20 July 2012 @ 11:31 am
[ Jaye's sitting in the Oxygen Gardens, tucked away in a back corner near some grasses. She's wearing a plaid mens shirt that she hasn't worn out in public before, watching a grasshopper that has landed on one of the leather wristbands she got in her locker this past jump. Unlike her previous network experience this month, she looks more subdued; she's been doing a lot of thinking lately. ]

Nobody knows for sure where people go when they disappear from here, do they? I mean, people say "home", but we don't... know.

[ She turns her wrist, watching the grasshopper. ] And we don't know what the fuck anyone's up to without us, either.

[ The insect hops away, out of sight, and Jaye follows it with her eyes for a moment before looking back at her network device. ] ... Right, well. [ She shakes her head, smiling -- anyone who knows her well enough or who is particularly good at reading expressions should be able to tell it's forced. ] I've got some fun questions now. Favorite animal back home and why? Animal you'd consider the most dangerous and why? [ Yes that is somehow a fun question. Danger is fun, right guys? ... Right? ] All you people who aren't from Earth, you should tell me about the animals you guys have. It'd be interesting to hear about the differences.

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Please address any additional questions to the network. Don't trust Ward and Resnik.

- Indictus & Aethalides


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11 July 2012 @ 11:17 pm
Nice welcome wagon.

[The sarcasm is probably entirely irritating to the veterans of the ship, but she really couldn't care less. The jump was completely shitty.]

So now that I'm all 'settled in' and shit, I have a question that goes out to the whole ship:

Anyone from after 2300 AD? Anyone? I'm giving it a pretty wide berth here, figured getting specific wouldn't get me very far so don't hesitate to say hi.

[There's a beat where Cora pokes at her newest tattoo to her collection. Not quite her style.]

Gotta say if I'm stuck with these antiques it's gonna be just like they're brand spanking new.

[Siiiiiiiigh. Future girl got it so rough.]

'least it'll keep me occupied.

[She looks as if she's about to stuff off the video when something off screen catches her eye.]

Anyone got some tools to reconfigure frequencies on comm devices? Mine is busted and my tool bag is seriously lacking about five pounds.

[She holds up a little metal wristband - at least it looks like that.]

Hit me up.

12 July 2012 @ 04:29 am
[ The video feed clicks on to show a now relatively calm Pepper, even if her mouth is set in a fairly thin line of mild discontent. Her hair is scraped back and tied in a neat bun, with her fringe still plastered a little wetly to her forehead, but at least she's clean now. She's been making regular use of the showers since arriving, just to make sure that every last bit of blue hideousness is washed away from her. For now, at least. ]

Now that everyone's had at least a bit of time to recover- [ herself very much included, even if "recover" is something of an overstatement ] -I might as well introduce myself, though from what I've been told, it appears some of you may already know who I am.

I'm Pepper Potts, an associate and coworker- [ this is still new, Tony, don't complain] -of Tony Stark's. [ The next words are a little practised, ones she's gone over in her mind and made sure that they're absolutely clear before speaking them. ] Not the same one from before, though. I have absolutely no memory of having been on this ship before, even though apparently I was, and I'm sorry to anyone that I might have met previously.

[ She pauses, briefly, before going on. ]

I just wanted to clear that up before any confusion took place. I think some of us have more than enough of that already, what with being on a spaceship and everything. [ The thought still makes her want to shudder a little. ] Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone's successfully washed off all of that awful blue stuff.

[ With a good natured, mild smile, Pepper shuts off the feed. She realises it's a rather mundane sort of addition to the network, but she'll leave revelations and interesting matters to Tony. She still isn't sure if she has the entire picture here - Tony has a curious understanding of what he should and shouldn't tell her, she knows this from experience - but god knows she will have it, one way or another. ]
11 July 2012 @ 04:29 pm
[ This time, Erik chooses to don the helmet, which he hasn't worn since his first few weeks aboard the Tranquility, preferring to leave it at his side while his paranoia was temporarily allayed. Unfortunately, those particular events seemed to have flared up his need to renew his helmet use, more so thanks to a series of seemingly unrelated events, starting with Edgeworth's survey, and rounding it out with Tony's latest post. It's not a particular frightening stance, given that Erik is still brooding around in one of the libraries where he's making this broadcast, pacing back and forth as he considers the next move to make, hands behind his back. ]

There's been enough announcements over threats and supposed attempts at cooperation. While I find flaws to that philosophy, [ Sorry, Charles. ] it seems no matter what, we will constantly be tested while we're imprisoned.

