13 March 2014 @ 03:35 pm
This is Shepard, formerly Commander of the SSV Normandy. On the topic of signing up to do work, we've got huge unexplored sectors of this ship and that should be remedied. The ship changes at the jump [--or hell, mid-month--] but if we don't try to map it, we can't know if there's any kind of pattern to the changes. [And somewhere out there, there has to be a secondary control central for the ship seeing as no one was on the bridge when they took it.] As far as I see it: the more intel we can get, the better. And I don't know about the rest of you but I'm sick of either running blind or just waiting for something to happen.

I also realize I'm talking about dangerous work. I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, but if you're looking to help and want to volunteer then I'm all for building small scouting teams with mandatory check ins, written reports and posted communication lines. [With the unspoken message being: look, you're only cannon fodder if you don't write about it first.] I'm planning to go off the last known schematic we have of the ship. I've attached it to this message in case you haven't seen it as well as well as a short survey for anyone interested in volunteering. I'm looking to build at least five groups of three to four with a contact for each running and recording communications from a secure location.

Experience with field-ops is a bonus, but not a requirement. Weapons training is mandatory for anyone on a scouting team. If you don't have it, get it. If you don't know where to go, talk to Gunnery. For anyone looking to help with comms, technical skill is a bonus. Additionally if anyone out there has workable ideas about how to boost the network signal to deal with the ship's dead zones, I'll personally buy you a drink.

I'd appreciate cooperation with Security and Ops, but I won't argue with anyone who doesn't feel like backing this. Again: the is strictly on a volunteer basis only.

[As promised, attached to this message is a partial map of the ship and a short text document since everyone on the TQ loves surveys:]

Crew Number:
Previous Occupation:
Applicable Skills:
06 March 2014 @ 10:28 am
(isaac's message starts off in audio. shittily, at that. he clears his throat as if unsure of how to begin, then continues to stall for a few extra seconds, a fact made obvious by the sound of him fidgeting in his seat. voluntarily putting himself center-stage feels like everything bad and wrong with the world, but that's just a nagging survival instinct.) Now that I understand what's going on a little better- (hahahahaha that's being generous.) I guess I need to come clean about something.

(there's a moment's heistation before he switches to video. he's looking a little rough- drained and worn down, but it doesn't stop him from raising his hand briefly in a friendly greeting.) I've introduced myself to a couple of you already, and I kind of, uh. Told a little white lie. My name's Isaac, not whatever I told you before.

So, you know, sorry. It's nothing personal, I just thought- (nah... nevermind. he shakes his head. that's another story for another day.) Wanted to be safe, that's all.

(awkward pause. this seemed like a much better idea before he started actually doing it.)

Nice to officially meet you this time?
15 February 2014 @ 07:15 pm
[ peter SIGHS on film, comm device set up to show him seated behind a work… desk in an otherwise stripped room, meant to look like it's something no one tries to live in. trying his hardest to look like an awfully grumpy politician or like anything else that just doesn't suit peter (and failing miserably; he looks so begrudgingly distressed it should be comical), nor does his desk fit anything formal. considering it's kind of a mess.

kind of being really. just don’t call his things junk or there’ll be a fight.

So. Far as I can tell, people are here like to recruit the new and old for their departments. Not sure why- [ somewhere in the background there’s a snort and what sounds like a muffled comment of “helping hands”. ] but, hey- i'll fill you in on Engineering because why not. Because it seems like the kind of thing we're just supposed to do. And maybe because somebody told me to...

[ a slow glance over his shoulder before he's back at attention. ] First thing? Right now, the place is hotter than... whatever, you can pick your euphemism, just as long as you make it good. And it's not like the kind of hot you look forward to in the middle of winter. It’s the kind of hot that would kill you if you stepped foot into it. And sometimes I start to wonder if Tony's brain took a hit from it before it got so bad and then I remember... that's just what he's always been like. [ peter thinks he's really damn witty sometimes, don't mind him. ]

[ if the fact that there was noise in the background and the fact that peter looked back didn’t clue you in to the fact that someone else was in the room, the fact that tony, fake eye and all pops up just off to the side of peter and moves the device over does for you. ] Peter here is also less amusing than he thinks he is, but you might need to try and tell him he is. Unless you’re Arya, she can shake her head at him. [ and before peter can maybe hit him excuse tony popping right back out of frame. ]

[ leaving peter to sigh exasperatedly. ] Next? The place is huge - more space than you could dream of. And right now? If you even try to look down it, you'll see something different every time- nothing too appealing. It's not as much of a mess as you might think, but you'll see metal blocking the halls or they'll look infinitely longer than they should. It's not always like that, scouts honor. But later on, if you still get lost in the bowels of the beast, it's on you. I mean, unless you leave a trail of scraps behind you, then maybe we'll come looking. Which leads me to my next point: nobody'll tell you to pick up your shit- [ he holds up a finger ] - Unless I trip on it. And then i'll tell you. And it won't be very nice.

