25 July 2014 @ 02:06 am
[ the camera turns on to reveal sally, up close at first but then she props the communicator up on her nightstand and scoots back to sit cross-legged on her new bed. she lifts a hand to push her hair back behind her ear but seems to think better of it (for bite-scar reasons, not that there's any real way to know that), instead opting to press her palms together with her index fingers to her mouth for a half-second while she thinks of quite what to say. ]

Right, so I know everyone's super busy packing their shit and trying not to live in some weird sci-fi ghost town, but you can totally put that down for a second because I'm seriously bored and we're playing a game.

[ okay? okay. ]

Pretty much everyone has some kind of space booze, right? Good, because there's this game back home - it's called Never Have I Ever. For pretty much the 5% of you who haven't actually heard of it? It's... actually pretty stupid, like for frat guys or thirteen-year-olds who found their dad's stash, but just shh, humor me here. Basically, someone starts off like 'Never have I ever blah blah blah'. Never have I ever ~ridden a bike~, never have I ever... I don't know, jumped off a cliff. Anyway, everyone who has done the Never-Have-I-Ever has to take a shot. Or a sip, or a rain-check for when you do have booze, or even just drink juice or something - it doesn't matter, that's not the point.

The point is, there are apparently way more people on this ship than I realized and I know pretty much nobody, and I know I'm not the only one. Apparently solidarity is a thing, so why not actually get to know each other a little? I mean, beyond that whole A/S/L survey that went around - not that it was bad or anything.

And if you roll in just to, I don't know, shit all over the game or something? Then you're a jerk and a loser and you should suck it up and play anyway. Like, what's the worst that can happen? You forget to be an angry douche for like five seconds?

Anyway, let's tear this shit up.

I can start, this one's easy:

Never have I ever voluntarily left the planet Earth.

[ go ahead and start your own 'never have i ever' top-levels, even if you don't reply to hers. c: ]
16 June 2014 @ 08:04 pm
[ So this face makes an appearance for once--or again. Whichever. The point is, it's on the network after a rather lengthy struggle over just how stupid this is going to sound publicly. ]

This is probably not going to mean much to a lot of you, [ Or any of you, if Colbert is nothing more than a delusional dick. ] but does the name "Reaper" mean anything to anyone?
29 April 2014 @ 08:09 pm
[ For so long, Frodo's told himself to stay strong. He was in a place far away from home, away from a purpose and away from his dearest friend. He had friends here; many of them were from Middle-earth as well. But there were enemies out there as well, ones who haunted his very dreams when he slept. They were here, and they were real, and that's why he had to put on a tough face.

But the sudden news has stripped him naked, so to speak. When Frodo shows his face, he looks sickly. His face is pale and his eyes are red. He doesn't try to smile; there's too much weighing on him to make him even attempt one. His eyes are glazed with tears, that show a lot more about how much he hurts than he'd ever dare to let on.

Frodo can't hide it now. His limit's been met. ]

How do you go on, when you've met an end? [ His voice is raspy, and weak. ] When you've met your limit, what do you do?

[ His one hand is clutching to the Ring that hangs from his neck. It's heavier than ever, and the chains holding the necklace in place is cutting into his skin. It was like it knew that he was upset, and was feeding from it... ] Oh, Merry. My poor cousin...

[ A pause. ] How can I go on?
28 April 2014 @ 08:40 am
[Someone's in much better spirits now that he's back on the ship. Breathing a sigh of relief, Courfeyrac runs his thumb over the ring on his finger in a newly developed anxious habit... He hasn't been seen over this since he broadcasted the writing on his face some time ago.]

Not that I mind being let off the ship every now and again, as that provides a great little vacation from this place... But must it always be so...

[He looks like he's having trouble finding the right words... and instead of continuing that train of thought? He simply lets it linger... and after a long pause, he continues:]

Regardless! Let me instead pose this question: Would anyone be willing to teach me how to cook a bit better than I currently can? Variety is the spice of life, after all, and there's only so much I am capable of doing so far. I am willing to trade this knowledge for lessons in fencing, if anyone's so inclined to do so.
[ There's a horse in the shuttle bay. A warhorse, if you're the type to be able to tell -- all black, and standing near the window. It looks a bit like an especially dark Lisa Frank piece of art.

Carolyn is so not amused. ]

There is a horse in the shuttle bay. If it belongs to you, come and get it. If it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone. I catch anyone down here trying to ride it and they're going to regret it.

