04 November 2015 @ 08:46 am
[The rumpled wizard in the sliver of mirror, adjusting his glasses. He's standing near the shouting rock, which has a new boulder rolled up near it. On the surface of a the boulder, there's what looks like an enormous poster, black-and-white, the details hard to make out.]

Morning, everybody. I hope most of us are more-or-less unscathed from the bloody weird wind that blew through the other week, may Mr. Mendoza rest in peace.

Today, I'd like to present a map. [A beat.] Kind of.

Some of you remember Hermione. She and I put together a-- sort of a map. We photographed the terrain from the sky, as much as we could cover before the tether kicked in. The shots are now spelled together, so it's continuous, but you'll see that it's... animated. Like a movie on loop. [More sophisticated and less predictable than that, but it seems ludicrous to get bogged down in technical detail, so Harry doesn't.] Don't worry, it can't be used for spying-- everybody's too small to see, and it isn't realtime. [He knows y'all and your sundry paranoias. He has some, himself.]

[Harry angles the mirror to view the 'map[ooc link].' It stretches five feet up and across, is roughly circular, attached to the boulder's face with a sticking spell and proofed against the weather. Trees obscure loads of the detail, their tops reduced to a semblence of broccoli heads swaying slightly, but you can see where the river flows and how the canyon begins, protruding from underneath the Tranquility's nose. Trees bob far below. Some flocks moving by as well, too far below to make out in detail. It's a little funny— out of the edges of the circle, occasionally you'll see a foot or the front end of a broom swing in.]

I've also got a cat. [His face darkens slightly. Mostly, he looks sad.] Please inquire within.

OOC: For future note, will be needed to 'renew' the map! If left neglected, it will eventually fall apart into individual pieces, peel off the boulder, and suffer from wind and rain. Please PM me if you have other questions.
18 October 2015 @ 06:19 pm
[Oh, but this will be short and sweet. Still, she wishes the new mirror network functioned a little differently right about now. What she wouldn't give to be able to hide the slight tremble in her voice, or eyes that are just a little shinier than they should be.]

Has anyone seen Fitz?
10 October 2015 @ 11:59 pm
[ The image that appears on the mirror screen is not a person at all, but the ground. Specifically a patch of dirt, scraped smooth by the Tranquility's slide. There is a tin can half-embedded in the soil, and what looks like it might be a blanket in a lump beside it. ]

So, things are falling from the sky. Apparently? I assume I'm not the only one who noticed.

[ A hand, tanned and scabbed, enters the frame to gesture at the stuff, flicking a finger against the can. The noise it make sounds like someone flicking a tin can. (Dull in more ways than one. Also like it might hurt a little.) ]

Did anyone happen to see anything that might explain this? Did anybody find anything extra weird or interesting? I knew this planet thing was seeming too normal to be true.
13 June 2015 @ 10:07 pm
[ The feed clicks on, showing the gunnery main room just behind Natasha as an extreme close up of her face adjusts the camera. It swivels, for a second, because phones are a pain in the ass to keep steady even if you’re holding them, but she manages to get it aligned properly and she sits back in her chair, arms crossed, looking serious. ] So. Our little Problems [ and yes, the capital P is there verbally ] of the last couple of jumps have made it very clear that we need to get our asses in gear about our defense systems. Not. [ she says, holding up a hand. ] That I think we should have shot our guests down.

[ Not at first sight, anyway. jax still advocates shooting on sight, but that’s besides the point. ] However, Jax and I have been discussing it, and if something like that happens again, we need to be prepared. [ She reaches forward, tilts the phone so that Jax is in the picture now, a little ways behind her. ] We don’t have enough manpower here in gunnery to do it all on our own.

[ jax leans forward, elbow on the arm of her chair. he’s tied his hair up and back, possibly in an attempt to look less unkempt but most likely to keep it out of his face.]

We got a few people pulling extra shifts down here to help us cover the spread. But if anyone who knows how to tweak our systems or rebuild some of the destroyed shit around here has the spare time, we could use you. You don’t have to switch departments, and me and or Natasha here’ll be happy to babysit while you do your thing.

[ casually throwing away the rest of his and her free time, because that’s apparently how jax rolls. ]

And we’ll trade you some beer and cigarettes for your time. What’s better than that?

Not much. [ Natasha supplies helpfully!! ] We’d really appreciate it. Getting caught with your ass hanging out isn’t a good time. Trust me. If you have any questions, let either one of us know.

And for the new guys -- my name is Natasha Romanoff and this is Jax Teller. We’re part of Gunnery. Nice to have you aboard.

