23 December 2014 @ 10:31 pm
[It's taken Cora several days to work herself around to posting this, considering different people she could ask directly, considering ways to word it that don't sound like she's going crazy. She still doesn't know if she's achieved the latter, but she's reached the point of needing some reassurance that going crazy isn't what's actually happening.]

I need to know if anyone's noticed anything strange in medical. Where the pods are.
02 September 2014 @ 04:23 pm
[it's a text message, but not by choice for once. instead, it's by necessity. the idea of trying to talk when he can't really hear himself any more is-- well, it's something he'd like to avoid having to think about too much right now. the message itself is one filled with locks. locks that, thanks to the technology glitches, are next to useless. not that he knows that just yet.]

locked to beacon hills crew; 0% encryption

how many of you are sick right now
how bad

[because waking up ill is never a good thing. not when you're not meant to be able to get sick any more. there's a delay before he finally adds--]

full moon's tomorrow
i think i need to be knocked out this time

[there's no way of knowing whether the room will stay locked or not. or whether anyone else will stay well enough to keep him in check.

and that's it. or at least, that's as far as that message goes. a switch of locks (as useless as it may be) and it's time to do something he knows is a bad idea.]

locked to smiley; 0% encryption

i don't know if you're watching this thing still or not but
you helped us before even if people don't really see it that way
i know we haven't given you any reason to do it again but
what're we meant to do
how do we stop this

ooc; any voice posts will go unanswered as his hearing is deteriorating rapidly. video replies won't fare much better, though he'll at least know they're there to respond to
29 August 2014 @ 03:30 pm
[The video blips on--but as it's meant to be voice, it's not a steady video, or even a good one. The lighting is poor, flickering a little, and at first, the recording is mainly of a hand and a portion of wall. This is one of the lifts, with no life to it. The first sound captured by the recording is a cry of pain, from somewhere off-screen--loud, and low, and agonised--before it cuts off into sharp, panted breaths instead. The video blurs, as Sirius moves--he's the one holding the device, and he hunches over it to record, so most of the image is now his face--]

One of the blue lifts, in the passenger quarters-- it's out. It's stuck, it's not moving. Again. What a shit month we're having. Welcome to space.

[He looks pretty shitty himself, face all pale and hollow, hair damp with sweat. When he turns to look off-video, there's a streak of blood along his cheek, dripping down from his ear. He's looking at someone; he's not alone, the pained breathing, the cry--those belong to someone else. (Sally, actually, midway through a werewolf transformation, not appearing in this film.)]

This lift's meant to be going up to, uh. To one of the higher levels, one of the ones way beyond us. Avoid the passenger lifts for now if you can, I don't know--this one might start up again, and if it does, that's--we'll be all right. And if you do call a lift going up, don't-- jam the door before you let it open, if you can. Wait. You'll know which one this is, you'll be able to hear it, just don't board it. This one's not safe. And no one try and fetch this one just yet. Leave it where it is, just leave it.

[Another sound of pain, from off-screen--louder, more insistent--Sirius bites at his lip, hard, and whether this is to himself, or the Tranquility at large, or Sally, it's not obvious, but he offers--] It's all right.

[Another start of a scream, but by then he's thumbing off the recording, and that's all.]

[[ooc note tho: MOST responses to this will be ic-ly delayed! this is a werewolf transformation in a tiny box scenario. feel free to recognise the voice shouting in pain as Sally's I think that is okay (I will note if that changes).]]
21 August 2014 @ 01:50 am
[ katniss is restless with illness, crabby with it. she wants to do something to get her out of her head, but she's worked herself too much already today, knows she's reaching a point where pushing through will only make her worse, not better. so she rests in bed, and tries to find something to talk about. she's not very good at small talk, often only exchanges a couple of words and then considers the conversation over, but there's one thing she could listen to people talk about forever. ]

Would anyone like to tell me about their favourite foods?

[ voice, because she still finds texting too fiddly. after a pause, she adds an addendum: ]

Be as detailed as you'd like.
19 March 2014 @ 07:57 pm
My dear Tranquility, if you would be so kind as to indulge me in another question - quite different from my last one but no less genuine.

[Something milder than anger flashes in Ichabod's eyes. He tucks a strand of long hair behind his ear before continuing.]

Is there anyone who thinks that these trousers, these...so-called skinny jeans are appropriate for a grown man!

[He holds them up, giving them a shake. See how angry they make him!!!]

Why the ship would choose to gift them to me can be nothing more than a cruel jest, but if anyone should like to have them, for whatever reason, you may collect them from me at once.
13 March 2014 @ 06:18 pm
[ ned, again, is full of bright smiles. he's been tinkering with the pie hole and all of its components for quite some time now, and he is pictured unfolding a giant pie display that he found in his locker. and while he's still weak from this jump, he's excited to get a move on. baking will bring him right back up to normalcy, he's convinced. ]

For those of you who are new, or who missed my last announcement -- this. This is the Pie Hole. And it is open right now and forever after. We could all use a little slice of home, in a galaxy far far away.

