[When the feed begins, Luke is in some part of the Engineering department at a work bench. It's zoomed in too closely to see the table in front of him, but he's surrounded by bins of spare parts and it looks like he might have been building things.]

Hello, Tranquility. This is Luke Skywalker with some updates on the ESD project I've been working on for the past few months.

To refresh your memories, I created an IV device that's worn inside the stasis pods and administers drugs to the wearer right before being released. It minimizes the effects of jump illness and the Engineering sickness, if anyone is around who's still going through that like I am. I call it the ESD, the Engineering Sickness Device for that reason.

[He holds up the device itself to the camera. It's fairly small and simple, made up primarily of a pump and a timer attached to a tiny vial, and dangling from it is a short strap.]

Here it is. I went into detail about it a couple months ago but you can get a pretty good idea of how it works from here. I've been testing it on myself and the design works great. I usually have a mixture of painkillers and anti-nausea drugs and that typically takes care of the worst of it for me.

[Luke tilts his head to examine the device and then sets it back down on the table.]

The biggest problem I had was timing it so that it would go off about a half hour before we were released from the pods, but I found a solution to that, something I'll talk about in a minute.

First, [he holds up a finger] I'd like to ask for volunteers to continue testing it. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty low-risk test. The medical staff will set it up for you and they're responsible for the drugs and needles of course. Oh, and no one can tamper with it while you're out because it'll be inside the pod with you during the jump.

Pretty much your biggest risk is reactions you might have to the drugs, so it's probably a good idea to make sure the med staff give you something that you know you can tolerate. It'll be up to them to help you come up with a good cocktail that'll be safe for you and stave off whatever nasty jump side-effects you'd like to get rid of.

Primarily I'd just like to know of any problems other people might have with my design, like things not fitting right, stuff like that, before I mass produce them.

Anyway, let me know if you'd like to volunteer to try it out.

[Luke clears his throat and shifts in his seat, preparing to move onto another topic.]

Now, I mentioned that I found a way to time the ESDs perfectly. In other words, the lengths of the jumps. They're different every time so that proved to be a major problem. This is something that I know several people have been working on for a while so I thought it'd be helpful to share what I discovered.

Back several months ago when we had that nanite problem that almost killed everyone, we found a room, a sort of status room, where the stasis pod systems are managed. Some of the tech in there let me sync up the timers perfectly with the control equipment. I wanted to test it first to make sure.

I set the timer on my ESD to that exact time minus thirty minutes during the last jump and it worked! It administered the drugs exactly when I needed it to and I woke up feeling pretty good. Well, relatively speaking.

I'm going to keep using that status room to set our ESDs, but I'm sure someone else can find another use for it. I wouldn't go messing around with stuff in there too much, but we might be able to use it to our advantage, maybe figure out a little more about jump times and how they're determined.

[Luke clasps his hands in front of him.]

Alright, uh... ask questions, volunteers are appreciated, etcetera. I'll be around here in the Engineering department for a while. I'm going to try to get one or two more ESDs built before I head to bed.

[He reaches towards the camera and then the feed cuts out.]

((OOC: The bit about the status management room containing equipment needed to sync with jumps comes directly from the mods. I'll be corresponding with them for the information needed to answer character questions about it, or at least, things that Luke would know.))
11 January 2015 @ 02:38 am
This is Mystique again.

I'm reporting on the results of the Jump clock project. I won't recap the details there.

EXTERNAL MEASURE (passenger-fabricated)
Jump 37: 1,829 hours
Jump 38: 391 hours
Jump 39: 6,578 hours
INTERNAL MEASURES (shipboard systems)
Jump 37: 0 hours
Jump 38: 0 hours
Jump 39: 0 hours

These reports will be ongoing. I strongly advise that the next time anyone debarks, make an effort to estimate the time that's transpired since our stop on Arima.

Analyses and interpretations are welcome. Please be aware that our efforts at external videography failed. Basically, the Jump movement destroyed the equipment. I'll update about the trans-hull cartography project when there's something to update about. A bunch of weird and context-free numbers counts as 'something.'

I would like to commission timekeeping devices not linked to the native system as well, in the time between now and Van Rijn destroying us. Anyone up for it?
04 January 2015 @ 01:44 pm
[ Guess who doesn't have time for a friendly-faced update on the ship's status: engineering. The following message shows up on the network without any preamble, and probably at an odd hour. They've kind of lost track. ]


Several weeks ago, the ship's engines powered down. Flight crew has confirmed that we're currently parked in an interstellar cloud.

