13 March 2014 @ 02:17 pm
Since everyone's all about hiring on help these days-- I've got a few things that need doing if there are any bored volunteers. Also a few things on a shopping list if there's anyone that recently arrived with a decent stash

Shopping list is easy: tea, more tea, spices, decent bacon, cigarettes, movies that aren't space knock offs. Watched almost all of those sixteen thousand times each. Though I recommend space Titanic, which is weirdly better than the Leoardo DiCaprio version.

Things that need doing: someone to move something seriously heavy, someone else to make a delivery and pickup.

You'll be paid in space beer or space risotto. Space beer and space risotto is also what we have to trade with for the stuff on the shopping list. And all of it's semi important, especially the tasks. Only slightly less important than the tasks is the cigarettes.
[A pause.] And maybe the tea.


[ooc ps - there is totally not a sneaky vampire plot embedded in here, don't worry!!! but if you volunteer for the delivery & pickup it will entail a rifle drop off and maybe some (lots of) lying. be warned.]
12 March 2014 @ 03:35 pm
[ The comms device is on for a few moments, the picture bouncing around one of the rooms like a merry go round, before it finally it settles on a messy long-haired young man. His eyes squinting at the device for a few moments. Not in confusion, more in annoyance. The camera shifts again as he lowers the camera enough to rest on surface before he’s leaning forward.]

First of all. Fuck this place. And fuck whatever bought us here.

Because while wondering around in space sounds like a fun idea. It’s less appealing in practice.

[ His voice is slow and careful, there’s almost held back humour at the whole situation. Because of course this would fucking happen to him. There’s a lull in conversation there, as if he expects someone to answer him. With no answer he continues.]

Fine. Does anyone have a beer at least? Because this shit isn't exactly the easiest to swallow.

Out of curiosity, if someone were to have a certain...affliction. Does anyone have any idea what this fun little ship would do to it?
11 March 2014 @ 06:49 pm
[Eventually locked from Klaus]

I never thought I would say this, but even I can't drink myself into tolerating this place. Other than people being stupid and making stupid choices that might or might not affect us all in the long run, is there any sort of entertainment here other than the booze?

Any at all?

[Salvatore Brothers]

So how is the polite way to get blood in this place? Or should I just bite the first idiot that seems easy to be compelled enough?

Look, I'm even bothering to ask.


How is my favorite person in the whole ship doing? Not as bored as I am, I hope.

[Elizabeth of York]

How do you fare? Being much more of a lady than myself, I can't possibly imagine how this place has forced you to change your habits.
01 February 2014 @ 08:37 pm
[ When the feed comes on, everything is in its place. The Comms device is set squarely on to a view of a desk, a large American flag hangs on its pole in the space behind Nathan, decked out in his best suit. A painting hangs on the wall behind him. This may be the last time he addresses the ship, in which case he’s going to do it right. ]

Good afternoon, Tranquility.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Nathan Petrelli. I arrived here on the sixth jump, and I’ve been working in Communications ever since. I was here when we all still reported to Resnik to keep the ship running, and I was here when Ward executed the prisoners we took from the Scylla. I’ve been here through most of the worst things that the Tranquility has thrown at us, and never once - not once, in almost two years - have I thought to stop cooperating with the whims of this damn ship.

That ends today.

At 0900 tomorrow morning I intend to take the Tranquility’s bridge. I make this post here, now, because this isn’t just about me, this concerns all of us. So, perhaps against my better judgement, it seems only right that those of the rest of you that are as restless as I am should have the opportunity to join me in this endeavor.

Some of you will call me crazy. You’ll think that makes you sane. You’ll call this mutinous. But let me ask you--how willing are you to carry on the way we have been so far? The distortions we see in the mirrors; the people that are watching; no longer just out of sight; our secrets, no longer secret; the weight of paranoia that is weighing all of us down, month after month. How long do you want this to go on without making a stand, without feeling like you’ve actually done something about it?

I don’t know that this is going to be safe. I don’t know if any of us are going to come back, and maybe some of the less morally indulgent types around here are gonna see it as good reason to lock us all away. I’d like to remind those people that in the absence of an actual captain, this isn’t really a mutiny. We can argue about it lawyer style if you like. Might as well, it might be the last argument we ever have. But please don’t feel as though you’ll alter my resolve.

We have to change what we’re doing. We have to make a stand. And you can shut your mouth right now, Neal Caffrey. I haven’t forgotten what you said; this is about weighing the risk.