[ jax winks, like the asshole he is, and kicks back in his chair to take out a cigarette. ]

That’s all, folks.
16 May 2015 @ 11:41 pm

after the jump our map began working again
only it showed just the science department (hullo SCI)
only it was slightly larger

took us a bit to realise cos SCI was slightly large to begin with
but once we did realse we went and had a look
one is some sort of lab
other has a void

[attached: a photograph of a set of doors, bent outward, as if something once tried to get them open from the inside, and then someone magically forced them open a bit more so as to peer into the darkness beyond. the darkness is visible from between the doors.]

endless pit of darkness
looks uninteresting but is actually interesting
we have thrown a great deal of things into it

so there you are
dont say this ship never gave you anything

[ic announcement of new locations! feel free to crash the log and explore. nanite storage & research room + "LAB E"]
14 May 2015 @ 11:28 am
[The feed shows a boy of maybe six or seven, sitting in the gardens with a sheet of paper lying before him - the list of things that he wants to address. He's wearing the ship's uniform and his long hair is braided in a complicated pattern and adorned with little red, white and blue pearls.]

If there is someone who always comes when we call them, and they don't come here, is there a way to make them come? Where I was before, you could do a task and get a reward, there should be something like that here as well, yes? Even though there are no regents, but we are still pulled to this ship, so it has to be similar.

[He tried to call the General because one of the other residents of the ship, Glacius, would have liked to meet him and he didn't come, and as much as he doesn't like the cold, not having General Winter at his disposal means a pretty major loss of safety and that would be a lot of loss of potential "fire"power to make up for. It makes things a lot scarier.]

And I have a few other things, too. [He holds up a hand, four fingers stretched out.]

Are there any people from East of Poland and Lithuania and west of Mongolia here? Or who feel like they belong there in one way or the other. [One finger is bent down, and he giggles when it is a bit complicated to keep the other three up - but it works out in the end.]

I need to talk to William Tsang, but I don't know what he looks like so I couldn't find him. [Asking might have gone a long way but the scary looking old woman that he saw around in the med bay when he stalked it made him continue stalking instead of taking heart and asking someone, and when you don't know whom you're looking for...] So you should tell me what he looks like, yes? [Another finger goes, and this one needs to be held down by the thumb so the remaining two can go up again.]

Does anyone have a set of balanced daggers for fighting that they don't need? I can offer customized knitted products for a trade, or maybe something else if that doesn't work.

[And then he stops abruptly, his eyes going wide before narrowing and tears appearing in the corners, and he raises both hands to hold his head. When he lowers them again a bit later, a trickle of blood has started to run out of his nose, but he isn't noticing it yet, looking left and right with a nervous glance (is there someone who did this?) before snuffling and fixing the smile back on his face and continuing, though his eyes are still a bit onfocused.]

We looked in the kitchens and there are good knives, but they aren't balanced right. [He suddenly remembers that he was showing the bullet points on his hand and raises his hand, only his little finger pointing up now.]

And I want to learn things. I can play the harp a bit, but I want to learn more about it so it gets nicer. So if you know how to play the harp, you should teach me. And I want to learn how to shoot a firearm because they work everywhere here, yes? And I want to get better with the bow and my daggers, too, so if you are very good at fighting with them you should teach it to me, too. Because children should learn things, yes? [So adults obviously have the duty to teach them. He peers down at his cheat sheet and then nods and lowers his hand, clasping it together with the other in his lap.

And just smiles at the camera for a little bit before reaching out to turn the feed off - at which point he stops abruptly because blood has dripped from his nose onto the back of his hand and he reaches up in shock to touch his lip and wipe at the blood with hands and sleeves.]
28 April 2015 @ 09:29 pm
[After hanging around this long, and mostly lurking (call it panic, call it praying that he'd somehow find Scott, just— around.

It wasn't like he'd even looked that hard or that far, but without Scott around, Liam was always afraid. That he'd lose control somehow, that no one would reign him in this time. All those monsters had been crawling around— but he'd managed to stay clear of most of them, at least physically.

Whether or not a tracker jacker made an appearance in his dreams once in a while— well, no one had to know about that, right?

He really needed something to distract himself.

Even if it was totally lame to admit that he had no idea what to do.]


There isn't something like school on this ship right?

I know there's work to do on the ship but all I know how to do is play lacrosse.

[Well. That he'd admit to.]
15 April 2015 @ 03:59 pm
[She's settled before she addresses the network at large, posture straight and hands resting in her lap. Jemma's still not entirely convinced that they've not been set adrift on a Hydra vessel or some other enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D., but one has to take risks eventually, don't they?

She even looks decidedly upbeat about it.

I suppose we should start with a proper introduction, although it's been brought to my attention that I may have spoken to some of you before. It just seemed a bit rude not to, since I might not..remember you. My name is Jemma Simmons. I've just arrived, but can I say that, unanswered questions aside, I find this all to be a little exciting. The final frontier and all.