[ he's always wanted to say that, but the camera slips around the room. the furnishings are meager, but passable, and everything inside is painted a pleasant green, the lights that hang from the ceiling orange. ]

I've never run a business without-- [ fat stacks of cash? ] money, before, but. I think I've worked out a system so that no one feels. Er. So that no one feels as if they're getting something for nothing or nothing for something. It will be fair.

In any case! The Pie Hole is indeed up and running, so please stop in for a slice. Which is free. The first one, anyway.

[ he spins the pie display with a look of accomplishment and puts his hands on his hips.

a dog bark and a pig snort sound from somewhere behind him and digby dog and pigby pig are looking expectantly to the feed as it pans. ]

Oh, yes. Thank you. We are located adjacent to the Oxygen Gardens, under the pie crust overhang. [ it felt so good to say that again. ]

I'll see you soon, fellow Tranquilityzens. [ oop one more thing. ] And I'm Ned.

The pie maker.
19 February 2014 @ 11:18 am
[This public service announcement comes to you from the security offices, and is delivered in a bored monotone. It's more a recitation than anything, really--Sirius is clearly reading off of a piece of paper. This fact is very clear, because he's holding up the paper, and you can mostly see it.]

Good day. My name is Mi-- Sirius Black. I'm a member of the security team. Unfortunately. All new arrivals, please do not hesitate to contact Miles Edgeworth, and not me, if you have either questions regarding security or if you are feeling distinctly masochistic and want to volunteer. He's always looking for new recruits and it would be really lovely if he had someone else to read things off of paper for him. And if you don't like reading things off of paper, and you're a military, law enforcement, or combat type, you can contact him as well. Just contact him. Give the man something to do.

Similarly, if you run into any trouble or find yourself in distress of any sort, which you most likely will, at some point, 'cos that's the way of things around here, kindly inform him, and not me, and he will swoop in to your rescue. Or organise someone to swoop in to your rescue, he's a terrific organiser. But he might just do it himself--I know it doesn't seem as if he will, but trust me, he will.

[Paper finished, he glances up. He's tired; it shows in his face, but he grins anyways.]

And now, because this wouldn't be the Miles Edgeworth Radio Hour without a survey--please answer this survey here and send a copy along to him as well so he doesn't miss out on the fun of reading your answers twice over. That's Miles Egdeworth, SEC » 007 » 114. He would just love to hear from you all.

[And he knocks off a salute, even though it's very lazy and he's slumped in his chair.]


survey.urmom.doc )
28 January 2014 @ 04:08 pm

[Hayley isn't really big on the network. When the random interactions you have with people tends to circle around to how someone "warned them" about you, it becomes a near survival instinct to avoid running into complete strangers or allowing yourself to be easily recognized simply for that sort of association.

Opting for text - even if it attaches her floor and number to it - feels a bit safer.]

did anyone take a count of the ones that didn't wake up during that jump and then figure out if anyone still didn't make it out? not just didn't wake up, but ones that were just gone.

it's not like we take a headcount each jump. unless we do and I've been missing it each time.

what if that was the first jump for someone? brand new to the ship and a month in the tube before they even realize they've been taken.

[There's a while before she sends one final comment.]

Is this just going to be something I shouldn't be worrying about?

html code included )
21 January 2014 @ 05:03 pm
[ like so many of robb's network addresses, he appears with grey wind at his side. he's in the gardens, sweat sticking his curls to his skin as grey wind huffs beside him, for once not pacing impatiently as robb speaks. ]

It seems the ship has seen fit to save the strange temperatures for those who slumbered through them last month. I suppose there are few left who remember the ship growing cold once? Perhaps it feels the heat suits us better.

[ robb's tone suggests that is most certainly doesn't suit him, but is that really a surprise? starks have ever been more suited to the cold. ]

If you would all permit me, I would ask to speak with any who slumbered, this month or prior, for last month was not the first that has seen people remaining trapped within their pods. I dreamed, and I would know if they were shared, or if any recognize that which I saw. Time has passed, and yet I've still not made sense of all that happened within those dreams.

[ grey wind makes a soft noise, almost a whine. robb doesn't reach a hand to soothe him, as if it's important neither of them seem unsettled. ]

Lastly, I would speak with Erik Lensherr, who I hear has returned once more, and Cesare Borgia, if he will indulge me with an audience. And my family, those of my House and those who carry my banner, I've news to share with you.