[ Because as comforting as the quarters and the kitchens can be, Erik's near constant restlessness brought back distinct memories of a prison, one he was never inclined to ignore. ]

There's already been another death, and it goes without saying, some sort of unity is preferred. However, holding hands gets one nowhere. [ Sorry, Eridan. ] Cooperation is one thing, but a more active stance is necessary to prevent any further casualties or threats.

[ Erik pauses in midstep for a moment, turning his attention back to the camera. ]

Sitting passively by solves nothing. Actions are needed. The best defense here is in the form of an even better offense.

We can't escape one by one; but we can as a whole. I'll extend my hand as an offer of preparation. We need to be prepared; we need to be ready. [ Pause for dramatic effect. ] The question is, are you?

Filtered; Resnik & Ward | Encrypted, 90% )

Filtered; CR AU Charles | Encrypted, 90% )
[ dear tranquility, you really do not want to even know this exists. your life could be so much better if you knew this didn't exist. tony's life (and sleeping patterns) would be so much better if he didn't know this existed. basically, this shouldn't exist but it does because tony stark likes poking his nose in things he shouldn't. alas.

in any case, tony has been sitting on this since he watched and listened to it after he got out of his pod and presented it to his ragtag team of superheroes + people who...aren't superheroes. if he's being honest, he thought about keeping this information to himself, because what good is it going to do. it's just going to make people panic when who knows what it actually is. then tony remembers a time when he didn't know something, he remembers when obidiah didn't tell him about that situation and he remembers how much it sucked to find out after the fact. so after a talk or two (or three) with individuals whose opinions he trusts (well not so much in riddick's case, but eh) he's finally decided on what to do.

before tony says a word to the network at large, he sends an audio clip entitled: that's not just static. what everyone will hear if they choose to listen to it is a loud screaming static that you'd think would come from the jump, nothing particularly scary, but when you listen closely you can hear actual human screams over the static. needless to say it's not a good thing. ]

Tranquility. Hi. I'm going to take a wild stab at guessing and say that we're all not blue and...most of us are alive except for that one dude who made the mistake of being stuck outside the pods when we jumped. Sucks to be him, obviously. By the way, new people, hi, those pods that you tumbled out of, yeah those are kind of important. Kirk will give you the run down on that because I'm definitely not the approved greeter.

What I am here for is to send you that little audio clip. For those of you who just hated that screaming static and shut it off before the interesting part, there's human screams in that little bit. I don't know how in the fuck they're there, but trust me, that's some human screaming going on right there. I'm ninety-nine point nine positive that's not from the dead guy if only because that seems way too obvious. [ also because his suit was nowhere near him at the time. ] So do us both a favor and don't try to even claim it because, yeah no.

That being said, I believe we can all safely say that this ship just a little creepier and I, for one, am kind of hoping we avoid any of the nice and devastatingly interesting occurrences that have happened on this ship like fucking clockwork every month. Seriously, one month of downtime wouldn't go amiss right now, I'm just saying.

[ private voice, stark encryption 100%, sent to natasha romanoff, thor, topher brink, captain america, jarvis, bruce banner, and riddick, and betty ross ]

None of you are to even breath a word about the video portion of this. This is already going to make people panic, and I'm not in the mood to be tossed out of airlock because someone decided to think that this was all my fault because our resident creepy shadow thing looked in the direction of where I was watching him. Until any of us know what the fuck that thing is, that's staying on the downlow.

And that goes for you too, Riddick. I know, shouting disclosure but mass panic not exactly what we're going for here.
09 July 2012 @ 12:46 pm

[Libby is nestled on the floor in the midst of machine components, tinkering with one particularly complicated looking bauble of wires. Her uniform sleeves are rolled down to her wrists, there are a few smudges of grease on her face, her hair is a bird's nest, and she looks extraordinarily excited. Screw alien abduction or whatever the hell this is, screw the freaks and monsters, screw everything--she's in a playground, the best one ever, and she honestly doesn't give a rat's fuck about it all.]

[Hence the video communication, because she has to talk about this radicalness with someone.]

Have any of you--Buddha fuck me sideways, people, this is just--[Whatever she's messing with sparks suddenly, and Libby laughs breathlessly as she drops it and brings her fingers to her mouth to suck on them.]

