29 December 2013 @ 03:33 pm
[ moz hasn't shown himself since his arrival; too busy doing other things to pay attention to the network, just like usual. not to mention, he's been pretending the heat means that he's back where he's supposed to be in the first place.

ohhh, the tropics. how he misses thee.

'There was nowhere to go but everywhere.' [ his tone is sing-songy, flamboyant, obviously a quotation. ] What he should've said, was everywhere but here. Not that i'm complaining about the heat - it's more like home then anything else around here has proven to be, once again, thus far. Even if it's a tad... cumbersome, it's most definitely manageable. And while i'm not dressed to impress, I certainly have the wardrobe to go with the ambiance.

And really- i'm just putting an all around notice out for all those people complaining about how we're being watched by something we just can't see. You should know that we're always being watched. Nothing's changed, you're just becoming more aware.

But despite all that, I never would've thought that i'd miss an extradition treaty so much. Even if i've seemingly returned to the tropics I so sadly thought i'd left- here I thought my Hawaiian shirts would lose their complete and utter rationality. One can only live vicariously through so many things however, and high temperatures and floral themed shirts can take a man just so far. Some country needs to work on a treaty with this place because for the first time in my life i'd go along with it somewhat happily.

[ SIGH. are you tired of his voice yet. ]

Everyone is supposed to keep on rolling under the stars but, you know, that particular image seems to have lost its appeal as of late.
24 December 2013 @ 11:01 am
[Guess who doesn't deal well with uncomfortable changes in his environment? This guy. Temper frayed to the last strand, it's time for a grumpy rant.]

Yes, it's bloody hot. We all know it's bloody hot. Considering the Agriculture staff are now stuck working in what's turned into the equivalent of the Australian rainforest, you don't have to keep coming and telling us.

I'd also appreciate a stop in the more direct complaints about it, please. I can't fix a problem if the ship isn't registering it as a problem. I've been checking the climate controls here & in engineering regularly since this started, and they are still cheerfully informing me that we're at a comfortable twenty degrees Celsius. And yes, I've gone through the system several times over. There are no errors.

[A pause, because maybe that was information he should have kept to himself. Or taken to one of the ship's more leader-type figures. Or just had a little more tact in sharing.

But then he decides he's just too overheated to summon up any care about it.]

I'm sure I should be taking that as unsettling, but I'm honestly too hot to summon up the energy to get spooked by it right now.
18 December 2013 @ 11:30 pm
[Marty is busying himself by making a fan out of shitty old cardboard bits, completely exasperated. This whole its-getting-hotter-with-no-signs-of-stopping thing is sort of Not Good, but he's trying to make the best of it. Despite the growing temperature aboard the Tranquility, he's still fully dressed. He's also somehow in a ridiculously good mood despite the humid air, which is probably partly because Dana is here and alive and he's so fucking glad.] 

Now I know how my brownies felt like. Minus the feeling of being digested, but we can't all do that many new things at once.

[What, come on, haven't you ever considered your baked goods and their emotional statuses?]

And, like, dudes like me? No way we can strut around in trunks like most of you — which, by the way? The sexy people versus normal people ratio here is pretty fucking high, like, 100 to 1. And I'm the 1. I swear to christ, sometimes I wonder if half of you came from a planet where everyone is ridiculously charmingly good-looking. 

It's not like I've got hairy nipples or an outtie -- y'know, a grotesque one, not one the cute ones, but I'm waaaay too skinny and pale for a swimsuit competition. People could probably just mistake me for printer paper up until they can't fit me in the tray.

I know, I know. "But Marty! Your personality outshines your sex appeal!" You're too kind.

[grin grin grin

we might all burn alive ok

but it's all good, fuck it]

If anyone turns into a microwave burrito, we should probably all just play Tetris in the freezers. Who's with me? We can experiment with ice cube trays, see what kind of abnormal ingredients make the best or worst ice-pops. Pickle juice is surprisingly delicious after your second or sixth joint.

10 December 2013 @ 08:18 pm
[The video comes to life in a flourish of black feathers.

There's the caw of a raven, and when the device is adjusted better so that its audience can see the broadcaster, Loki can be seen standing with his arm extended. The aforementioned raven sits on his forearm, head cocked to the side and seeming to look into the feed with something akin to curiosity.

Another ruffle of feathers, and a second raven sits seated on Loki's left shoulder. The sight would be almost comical if not for the fact that there is something oddly imposing about the birds -- large in size, to be certain, but something about their demeanor exhibits a certain cleverness of thought that most ravens would not possess.

Loki smiles. Anyone who has met him before may notice that his hair is a bit longer, but other than that he appears the same. The backdrop is those of the oxygen gardens.]

I've returned to the ship, and yet I've not been gone that long at all, have I? Strange how time is twisted into something incomprehensible in an instance such as this -- but I hardly have a right to complain. Asgard was a reprieve, even in confinement. Svartalfheim was... [He trails off, choosing the right words.] Well. Lacking in a certain glory, but the dark elves were never ones for gilded appearances. I suppose it's a fitting enough battlefield for a glorious death.

I'd like to call it that, at least. Sacrificial. [A twist of his lips, irony escaping his mouth.] Mother would have been proud. Perhaps Odin, as well.

But I digress. [Both ravens then caw loudly, as if on cue.] It seems that despite everything, I've been granted a couple of friends from home. Meet Huginn and Muninn, the King's ravens. Huginn is the one with the annoyed look in his gaze, and Muninn is the one without it. Say hello, the both of you.

[And then (as if also on cue), both birds simply fly off to make their perch in a nearby tree. Loki only laughs, as if this was to be expected.]