[ Seeing as the last time there was any sort of creature in the shuttle bay that was exactly what a bunch of people tried to do, she feels the warning is necessary. ]
[ after spending a lengthy amount of time sorting herself out and making sure every possible trace of blue... stuff from her hair, eleanor eventually opts for the voice option on the communication devices, despite being reasonably satisfied with her now clean appearance. mostly because the bed in her room is actually half decent - all things considered - and she can't be bothered not to be horizontal, and that wouldn't make for a good camera angle.

she sighs, mildly and a little flatly.

Such a shame that the future of space travel and such has sacrificed good taste completely in the name of practicality. My kingdom for even a well-stocked Primark, to be perfectly honest. [ a pause. ] No use crying over spilt milk and all that, or whatever the appropriate turn of phrase might be, I'm not in much of a position to think about it too deeply right now. Still getting used to that space bit.

[ she smiles to herself, without much amusement. ]

The tattoo's rather on the nose, isn't it? I suppose post-it notes have also gone out of fashion and use around here. [ in her own company, she lifts her arm to look at it once again. ] I'd have much rather a typed memo than a permanent stain, but that really can't be helped. What's done is very much done.

[ pause. ]

I'm Eleanor, by the by.

[ she's usually quite good at conducting herself in these sorts of situations, introducing herself to a pack of strangers, but- well, the more time she has to herself here, the more it's sinking in that she's not at all where she's supposed to be. it's throwing her off her game. ]
25 February 2014 @ 05:51 pm
[ It's Meriadoc again, a smile on his face as he surrounded but what appear to be woodshavings. ]

Greetings, everyone.

I am Meriadoc Brandybuck, and as near as I can determine from the way time passes aboard this ship, my birthday is a little less than a week. As with hobbit tradition, I have made preparations for a party, and as I can only assume this ship does not exceed a twelve mile radius from its center, everyone is very welcome to attend!

There will be gifts and delicious food and general merrymaking, since it seems we could use with something a little more fun after all of the stress of what has been happening before.

It will be in a section of the Gardens, so if at any point you would like to wander in and participate you are most certainly welcome! ]

[ There is a text sent out to all of those who volunteered to help in some way. ]

Thank you all for offering to help, I was hoping we could get started baking perhaps a day or so before the party, so everything could be ready by then. Again, thank you all very much!
21 February 2014 @ 09:02 am



[ it's been a considerably long time since frodo made any contact with the network. times before he asked for companions, questions on stories, but instead there is silence. it's no secret he's kept much to him self in the passing months. even to those he'd call friend.

there's no denying that the person on the screen is haggard, shadows beneath his eyes and overall looking far from well. when he speaks it's distant, as if not quite present. frodo knows the risk, especially with him on board. his voice is like brittle paper. ]

I know some of you have magic. I'd like to know..

[it seems as if even coming to thoughts is difficult. a pause. ]

Is there any magic on this ship capable of weakening something else? Making it less potent -- anything that could restrain an object even a little..

[ wearily: ]

Should you know anything, anything at all .. I'd like to discuss it. Privately.
28 April 2013 @ 10:39 pm
[He looks unusally grave as he addresses the network.]

Remus Lupin here. I think most of you know me. Er-- if not, well, there's your introduction. I've been on the ship for a number of months, and I've been noticing a few things.

Well, it's just-- we have fantastic organization when it comes to security and the medical bay, but we don't actually have any laws. And while we've been fortunate enough to have a peaceful crew and not need any yet-- any against stealing or, thank god, killing-- well, who knows what the next Jump will bring?

[Right. He takes a deep breath and scratches his nose, thinking for a few seconds before continuing.]

It's not just that I like rules and order-- although, frankly, that's part of the reason. But listen: without any sort of law in place, we have no real authority if and when a crime is committed. If someone kills someone else, what are we going to do? We can't rely on mob rule and what people think should be done-- god, that's how things disintegrate.

[He grimaces.]

What happened to the remaining pirates-- that cannot be allowed. What sort of society are we? We can't simply murder people because they attacked us! Keep them in the brig, yes, and we can discuss what should happen next, if they ought to be brought into the crew eventually under supervision, or kept there for life-- but we can't just slaughter them because we felt vaguely threatened. And if someone does-- as just happened-- then we need to punish them.

So with that in mind-- well, here, look at what I've written up. It's attached, I think I did it right-- and tell me what you think.