I thought alien abduction was supposed to be some motherfuck bullshit, not wicked rad.

[She leans forward and picks up her comms device, grinning like a lunatic.]

'Kay. Open invite: anybody who wants to come play with wicked sharpness, I'm in my place. 8, my number is 189. 'M Libby, and this is just--[she looks at the scattered components around her (where did she get all of th--oh, right, she snuck off and filched it from around the ship, because she is a terrible delinquent thief) with unfiltered joy, which is maybe the first time she's ever honestly worn an expression like that. And she doesn't even care that people will see, because she has toys. She has toys, she doesn't have to hustle, and she's been in a lot scarier places than this. Alien abduction can suck her left one; give her this over somewhere like Kahului any day of the week.]

Aloha, best kidnapping in history.

[text - loki - encrypted 95%]

minion report )
24 June 2012 @ 08:49 am
As pointed out in a recent transmission, there are some individuals here who resemble one another. There are others whose worlds are similar to others', while others still have worlds that differ radically.

The following is a survey designed to attempt to determine whose worlds are most similar to whose. As a full disclaimer, I am not a trained sociologist/demographist, nor do I claim to be. My credentials extend no further than merely dabbling in disciplines related to those and having studied the science of writing the census briefly when I was younger. Nevertheless, I believe this may be a useful diagnostic tool.

I would encourage everyone who sees this to take a look at others' responses. If you see something familiar, please discuss with the other individual what that similarity is; from there, please try to determine just how similar/different your worlds are.

This is completely optional.

The survey can be found after this break in the text. )
[ dear smiley, you suck. well more particularly, your timing does. if only because tony was attempting to make his own way to medical with a fair number of stumbles along the way (honestly, the walls jumped out at him). but then you have the audacity to be all ~follow me~ and of course tony stopped to look and promptly stumbled once again, this time onto the floor. fun fact about the floor, it feels really nice to a guy with that weird sickness thing that seems to be going around. so he's choosing to stay there for now. what the video shows everyone is the ceiling, a charming view that he knows everyone appreciates.

he's not going to show off how he looks unless you really ask or manage to be the one of the people finding him, but hey it's better that way. you don't want to see any blueness he has going on. there's a sour burp heard before tony actually starts to speak. ]

That was disgusting. And I'm- technically no, I'm not sorry because it was bodily function and let me tell all of you that it was even more disgusting for me. [ a pause. ] I believe Kirk deserves some applause for managing to beat me in telling you all shit so you should all do that, maybe. He deserves it. [ and then there's some clapping. ] See? I even did it.

But anyway, I'm on the floor right now, it's a nice view from down here, I'll admit, but hypothetically I may not be able to get up right now. I know, this is a shocking concept because I'm kind of an energizer bunny and that doesn't usually happen to me. That being said, who might be willing to maybe find me, swing by, help a guy out here so he's not stuck on this, arguably really nice floor, and can maybe get himself to medbay? Possibly with your assistance so I don't have to make this message again. Even though it's a lot of fun making it right now.

And as much as I love all of you, letting you see the ceiling is a much better choice than letting you see me right now. Don't worry, later I'll say hi and you'll get to see me looking a little less gross.

[ encrypted 100% to aberdeen ]

are you going blue right now?

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11 June 2012 @ 06:15 pm
[There's a burst of binary coming from a source outside the device - John did, in fact, spend the last couple of hours setting this up on the laptop that came with him.]



[The repeated ones and zeroes end. Finally. Thank god.]

If I ask a few questions, how many answers would I get? Questions like who's been here the longest, or is there a discernable population on board? How many people are on this ship?

Where is the food coming from? The water? How is the gravity functioning?


[Yeah, apologies for the binary on audio are not forthcoming.]

[ooc: if your character for whatever reason can understand binary, they're welcome to know what that was all about!]
11 June 2012 @ 10:26 am
[ what up, Tranquility. you might recognize this face from another passenger named Simon, who he actually isn't. he doesn't know what to say immediately but at least the camera angle isn't skewed or shaking; he's taken awhile to familiarize himself with the device and reading what's happened since he got here. patience? not his virtue. but he's managed it somewhat haphazardly out of necessity. has to know what he's gotten himself into this time.

looking at him closely, he has two tattoos. one is from the ship and the other reads: SPQR with a trident and a single line, which may or may not symbolize a year of service. there's also a visible streak of gray in his hair.

and maybe this is unwise, showing his cards but he thinks the best route is honesty. ]
I've dealt with the Greeks and the Romans before and I've never seen anything like this in my life, except in really awful movies that come on after midnight. From what I've been seeing and reading, you're all incredibly busy and there's no way back, at least not yet. I get that but I don't believe it.