Ah. Well. There is always room for improvement, as they say.

[private to mcu!Thor; not really encrypted at all because lol Asgardians encrypting things]

I take it you're still here. In which case I think we may have things we wish to discuss.
08 December 2013 @ 04:15 pm
[ there are others here who cared about roy walker, if not to the same degree or in the same way that anderson cared. that doesn't matter so much, especially not now. ] Roy Walker is gone. [ if she looks and sounds tired and sad -- well, she is.

she does, however, straighten up almost immediately, shoulders going back and features smoothing out.
] If anyone wants lessons in self-defense, please contact me.

[ there is no way to fight what they've been facing lately with fists or weapons, but inactivity is something that needs combatting, too, and there is no guarantee that they won't face threats that are physical rather than mental again one of these days. if she can make a difference in any way, be it by keeping people from losing their mind because they're holed up in their bunks all day, or by preparing them for a future threat-- all she's ever wanted was to make a difference.

and besides, she needs something more to do, too. the time she used to spend with roy in medical has been freed up, hasn't it?

I've been meaning to offer.
08 December 2013 @ 02:41 pm
[ No exceptional rants or helpful PSAs from Nathan this month. He put off talking to Peter, and now he can't, and as much as he knows that this has happened before, he can't help but feel like it's something different this time, something more sinister. He's worried, and his natural defense is to work it off. ]

Departments check in. Let's see what we've got to work with.
24 November 2013 @ 05:45 pm
[ scott doesn't have much to contribute on the theory side of things, but there is one minor mystery that's been bugging him since he got here. ]

Is the pot in the gardens up for grabs?

[ and no, not bothering with anon. it's already everywhere (or seems like it is, but that might have something to do with a heightened sense of smell), it's basically legal back home, and his mom isn't exactly around to be disappointed. he somehow doubts she'd hold it against him in space anyway. that said, manners: ]

Also I'm glad everyone's feeling better after last month. Or I guess just not bleeding from our faces, it's still kind of weird.

And also thanks in advance.
22 November 2013 @ 01:39 am



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11 November 2013 @ 06:43 pm
[Marty is intensely reading up as fast as he can on everything going on, because it looks like the whole ship is buzzing with bits and pieces of broken-up intel. Making it all fit is kind of tough, though. Carolyn gave a chunk, then Edgeworth — Marty's got his coma thing, and then there was this ship-wide snapshot with Matine and Schue... Weird shit, man. Just weird.] 

Sooo... Uh.

Like. This VIP chick. Okay, back up, Marty: I had a dream while I was passed out — coma'd out. There was this chick named Malone, and she was talking to this other guy about guarding some prisoner they called a VIP; Very Important Prisoner, you know? Legit what they said, so don't laugh at me on that one. The Malone lady, she was talking about how creepy this VIP was and how she was like talkin' to a wall.

And then they said that she was married to someone. Someone big. Think they said it was a captain; you think maybe the captain? Because that's what they made it sound like to me. Apparently this VIP killed someone super nasty and brutal, too. Manslaughter case.

[He breathes out, but is surprisingly missing a joint this time around. Shocking, I know.]

I wonder where all this crap falls in line. Everyone's talking around here now. We've got this Matine and Schue duo and they're talking about this VIP and how Ward's chillin' on guard patrol, but then they talk about how the captain's all nice with her, no handcuffs on her or anything... sounds like they kinda planned on not letting Manslaughter Lady go to trial. Or whatever. 

And then shit goes wild and Matine — what? Flips her lid and shoots a guy 'cus she's hallucinating or something? Am I hearing this all right?

God, I hate this ship sometimes. If you're gonna go sci-fi horror movie on me, at least make it straight-forward.

... Especially if I'm in it.

[please don't kill me first i'm too charming to get shot in the face by pretty women]

((OOC: Marty's actually got a little piece of his intel from a coma dream he had, in case you're wondering what the hell he's blabbing about))
10 November 2013 @ 08:49 pm
I knew it.

[ hyde's got his sunglasses on, but even those don't conceal the suspicious squint he's sporting. when he speaks the tone is all excitement, words tumbling out in a rush. his hair still damp, and there’s the faint suggestion of smoke as he gestures. in the background someone’s moving around, though hyde doesn’t turn to watch. a shirt flies past his head and lands on the bed behind him. ]

This is a government experiment, isn't it?I knew it, I knew these existed, and no one ever believed it! I knew NASA was a front, exploration my ass, they're using space just for this mental shit, aren't they? Did you stick a tracking device up my ass when you tattooed me, huh? Huh?

[ there's a pause, the first stirrings of uncertainty, maybe fear. when hyde takes a pause, it’s the first time the person in the background becomes visible, finally fully dressed and tired of hunting for a blowdryer, to see who he happens to be talking to. she leans over his shoulder, eyes widening immediately and a loud gasp following ]

Oh my god, Steven! There’s people in there! [ her nose wrinkles a second later] And they’re so weird looking.

Wait your turn, Jackie! I’m trying to make a point. The future’s full of government stooges, whatever, we’ve got to document it. [ for all his obvious irritation, he doesn’t flinch away when she puts her hand on his shoulder, leans in close to look. ] Hey, who's in charge here? Is this transmitting? Hello? Why even give me this thing if you're not gonna answer me?

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07 November 2013 @ 11:32 pm
Hello, everyone. I hope you're all doing well -- or, at least, better than you were before. I had a lucid dream recently. I dreamed of constellations, of patterns, of meaning. Then I awoke and quickly wrote everything down, hands trembling, smearing ink across the page. I'm out of practice with pens.

In any case, I feel it is my professional duty to share these revelations with you. They are as follows:

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