[ off screen once again: ] Meaning, he’ll hit you with it, probably. Been a victim of it, and I’m still nursing the bruise. [ and peter’s still rolling his eyes. ]

We could probably use another creative mind or two.. [ the kind of tone where he's trying awfully hard to sound sincere ] .. just to poke at the things the rest of us don't have time to poke it. It'd be just as much tinkering with your own projects as whatever else you want it to be. Try and save the world through engineering and nobody's gonna stop you. If anything, I might try to lend you a hand... if you're good at it. [ he gives a small shrug, skeptical at best. like he doubts anyone's as good as he and tony already are. ] You wanna talk to me about the place in person? Go for it. I'll even give you a tour when we can actually get through again. If you want one.

But you wanna work here? Prove the place isn't gonna get you killed. [ it’s then that tony pops up, right when peter stops talking and shrugs. ] Or you know, you’re not gonna get the rest of us killed.

[ tony stark is this color! ]
12 February 2014 @ 11:09 am
[ peeta's got the device propped up on something when he switches it on, and it stays steady when he steps away to take a seat on the edge of his bed. he's wearing the standard issue tranquility jumpsuit, sleeves rolled up against the heat in his room, and he leans forward onto his elbows as he begins to speak. his tone matches his posture; despite the arguably tense topic, he seems relaxed. ]

I know people are worried about what happened on the bridge. I agree that we should find out what went on inside, but others already have that covered — and I'm more interested in why none of the mutineers are dead. [ slightly harsh wording. nobody had expected them to get out of there, so there's no point in talking around it. ] I've only been here for a month, and people have a lot of warnings about the ship being dangerous, about how it's out to get us. Which makes me wonder why all of us aren't dead, either. Some of you have been here for months already, right?

[ it's a rhetorical question. he's heard months, over a year. he still pauses before continuing, if only because he's making a slight switch in gears. ] Where I come from, the people in charge have a system. They created it to make people frightened and to keep them from having hope. They could probably just kill everyone if they wanted to, but they still need us — they need us to work, keep their Capitol running.

I think the ship's the same. I don't think it wants to kill us. I think it needs us for something, and that the events I've heard about — the stations it brings you to, the trials it engineers, they're trying to push us to do something. But this is where the comparisons to the Capitol stop. If all it wanted was inaction, it would've killed everyone on the bridge, but it didn't. I think it wants something else, and it needs us to do it.

[ another pause, and this time he offers a slight smile when he continues. maybe a bit out of place, but it becomes clear enough that he's taking amusement at his own expense. ] But I'm new here, so I couldn't tell you what. Normally I'd say it wants us to fight, but I've been told that doesn't accomplish much. I guess that's why I'm asking you — if there's anything that seemed like a hint, or a command, or a reward.

Everyone's caught up on solving the mysteries behind these things. I know this is probably just because I'm bad at riddles, but I'm more interested in the results. How they make us behave and what we're being taught to expect. I have no idea if we want to listen, but I think it'd be a good idea to try to figure out what it's asking us to do.
10 February 2014 @ 04:22 pm
Hello again.

[ Elizabeth takes her time because she's made some sort of EXITING DISCOVERY she actually understands...kinda. ]

I didn't think I would be using this thing so soon, but I couldn't help to notice that- well... it would seem the Engineering room is in a constant state of flux, as if the different realities in which it exists or might exist are constantly intersecting with each other. It's very interesting to look at, but also dangerous. Not that we can enter anyway.

[ She actually manages to sound sad about being locked out of the ever changing room, yes. ]

Plus the sightings of numbers aren't all that different of how patches of other worlds seeped through Tears in my world- but then I guess I would need to explain what was happening in my world...