[Exciting and maybe just a little bit scary. But so far, so good.]

I've also applied to one of the Science Departments, but I thought I should mention it here as well, in the interest of sharing with the class. I specialized in biochemistry back at the Academy, but I could certainly lend a hand in medbay or anywhere else where an extra scientist is needed.

[One might get the impression that the way she says "science" should be accompanied by a heavy sigh and possibly hearts in the margins of this post.]

Oh, and if Fitz has already told you anything about a cat and its liver, please overlook it. He's a little bit sensitive in the olfactory department.
[ The video opens on total darkness, empty and black. A garbled voice, a low spit of static, cutting out. Cutting in, sounds gaining coherence, voices frantic and rushed. ]

-ri, hurry, how long does it take to patch a hardline console--

Got it.

[ Two faces appear, leaning in close out of the dark, features wide in fear. ]


This is Juri Boshi with the DUPRR. Our attempts to move forward to the next stage of contact have been successful.

But we need help. There are... creatures. Monsters. Three of our people are dead already, we can't--

[ There's a sudden clamor somewhere further behind them, the shouting of several voices. Both turn to look, expressions more strained as they turn back. ]

We can't get out. Please. We're in the secondary shuttle bay.

We've barricaded ourselves inside, but we can't hold them out forever.

[ The loud thud of something slamming against metal punctuates her point. Her eyes flicker up to follow the sound as Eszter visibly flinches. ]

Please, help us.
26 March 2015 @ 10:08 pm
[ the comm is propped up, resting on the edge of the workstation. jax and firo are in the frame, jax leaning forward on his elbows, gaze focused on the screen in front of him rather than the comm itself. ]

Hey, everyone listen up. We got a reading on some incoming shit.

[Firo shakes his head, biting his lip.]Really fuckin’ weird shit.

And, yes, that is the technical term. [ She’s hanging back, just barely off frame, one eye still on the sensors. She looks casual, for what you can see of her, but her tone is pretty serious. ] Something pinged the arrays a few minutes ago and then vanished, likely when they hit the deadzone.

This is a heads up to everyone, though I’m betting SEC is gonna want to take point on this.

It ain’t all that big. There’s people on it--er, well, live things. 14 by our count, so not, like, an army or anything, but still enough to cause trouble.

No weapons were detected, but-- [ She leans into frame, smirking just a little. ] --I think we all know that people don’t need weaponry to be dangerous on this ship. Anything else, we don’t know yet.

Keep your eyes open.

[ ooc: natasha is red, firo is blue and jax is green! answers will be coming from the three of them and any other members of gunnery around!! ]
24 March 2015 @ 10:45 am
[ There is still a steely leanness to Caprica's -- Natasi's -- bony features, after her ordeal in the corridors months ago, but there's a restored vibrancy. A brightness, a smile, an ease and softness.

The natural-like lighting casting her hair bright platinum implies the Oxygen Gardens. ]

There's a chapel here, where they used to hold services. They wrote the names of those that have passed on the wall. These are different rituals of faith than I'm used to, but.

[ But. Her head tips. ]

Faith is universal. Galactic. I'm inviting you to visit the chapel in the Oxygen Gardens once every week, if you'd like the company, starting today. We can discuss the shape of faith in your worlds. The twining paths of fate. The face of god. Prayer, meditation, peace.

The flowers that decorate this place could always use replacing, if you favour more practical gestures.

Even if you don't believe, you're still welcome to join us. I would only ask you to keep an open mind [ a delicate, shaped eyebrow raises ] about faith, and the diversity of the people around you.

[ Humans. ]

So say we all.
13 March 2015 @ 11:26 pm
[the feed opens on a shot of a half empty bottle of tranquility brand ~space whiskey. along with another empty bottle lying on its side beside it. to anyone familiar with the bars on the ship, it may be possible to recognize the fact that the feed is coming from the wrong side of the bar. that inside of being sat beside it, he's instead stood on the inside of the counter. (easier access to the alcohol. and considering there's no bartender, it made more sense to him. it did take an entire liquor store last time).]


[…okay, whoops. there's a pause; time spent squinting down at the device. he's making a call to the network, so maybe it'd be a good idea if he laid off the "dead" languages. when he speaks again, there's a weight to his words that comes largely from having to focus so hard on what he's saying. on making sure that he's actually using the words he wants to use.]

There are games I have seen humans play before. Ones that involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol for amusement.

[there's another pause then. one that's only interrupted with the sound of a drink being poured in to a glass. far more than a single shot. it's gone moments later; swallowed easily, and with very little impact on his current state.]

Show me.