The cloud's atmosphere has caused minor damage to the hull and several non-essential systems. Repairs are ongoing, but the ship's primary systems are running without issue, and passengers are not in immediate danger.

Although the ship is at a standstill, it should be assumed that the jump will proceed as normal. Please be prepared to follow routine jump procedure.

Anyone with mechanical or tech experience, we'd appreciate extra hands on repairs. Volunteers, please apply here.

( OOC: Replies will come from Fitz, Raven, and anyone else with the Engineering department who'd like to hop in. Other departments are welcome to threadjack questions/convos in order to further spread the info provided in this post! )
13 December 2014 @ 06:14 pm
[OOC: This will be a bunch of closed texts. Sorry.]

To Bail Organa

Dad, I...I got something different in my locker this jump. I think it might interest you as much as it does me. Which is to say a lot but not at all.

To Peter Quill

I believe I owe you a drink, Mr Quill. I just received some extremely rare whiskey if you're interested in sharing.

To Luke Skywalker

This horrible ship just sent me three bottles of whiskey from Alderaan. Would you like one for yourself? No obligation to share it with me.

To Lúthien

I don't know if elves can get drunk, but I need a friend and I have liquor. Care to join me? Feel free to bring Artanis as well. I think my dad might come.
10 December 2014 @ 07:48 pm
[ For perhaps the first time over the network, Elizabeth doesn't exactly look chipper. She's fidgeting, pulling at bits of her hair and moving as she talks. ]

Hello. I... I was hoping that I could ask you all your opinions, based on your own experiences. I realize that what I'm asking is situational and... well, really, private, but I really do need advice.

... When you have to kill, or... had to, before, what was it that allowed you to reason through it? Even if the act is for the greater good, it's still the taking of a life. Someone told me once that it was a necessity, though a terrible one, and I know now that he was right. Still, though, if it wasn't for survival-- for your own survival-- [ She pauses, reconsiders. ] If someone else was in danger--an innocent--is it any easier?

[ Clearly, she's never killed anyone before. Elizabeth chews on her lip, very much agitated. ]

Oh! This isn't about anyone on the ship, not at all. I'm only wondering for when I return to Columbia.
23 November 2014 @ 12:50 am
[Once she has Artanis back in the Gardens, Lúthien goes through the trouble of finding things they need from the kitchen, making sure they have all the things of theirs they might need and then pulls the ladder up into the flet.

She had considered sending this message anonymously but... Well, someone’s still fuming that her friend, her sister in many ways, had been wounded.]

I am Lúthien, daughter of King Thingol and Queen Melian the Maia of Doriath. And this message is to the woman that shot Artanis: I would recommend you stay away from the houses in the Oxygen Gardens trees. You are not our favorite person, currently.

[Not Lúthien’s anyway. And she can’t imagine she’s Artanis’ favorite.]

And the last thing I think you want is for the garden itself to turn on you. [Take that how you will. Some people that know her though will know exactly what she means by that.]

I will not stop anyone else but do not think I will be allowing just anyone to visit our flets before Artanis is recovered. As such I have raised the ladder. Do not try to force your way up. I have ways to keep people out even up here.
19 November 2014 @ 12:11 pm
[he's in the middle of the upper floor of the gardens when he finally decides to contact the network; the area chosen because it's one of the few places he can find solace in. can find time to get his head back in order again and think of his next step.

(too many people are affected. too many people are being hurt.

he almost killed--)

the feed opens on a somewhat disheveled looking castiel, his expression deadly serious as he addresses whoever is listening.]

As I am sure you're all aware, there is a...situation currently taking place aboard this ship. Those of you who have not done so already would to well to keep yourselves locked away from the affected at this time. If you require assistance, speak with Sergeant Brad Colbert. To those injured, the medical facilities are still open.

[a pause, and that certainty wanes a little. he has a proposition, but--]

There may be a way to stop this.

[emphasis on the may.]

The affected individuals are in a state similar to sleep, but not quite. They are...dreaming, in a way. There are three of us here who are capable of entering the dreams of others. However, while I was able to enter one such dream, I was unable to affect anything that was occurring within it.

I...don't know if it is due to what is happening to them or not.

[or if it's simply because he isn't strong enough. not with his grace draining by the day.]

