22 June 2015 @ 08:25 pm
hullo im posting a survey on behalf of Support
Support asked me to
answers here please but direct all questions to mr R J Lupin hes head of Support surveys thats why he asked me to do this one for him
interdepartmental unity

23 December 2014 @ 10:31 pm
[It's taken Cora several days to work herself around to posting this, considering different people she could ask directly, considering ways to word it that don't sound like she's going crazy. She still doesn't know if she's achieved the latter, but she's reached the point of needing some reassurance that going crazy isn't what's actually happening.]

I need to know if anyone's noticed anything strange in medical. Where the pods are.
24 October 2014 @ 03:09 pm
Hello boys and girls, apparently it's time, once again, for the hallways to start messing with us. [stiles spreads his arms wide, expression wry.

there's no chance he's getting caught up in all the dramatics revolving around the hallways this time around, as much as he'd like to go information gathering right now, he's only just started to find his (metaphorical) balance up here. and there's people here he'd rather not leave behind if he got lost, besides.

so instead he's sending a call out to the people, hoping to get a few volunteers.

Thankfully creepy murals popping up in the hallways is relatively tame in the small picture, but I'm trying to keep an eye on the bigger picture and I think these just might help. And that's where you guys come in:

If anyone comes across one of these murals in their time in the hallway, I'd like to hear about it. Pictures would be amazing, but I'll take what I can get.

[he shrugs.] I'll take any other weird tidbits about this place that you think might be interesting too.

I've already got the last couple of recon reports, as well as the doc's helpful timeline but I'll take anything. I know some people actually got the chance to walk around Arima when we made that stop, so if anyone has anything from that special little trip, I'd be interested to heard about it.
30 September 2014 @ 11:24 pm
[rikku is lying in her bunk, the comm propped up on some scrap of metal beside her because she's too busy playing with her garment grid to hold it herself. she looks thoughtful, and gently runs the pads of her fingers over the spheres locked into the grid. the five of them, each a different color (lighter shades of red, blue, yellow, etc.), seem to glow with some sort of inner light. it's a very, very faint glow, but it's still there.]

How many of y'all have magic in your worlds? Like, not that hocus pocus "pick a card, let me saw you in half, i've got a dove up my butt" sort of magic. I'm pretty sure almost everywhere has that kind of magic. But I mean real, true magic.

[a beat]

Well I guess "real" is kinda relative, considering how many different kinds of magic there could be, but I think you get the gist. And if you've got magic--is it something everyone can do? Or do they need training or some kinda help to use it?
02 September 2014 @ 04:23 pm
[it's a text message, but not by choice for once. instead, it's by necessity. the idea of trying to talk when he can't really hear himself any more is-- well, it's something he'd like to avoid having to think about too much right now. the message itself is one filled with locks. locks that, thanks to the technology glitches, are next to useless. not that he knows that just yet.]

locked to beacon hills crew; 0% encryption

how many of you are sick right now
how bad

[because waking up ill is never a good thing. not when you're not meant to be able to get sick any more. there's a delay before he finally adds--]

full moon's tomorrow
i think i need to be knocked out this time

[there's no way of knowing whether the room will stay locked or not. or whether anyone else will stay well enough to keep him in check.

and that's it. or at least, that's as far as that message goes. a switch of locks (as useless as it may be) and it's time to do something he knows is a bad idea.]

locked to smiley; 0% encryption

i don't know if you're watching this thing still or not but
you helped us before even if people don't really see it that way
i know we haven't given you any reason to do it again but
what're we meant to do
how do we stop this

ooc; any voice posts will go unanswered as his hearing is deteriorating rapidly. video replies won't fare much better, though he'll at least know they're there to respond to
23 August 2014 @ 12:36 pm
I NEEd chains.

[ That's it. That's what you get. Oh, no, wait. She knows exactly what Stiles and Kira would suggest in this moment. She should ask nicely. It's less effort over text than in person, so even though she's rolling around miserably right now because she had it on good authority that weres don't really get sick unless it's wolfsbane, she can manage. ]

Please. :)

[ Be friendly!! ]
15 August 2014 @ 11:01 pm
The following is a report of the events that occured during the 32nd jump related to the reconnaissance mission into the ship's undocumented corridors lead by Commander Shepard. Perceived delays are the result of attempts to clarify information.