My name is Percy Jackson, and what I'm trying to say is: I want to help. I want to speak with the captain or whichever crew member is working on an exit plan. I can't just sit around.

Reading isn't my strong suit but I can put in as many hours as I need to. I can lead, I can follow. I can fight but more importantly, I can defend. I don't care if that slots me into a place where I'm carrying someone else's books around for them. I can do that, too. All I'm looking for is a chance to be involved, so a push in the right direction would be appreciated.
[ When the feed comes on, it just shows the side of a thigh covered in black pants and a hip covered in a light grey undershirt. It's not accidental, though, considering the way the woman addresses the comm. ] I just wanted to let you guys know that the welcome party here leaves a lot to be desired.

[ There's movement as Olivia moves to set her now empty plate beside her on the counter. Then she picks up the comm, lifting it so it shows not only her face but part of one of the kitchens. She swallows the last bite of whatever she'd been eating before speaking again. ]

That said, I was wondering if anyone's seen or heard from a Charlie Francis, Lincoln Lee, Philip Broyles or Astrid Farnsworth. If you have, either let me know or point them in my direction so I can talk to them. My name's Olivia Dunham and from what I can tell, messages can be sent to the number that seems to coincide with everything else: zero-zero-seven, zero-thirteen.

If there's anyone else here connected to Fringe Division that I don't know, feel free to speak up, too. [ Not that this really screams fringe event, but you never know. ]

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11 June 2012 @ 03:07 am
All those currently under my instruction for Engineering, I plan to meet sometime in the next couple days to explain shifts and send people to the different subsections they're interested in. Those who know enough to work solo should still keep in touch, but I'm not going to hound you.

Especially with that fault that occurred this last jump, we need to be alert for anything that might have gone haywire.

[ENCRYPT - 25%; to SEC » 006 » 027: "havok"]

Think I got something whipped up for you, my friend.

[ENCRYPT - 25%; to OPR » 001 » 033: kirk, james t.]

It's not much, but I got a little something on the Jump Drive now.
10 June 2012 @ 03:30 pm
[It has taken him a couple of days to sort himself out, to wrap his head around the idea that there had been a duplicate version of himself here on the ship, a man who was now gone. To also wrap his head around the idea of there being two versions of Alex Summers aboard the ship, as well as Erik who did not have any of Charles' memories and of course, Raven.

Raven, whom he had not seen in over seven months. How, exactly, do you even begin to try to explain all of that, let alone wrap your head around a ship like Tranquility?

It was a hell of a learning curve, that was for certain but now it was time to get out there and get to work.

So he switched on the video, device pointed towards himself where he sat on his bed in the room he now shared with Erik. His smile was polite, perhaps a little more reserved than usual but hopefully welcoming enough.]

Ah, right then, hello.

Some of you may recognize me, as I have been informed that I have most recently been here up until the latest, 'jump' I believe it is known as. My name is Charles Xavier and I am, genetically speaking, the same man who was here before the jump.

However, in the same breath I am not that same man.

For example. [He sets the device back and then stands up from where he had been sitting on his bed. Taking a couple of steps, he turns around, obviously completely ambulatory before coming back to sit down on the bed.] There are also some other differences but those are not important at the moment.

What is important is that I am afraid I do not have any prior memories of this ship or what has occurred during the time my other self was here. [Though Erik had given him access to his communication device to catch up on prior events, though for now Charles kept that bit of information to himself.]

Raven? Alex, Angel and Havok? I know this must be rather confusing but if possible I would very much like a chance to talk with each of you. I am sharing a room with Erik, if you would like to speak face to face. I am uncertain about the level of privacy we can assume across these devices.