If anybody has any suggestions, please, state them now.

[and then that's it. or at least as far as the ship-wide transmission. too bad be doesn't actually know his brothers' numbers to lock something to them. so after a moment of hesitation--]

Gabriel. [and a tightening of his jaw as he adds--] Lucifer.

I-- Your assistance would be beneficial.
15 November 2014 @ 07:44 pm
[ Skye's mostly watched the network, sending a few texts, but otherwise avoided people in any form since she woke up here. She's getting a little tired of ducking behind doors, though. It's like being back in her van and after being on the bus for so long, she's actually feeling lonely and claustrophobic at the idea. There has to be someone here with useful answers. ]

So is everyone here from Earth or what?

Anyone heard of SHIELD? Or HYDRA? I know someone who's really into Captain America. Is that a thing here? Is it too much of a leap to assume that you've heard of America at all?
09 November 2014 @ 08:05 pm
[Luke has on his determined face. This is the face he gets when he has A Plan, usually involving helping people and keeping himself busy. Even when he's not working Luke can't seem to sit still for more than five minutes so this is decidedly a good thing all around.]

Tranquility, this is Luke Skywalker. I'm fed up. With a lot of things, but I specifically want to address something that I can change. This last jump I realized that I've been on the ship for a year now and the after-effects of charging into Engineering to help save the ship have been making me miserable-- well, relatively speaking, for almost as long.

As I was hurling my guts out on the floor the other day I came up with an idea to-- alright, so it won't get rid of the 'Engineering sickness' entirely but it should at least help. And maybe if I get enough input from people who are smarter than me I can make it even more effective.

The medbay is stocked with plenty of drugs but the problem is that when the grav couch spits you out you're already puking and hating your existence before you even hit the floor. By the time the drugs have a chance to kick in the worst of it has passed. Making it from your grav couch to the showers while you're trying not to pass out and fall on your face again feels like the longest walk of your life.

So-- [He holds up a finger and then leans over and disappears from view. Seconds later he reappears with a crude drawing he's done of a device and holds it up to the camera.] Uh, I'm no artist but I hope it makes sense. All it is is a self-contained IV and timer. The idea is that it would be set to go off about a half hour before the user is scheduled to be released from their pod. There's a pump attached to the container which administers whatever drugs are in there; I'm envisioning anti-nausea and painkillers. By the time you wake up you're already feeling 'em! [Luke disappears briefly again to set down the drawing.]

Now, it'd be really, really simple to make. The hard part, as some of you might have already guessed, is the timing. As of now we don't know how long each jump lasts but I'm working on that with a couple people and hopefully I'll come up with a solution soon, though it may take some experimenting... which would take a while because unfortunately I can only run tests once a month.

Otherwise, I'd like to ask for help, specifically from the- uh, ironically- Engineering department and the Medbay. I'll need parts, mostly pumps, timers, casings, that sort of thing. And Medbay staff, I could use a second eye on this design and some medical expertise. Obviously the use of these things will have to be monitored by medical officers to make sure no one's overdosing or using the wrong drugs in the wrong combinations.

Uhhh... [he rubs his hands together thoughtfully] somewhere down the line, if I can get a solid, working design I'll probably need all the help I can get, putting together as many devices as possible. Anyone who wants one should have one, anyone whose jump experience can be improved even a little.

Zero-two-five-dash-one-eight-five. Get a hold of me if you'd like to help. Thanks, guys.
08 November 2014 @ 10:57 pm
[Wash is looking a bit frazzled, but he's still managing a friendly smile]

Hi Tranquility. Reckon I've had time to get to know a lot of you over the past year or so, but with folk always coming and going it doesn't hurt to introduce myself. I'm Wash and I'm a pilot by trade.

And in a lot of ways it's the going I want to talk to you about. I'm on the Flight Crew and as of the last jump, there's just three of us left. And one of us is a kid. [No offense intended, kid, but you haven't learned to fly]

We're always looking for more members on the crew, but we're particularly looking right about now. Have experience but already in another department? We could still use a hand now and then. Already doubling up too much but know how to fly? We'd at least like to know who we have available if we have to get out of here in a mighty hurry. No experience but eager to help? I'll show you the ropes myself if I have to.

And it's probably worth mentioning that a lot of what we do isn't flying. The shuttles get damaged every jump, so we need people who can help us get them back into working order. [Seriously this job is never ending.]