[ At last Nathan takes a deliberate pause, steepled his hands in front of him. ]

If you’re going to volunteer, then please consider the risks. You may die. You may go mad. The rest of this crazy crew might decide to throw you into space. This isn’t a decision that you should be making quickly, but I’m sorry, this is all the time we’ve got. If you have even the slightest of doubts, you should stay behind.

Some of you--I know you’re gonna volunteer, and I reserve the right to veto your offers. You know who you are, and you have responsibilities. I’m not tearing apart the infrastructure of this ship if I can help it. Others...well, I need you where you are. Plan B.

Hopefully the next time I speak to you, it’ll be from Tranquility’s bridge. Be safe, and good luck to all of us. Petrelli out.

[ OOC: This is the corresponding network post to the volunteer sign up here on the OOC comm. If you don’t know what’s going on yet, then take a read through. ]
11 November 2013 @ 05:28 pm
[The small, not quite comfortable smile she greets the network with is a far cry from the face she'd been sporting only a few hours before. It was one thing to accept her new lot in life for a day, maybe two- until reality really sunk in and the memories started pouring in. But she doesn't want to weigh in. She doesn't have the experience to, and even if she did- Her world extends only to those from Boston right now, and she needs to keep it that way]

I'm getting the impression the more hands there are in the medbay, the merrier. I'm a nurse from Boston. The- Uh, the year is 2013 if that matters. [It's space, it probably matters, she doesn't know- her nerd culture exposure is only by proxy. Her fingers curl around the steaming mug of coffee, and wishes it was a little less coffee and a lot more vodka. Still, it's hard to beat surprise breakfast in bed] I'd appreciate a guided tour, as soon as someone's available.

So let's get the mundane out of the way. I'm Nora- Josh's wife. I'm one of the new kids passing through here, but he's let me in on the fact that he's been around for- way too long. I feel like taking the lazy scenic route for making new friends and I'm going to keep stealing his.

So if you know him, why don't you come say hi? I'm thinking of taking a look around.
[Ruby's in the kitchen, nursing a cup of coffee. She looks tired, though not overly so. Adapting to life on board isn't going all that great for her - but thank whatever deity you want to insert here for coffee, because Ruby is just going to survive on that. Hey, Grenny pestered her with early morning diner shifts often enough, and Ruby isn't ashamed to admit that she's addicted. Doesn't mean she's gonna kick the habit anytime soon. She smiles at the camera, friendly as always.]

Hey guys. Ruby here, for those I haven't met yet. Pleasure to meet you, not pleased about the weird circumstances, you know how it goes.

Two things... first of all. I gather I'm not the only one hallucinating. Or... having dreams. Memories. I'm not awake enough to puzzle that out. Is this some sort of... group hallucination, and what's so interesting about two people talking about how hot some prisoner is, anyway? Do I need to be concerned? Do I need to... I don't know, do anything about this, report it to anyone?

[She rubs a face down her hands, smiles, because all this sounds insane, but it seems to be common practice here.]

Second thing... well. I was wondering. I'll admit, I'm not the brightest bulb to ever light the room. So... we're in space. And I was just wondering, if you were. Say. Sensitive to the moon. 

[Yeah, this is harder than she'd thought. Crap. Ruby takes a long sip of her coffee, a little too hot for comfort, but the burn is quite welcome right now. She can't exactly go saying that she's a werewolf and very likely to kill anything that moves in front of her during three months a night, because she doesn't think she'll be in control of the wolf after not transforming for a whooping 28 years, plus she doesn't have the magical cloak that'll prevent the transformation - yeah, that's not gonna get her pushed out of an air lock at all. She's had enough angry mobs after her in her own time.]

Are we in any way affected by moon cycles, given that we... well. Have no... moon of our own?

[Yeah, it sounds even more stupid when she says it out loud, but does the truth of her little problem really sound any less stupid?]

21 September 2013 @ 08:48 pm
[ josh is looking a bit too disconcertingly mountain man-ish to pull off video, and he's too interested in not announcing his supernatural status to go for voice. that means anonymous text, though he's slightly reluctant to send it; he's aware this is a very weird and very specific question. ]

Who has experience with witches and shapeshifters? Either or, but if you know anything about an overlap, i.e. magic being used to prevent or prolong a shift, please share with the class.

And just to clarify: magic as in black magic, the kind with corpses and soul trading and other non-refundable mistakes. Mary Poppins need not apply.