In a similar vein, if there is anyone else, who knew me before and would like to speak with me now, I am of course more than willing to make myself available. Though I understand that this might not be the most comfortable set of circumstances.
10 June 2012 @ 10:36 am
[ while eridan might be sulking about his argument with feferi, she really has no problems with moving on immediately. so he can mope forever, if he wants. she is going to make some friends. ... she's also either ignoring the serious mood on the network right now, or she's completely oblivious to it. ]

)(ello, alien lifeforms! T)(is is your empress speaking!
)(-E)(-E)(-E, I'm kidding. I'm only t)(e would-be empress. 38)
Let's start again, s)(ell we? I'll be searious t)(is time! No more clownfis)(ing around, so listen up, buoys and gills.
Feferi Peixes is now aboard t)(e Trankrillity!
To be )(onest, I was )(oping to be somew)(ere else, but t)(ere's no )(arm in s)(aring new experiences! I've never been in space wit)( ALI-ENS before, so t)(is is an adventure! I'm getting -EXCIT--ED just t)(inking about it!!!

Two t)(ings! Firstly, I am planning a CORPS--E )(UNT! But according to some stupid grumpygills, it's too DANG-EROUS to go alone.
Does anyone want to come wit)( me? It'll be an ADV-ENTUR----E!!
And also, I know t)(at -Eridan Ampora )(as made )(imself aquainted wit)( a lot of people )(ere...
So, I'd like to )(ear w)(at )(e's been up to, if nobody minds.

But enoug)( about t)(at, I'm ready to take part in some cultural mingling! >38O
Come on in )(ere and glub wit)( me, ok? I want to meet ----EVERYON-E!!!!!

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10 June 2012 @ 12:37 am
[ so hey, tranquility. 'sup. you now have a girl(?!) on the network who vaguely resembles a tropical bird or fish, what with that bright hair and makeup. cali takes a few moments to settle the communicator the way he wants it, blowing a few strands of hair out of his face with a frustrated expression.

this is the look of someone decidedly unimpressed with the world at large. he purses his lips, sitting back and folding his arms loosely as he eyes the screen. ]

So. Jaye tells me you lot are from, I don't fuckin' know, all corners of the universe or somethin'. An' that there are some gods here, which blows my damn mind, 'cause what the hell are gods doin' on a spaceship in the first place? [ he clucks his tongue, rolling his eyes. ] Then again, the fuck're any of us doin' in this floatin' deathtrap? Does anyone seriously think a bartender from New Orleans has any business here?

[ he waves a dismissive hand (tipped in lime-green nails) to show that it was a rhetorical question. ]

Whatever, not my point. --What's up, Tranquility. I'm California, but unless you're a creepy sonuvabitch, you can prob'ly call me Cali. [ he reaches down, then, pulling up the jumpsuit and holding it away from himself as if it's likely to explode. ] An' if these bitches think I'm wearin' this nasty shit, they got another thing comin'.
09 June 2012 @ 02:05 am
[ The feed turns on to show a man, the hard lines of his face tense, as he makes little effort to hide his irritation at first. His steely eyes narrow, regarding the device in his hand with mild contempt, before he speaks. ]

I hardly needed any more numbers on my arm. [ The seething annoyance is measured, swallowed down. There's almost a lilt to his voice now, though there's the slightest tension in his jaw, a subtle shadow of a frown slip through the apathy. ]

Whilst the most generic information about this spaceship was explained to me, people really seemed to have failed on the how or why. [ A brief pause, if only to cast a quick look around him. ] Or anything else that would be considered useful.

-- And mainly. [ There is a brief hesitation, before he lifts his left arm, bearing the forearm. There's a clock on there, a long row of zeros, and a few numbers, as it gives off a faint green glow. But it stands still, the numbers not changing, not ticking away, like they technically should be. He considered not showing it, but yet again. His time could no longer be stolen, if his clock wasn't working.

Raymond wasn't sure anyone would be able to provide an answer, but he also had no reason to believe anyone wouldn't know what he was talking about.
] Why my clock has stopped.
08 June 2012 @ 12:53 pm
[Buffy didn't know Hotspur -- beyond what she could see of his transmissions -- but that doesn't stop her from caring, in part because she's her and in part because that's just...a truly horrific way to die. So she does what she's used to doing: she writes a poem. She sees that poetry could be a touchy subject, given the preponderance the smiley grants it, but its been around and offering comfort to people for thousands of years longer than the smiley has been taunting them with it. She won't let that thing take it from them.

She's torn between reading out the poem to mark the difference, that this comes from a person with a heart and a soul, but she doesn't want her patterns of pronunciation to guide the words.]


So gone, so lost, so driven out
So far from home, so close to doubt
Whereby, what for, how and why?

What he made here we won't let go
This knowledge that we have to know
Here to live or come to die.

What hope have we, for what we've lost?
What can we gain for what it's cost?
"Once he was," we can but cry.