T is beyond, what, the Tranquility? [ there's a dismissive snort, sorry guys, but that's not a theory he's subscribing to. ] All the T's were underlined in that message. Smiley seems to not like T if the words are anything to go by. I'm just saying, even beyond what "it" is, who is T and what did T to earn such hate that "it" can't even like words with their initial in them.

Come on Smiley, come out, don't be like Paris and Nicole and just say he knows what he did. We're inquiring minds here, and I personally like a gossip magazine from time to time.

[ tony no. just no. that was, just look at bruce right now. he is side-eyeing so HARD and mouthing 'paris and nicole' because south america on a fugitive's budget didn't lead to lots of us weekly reading okay, god. get back on topic, you two so you can go play. ]

That's actually all we've got, now that I've said this, just watch, something will happen because that's our lives. And no, again, we don't get to say, "Tony you made it angry," because I didn't even talk to it this time and neither did Banner. So, not mine or his fault. Direct questions to the two of us, or whatever, but if we take a bit we're making science related discoveries because I promised Banner a treat for doing this with me.

[ reaching towards the communicator, bruce gets out-- ]

If you compare this to hiding a pill in a piece of cheese for a housepet next, I'm taking my science and going home to Betty.


[ ooc | tony, bruce. replies come from both, unless directed to just one in the subject. ]