After Action Report, 32 Jump Cycle Exploration and Reconnaissance and Concurrent Incidents )
25 July 2014 @ 02:06 am
[ the camera turns on to reveal sally, up close at first but then she props the communicator up on her nightstand and scoots back to sit cross-legged on her new bed. she lifts a hand to push her hair back behind her ear but seems to think better of it (for bite-scar reasons, not that there's any real way to know that), instead opting to press her palms together with her index fingers to her mouth for a half-second while she thinks of quite what to say. ]

Right, so I know everyone's super busy packing their shit and trying not to live in some weird sci-fi ghost town, but you can totally put that down for a second because I'm seriously bored and we're playing a game.

[ okay? okay. ]

Pretty much everyone has some kind of space booze, right? Good, because there's this game back home - it's called Never Have I Ever. For pretty much the 5% of you who haven't actually heard of it? It's... actually pretty stupid, like for frat guys or thirteen-year-olds who found their dad's stash, but just shh, humor me here. Basically, someone starts off like 'Never have I ever blah blah blah'. Never have I ever ~ridden a bike~, never have I ever... I don't know, jumped off a cliff. Anyway, everyone who has done the Never-Have-I-Ever has to take a shot. Or a sip, or a rain-check for when you do have booze, or even just drink juice or something - it doesn't matter, that's not the point.

The point is, there are apparently way more people on this ship than I realized and I know pretty much nobody, and I know I'm not the only one. Apparently solidarity is a thing, so why not actually get to know each other a little? I mean, beyond that whole A/S/L survey that went around - not that it was bad or anything.

And if you roll in just to, I don't know, shit all over the game or something? Then you're a jerk and a loser and you should suck it up and play anyway. Like, what's the worst that can happen? You forget to be an angry douche for like five seconds?

Anyway, let's tear this shit up.

I can start, this one's easy:

Never have I ever voluntarily left the planet Earth.

[ go ahead and start your own 'never have i ever' top-levels, even if you don't reply to hers. c: ]
17 July 2014 @ 12:18 pm
Hey everyone.

I'm sure some sort of demographics survey has been done in the past but I haven't seen one since I've been here and I'm curious. I've tried to keep it pretty basic. I know people are touchy about their privacy, and I know some aren't cool with being asked about special abilities/skills/powers/whatever, so obviously skip questions if you want to, no hard feelings. I'd rather just get name/age/planet than nothing at all, you know? Not like I'm going to hunt you down and force you to fill it out. But if you're willing to be more complete that'd be awesome and if there's something you think is important that I didn't include a field for, let me know.

Maybe there's a pattern here somewhere, maybe there's not, but at the very least it might be interesting or provide some useful data for department recruitment or something. Maybe you'll find some friends, whatever.


UPDATE: On request from several of our fellow passengers, I'm adding a 'relationship status' field. You're all welcome. Feel free to edit/update your entries accordingly if you want to.

(ooc: feel free to treat this as threadjack city as far as I'm concerned. if you squint it's kind of almost like an ic cr meme?)
15 July 2014 @ 05:24 pm
[for anyone who has had the pleasure of being around stiles in the last couple months, he's suddenly looking far better. less panicky, less wan, and perhaps a bit more determined as well.

for anyone who is particularly familiar with stiles as a person (and considering how out of sorts he's been since being brought to the tranquility, that's really only going to be the people he knows from back home) they'll know that a determined stiles is almost always a dangerous one.

So it's good to hear that at least some of us aren't willing to just lay down and accept our abduction without a little bit of a fight. [a little fiercely] I for one am through with letting myself be manipulated or toyed with by our mysterious evil overlords.

I wasn't in the hallways when everyone started disappearing last month, mostly because I had just come back from being lost in the hallways. But I saw a brief mention of paintings in the latest recon report and I thought I should share with anyone who was interested to know the details of the mural I came across while I was wandering in the hallways.

Y'know, just in case it helps with any part of the deeper mystery of this place.

[he moves away from the comm for a moment now before coming back with a rough sketch (he's no artist like lydia) to show everyone: a blocky figure standing firmly, with a thin neck that seems to support nineteen heads, each with sharp red eyes. he keeps the image in view for a beat before setting it aside.]

Not sure what it means, apart from being super trippy, but it never hurts to have all the information, right?

