10 August 2014 @ 01:04 pm
[When the video transmission starts, there’s a rather neat and tidy man in a suit, seated in one of the passenger quarters.]

I’ll give it to this place, this has to be one of the oddest awakenings I’ve had. Still doesn’t beat Nepal though…

[The last part is muttered, almost to himself, before he turned back to the camera, all business.]

Not to ask the same question twice, but I’d like to go home as much as the next person, so perhaps I’ll save on some of the legwork and reach out. How can I help make sure this ship reaches its destination in one piece? I do have military training and my information gathering skills can be useful.

[There’s a small pause, and then he smiles, a small almost innocent look.]

Also I’m rather decent at poker, if that will help us any. So, who’s recruiting?
01 August 2014 @ 08:03 pm
[it's a video feed, not that it helps much. not when the screen is almost pitch black. she's hidden away somewhere, the lights cut and the only illumination in the room coming from an empty bottle of jack daniel's; the current home of three glowing bioslugs, hidden beneath an unfamiliar pile of cloth and only barely letting out any of the blue glow coming from that bottle.]

Some asshole once told me how important it was to stay in the light. [hi riddick] I guess that shit's true no matter where you go.

[she leans closer to the camera, her expression almost amused as she continues--]

So, anybody wanna fill me in on what's really out there?

[out in the deserted corridors that keep throwing her back out]
17 July 2014 @ 12:18 pm
Hey everyone.

I'm sure some sort of demographics survey has been done in the past but I haven't seen one since I've been here and I'm curious. I've tried to keep it pretty basic. I know people are touchy about their privacy, and I know some aren't cool with being asked about special abilities/skills/powers/whatever, so obviously skip questions if you want to, no hard feelings. I'd rather just get name/age/planet than nothing at all, you know? Not like I'm going to hunt you down and force you to fill it out. But if you're willing to be more complete that'd be awesome and if there's something you think is important that I didn't include a field for, let me know.

Maybe there's a pattern here somewhere, maybe there's not, but at the very least it might be interesting or provide some useful data for department recruitment or something. Maybe you'll find some friends, whatever.


UPDATE: On request from several of our fellow passengers, I'm adding a 'relationship status' field. You're all welcome. Feel free to edit/update your entries accordingly if you want to.

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15 July 2014 @ 05:24 pm
[for anyone who has had the pleasure of being around stiles in the last couple months, he's suddenly looking far better. less panicky, less wan, and perhaps a bit more determined as well.

for anyone who is particularly familiar with stiles as a person (and considering how out of sorts he's been since being brought to the tranquility, that's really only going to be the people he knows from back home) they'll know that a determined stiles is almost always a dangerous one.

So it's good to hear that at least some of us aren't willing to just lay down and accept our abduction without a little bit of a fight. [a little fiercely] I for one am through with letting myself be manipulated or toyed with by our mysterious evil overlords.

I wasn't in the hallways when everyone started disappearing last month, mostly because I had just come back from being lost in the hallways. But I saw a brief mention of paintings in the latest recon report and I thought I should share with anyone who was interested to know the details of the mural I came across while I was wandering in the hallways.

Y'know, just in case it helps with any part of the deeper mystery of this place.

[he moves away from the comm for a moment now before coming back with a rough sketch (he's no artist like lydia) to show everyone: a blocky figure standing firmly, with a thin neck that seems to support nineteen heads, each with sharp red eyes. he keeps the image in view for a beat before setting it aside.]

Not sure what it means, apart from being super trippy, but it never hurts to have all the information, right?

[he pauses, considering, before continuing with a slightly more forcefully upbeat tone.] And I guess on a completely different note, anybody here a psychologist, or have any sort of experience in that kind of capacity?
17 June 2014 @ 06:35 pm
[ Scott hasn't put himself out there on the network much since he arrived, but those who have encountered him on or offline may all be equally surprised to see him looking quite so serious. There's an agitated energy to his posture and his brow looks like it's stuck in a furrow. He doesn't waste time: ]

Hi. I'm Scott, and I'm looking for my friend Stiles. He's my age, kind of skinny, talks really fast, has hair that sort of goes like [ He sort of swoops a hand over his head. ] I've been looking for him for a while now. He's not answering messages and isn't anywhere he'd usually be. If you've talked to him or seen him or anything, let me know? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
16 June 2014 @ 08:04 pm
[ So this face makes an appearance for once--or again. Whichever. The point is, it's on the network after a rather lengthy struggle over just how stupid this is going to sound publicly. ]

This is probably not going to mean much to a lot of you, [ Or any of you, if Colbert is nothing more than a delusional dick. ] but does the name "Reaper" mean anything to anyone?
14 June 2014 @ 07:32 pm
[ Though Éowyn has gotten used to the device over the past few months, she still takes a moment to adjust the camera once it is connected, shifting away and tilting his head politely once she has done so. ]

A good day to all. Months have been since I have arrived here, yet this is the first time I address the ship as a whole. So I introduce myself: my name is Éowyn, I hope to find you all well.

