11 January 2014 @ 05:22 pm
[For once, Enjolras is completely bundled up in the majority of his clothing from home, and huddled in a blanket to boot. He looks somewhat resigned -- cold isn't too much of a problem, but he has grown far too used to being on the ship and in a somewhat moderate temperature, barring the last few weeks.]

I do not much mind a respite from the heat, but this seems somewhat excessive. I do not think I have been this cold since I was in Paris. Does anyone know of a place where the climate might be somewhat more, ah, temperate? I welcome any and all suggestions.
07 January 2014 @ 08:54 am
[ katniss is new, or at least, this version of katniss is new, but she's heard people saying that soon the alarms will sound for the "jump". she remembers the last "jump", the one that dumped her here, and she doesn't really want to relive it. ]

Why do we have to get back into those pods?

[ katniss is wary about questioning the way things are here, when she's still not sure this isn't just some kind of arena. but she also doesn't really know how to do one-on-one transmissions, or private lock something, and she's a little slower at texting than she'd really like, so a question she might normally just ask haymitch is addressed to the network as a whole. ]

Some people are still in them from the last time. What happens if even less people wake up?

[ overall, she's against it. ]
[ ned addresses the feed nervously as always, but with a purpose today. the rest of you may be worried about a monster in your midst, but this posting has a much more mundane goal in mind. ]

As some of you might already know... I was--am? The pie, the proprietor of a pie eatery and bakeshop, my Pie Hole. I mean, the. The Pie Hole. In space. Not that it was ever in space before, but it will be. Now. In the present and space-oocupied moment. Presently. [ what. he clears his throat. ]

Chuck, for those of you who--who already know her. [ and now starting to get pink... ] My girlfriend. And, and myself will be taking pie orders whether it's a simple apple pie or a delicacy only found on your home world. I will do my best to replicate it here with our limited resources. And eventually, I do plan to have an established establishment with a full pie menu, as well as some possible... extras, as much as I regale myself as a self-proclaimed pie purist. Which I think, self-proclamation is the only way to actually be proclaimed in pie purity... Uhm. So. Requests.

[ he holds up a little board that says "22-09" with a bright smile. ] This is my number should you care to stop by or, call. What better time for pie than when we all are, surely, in great need of comfort. And what more comforting food could there be.

Oh! Before I forget. For those of you who might come from terrible places without pie? There will be a pie-tasting assuming we don't all die of heat-exhaustion or giant invisible monsters.

[ another bright smile before he disconnects! ]
02 January 2014 @ 01:08 pm
I am looking for a dog, or else a pup. Unwanted or unclaimed, though it should go without saying.

Some have expressed concern for their animals in this heat. Provide them with water and they ought not to grow dangerously hot. If they do, wet a cloth with lukewarm water and rub their skin.
29 December 2013 @ 03:33 pm
[ moz hasn't shown himself since his arrival; too busy doing other things to pay attention to the network, just like usual. not to mention, he's been pretending the heat means that he's back where he's supposed to be in the first place.

ohhh, the tropics. how he misses thee.

'There was nowhere to go but everywhere.' [ his tone is sing-songy, flamboyant, obviously a quotation. ] What he should've said, was everywhere but here. Not that i'm complaining about the heat - it's more like home then anything else around here has proven to be, once again, thus far. Even if it's a tad... cumbersome, it's most definitely manageable. And while i'm not dressed to impress, I certainly have the wardrobe to go with the ambiance.

And really- i'm just putting an all around notice out for all those people complaining about how we're being watched by something we just can't see. You should know that we're always being watched. Nothing's changed, you're just becoming more aware.

But despite all that, I never would've thought that i'd miss an extradition treaty so much. Even if i've seemingly returned to the tropics I so sadly thought i'd left- here I thought my Hawaiian shirts would lose their complete and utter rationality. One can only live vicariously through so many things however, and high temperatures and floral themed shirts can take a man just so far. Some country needs to work on a treaty with this place because for the first time in my life i'd go along with it somewhat happily.

[ SIGH. are you tired of his voice yet. ]

Everyone is supposed to keep on rolling under the stars but, you know, that particular image seems to have lost its appeal as of late.
19 December 2013 @ 06:47 pm
[On comes the video feed, to show one (1) Booker DeWitt. His collar is a little undone and his sleeves are rolled up higher than usual due to the heat, but that's not the reason why he's addressing everyone today. The issue of the temperature and people seeing "shadows" doesn't escape him, but he figures he'll be keeping an eye on network posts for any development in those departments.

Right now, he has something else on his mind, and as always he gets straight to the point.]

Got a question for the people on this ship with -- [what's the proper phrasing to use? Even though he's the one asking it still sounds awkward leaving his lips] --unusual abilities. Does this place seem to affect them in odd ways, such as some of them not even workin' at all?

[Oh, and those watching might also notice Booker's left hand and part of his forearm, which is smattered with patches of sprouting black feathers and nails that have grown into long black talons. Yeah.

Even as he speaks, he's shaking out the aforementioned limb with an annoyed grimace, and it begins to revert back to its everyday appearance of a normal human arm.]

Or is it just me?

[Damn vigors. More trouble than they're worth.]
14 December 2013 @ 09:17 am
Good day. My name is Miles Edgeworth; I am with the Security team. As ever, I would like to request that any new arrivals with expertise in law enforcement, the military, or combat contact me to discuss potential employment.

[He would also like to request that all you dicks stop talking about The Worst Holiday Ever, thanks. And he would like to distract you from it with this:]

I should like, also, to discuss our backgrounds. I have done this in the past, I will grant, and as such I beg a bit of patience from those who have previously seen such questions. Nevertheless, I believe that discovering the commonalities amongst us will assist in the uncovering of the reason why we were brought here; more, a general census will, I think, assist in preventing people from falling through the cracks, as it were.


I have attached a text document. Kindly open this document, fill it out, and submit it to me. Note that number five is quite optional, but an answer would be appreciated and potentially quite helpful.

survey.doc )
10 December 2013 @ 01:09 pm
This last jump left me with a pretty good collection of books and I was just wondering if anyone's been to update the library booklist since Claudius left us? Also, if there's no one running the library anymore, maybe we could get a volunteer?

And, well, I suppose to make it easier for them, if people want to reply here with the books they've gotten, that would be great.

Or, umm, if you have a look at the list I'm attaching and think there's one I ought to start with reading first, because you liked it, I'd like to know that too? I've had the textbooks for a while and gone through them a couple times.

Harry's Collection )