[ robb takes a breath, and grey wind gets to his feet, shakes out his coat, and paces off camera. robb chuckles, and cuts the feed on a murmur too quiet to be heard. ]
18 January 2014 @ 05:04 pm
[the feed opens on a shot of (a slightly sweaty looking) isaac stood in one of the corridors of the ship. he isn't quite in the unexplored areas yet, but he's close. after spending the past month seeking out a certain familiar face from home (and failing so far), he's debating whether it's time to head further afield yet or not. it's the temperature changes that're the issue here, rather than the potential threats those corridors hold. what if it hits either extreme and he's stuck without supplies to combat it. what if the pack stuffed with sweaters isn't enough to keep him from freezing to death in the next cold patch]

So, engineering is too hot for anybody to head in, and some of the rooms here have ended up pretty cold. [UNDERSTATEMENT. though thanks again, hayley]

Are there any other places that've gotten too- [his sentence cuts off there suddenly, his attention shifting further down the hallway. fixing on something off-camera. taking a shaky breath, he glances back at his device briefly, debating whether or not he should be calling for derek now. but by the time his gaze if back down the corridor again, his reasons for the pause are over. whatever it was is gone.

there's another few moments of silence as he makes a move of his own, doubling back a little further in to the explored areas. a strategic retreat, for now]

...uh. Right. So, like I was asking, what's the likelihood of someone getting stuck somewhere that...I don't know. Burns them up or something?

[he may not have found anywhere like that yet, but that doesn't mean the possibility isn't there. but with that question out the way, isaac takes a moment to change the settings of the feed. to lock the rest of this from those from his world (and hayley/ric/jenna). it's a call he should have made weeks ago. months, even. but that hadn't been an option before. not with derek there helping him. now though-

when he speaks again, his voice is far quieter. he knows the others aren't going to take this well. that even though the people here from beacon hills may have never met the man, they undoubtedly know of him. the problem with going to a high school is that rumors spread far quicker than you'd expect.]

...dad, please. I know you're here.

[a pause, and a final-]

I'm sorry.

[because obviously he's staying hidden for a reason. considering just how their last conversation went, just how it ended up. it's with good reason. he just needs the man to understand that this time won't be a repeat. it can't. for all that went wrong, they're still family.

and with that, the connection is finally cut.]
08 January 2014 @ 03:29 pm
[ it's late, or maybe early, either way the lights in the room are dimmed to nearly black. stiles, lit by the device, scrubs a hand over his face, then runs it through his hair, which has grown out all over the place. he's sweaty with the heat of his room, and there are bags under his eyes. this insomnia thing is seriously getting old. how is it possible to get so much sleep and still be this tired? (probably by not having a month's worth of nightmares about being chased.) ]

Hey, uh. It's- last jump was gonna be my twelfth. Jump. Except for how I didn't wake up. Buuuut that was counting number nineteen and twenty as one, so if you count it as two then technically it was this jump.

I think.

[ he looks like he's about to try and do the math again, but then snaps out of it, focuses back on the whole, talking to the camera thing. ]

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, whatever, that's a long time to be stuck here. I'm beginning to feel like it's not so — when I first showed up everything was so cool, you know? I mean, space. Light sabers. Robots. Super powers. There are - there are freaking elves.

[ he makes a kind of i can't even gesture that is probably ridiculous if you already know just how much supernatural his life back home contained. and then he once again veers himself back on topic. ]

That wasn't actually... the point of this post was to talk about all these masks I've suddenly got now? Except not really, because they're Meg's, and she was cataloging them, and now she can't, so I guess the point is to say that— she's not around anymore. And Cassie... Cassie went home too. And Remus. Guess this ship's not big on the magic users, ahaha.

[ he gives a rough, upset chuckle, and visibly pulls himself together. talking about losing people would be easier if he wasn't hot and tired. ]

Anyway. You all probably already knew all of that, since uh, as we established, I'm a whole month out of the loop.

[ he shrugs. ]

Soooo, you know. Loop me.
21 September 2013 @ 08:48 pm
[ josh is looking a bit too disconcertingly mountain man-ish to pull off video, and he's too interested in not announcing his supernatural status to go for voice. that means anonymous text, though he's slightly reluctant to send it; he's aware this is a very weird and very specific question. ]

Who has experience with witches and shapeshifters? Either or, but if you know anything about an overlap, i.e. magic being used to prevent or prolong a shift, please share with the class.

And just to clarify: magic as in black magic, the kind with corpses and soul trading and other non-refundable mistakes. Mary Poppins need not apply.

[ and by mary poppins he means you jokers with the pink hair and the antlers. but that only covers one possibility, so a few extremely reluctant seconds later: ]

Or if you've ever just heard of shapeshifters getting stuck. Like, stuck in one form. Please share that too.