[ Now onto the point of her video. ]

I have recently joined the Security team. As such I wish to practice further, so that my skills will not fall into disuse. For this purpose, I seek any and all people who would be interested in sparring with swords. [ A moment before she adds. ] Equally, if anyone who should like to be taught, I will gladly spare what little knowledge I do have.

That said, I also ask if anyone here should be so willing about teaching me about... firearms, I believe that is the term. I have never before heard of them, so I would ask for your patience as I learn.

Thank you all ever so much for your time. [ She smiles briefly, then adds as a last note. ] Oh, La-- I mean, Buffy, I should like to speak to you when you have the time.

[ And with that, she ends the feed. ]
24 May 2014 @ 12:46 pm
[ ZOOM IN. INT: THE SHIP. There’s something not so dark about the video feed, actually, but it does feature only the back of a chair. Slowly, s l o w l y, it turns around--

And it’s Veronica, with one hand petting an imaginary cat and one twirling an incredibly imaginary moustache.

I’ve been expecting you, Tranquility.

[ Too much? Veronica grins, the screen shaking a little as she reaches to pick up the communicator. There’s a whine from somewhere in the background -- definitely doggylike, definitely her dog, since there’s a brown-fur head that bats gently into her other hand that no longer is preoccupied with villanious imaginary pencil moustaches. ]

But seriously folks. Hi, I’m Veronica. I might make this announcement again, but for now, there are a lot of floors and not a lot of security folks. Trust me-- I’ve done the math, crunched the numbers, and sooner or later we’re all going to be putting pig heads on spikes.

[ Out of the corner of the screen, Backup, her dog, apparently seems to be content to chew mildly on her fingers. Veronica…. looks a little disgusted, but love is love, and her nose wrinkles then un-wrinkles in distaste. ]

If you want to make yourself useful, consider this, me, Veronica, poaching you, the citizens of the Tranquility, to change departments and sign up for Security.

[ Sing-song: ]

We have Tyke!

[ One hand -- the hand not currently getting chewed on lovingly -- makes a tiny little paw and claws. ]

Very grr, arrgh.

You’ll love it, I promise.
15 May 2014 @ 10:17 pm
The xenobiology and genetics department would like to note that should anyone find themselves struggling after contact (of any kind) with what would be considered dark magic, that we are equipped to offer you help.

In the interests of cataloging ship-induced phenomenon, we would like to know if any passengers experienced either of the following:
a) A desire to return to the Tranquility while on the Arima colony, contrary to personal expectation of such desire or otherwise

b) Any out of the ordinary emotion or incident while on board the Tranquility while others were on the Arima colony
The information will be used to further such activities as sitting around and thinking about it, given lack of other options.

[ If this sounds slightly friendlier and more sedate than usual coming from this ID#, it's because Charles and Nuala are both hovering over his shoulder, attempting to ensure Severus doesn't act like a total jerk to people while speaking on behalf of the department. (Despite this, he may have adlibbed that last line and gotten away with it.) It is unavoidably logical for the staff member fluent in dark magic to helm an offer concerning it, or somebody else would be making this missive. ]
11 May 2014 @ 11:01 pm
This is Shepard, formally Commander of the SSV Normandy. Recon mission to map out unexplored areas of the ship is set to move out as of oh-eight-hundred hours, day six of the current jump cycle. [That's eight am on the 12th for anyone with a functioning earth-calibrated calendar on them.] We should be back no later than day 14 [the 20th] for those of you worried we're going to get ourselves killed.

That said and done: if this goes well, we'll be running again next jump. If you want to volunteer for next month, fill out the attached form below. I'll organize you into teams so you can be properly outfitted by the next jump. I shouldn't need to say it, but anyone who volunteers should know they might not come back in one piece.

[Or at all. Technicalities.]

As a last call for technical support: if anyone has any radio equipment or anything that transmits independently of the comms network, we'd appreciate your donation. I can't guarantee the safe return of the equipment, but I for one sure as hell have my fingers crossed for it.