[he pauses, considering, before continuing with a slightly more forcefully upbeat tone.] And I guess on a completely different note, anybody here a psychologist, or have any sort of experience in that kind of capacity?
14 July 2014 @ 09:17 pm
[The video comes on to reveal a normal-looking 15 year old boy, lying on his bed in his quarters on the thirty-third floor. It looks like he was messing around with the smartphone and accidentally started recording. He makes a stupid face or two for the camera, but once he realizes it's actually going out to people he sits up and looks sheepish.]

Uh, hi. So... I wanted to say thanks for the smartphone, I guess. Always wanted one of these. Too bad it comes with a price of "holy crap I'm stuck in space."

[He looks off to the side, worried. Then back to the camera.]

Look, I get that nobody knows why we're here, or how to get home or anything like that. But it sucks, okay? And I can't be the only one who feels like saying that. I mean, I have stuff I need to do back home. [Under his breath, he adds,] And I'm totally gonna get expelled if I miss any more school.

We don't... have to go to school here, right? There isn't some space high school they're gonna drag us to, is there? 'Cause the only thing worse than chess club is space chess club, am I right?

[No one is laughing at your joke, Sam.]

Right. Well, uh. Later!
09 June 2014 @ 04:56 pm
[ The camera is met with an angry-looking Kate, one angle of her jaw flexing as teeth clench. Her forearms are folded on the tabletop in front of her and she leans her weight onto them. The way she launches right in gives the impression she's been holding back this bad mood for a while before giving in. ]

Okay, so first of all, whoever stole my bow at the jump: bring it back. It's a cheap piece of crap anyway and it's not like we have arrows laying around but it's the only one I have here and there aren't any more in the armory and it's not exactly an inconspicuous weapon so what are you even going to do with it without me finding you?? Seriously, just bring it back before you damage it somehow and I promise I won't hit you with it no matter how tempted I am.

And speaking of people around here being total assholes [ Because whatever, she's started now and trying to make her no-hitting promise sincere just has the frustration shunting off into another topic, ], is someone turning people into animals seriously allowed now? That's just a thing we're cool with, going to let that slide on by, no brig time involved? [ She's not generally a very animated speaker but her hands twist off the table into the air into a 'seriously?' gesture. ] FYI never annoy this Gold guy because I guess he can just turn you into a cat if he feels like it and nobody will ever do anything. If I disappear after posting this be on the look-out for new pets wandering around or something. On second thought maybe that'd be a nice change from this place's bullshit for a while. Gold, if you're watching, just make it a dog or a bird or something, alright? Cool.

[ It's hard to make a dramatic exit on a touch-screen device but she pushes the STOP button as abruptly as she can anyway. Hawkeye out. Nope, wait, spoke too soon. It starts up again after a second just long enough for her to shout: ]

And bring me back my god damn bow!

[ Okay, now it's done. ]
03 June 2014 @ 12:08 pm
[ Hey, TQ. It's been a while. So long, in fact, Bells doesn't even know why he's bothering with this sort of thing anymore, but he's bored. And more than a little lonely. ]

It's nice all of you are getting these cute ideas about trying to have some fun, but it's probably not gonna last very long. [ Great way to start out the video. He stretches back. ] Everything's shit most of the time, and making the, uh, best of a bad situation just won't work up here. Most of it's boring, sure. But when things get bad, they get bad.

You can't talk your way out of it. [ Much to his disappointment. ] And you certainly can't pretend it's all gonna get better. There's a few easy rules to stick to while you're here. [ He holds up a finger. ] Don't make friends. [ Another goes up. ] Don't try to get cozy.

Stick to those, and things might not be so bad. Then again-- [ Bells shrugs, rubbing a hand over his face. ] Anyway. There are other things worth doing while you're here. However long that might be.

If you wanna know, just ask. If not... Enjoy being in Hell. 'Cause it's all worse than actually being there.

[ And click. The best motivational speaker ever. ]
24 May 2014 @ 12:46 pm
[ ZOOM IN. INT: THE SHIP. There’s something not so dark about the video feed, actually, but it does feature only the back of a chair. Slowly, s l o w l y, it turns around--

And it’s Veronica, with one hand petting an imaginary cat and one twirling an incredibly imaginary moustache.

I’ve been expecting you, Tranquility.