[A text document is attached. There's basic laws written out: against killing, stealing, embezzling, and so on and so forth. The punishments consist of being locked in the brig for a number of weeks, with some options for a sort of community service rehabilitation for lesser crimes.]
31 March 2013 @ 06:41 pm
[The feed flickers on to a young dwarf sitting at the base of a tree, the beginnings of an arrow in one hand as he went about sanding it down. The green of the oxygen gardens is something of a comfort to Kili nowadays, when he’s not at the forge, so it’s really no surprise to find him here.]

I was wondering if anybody would be welcome to bartering something for feathers I could use as fletching. I’ve a few left from before I arrived, but I would like to get a few more if I could. [A pause, head tilting.] I've not much on me, but the offer my brother and I made in our last message still stands, and we’ve managed to get our forge running. I know there were a few who had asked of it.

--That’s all for now, I suppose.

[Kili smiles brightly to the camera, and takes a moment to attempt to filter the feed away from the populace, managing it after a try or two.]

PRIVATE; Filtered to Netherlands )
03 March 2013 @ 03:06 pm
[Blake's not using video today - he's still feeling the effects of the illness he contracted after that rat bit him, and he's tired, and he's not interested in showing the entire ship the bags under his eyes. So it's just voice today.]

Blake here. We've been testing the elevators, since Ianto made his post. They all seem to be working now, but I still recommend exercising caution - go with a friend, if you can, and report any possible malfunctions to engineering ASAP.

[That's out of the way, at least. And now for a slight change of subject:]

The jump is in a few days. I know a lot of people are still recovering from what happened. If you're not already in the med bay, and you need help getting to the pods, please ask for help. I know there are a lot of lone ranger-types around here, but maintaining your pride doesn't mean anything if it kills you. For those new this cycle, yes, I'm completely serious - if you're not in a pod when the jump happens, you will be killed. Whether you think this place is real or not, when people die here, they're definitely dead, so don't be stupid about it. If you can't find a friend or acquaintance to help you get there on time, ask someone on security. We'll give you an escort.

We don't have to like each other - but we do need to communicate and cooperate with each other, if we want to live long enough to get back to our homes.

[Private to Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle - batcryption 85%]

Has Crane been accounted for since the elevator malfunctions?
02 February 2013 @ 02:36 pm
[This begins with a video: Seraphim's hand, holding a dish made of gross gelatinous goo. She sets it down on what is obviously a kitchen counter, and the video clicks off, and the text begins.]

I know we all are living on top of each other and in each other's space, but I think it's only polite to throw away your gross experiments or leftover food or unholy sacrifices. Or store them in places where other people don't accidentally put their hands in it.

I don't know what that stuff is but it smells like it's rotting and it was in the sixth floor kitchen fridge for I don't know how long.

I really don't think we should need to have a class on how to live in a dorm. Or something like a chore wheel.

Seriously whoever this belongs to, come clean it up. Please, and thank you.

[ooc: Thanks, Jaye and Mike.]
18 November 2012 @ 08:57 pm
[ despite the warnings to not wear the masks, ariadne couldn't resist temptation and now here she was, sitting alone in a random hallway of the ship - wearing her mask (she’s been doing it for some time now - wearing it here and there - always in private) and poking the network via anonymous text.

this should be fun. ]

How do some of you manage to go on day to day, pretending as if nothing is wrong - that you aren't lying to others or that you didn't do horrible things back home?

How do you live with your guilt?

[ yep, a vague text from a girl that is obviously going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment and just wants to understand what she is doing wrong. someone help her. ]

[ ooc: so yeah, obviously ariadne is wearing her mask in some random hallway (lets say not far from the oxygen gardens) so feel free to action this post up and spot her wearing her nifty mask or just keep poking her via text. she also sort of fails at anon (though she doesn't think so) so folks that have talked to her long enough should be able to pick up that it is her talking here. ]
10 November 2012 @ 06:28 am
Say 'hello', Lamby. [ Yes, this is a grown man in your video feed with a tiny flannel sheep. Dexter holds it up to the camera, looking at it wistfully as he does. He would. It'd his son's favourite. ] Baaa.