Shepard out.

[As promised, the following document for any prospective volunteers is attached to the transmission:]

Crew Number:
Previous Occupation:
Applicable Skills:

I, [NAME], am aware of the physical and psychological danger I may be at risk for by running ops including but not limited to: hallucinations, loss of life or limb due to 'manticores' (see above) and/or other hostile personal, loss of life or limb via missing the jump etc.


Fireteams and Comms Liaisons are required to report to the Medical Bay at 0800hrs, day 6 for survival gear and additional outfitting. Strongly encourage you to pack light re: personal belongings.

From Medical Bay: Fireteam Agincourt will leave from Engineering, Hastings from the Oxygen Gardens, Shasta from the Flight Deck, Nairobi from Medical Bay and Perugia from Level 15's Passenger Quarters. Additional information for Comms check and day to day operations will be provided at day-of briefing in Medical.

Any no shows will be considered discharged and the operation will proceed without. Any questions?


If I go MIA, I need someone willing to sift through any data we send back.

((ooc: expect an ooc comms post to go up for this shortly and logs to follow! thank you everyone!))
[Netherlands is out of commission, and really, it makes Takeshi very unsure if he should even say anything. Because he needs his space dad for moral support, y'know! But Heather's there -- no literally, she's in the background, and she may or may not be messing with paper and scissors and scrounged up materials from around the ship working fervently. Is that a curled up colored paper being turned into a party hat for Takeshi? Maybe. Anyway, as she's got her back turned, Takeshi's addressing the camera, muttering 'right now?' before smiling into the video feed. Nederlands, be proud of him while you're knocked out, because Takeshi is announcing shit. Heeee will tell you about said shit when you're not snoring in comaland and dreaming about weed and fancy scarves.]

Hi!! I'm Takeshi, and -- I'm inviting people to my birthday party!

I mean, it's not... I don't have a special day I knowed that I was born on, and -- space is really weird and we don't got normal days, but Heder and Nederlands said it's okay to have one that's special here. 'Cuz I showed up more than one whole year ago, [Check it out I'm holding up one solitary finger like one is such an intense number] -- so that definitely means I'm allowed to be six now! My space tattoo says so. I didn't know if I wanted a pool party or if I wanted a garden party 'cus I love them both, like, a lot. And I've been learning how to swim! So I don't ever drown.


So -- uhhhh.

[Heather speaks up in the back, holding up two fingers in-between scissors: '2 days after the jump!']

Oh!! Two days after the jump, it's gonna be in the pool room! On the second floor, and you should come. We'll make food! I dunno what, but I think we can do it. 

[Confidence A+

Heather also speaks up over her shoulder: 'Ask for lots of cool stuff!']

If you want -- to bring... presents... that's really cool...


He leans in, very serious.]

I just really want to sing happy birthday and eat cake. [Do we even have cake here...] So you don't have to. But if you want to. You can bring something.

... And maybe... help Heder cut things out.... She's getting mad at the paper....

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23 September 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[There's a lot of reasons why Taylor sometimes wishes Kirk was still around, and one of the smaller ones would be so it wasn't always her having to put the alert out. Talking to people still isn't exactly her strong suit. But she's head of security, and there's a pretty big security threat going on, so the network gets another video post, complete with SECURITY PING, before there's blurring and jerking views of the corridors and a few of her dogs while Taylor walks and talks.]

Got some kind of fucked up creatures attacking the ship. Humanoid, likely with extra abilities, unknown so far. Seen three groups of them focussing on destroying whatever equipment they can get their hands on. Could be related to the tech trouble we've been having.

[Not that they seemed like they'd been hiding out anywhere, but doors and lifts screwing up because the ship was priming to start whisking people away again while this was going on wasn't something she wanted to entertain.]

Security, I need all of you moving. We want guard details on key areas in case they start going after the shit we really need. Untrained and unarmed civilians are advised to stay in their rooms, do not engage. Run the other fucking way if you have to. The rest of you use extreme caution.

[Because she knows better than to tell some of you trigger-happy folk not to go looking for a fight.]
[Haymitch is drunk, which is not really that surprising, but normally he keeps that shit private and doesn't really bother getting on the network much- drunk or sober. He doesn't trust it.

But he's hit that point where he's stopped caring.]

Thing about the Games [he says this like this isn't a Game- whatever, most people know he thinks that and the rest can draw their own conclusions] is they have to keep it interesting. It's not enough to just kill each other. Most won't- they'll try to stick it out as long as they can. To try and cheat the system or because they fight better in packs. [he sniffs] So the Capitol created the mutts. Sent these genetically engineered beasts to start ripping people apart to make sure the audience was entertained.