So if you want to help, just give me a wave and let me know what skills you've already got. We can figure the rest out from there.
03 November 2014 @ 07:14 pm
[Zoë's not really very comfortable with the technology on the ship yet, but she's a quick learner and has some help adjusting to the learning curve. (Thanks there, husband.) But, there's only so much strange shit that she can take without an actual job to occupy her hours.

Hence why she's doing this.]

Gotta say, wasn't really expectin' the whole power outage in the black like that. Not exactly the most comfortin'. I'd complain to our ship's captain, but from what I hear, he's missin'.

So, what's there to do on this ship, 'sides walkin' around floors and waitin' for things to pop out at me so I can shoot them in the face?
17 October 2014 @ 08:28 pm
everyone here gets warned not to go out in to the hallways
it's part of the welcome package or something
but it doesn't stop everyone from going looking

so how many of you have been out in to the hallways before?
what did you see?
or hear?
how do you know what happened was real?

how do you know any of this is real?
30 September 2014 @ 11:24 pm
[rikku is lying in her bunk, the comm propped up on some scrap of metal beside her because she's too busy playing with her garment grid to hold it herself. she looks thoughtful, and gently runs the pads of her fingers over the spheres locked into the grid. the five of them, each a different color (lighter shades of red, blue, yellow, etc.), seem to glow with some sort of inner light. it's a very, very faint glow, but it's still there.]

How many of y'all have magic in your worlds? Like, not that hocus pocus "pick a card, let me saw you in half, i've got a dove up my butt" sort of magic. I'm pretty sure almost everywhere has that kind of magic. But I mean real, true magic.

[a beat]

Well I guess "real" is kinda relative, considering how many different kinds of magic there could be, but I think you get the gist. And if you've got magic--is it something everyone can do? Or do they need training or some kinda help to use it?
21 September 2014 @ 11:00 pm
I have heard then in some lands they say there are white lies as opposed to those of the darker sort.

15 September 2014 @ 08:59 pm
Hi. This is Claire Bennet. You might know me. You might not. Nathan Petrelli is my father and, obviously, that means Peter is my uncle.

At this point, I'm sure that everyone is aware, but if you aren't: they have both gone as of the last jump. I'm not really equipped to deal with the holes that they left in their respective departments, so I won't waste everyone's time trying to offer a helping hand in that capacity or anything. I hope the positions get filled soon, even if they are big shoes to fill.

My main thing here is that... well, Nathan and Peter left me with three dogs. I thought about giving the two puppies up for adoption and, you know, running a background check to make sure potential applicants had never murdered a hamster or anything like that. But the more I think about it, the less right it seems to give away something that isn't mine to give. That being said, I need some help in about two departments here. Okay:

1. Can anyone go over the process for getting animals into the grav couches before the jump? Is there a special procedure I should be aware of? Do I just... plop them in there or what?

2. Is there any kind of, like... doggy daycare out there? Should there be? Should we just organize a ship-wide animal meet-and-greet of some kind? Along those lines, let's talk puppy play dates. Not even necessarily with other puppies. I know the dogs spent some amount of time with the comms department, too, so if anyone ever wanted to walk any of them... that would be great.

I'd really like to do this right, since they belonged to my family, and they obviously both cared about them.


EDIT: does anyone know how to use a sword? Specifically, a samurai sword.
07 September 2014 @ 06:52 pm
[The backdrop of the video feed is the medbay, still somewhat crowded and noisy. Luke clearly hasn't been through the extraction process yet as he's still looking quite sickly and is not covered in tiny micro-abrasions. Because of this he's impatient and cuts right to the chase.]

I need volunteers. Hopefully by now a few of you have had a chance to rest and recover after the extraction process. If you feel like you can be on your feet a lot I need your help.

We need runners to go through the passenger levels and look for anyone who might not have seen the announcement. It's a possibility due to the comm malfunctions and we need to make sure everyone gets taken care of before the jump. It's only a couple days away so we're really down to the wire.

Uh... [Luke pauses to rub his tired eyes and gather his thoughts] if you're not quite as fit but still want to help there might be some people stuck in the lifts and behind doors trying to get to the medbay. Your nanites should be working fine now so you'll be able to help them out. Stay close to the blue lift because that's the one most people will be using.

You don't need to report anywhere, just let me know what you're doing so I know who to call on if someone's in trouble.
02 September 2014 @ 04:10 am
Hi. Hi. William from Medical again.