[ Oh no this is getting awkward. ]

At any rate, I was wondering if anyone had any more insight into this, and if there are more people knowledgeable about time and space travel. Not the sort of a ship cruising the outer space, but actual transportation through dimensions. I have been trying to find the Lutece siblings but, well, they aren't easy to find unless they wish to be found.
10 February 2014 @ 09:13 am
[ the connection turns on, abruptly and out of focus. the video is turned down at the floor but then it's up, whirling around in blurs of colors from her room before settling on teresa's face. her gaze is wide and worn, she looks tired. her neck is strained as if swallowing is difficult. ]

Okay. Tell me it's not just me. I'm seeing numbers — I mean, I was — like scratched into the wall. At first I thought they were just letters, but I think they could've been Roman numerals. Fifty-six. Or something. I couldn't look at it very long, I couldn't even record it. I — ugh!

Is anyone else seeing this? It's driving me crazy, I swear they were there. Someone better not be messing with me.

[ she's trying to work this out logically (find a code), like everything else since she arrived, but she's reaching a tipping point. ]

I don't know what it means. But if you're seeing the same thing, tell me. Maybe we can work it out. It's just —

[ she holds the communicator tightly in one hand, raking her black hair back with the other as she looks off into the corner of her room. the damage is still there, reminding her. ]

Well, the good news is my room isn't a freezer anymore.
19 February 2013 @ 05:11 am
This is Communications.

We're aware of the issues revolving around the network presently and are working on fixing the problem of incomplete and fractured messages. I would like you to please bear with us until such a time as the issue is resolved.

Now, we have some experience putting together fractured audio files. A repeated theme we're getting from the devices experiencing this disruption is that their owners are lost. There is...some concern about the elevators, a repeat of the warning that we received while a number of us were confined to stasis. Until further details can be unearthed, I would suggest that anyone who is presently in a safe area of the ship should remain where they are, at least until the situation evolves. If you have lost someone, please report them to us or directly to Security. Do not go looking for them yourselves. I don't need to remind you, but the Tranquility is a big ship, and Security have the resources to find people faster, and with far less risk of becoming casualties themselves.

I repeat: stay where you are. To those who are lost, if you can receive this message in any format, please stay put and wait for retrieval. Keep together, where possible. Petrelli out.

[ The message is repeated in video, audio and then finally a text form, in an effort to ensure it reaches all possible destinations. ]

Private to Tyke )
14 January 2013 @ 09:33 am
[A gruff, older voice comes out clear on the comms.]

Hello, new members and veteran crewmen alike. This is Isaac Clarke. For those of you I haven't yet introduced myself to - I'm the senior Engineering officer aboard the Tranquility. Engineering's my home, and as a certain someone likes to joke[HAYLEY], it's my home away from home. But that's not what I'm coming on to talk about.

The cause of the death of crewmember Chase Kilgannon. All signs of death, compared with video footage from crewmember Shale's last network post confirm that there are creatures out there, and we've fought them before, while recovering what is now the Science Department. We don't have a name for them, but here's the gist: They're humans with beast DNA mixed in, they're smart, they're insane, and they very much will overpower and try to kill you if they get a chance. They've survived multiple jumps, as to how, we don't really know. [The tone maintains a mix between professionalism and warning. He knows people are still mourning, but revenge definitely isn't the answer.]

If you want to read up on the specific, scientific details, here's a post on all the gruesome facts we have so far.


Going after these things unarmed is not advised, going alone - unless you have extensive skills in surviving in these kind of scenarios - even less-so. I know of maybe two or three people equipped to be running around the depths of the ship, and evenn then, these things favor having numbers on their side.

These things will not, I repeat will not attempt to strike at the areas we have already secured and tightened security on. This includes the Bridge, the Engineering Deck, the Oxygen Gardens, Life Support Systems, Crew and Passenger Quarters, Gravity Couches, Armory and Firing Range, Shuttle Bay, Medical, Science Department, and all standard hallways and lifts connecting them. Security has already made comments about their patrols, and the gist of that applies here - if you're outside their patrol range, you are at risk of being attacked and killed. Stick to groups if you go out exploring unless you can show extensive singular survival skills, and absolutely consult Kirk and Spock before heading out - we don't need people running out telling nobody and getting killed, even if you want to help and explore, going alone and without telling anyone solves nothing. You need a firearm, you need a way to take hits, and if you don't have those even thinking of going out is a bad idea.

If you want to help, there are plenty of understaffed departments - Flight Crew, Medical, Engineering - not to broadcast the need for more Engineers, but if you can get your hands dirty, we could use you down here.