We've got mutts here. [obviously.] Those things in the labs. And elsewhere now.

[Haymitch doesn't normally talk to this much and he's just drunk enough to be babbling like a crazy person, but when he speaks next, it's with near perfect clarity.] One of the last games, we thought they were using the dead tributes to make mutts. Got me thinking about how there are a lot of unaccounted for people who used to be on this ship. Probably killed, but then there's those prisoners in the cell blocks we just found.

[There's a pause as he recalls some of the phrases he's heard bandied about from the stuff they found down there.] Scientists were taking numbers- that's what they were calling them. Makes you wonder what they were doing with them.
22 August 2013 @ 12:13 pm
[Taylor's walking while she talks, which means voice might have been a better choice for getting this message out without the jerk and bump of the current camera work, but she hadn't stopped to think about it past hitting a button. She's got more important things on her mind right now, like the space station they're apparently now docked to.]

Not gonna tell any of you not to go over there. [It'd fall on deaf ears, plus-] If they've got supplies, we need them. But you stay sharp, go armed if you can, don't go alone. Like Fry said, we do not need a repeat of Strela.

[Though she is really hoping the brainwashing thing was a one time deal.]

SEC, I'm heading out and I want half of you with me. Half stay. Don't trust this place not to try pulling some fucked up while we're looking the other way.

[Always ending her posts on the most cheerful note.]
[Alex hasn't exactly been the best at sleeping since -- well, since before his brother died, really. There's his time in the hospital where they had him knocked out on medications, but he honestly has a hard time remembering any of that. Too busy living in his own little world, mostly. Since Silent Hill? He's not a fan of sleeping, period; having a few hours is good enough, and if Heather ever poked him in the direction of sleeping pills he'd have to pass on that for a number of reasons that's hard to really talk about, even with her. He's not too proud of his stint with psychosis.

But talking in general is getting easier (and maybe he should hit up that Irene chick for her heart-to-heart she asked for; maybe he will). Just like... sleeping has. In fact, he wakes up ten hours later with his eyes practically glued shut and has to roll himself out of a dreamy lounge. The dreams were good -- Josh alive and not cold and blue-lipped, Elle hugging him and inviting him out to the lake -- Murphy and Heather, acting as if nothing bad had ever gone wrong in their lives, meeting him for dinner somewhere. He dreams about living here in the ship, happy, content. Dreams that Josh would come here like so many of the dead do, and he could apologize and pray he'd forgive, and they'd get to try again. And he'd do it right this time.

Just... good things. Good -- no, great things. Even with his contentment in staying on this ship, if only for the family he's made... he hasn't been this fucking happy in a long time. Asleep, anyway.

Alex just can't bring himself to think good things just happen here. Not four for four. 

A borderline disgruntled voice comes through in an entry, belonging to a scowling face.]

Okay... ever since the jump, my sleep has been really great, and I've been having good dreams that I've never had before -- no signs of monsters or creepy shadows or... crappy life issues or anything that I usually have to work with; it's all really damn calming and I actually like all of it. Hell, I've been sleeping more than I ever have since coming on board. Since before that, even.


Something's not right here.

02 August 2013 @ 04:01 pm
This is just a reminder that fire in an enclosed area like a spaceship is bad and eats up all the oxygen. Luckily the past two were put out quickly. Use caution and don't set any yourself on purpose. If there are any more large ones or anything you can't put out quickly by yourself, let Security know.
20 July 2013 @ 12:17 am
[No Octopus suit for you this time, Tranquility. Instead, LB is in her typical silver plug suit looking down at the communicator, set on her bed. Hell yes, she was bored, but at this point, she was smart enough to not explore very far without supervision -- and supervision would make it all pointless anyway.

But hey, it's been a while since she's said anything on the network anyway -- odd, considering she felt more at ease on the network than dealing directly with people -- might as well have a little fun with it.]

so I've been here probably about a year? [Because with everyone apparently missing a jump, who knows how much time had really passed.] But I still never really get used to how peaceful this place is, compared to where I came from.

[Yes, really.]

That got me thinking, though. In my world, nearly every soldier was named after an animal their superiors felt represented them. Like -- eheheh -- someone who was swift and efficient might be called "Eagle" or someone who eats a lot would be called "Pig". Or if you were a really useful, sometimes they'd add something you're famous for before your title. Like, uh, Sniper Wolf and Vulcan Raven were legendary soldiers, were I was from. And me? I somehow got two with Laughing Octopus and Laughing Beauty.