[ And that's quite enough of that. The man's eyes lift up, and then he retreats enough that Dexter is entirely visible on the sceen from the chest up, wearing a frankly garish printed shirt and a bright smile. The smile is fake. All of this is fake. A normal person responding to a normal situation, not Dexter with what Dexter knows about this place. Dexter who's stuck between wanting to go home to his son and... Other Things. Dexter Divided. ]

I mean I know this is Florida and anything can happen, but aren't space theme park rides a little passe? Don't get me wrong, I think Space Mountain is as cool as the next person, but that's a roller coaster. I've had to walk everywhere since I got here. Everything's broken, the food is lousy, sleeping arrangements are cramped - and I live in Miami; I know cramped!

[ And while we're on the topic of theme parks... ]

I urge you to reconsider opening this theme park, Mr. Hammond. It's just not safe. Wait-- [ He cocks his head to one side, as though listening. ] What's that sound? [ The table jumps, jumps, as though something heavy is making it rattle. Suddenly his own hand leaps out at him, a tiny, homicidal flannel sheep taking him by the throat and knocking him out of his chair as he gives a very fake yell. ] Argh!

[ Oh no, he's back. Too much time playing with small children, he can't help himself. ]

Just kidding. But seriously, I'd like to go home now, please. I know, I know, everyone must say that, right?
09 November 2012 @ 01:39 am
[ Did someone call for fanservice? The young blond man on the screen is quite well-built and very shirtless, though he seems rather unimpressed with the world at present. Though he's been through the showering process, there's still the remnants of blue in his fringe. ]

This is unacceptable.

[ It's gritted out, but he seems to realize he's not going to be doing himself any favours by having a tantrum over the network, so he visibly reigns himself in. A shake of his head, and he holds up a waterfall of chain link. ]

I need someone who knows how to buckle up armour. Report to my chambers immediately.

[ Except of course, he's not at home, where every man and their dog knows where the prince sleeps. In fact, Arthur isn't even sure he knows where he sleeps. He scowls, squints down at his arm as though the ink on it's betrayed him, and reads out the numbers: 012, 007. Ah. He's new. ]

If you happen to run into a man-shaped idiot calling himself Merlin along the way, send him instead.

[ And then he stares at the camera a moment longer. And turns away. And proceeds to return to getting dressed, having neglected to realize the importance of turning the video off. Eventually he moves out of frame entirely, and after a long shot of the blank wall of his room, the feed times out. ]
Why don't they say anything?? I can see them!!

[The voice that picks up is excited, eager, as though they've figured out part of a puzzle and are attempting to solve the rest.]

When I put on my mask, I can see my papa, and Reika and the others from home...! I can see them. Why don't they say anything? Are they frozen? If they're in trouble, I gotta help... How can I help them?

[Takeshi's voice is muffled. Mainly because he's got his mask on. He'd tried it on days ago, if only by curiosity, and now... Well, he's finding himself more and more attached to it. Even if it's sad to look at, it's like it reminds him of something. It feels so important to wear it. The voice is more distant for a moment, as he turns away from the comm and aims his words at something in his room that just isn't there.]

... Papa, why don't you say anything?

Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me for running off...?

[his voice is a little watery, heartbroken at the thought of his dad being upset with him. he was happy before, but now...

For some reason, he's scared. He feels it, deep in his bones, in his heart. A familiar pang.]

I swear I didn't leave on purpose; please don't go away, okay? I'll save you.
28 October 2012 @ 12:31 am
H-Hello, it's Kurt. Is everyone--well, all right? As all right as possible, I mean. I'm just checking in, in case that--that fog comes back again, or something.

I realize it's probably a technical issue, but you can't blame me for thinking it might be something a little more...well, bizarre. This ship is sort of famous for that kind of thing.

[ Locked to Team Jailbait; 60% unhackable ------ ]

So I think it's about time we do what Hayley suggested. I mean-- Maybe not now, but we should at least get together and make sure we're all in one piece. I don't want anyone wandering off on their own.

I'm worried about all of you.

[ooc; Filter includes everybody who's sort of in the circle now, including newbies! Also Quinn, you can assume Kurt contacted you first.]
27 October 2012 @ 06:52 am
[ For once, Alayne Stone — Sansa Stark to some already — does not greet the Tranquility with her usual politesse and poise. Where usually she would arrange herself carefully, hands folded and not a hair out of place, she sits in the frame of the picture lopsidedly and sideways, the whole of it shaking as the dull sound of a fist flat upon metal rings in the background. ]

Lady! Lady—! [ Alayne calls and the answer is a muffled howl, coupled with another bang and the indistinct sound of another voice. ] —Petyr, I—

—I will call for aid, just please— [ Another howl, more dire this time. ] —look to keep her calm.