[After the blurry bulge of his nose backs out of too-close soft-focus, William looks worse than last time, if not nearly as bad as some. His eyes are very glazed, very bright blinking at approximately thirty percent the speed that they were in his video with Peter, which is a thing that happens to humans when they're very tired. (He is, finally.) In contrast, he's talking proportionately louder than he was before. Exhaustion doesn't preclude excitement.] Unfortunately, we've yet to come up with any kind of a fucking cure. However, we now have some understanding of the etiology of this shit been plaguing us the past few weeks.

Nanites seem to be causing both the shipwide malfunctions and the disease. Not the ones swimming 'round in our tattoos; a foreign vector I'll refer to as--
[the unrehearsed nature of this becomes immediately obvious. Sadly Peter Petrelli is elsewhere occupied with being in charge.] --nanorobullshit. Fortunately, we've got exactly one little bugger among the passengers has reported knowledge and abilities related to nanotechnology, and he's this bloke right here. Aye aye.

[Shake and swivel camera to what would appear to be a pale-looking teenager bearing a pleased, toothy grin.]

Hey, so I'm Rex and I can talk to machines. [He gives a little salute with one fist and lets that info sink in. Yeah, it's awesome.] I checked out my ship-nanites as soon as I arrived-- there was only one type at that time. Now, the sicker people are, the higher their concentrations of this second nanite. The mutations seem to be the ship-nanites' attempt to heal and protect us. [Got it? Good.]

If anyone else on board knows about nanites, I can fill you in on what I know.

[Another tremble and blur, and the comm device turns back to William.] We are still in need of a solution, but we hope that this information can guide your, [he blinks hard. Vocabulary fails him.] shit.

Peter Petrelli has stated that the Medical Bay is open to investigation, though as usual access to sensitive equipment is locked to personnel. Charles Xavier is heading up the Xenobio side of things, including other laboratories and experimental treatments. Kate Bishop is heading up investigation into the physical source of this bullshit, and Mr. Luke Skywalker is presently our tech consult. Heather Mason will probably feed you. Refer to the network for details. Also anybody been vomiting in their sleep needs to be positioned on their side. Laters.

[Attached are: bastard-fucking-bullshit-new-nanites-micrograph.4345 and original-nanites-micrograph.4344]

OOC Information )
Current Music: zzzz
21 August 2014 @ 09:23 pm
[Ianto could make a big announcement, Petrelli-style. He could talk about the last time people started getting sick (though he's fairly certain this isn't stasis sickness all over again), or how everyone should band together to help each other and keep an eye on each other. He could propose that people voluntarily go to the medbay to get their blood tested, or ask people to compare symptoms and severity.

As if anyone has the bloody energy for all that.]

Is there anyone who isn't sick?
20 August 2014 @ 08:46 pm
[Despite working in Comms, Leia hasn't tried to address the rest of the ship since her arrival. But things have been steadily getting worse and she can't ignore it anymore.

Her cheeks are unnaturally flushed and she alternates between shaking and wanting to strip down to nothing from hour to hour. The slight cough she'd disregarded as leftover stress from her arrival, it's gotten worse. The overall picture is of someone who's miserable and ill but is trying to deny it.]

Excuse me, but is there something wrong with the environmental controls on the ship? Who do I talk to about having my room checked over?

[She coughs harshly, a wet sound that quickly turns into a harsh gag. She has to get off the communicator now.]

Help would also be appreciated with opening my door. It's been stuck for the last three hours.

[She turns the comm off just as she starts coughing again.]
01 August 2014 @ 08:20 am
((Luke meant to send this to just a few friends but he forgot to hit the encryption button so it's now a public post for the entire ship to see! You all just got invited to a party. Use this information wisely.

The actual party log will be going up in a bit.))

[Luke looks better than he has in a while. He's managed to sleep out the exhaustion and stress but of course it's difficult to near impossible to stop worrying about things around here. Behind him is the scenery of one of the rec rooms.]

Hey, guys. I get the feeling we could all use a break. There's some drinks and stuff in the rec room on the first level. Bring anything you want, alright? See you soon.

[Because everyone needs some time away from thinking about their imminent doom, right?

Luke seems to have put down his communicator and anyone who tries to reach him via this post won't be able to for several hours. Any responses that happen from Luke will be after the fact, if he replies at all. He might be feeling a bit sheepish.]