For those that need to contact me privately about any details - Engineering based or otherwise - you can reach me at the following address:

OPR » 002 » 035

That's all I've got for now, Clarke out.

[And with that, the feed is cut.]
13 November 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Given the last crisis, I think it's safe to say that being "understaffed" is putting it lightly for me and the other grease monkeys.
If you've got something worth using between the ears and don't mind getting your hands dirty, come on down to the Engineering Bay, because if we don't keep this place running, no one will.
And no triple-shifters, I already have to chase down Sulu to get him to sleep once a week. You don't need to sleep often, but more than him or me.
-Isaac Clarke (CEC Systems Engineer, Tranquility)
-OPR » 002 » 035

[When you go to reply, you get a small audio post, courtesy of Isaac himself.]

Glad to hear you're thinking of signing up for the Engineering team. I've seen a lot of crew come and go already, but we can always use more hands - we've till got half the ship to cover, after all. There's a lot of hard work and the glamour is pretty nil, so don't expect to get praise when telling people you've cleaned out the vents or fixed a short on the grid.

Don't ask too loudly about the Jump Drive if you want to stay on Resnik's good side. No, we don't know how it works, calm down. We'll take the eggheads that won't fit down on the flight crew, but don't get cocky because the work is just as hard.

I can at least promise you it won't be boring, there's plenty of stuff to monitor and explore down here, just watch your step.

Clarke out.

[ooc: Just like with the flight crew call-to-arms, this is a call for anyone who wants to jump into the woefully understaffed engineering department to get into the guts of the ship. Questions will be answered, people will join the team with hopefully a shred of sanity and poking the ship's guts will happen in mass.]
28 October 2012 @ 12:19 pm
[The voice sounds slightly echoy, like he's inside a small area - it's probably because he is, rooting through the vents and whatnot.]

Hey crew, this is Clarke.

If you haven't seen any of the Engineering crew in the last couple days, it's because we're still rooting around trying to solve the current problem. We're working on isolating the cause still - there's a lot to go through - but we're starting to miss some equipment too. I'm counting at least one hand-saw, a few sets of cutting pliers, two impact tools, and a couple of welding tools. You see anyone with those, security, let me know - it might be a scavenger's paradise down here, but we need to keep the tools in one place.

That said, I'd like to remind everyone while we're in emergency power not to panic. We're not going to die, the ship has a lot of reserve power that give us more than enough time to isolate the issue. It may be fairly chilly, but everything's stabilized and it's just a matter of finding the issue so we can get everything back online.

That said keep an eye out, seems like things are getting a little odd around here again. Stick to groups or pairs, and keep an eye on the vents.

Clarke out.
[ First, the ever-present hum of the ship ceases completely. Lights shut off. There is nothing but pure (dead) silence; you could hear a pin drop. Then, after a long moment, the lights flicker dimly back — red, this time — and the hum stutters up again, but with the added unmistakably deafening sound of a siren going off. Passengers who are sleeping are going to get a very rude awakening.

Resnik's voice not only pops up as a post on the network, but is being pumped through the ship over the bridge's ship-wide PA system. She sounds calm, but there's an authoritative, sour note to her tone that says she's not entirely pleased with the situation. The klaxon stops abruptly.

USC Tranquility has entered emergency standby mode. The reactor has ceased generating power, and we are running solely on backup generators. Certain areas will be inaccessible to those without clearance. The gardens will continue to filter air and water, but ship temperatures will drop, and lights will remain dim until the reactor has been repaired. Artificial gravity is holding stable at 85%. Pressure is 100%. Passengers should gather in groups — make every effort to stay healthy and warm.

The source of the issue is unknown at this time. We have enough power to last us a year in space, but I'm sure it won't come to that. Excessive changes in atmosphere or the physical condition of the ship will be reported over the public address system. We'll keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

[ And, in text pings to every communicator: ]
12 October 2012 @ 09:48 am
[A gruff voices comes over the network, slighty distorted and muffled by something covering the face.]

If there's any types who know your way around a ship, we could use them down below to keep tabs on things, assuming the Science or Medical crew hasn't snatched you all up yet.

Should probably introduce myself - name's Isaac Clarke. I basically live down in the ship's Engineering department, and have been half working to try and understand everything here. We're making progress. Small progress, but progress. Could always use more hands for a ship this size, though.