[ Only now does the image right itself, Alayne's expression pinched with worry though she does her best to smooth her hair back (and with it, some of her fluster). Still, Alayne's speech is quick and worried. ] My dear Tranquility, I beg the question: is there no way to unlock the doors? No matter of mechantry or— or magic that may give us passage back to our rooms?

I was not mindful of the warnings made by others and— only thought to bring warm clothing to those unaccustomed to such bitter climes. But in doing so, I have made my room a cage for my guardian and my animals. [ Again, a howl pierces the air and Alayne flinches visibly. ] Lady howls to be so bereft of me. I am fearful she will harm him or the birds in frustration if salvation does not come quick. So please, I beg you: send aid, if there is any aid to send.

[ Off-screen that muted voice calls out, though it is unclear if it is meant as a response to Alayne's words. She turns when she hears it, reaching for the door, before the video cuts out again. ]

[ ooc note; Alayne is locked outside her room at 003 » 005. Other people on the same floor are welcome to note/comment/investigate the sound of a very upset direwolf howling in one of the rooms. It probably sounds pretty disturbing since Lady almost never howls and she sounds equal parts sad and angry.

Action threads welcome, though Isaac Lahey has first dibs to take Alayne away to join her family.
24 October 2012 @ 07:16 pm
[the feed opens up to Eric seated in front of the camera and Kirk leaning over his shoulder, presumably setting up the video. his hand comes down as he addresses the ship.]

Tranquility, if I could have your attention. In the interests of openness, I’ve been asked to address you on another topic people might consider off colour. As you know, on board we have more than just humans and extraterrestrials. We also have what some of us would call supernatural entities. This extends from angels to werewolves, and while I’m not at liberty to discuss the others, right now I’d like to take a moment of your time to discuss vampires.


[and he glances to the man in question as he straightens, leaving the floor open to him.]

[Eric sits forward in the chair, a calm, if somewhat cocky smile crooked on his face. one can tell that he’s very much at ease being in front of the camera, in front of the spotlight]

Good evening, ladies. Gentlemen. Shifters, angels, werewolves, etcetera. My name is Eric Northman, and I. [he crooks his smile a little bit wider, one brow a little higher for a moment] I am a vampire. Now, some of you may be aware as to what that means, but some of you do not, so allow me to break it down for you. Vampires were humans, at one point. Although the process is different depending on where those on board came from, the idea is the same: we drink blood, it is how we survive. Without it, we starve, much as a human would without food or a succubus would without... [smirk] Well, you catch my drift.

Now. We have been surviving off of synthetic blood for this long thanks to the generosity of the medbay and their science equipment. And we can continue on surviving like this indefinitely. But humans of the Tranquility, ask yourselves this. Would you yourselves enjoy to live off of the barest of rations while the rest of those around you do not have to hold themselves to the same limitations? Would you continue to choose to live that way?
[he adjusts his position in his seat, leaning towards the camera, intensifying his gaze] I would not think so. So why ask us to continue to do the same?

What we are proposing instead, myself and Kirk and Godric
[he shoots a quick glance off-camera, to where Godric stands watching, both apologizing if the other did not want his name attached to the idea and standing his ground at the same time. behind him, Kirk too glances in that direction.] is instead a donor system, if you will. Like a blood bank, overstepping the bag donations. Donors will not be harmed - donations will be equal to if not less than those that one would give in any local blood drive. The condition of vampirism is not passed by bite, and the contact of the bite itself can be quite...pleasurable.

We recognize that there will be questions, and between us, will be happy to respond to any and all posed to us. There are many preconceptions of vampires, and those too we will be happy to honestly confirm or deny, to the best of our ability.

[Jim again leans over Eric’s shoulder here.]

Since this isn’t a subject of starvation, this isn’t something that requires an immediate decision. This is as much about creating awareness of the situation as anything else. We want to make people as comfortable as possible up here, which isn’t easy with all the walks of life we’ve collected. If for some reason you have an issue, contact me. My communicator is always on.

[he already knows it’ll be going off the hook, but with a nod Jim steps out of the frame to let Eric finish it off]

Godric and I can only speak for a select version of the condition of vampirism as it appears on board. There are those that do not possess the same level of self-control as we do. These negotiations will by no means justify any attacks. [In case any of you were getting any ideas, he’s not gonna take the fall for you] We seek merely a more comfortable arrangement for all. [pleasant smile]

[ooc; gold is for Jim, blue is for Eric]