[ and by mary poppins he means you jokers with the pink hair and the antlers. but that only covers one possibility, so a few extremely reluctant seconds later: ]

Or if you've ever just heard of shapeshifters getting stuck. Like, stuck in one form. Please share that too.
09 August 2013 @ 10:57 am
[Godric is sitting, slumped casually in a chair in one of the common areas when he turns on the video feed. When he speaks, his tone is soft but clear, and he remains thoughtful as he speaks unhurriedly. This isn't a speech he's had planned out, but he knows what he wants to say.]

With every jump, we receive a variety of new passengers from a variety of different worlds. To some, this ship is not so dissimilar to what they are accustomed to. To others, it is the most foreign thing they have ever known. The worlds we come from vary like grains of sand, and although the welcome guide offers a rudimentary introduction into the unknown, and an invaluable insight into what has already come to pass here, it can only do so much to ease the culture shock.

As our worlds are different, so too are there differences in the types of people we are accustomed to, and how we react to those people. Some of you have vampires in your world, or werewolves, or shapeshifters. For others of you, these are merely fictional stories. But this ship acts as a nexus, and the first thing that any of us must understand is that all things are possible here, and not all things are as you might expect them.

I am a vampire, and not the only one aboard this ship. There are a few of us, but we are as varied as our worlds. Where some of us may have no reflection or cannot be recorded, for example, [he smiles here, the humor obvious] my kind certainly can. We have different cultures and different sleeping habits, and indeed, different eating habits, which is the thing that naturally concerns most newcomers.

While all vampires feed on human blood -- the sole thing we all have in common -- it can affect us differently according to our natures. Some of us, it seems, choose to refrain entirely from its consumption and come to no harm for it. Some of us can eat food and survive on that alone, the same as any human. And for those of us for whom this is not an option, there are synthetic options provided by medical, as well as many kind and generous people aboard who have willingly donated their blood so that we will not starve.

I tell you all this to reassure anyone who has recently come aboard, and found themselves alarmed by our presence. While I cannot vouch for all of us any more than a single human can vouch for all his species, I can say that most of us mean no harm, and wish only to live as peacefully as we can here. I tell you this also so that any vampire new to this ship can understand we are not in hiding, and that aggression is not welcome. And while I cannot speak for any other supernatural species aboard, I hope you will all understand that you have friends here.

[He leaves off there, but leaves the feed open for questions.]
08 August 2013 @ 02:53 pm
anyone else feel like they need to scrub their skin off right now?


[ what with smiley's post and the slightly more horrified noises around the medbay and lockers, plus the inexplicable itchy feeling she'd been having that's making the hair on the back of her neck raise - almost like something was just out of sight and they were too late to know it. ]
07 July 2013 @ 01:21 am
Um-- [ It comes out in sort of a croak, so he clears his throat before continuing. ]

I've been thinking-- We've been talking about... what's real, and what's not, whether or not anyone remembers anything when they get home. So, kind of similar, but is there any way people at home could know about what's happening on the ship? Or any way they could find out? I know we all kind of assume they can't, but if there's any possibility. Any possibility at all.

[ A frustrated pause-- he scrubs his hand through his hair. He knows the usual answers; no one remembers when they go home, and they go back right to the same time, so there's no way. He's just not sure whether that answer accounts for clairvoyance and how to ask without outright stating it. And that's the crux of the matter, really; that's what's been keeping him up at night and driving his mind to cover the same tracks again and again. ]

Don't... rule out "magic" or something like it, if something like that exists in your world. [ Close enough. ] This probably isn't the most important thing on anyone's mind right now, but I need to know. It's important to me. Thanks.

[ He reaches to shut the feed off-- and then draws back again, frowning slightly. ] Uh, one more thing-- if you have any use for a magnet, I've got one that's up for grabs. I'm in 014 » 124, come take it. I want to get rid of it.
15 July 2013 @ 11:32 pm
[There's a ginger on the screen, a pretty face with fiery eyes. When she speaks, it's with a Scottish accent and a bite in her words.]

Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit boring that we're on a spaceship that's not actually going anywhere? Where's the saphire planets? Where's the American Doughboys marching off to war?

Where's Rio! Why do I have the outfit for that if we're not even going!

[Amy sighs, frustrated. There's no way she's the only person who sees how lame this is.]

Even this ship isn't so impressive. Oh sure, it's big, but isn't it big on the outside too? What sort of a boring spaceship is that? Anyone could do that! The next thing you know, they'll be forcing us all to wear bow ties to make it seem interesting!

[Sorry Doctor, they're still not cool.]