[what are manners? look, he has other priorities right now.]
08 March 2015 @ 03:02 am
[ jax is wearing his sweatshirt, hood tucked up around his neck and ears, wet hair tied up in a bun. he's missing his customary cigarette, though he looks like he could probably do with one as he settles back in the chair at the main gunnery console. his expression is tense, but he flashes a smile for the camera as he begins speaking. ]

So that was an interesting wake up call. Not the way I'd wanna do it, but I figure the longer I stay up here the less picky I get about dropping out of a fucking stasis tube.

[ no, that doesn't get any less weird to say, but jax is working on it. ]

Anyway, anyone who doesn't know, I'm Jax Teller. If you're Gunnery, check in after you towel off. If you wanna be Gunnery, come down and see me. You got another department in mind, speak up, and they'll snatch you up. If you're new and you just got questions, fire away. I don't promise I got all the answers, but I can probably point you in the direction of someone who does.

[ there's a pause, jax balancing the comm on his knee while he punches a few buttons, then settles back. ]

Anyway, anyone who wants to bend an ear about current events, come on by. I got nothing but time.

[ and a healthy distrust of talking about anything important on the network, but a little paranoia is excusable, right? ]

And Ilde, lemme know when you got a minute.

[ and casual disconnect is go. ]
07 March 2015 @ 02:04 am
[Travis turns on the video. He's dressed pretty casually, wearing a light blue Henley and jeans. The camera focuses on him cross-legged on the floor, petting a handsome German Shepherd. The dog is wagging his tail merrily, letting out a small whine.]

Hey, so if we haven't met, I'm Travis. And this is Hudson. We're new to this whole space thing. Just a few random things.

Number one, someone from home is here, but they don't know the future. You tell them the future. Am I going to be affecting some shit like timelines or anything?

Number two... [He's smirking because he's very mature like that.] how do you guys decorate your rooms? Mine's so boring and plain right now. I'll give you fifteen minutes of puppy love with Hudson, OR a thirty minute meal with your favorite cook, Chef Mitchell. [Not that he asked Wes if he could barter his time.] In exchange, I would like lights, especially colorful ones, posters, decorations, anything.

Okay, number three, the most important question: do we have any cheese puffs? Because Hudson likey da cheeeeeeeeese, [he says in his weird voice reserved only for dogs. Hudson wags his tail, giving him one short bark in reply. Travis laughs and turns off the feed.]
28 February 2015 @ 07:07 pm
Okay, so I'm pretty much ridiculously bored right now, and it's not like I can go anywhere because like 90% of the people who're even awake right now are doing shit in the departments, so.

I don't know. Tell me a joke. The worse the better. If I have to pretty much shun you for telling it, it means you win.
23 February 2015 @ 06:46 pm
[ Again with a small wall of text, though this time there's no obvious indication that it's meant as an Engineering PSA. It shows up roughly 24 hours after Annie's warning about the strange noises in the corridors. ]

Re: the creepy sounds in the hallways.

Sent a few volunteers out into the darker corridors to record video and audio (cheers Raven, Sirius & Murphy), along with Grumpy and Sneezy.

[ Context would probably be useful on the last two, but either he doesn't think of it or doesn't care enough to add it. ]

Not sure whether this is reassuring or not, but analysis of the recordings didn't find much. The sounds appear to be inanimate/non-biological in origin. Grumpy didn't pick anything up in the way of human voices or otherwise obvious signs of life forms.

The noises are a bit like what you'd get from a house settling, just on a much larger scale. That said, it's probably advised that you don't go wandering off into the dark, as per usual.

The lights coming on don't appear to be related to any movement, either, but more a methodical rebooting of basic systems. Unexpected, but nothing particularly alarming on the Engineering side of things just yet.

That's about all we've got, but if you've got any questions, let us know.
10 February 2015 @ 01:55 pm
[ Natasha’s face on the screen is blank and unreadable, but for those that know her, she’s probably very unamused. She doesn't like it when questions aren't answered, and even less so when she’s actively told not to ask. It just makes her want to ask more.

But this line isn't secure, and Natasha knows better than to push her luck this early on. Thinking of this like a mission is the easiest way to deal with it. ]
Hi. Natasha Romanoff. Some of you have apparently already met me, even though I don't remember it. I've heard a rumor that SHIELD agents are here, so if you could check in with me, I'd appreciate it.

[ As for work, she'll deal with that later. Right now, she has to get settled and get information from people who might actually give it to her. She considers a moment, and then tilts the corner of her mouth up into a tiny smile. ]

Also, I'm into collecting fossils, so if anyone's seen Captain Steve Rogers around, let me know.
08 November 2014 @ 05:04 pm
"Out of the eater came something to eat, and out of the strong came something sweet."

I always thought the answer was a funny one.