[ Too much? Veronica grins, the screen shaking a little as she reaches to pick up the communicator. There’s a whine from somewhere in the background -- definitely doggylike, definitely her dog, since there’s a brown-fur head that bats gently into her other hand that no longer is preoccupied with villanious imaginary pencil moustaches. ]

But seriously folks. Hi, I’m Veronica. I might make this announcement again, but for now, there are a lot of floors and not a lot of security folks. Trust me-- I’ve done the math, crunched the numbers, and sooner or later we’re all going to be putting pig heads on spikes.

[ Out of the corner of the screen, Backup, her dog, apparently seems to be content to chew mildly on her fingers. Veronica…. looks a little disgusted, but love is love, and her nose wrinkles then un-wrinkles in distaste. ]

If you want to make yourself useful, consider this, me, Veronica, poaching you, the citizens of the Tranquility, to change departments and sign up for Security.

[ Sing-song: ]

We have Tyke!

[ One hand -- the hand not currently getting chewed on lovingly -- makes a tiny little paw and claws. ]

Very grr, arrgh.

You’ll love it, I promise.
17 May 2014 @ 02:23 pm
[ The video was just going to flicker for a few moments before finally settling on a proper image. The image cleared to show a corner of a room. By the look of it, it was properly one of the upper levels that did'nt get many visitors. It looks like someone had made there own version of a nest, one of the mattresses from the bunkers pressed into the corner. There was even some rubbish littered around the place. The owner had clearly made there own private home. The video where it rested as Peter flopped himself down in front of it. His hair longer and possibly more wild since the last time he'd appeared on the video. His shirt was crinkled but more or less clean enough considering how long the last jump was.

Peter stared at the screen for a few moments before speaking.]

...I'm going to need a favor.

[ There was a little sigh at that as Peter reached up and slipped his hand behind his ear.]

And I hate asking for favors.
13 May 2014 @ 11:29 pm
[ Hey, a new arrival who knows how to use video chat. Scott's got the camera set up on the table and himself more or less centered in the frame when he hits the button to record or broadcast. He lifts a hand and gives a bit of a wave to go with his curl of a friendly smile. ]

Hey. I'm Scott, and I guess some of you know me already? Stiles-- my friend Stiles, some of you probably know him, he told me that I've been here before, umm. But I don't remember. Sorry about that. [ His smile this time is apologetic, and comes with a shrug, shoulders hiked up toward his ears and then dropped. ] So I'm hoping that anybody who remembers me being here, if we were friends or whatever, let me know? Sorry that I don't remember you, but I'm sure we can figure it out. So if you wanna come talk or something, come by whenever or send me a message? My number is, uhh. [ He looks down and reads off his arm. ] zero-three-one dash one ninety. I guess I'm pretty much free whenever.

Oh, if anybody's figured out a way to charge a phone here, let me know? I know I can't call anybody or anything but it's got-- music and games and stuff on it, you know. It'd just be cool to have.

[ He lifts a hand and lets it thunk back onto his bicep, mostly covering the rings of his tattoo. He smiles again, one corner tugged up higher than the other. ]

So yeah, that's all for now. See you around.
10 May 2014 @ 07:32 pm
does anybody have knitting needles i can use or know where i can get some?

... anyone actually know how to knit, for that matter?

[really stiles? the first thing you actually choose to post to the network and it's this. you're impossible. you're also not helping jason's nickname for you right now.]
08 May 2014 @ 07:05 pm
If anyone missed it. Wheatley is gone.

Does anyone know what happens when we vanish from here?

[She's still not sure how to feel about this. She got to punch him once at least. And the stuff he left behind....well that reminds her.

Well the chirping turret behind her reminds her.]

Unrelated: Does anyone know the story of Prometheus? Something about gods and being pecked by birds.
30 April 2014 @ 02:06 pm
[Coming back from Arima, Lúthien has barely left the gardens. It safe and comfortable there. Still, she knows she isn't the only one that's been left disturbed by what Morgoth and Mairon had done, whether they had been given nightmares in the shuttle or their treatment on Arima.

When her communicator begins recording, she remains silent at first. As though she's second-guessing herself or thinking about how to begin. And then she straightens and speaks.]

I know that many of us are still upset [an understatement, she knows] about what has happened. To us and to others at the hands of Morgoth and Mairon. And I know that sleep may be difficult to come by for a time or even avoided.

[She can't help the latter of the two but the first?] I have a gift, one that I can use to put to sleep those who cannot sleep themselves. I would offer this service to any who wish it.