Whatever. If anyone sees a Roman with a stupid face and a nose marching about, send him straight to room 021 » 003. That's the only thing that's going to make me like this ship better.
16 July 2013 @ 12:03 am

guess we're all just gonna ignore the fact the bosses fucked off then

okay, they've "been replaced" or whatever. but with the amount of shit that goes on over the network about not expecting new guys to fill the old guys' shoes, that means fuck all

so. whatever. here you go. this is me being responsible again (fuck you stark)

we're down to the final five in gunnery, so if you're looking for something to do on this ship and you're not scared of handling a weapon (yes i mean that literally), we could use you

if you don't know what you're doing, we can train you. If you do, drop one of us a line (016»012, 001»167, 002»022, 010»199, or 017»142) and we can get you started.

(on second thoughts, don't call cobb. he's probably busy jerking off)


[locked to gunnery & tyke]

for what it's worth, my vote goes to romanoff for taking over gunnery. no idea where you guys stand on it though

ooc; anything re: jobs and the like will be auto-pinged to gunnery folks. so have at it if people want to jump in on stuff?
01 July 2013 @ 12:09 am
[ before clara speaks, she cracks her knuckles. this is big news and big business, so she speaks crisply, ]

Alright then, so, for those of you watching the network, Mr. Winchester was nice enough to sound the alarm on subnetwork shenanigans.

ooc cut for copy/paste formatting and spoilers for the tumblrs, if you haven't checked them/solved the clues yet. )
25 June 2013 @ 07:09 pm
[ as is his habit these days, robb appears with grey wind's massive form at his side, regarding the camera from robb's shoulder. the wolf doesn't move, stares into the camera even as robb shuffles through the things on his nightstand, takes a minute to gather his thoughts before speaking. ]

There were many different religions in Westeros, and since arriving here, I've learned of many more. None are familiar to me, though some bear passing resemblance to those gods worshipped by those of my land. I have attended the chapel, but all of it was strange to me, and I don't think I could swear to those gods as I have my own.

[ there's a pause. grey wind shifts restlessly at his side and robb sighs, tugs at the laces of his tunic until they loosen. ]

There's no weirwood aboard this vessel. I have prayed always to the old gods, and it is said that they would keep watch so long as a man did not stray from their line of sight. I have strayed far, though not intentionally. So what I wonder is if I swear to my gods, or bind two souls together in marriage, or ask a blessing upon my bannermen, do my gods still hear? Do any of our gods hear us, when we've wandered so far?

[ robb stops, takes a breath. he looks away from the lens, reaches as if to cut it off and then grey wind huffs, like a reminder, and robb adds, almost as an afterthought-- ]

Thranduil, I would speak with you, if you would spare me audience.

[ and then robb cuts off the feed. ]
[ the thing is, ric knows this is perhaps timed badly, that between everything this might be the least of their worries, but this jump, how it's so twisted with that broadcast of a man who's been dead for almost enough jumps to where only a handful of people even remember him from any broadcast that wasn't from the past. ric remembers him, faintly, in the sort of way you tend to remember the people you see around on the ship more than once or twice. ric likes to call it the small town effect, the ship may be bigger than boston or a number of cities that the various people on the ship are from, but their number is just like a very tiny town. and everyone knows that everyone knows everyone in those places and if they don't, they will soon enough.

seeing the broadcast and seeing some of the other broadcasts had made one singular question pop up into ric's head that he— feels is necessary to ask. if only to learn more about everyone ( that's what a good neighbor does, right ) and their opinions on the entire thing. ]

Bad timing, I know, but figured if I didn't try now I'd manage to forget it the next time it actually was a good time to ask. But anyway, how many of you here believe in ghosts? [ a pause, and a huffed out laugh as he shakes his head. ] I'd say have you seen them, but different worlds, universes, mine is not yours, I'm not assuming the supernatural exists in yours and you don't have to call me crazy for it maybe existing in mine or anyone else's.

But, I'm just a little curious to see if any of you believe in them given— this ship and a lot of things that happen on it. How things are just— fucked up here to where that almost seems sane compared to some things.
[ dear tranquility. welcome to the network semi-debut of the hansel & gretel show. it starts with a semi-out of focus image of gretel as she adjusts the device to get both her and her brother (who should look familiar to some) in the picture. their weapons are visible in the background (it’s hard to miss a triple-action crossbow and a giant, phallic gun), but hansel blocks them from view as gretel has him stand next to her. she takes a moment to lean in and inspect it, frowning as she stands back and looks toward him. ]

I think it’s on. I’m still not sure how this thing works half the time.