[Her shoulders raise up in a shrug.] Don't ask me why they thought the second name was necessary -- eeheehee -- I'm not really sure myself.

But, anyway! If you had to choose your own name, what do you think they'd choose for you?

[LB sometimes liked to think of names for other people she knew, but she might as well open the floor to everyone else; get to know more people in the process.]
I dunno how to swim. 

[Wow Takeshi, what a good opener. Give him a second, he's getting to his weird point; kinda just popped into his head while he was dreading the idea of learning how to swim, and all.]

Everybody's got stuff they dunno! Right? I dunno how to do lots of things... like — I can't whisple [yes he said it like that, shut up; he also demonstrates how he can't whistle by blowing spittle in a sad attempt to.] And I don't think I can drive cars. I never never tried, but I don't think I can. My feet are too short!

[Because obviously that's why five-year-olds (six-year-olds? is he six yet?) can't drive.]

I know lots of things, too, though! I learned how to make pasta, a-and — I can write some, 'cus Heder teaches me sometimes. I know my alphabet, and I can do car-wheels and backflips, those're easy. Does everyone got stuff they can't do but they wanna learn? Maybe everyone can help eachoff—eachother learn it. What kindsa' stuff can you do?

I wanna learn how to fight better, too... Everyone says I shouldn't, but I — I think it's important. Heder, Nederlands, it's important, right? Is that bad?

[He needs to know you guys are backing him up here! FIGHTING IS SO IMPORTANT OKAY, IT'S WHAT HE'S SURPRISINGLY CAPABLE AT. But at the same time, he thinks they'd be mad if he outright said 'can anyone show me how to punch and kick like the cool kids'. So he doesn't. But he strongly hints at it, because even if he's one of the youngest passengers, he knows his way around words. Sneaky little booger, like that.]

I don't punch and kick very good... but I can throw things good. Heavy things! And I can run... so I guess I can run-hit. I know how to run-hit. But if bad things happen, it's good to know how to do the other stuff, too! 'Cus I like the ship, but it's scary sometimes, and sometimes you gotta kick and punch...
18 July 2013 @ 12:40 am

[It's been a long time since Meg has done something so public. She mostly just brings up things with others when they decide to show their face on the network. It's not even anger that fuels her right now. She's ticked off, sure, but that's just at the thought that still people were siding with the whole 'demon' thing instead of what she actually had been accomplishing here.]

[She's not healing. Not as quickly as she expected, at least. It's possible that it's the ship. That she's just worn out her welcome with the body that's been reconstituted at her request. One little spill into holy fire and a bit of torture -- one would think she'd be able to handle this easier.]

[Her eye isn't swollen shut at least. Bruised, yes. Lacerations look worse than they feel, the split lip is where her current aggravation is, and all the ice in the world won't get rid of the swollen state of her jaw. The rest of her is equally banged up, but she's not doing a full-frontal thing here.]

You know what I really hate? [Given that she could bring up a dozen things that have something to do with her getting summoned and then beat to hell... instead she goes the opposite route.]

When you bite the inside of your lip, it swells up, and then you spend all that time trying hard not to bite the swollen spot, but you can never manage it. You bite it again and again. It just keeps reopening, the blood keeps tinting everything you eat.

Even worse is when you figure it's almost healed and then you bite down on it even harder than the first time around.

[She frowns.] Oh, if anyone has any straws -- I'm looking for some. This split lip is a real bitch to try and drink anything.

[It's difficult to not mention Jo and what happened. To make her into the villain for a change, but it's not worth it. People know Jo. They'll side with her over a demon pretty easily. She's sure of that. For all that everyone says that what happened back home stays there -- she knows it's all just something we tell each other so we can sleep better at night.]
16 July 2013 @ 11:29 am
[ The feed clicks on and he's standing somewhere familiar. To him, at least. And maybe a certain group in particular. Because in the background is Blood Gulch. A poorly pieced together, why is blue base painted entirely blue and why is red base painted entirely red, Blood Gulch. But, close enough for it being Caboose, right? ]

Hello, everybody! I am Caboose! I would like to invite you to a party at this holo-thingy. That will not have any cupcakes or chips, but I did find some punch! I do not know who it belongs too but I figured that we might be able to be friends and maybe share it with others. Like with me.

[ cough cough ]

Anyway! You are all invited! Please bring snacks! Thank you!