[ taking a moment to eye the device with some obvious disdain, hansel turns his attention to gretel as she speaks, shrugging in response. can you guess which of the two of them decided to make this post? ]

How the fuck should I know? I still say this is a waste of time.

You might know if you bothered learning how to use it. [ jackass.

it’s a response that has him grinning now, though he does his best to hide it when he turns back to the device again. ]

So, you want to start?

[ gretel rolls her eyes, but resists the urge to smack him upside the head as she turns her attention back to the device. ]

All right. Hi, everyone. My name is Gretel and this [ she nods towards her brother ] is Hansel. We’re new arrivals to the ship, and we’ve heard that there’s need for the kind of services we provide.

We’re witch hunters. [ in case the weapons weren’t a giveaway ] So while you may not have the exact same kind of shit here we deal with back home, we know what we’re doing. [ see, he can be helpful here too, gretel. sometimes. ]

So if you run into anything you want taken care of, or if you think there may be leftover creatures in the darker sections of the ship, [ yes, she’s done her research (or as much as she could through the device) ] let us know. [ there’s a beat, and she glances toward hansel before speaking up again. ]

Also, if there’s anyone we can talk to from medical - [ well, he knows exactly where she’s going with this. so sorry sis, but that makes it time for him to take his leave temporarily. this is one topic he really doesn’t want to discuss on this network thing

gretel just glares at hansel’s retreating form before turning back to the device. ]
- we need to do that as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

ooc; purple = gretel; green = hansel. as a heads up to anyone replying, you’ll undoubtedly be doubleteamed by the pair. if you specifically only want to speak to one character (or have two individual threads), just give us a warning!

ETA: and yes, fourth-walling the fairy tale is welcome and encouraged.
17 June 2013 @ 02:47 pm
[ the feed opens on uhura’s hands as she picks up a piece of black paper. there’s an indistinct noise, and the feed goes shaky, right before sulu puts down the comm, balances it in front of them. ]

There. Fold it like that, with a sharp crease. Like I showed you.

[ not that sulu’s tutelage is all that effective, considering how hard he’s working to keep the situation with his hands on the downlow. ]

I tried that, and last time I ripped the paper. [It’s flat, and would almost be self-deprecating, if she weren’t so amused. For someone as detail oriented as Uhura, the idea that something that sounds as simple as origami, would be outside of her ability to comprehend is almost laughable]

Like this? [She folds one corner in, slower- to make sure the alignment is right, and runs the nail carefully along the crease]

Yes. Just like that. [ sulu taps her wrist with two fingers, in encouragement, before picking up the ripped sheet and flattening it out along the table. his eyes flick up to the camera, then back to uhura. ] We need to try for a thousand. I have enough paper for that.

[The encouragement gains him a soft smile in answer, a brief flicker of her eyes in his direction, before she makes the next fold as carefully as she can manage] Why a thousand?

Because if we manage a thousand something good will happen. [ sulu doesn’t say miracle and he doesn’t say good health or good luck but it’s what he means. he presses a palm against the ripped sheet of paper, covering it before addressing the comm. ] And if anyone else wants to learn, we’ll be happy to teach you. [ since sulu assumes uhura’s going to pick this up in a matter of hours. it’s just how starfleet kids roll. ] We’re in the common room on the sixth floor.

( ooc: the red font is nyota uhura! )
14 June 2013 @ 10:11 am
hello. my name is geeorge sands and Im new to the tranquility. it would be lovely to make new friends!

i am friends with mitchell and annie and also josh but i'll get lonely if I'm not able to meet new and fun people. i speak many languages and enjoy watching mooovies and the real hustle.

I hope to meet everyone!

[Some nights ghosts sneak into your room when you're asleep and use your fingers to mash keys on your communicator to help you make friends. For George Sands, this was one such night.]
12 June 2013 @ 12:46 am
[The feed opens to a rather trashed looking bedroom behind him. Tyler's gotten better at holding back his temper than he used to be but sometimes? He still loses it. This is one of those times.

He almost never posts on the network himself, but someone has to do this.

For anyone who gave a shit, Mason Lockwood has left the ship. You know, for those who care.

[And the feed shuts down.

Even saying it hurts more than it should. Mason is dead back home. Has been for a year now. The one perk about this place was that he got to spend time with his uncle again, that at least here some of his family was still alive.

But he's gone now. There was nothing Tyler could do to save him. Just like there had been nothing he could do to save his mother. Or his pack He can never save anyone. It's getting tiring, being constantly reminded of the fact.

Why does he even bother trying anymore?