As for everyone who was planning to be a part of my survival teachings, those'll happen sometime in the next few days. Everyone was a little... distracted, last month. [No, he refuses to elaborate on that.] I'll be showing how to jury-rig some standard space survival equipment and go over what I've learned dealing with... well, ships like this.

I'll also cobble stuff together for anyone who particularly needs anything high-tech. I make no promises, but I've got the experience.

Clarke out. [Annnd feed cut.]
18 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
Is it a normal thing here to talk about:
1. dead people
2. killing people
3. what to do about 1 and 2
4. what to do about 3

Not to get on anyone's case, I get that this is a pretty creepy spaceship, but there's been talk of death penalties and airlocking people, I'm just wondering.

[ The next part comes up a bit after the first, mostly as an addendum. He switches to voice for this one, though. ]

—Does anyone know where I can find a washing machine? Do we even have those? My stuff still smells a bit like the blue goo, it's taking a while to get out of the fabric.


[ Filtered to Derek + Remus: ]
There's this werewolf guy, Josh? Have you met him?
07 September 2012 @ 02:00 am
[ the feed switches on to reveal connor’s face in fuzzy close-up, staticked and blurred. after a moment, it focuses, and he leans back until his shoulders are visible, one arm held out to grasp the camera, which now is recording with a slight worm’s-eye view. his hair is longer, curling around his ears, nearly touching his shoulders, and his stubble's taken on about a month's worth of growth. (he's in his jumpsuit, the sleeves rolled up, so he looks more like a scraggly pilot rather than the mad scientist he actually is, which wouldn’t be such a terrifying thought if he didn’t live up to the stereotype at least 60% of the time.)

hope you guys like handheld shakycam, because this is being filmed more like a horror movie nature documentary than an actual network post.

the background is quite clearly the science department, banks of computers and jumbled heaps of overturned machines stretching on and on for yards behind him. there's an oddly-shaped outcropping of metal jutting out behind his head, but with the angle of the camera, it's difficult to see exactly what it might be—or if it’s anything at all. spoiler: it is.

she blinded me with science! )
02 September 2012 @ 02:43 am
[She's been keeping a low profile, but with Sarah, that isn't surprising. That is how one survives, how one lives, to see another day. Even here, she knew she was not safe- knew that John was not safe, and it was harder to set things up when you were truly cut off from everything. But, she's done it before, and is doing it again.

Her fate. It was her fate. And John had his.

Yet, she smiles, as even if she doesn't like or welcome technology, she knows enough to blend in when need be, and she is now. There might be a cautiousness in those green eyes, although more than anything, she looks tired. Her voice, when she finally speaks, holds a certain softness to it, as she is seeking information.]

I've been told that these tattoos serve a purpose- that one is a jump number. The ninth being the most recent. I assume there are still people here from earlier jumps- perhaps from the beginning? Is there any written information set out in one place about what has happened since this ship has been taking people- a report, maybe? A newspaper with key events? Or is it all from experience?

[And a pause, contemplating. Yet everything helps. Every little bit, even if things like newspapers might not know the real truth.]

I'm Sarah, and I would be interested in knowing any important events that have transpired since that time, if anyone could fill me in. I, myself, arrived with the most recent jump, so I have little knowledge beyond that.
31 August 2012 @ 11:34 pm
...So, I've got a question to ask everyone here. I guess after the last big event I've been kind of dwelling on it. There was a lot of pannic and confusion, and not everyone got out alright-

I want to teach a class. Not space basics, or engineering basics, though those go hand-in-hand.

I want to teach survival skills. Skills we're going to need if we're going to keep dealing with these horrors and terrors and who knows what the hell else. I can teach people how to jury rig survival equipment - it doesn't matter the age, kids and adults are both welcome, if there's enough interest. But I just-

I don't want anyone to have to handle things like I did the first time around.

So what do you all think? Is it worth gathering a group together - maybe in the Engineering deck, and teaching you how to survive in a space crisis?

Clarke out.

[Friday morning]
[It's just one message after another with this guy.]

hey tilman



u kno how 2 make an omlate


omlay do fromadge

yo can u show me how 2 do this or not

im hungry
Current Mood: hungry
[AKA to anyone who's not Ward or Resnik. Scotty's been pretty absent since Strela, not doing much in the way of socializing or... Okay, so he's been more or less completely absent and not at all because the person at the keyboard continues to be brainfried from work on account of being busy. He's not generally good at patient, but he's been trying. Biding his time, working to build a better understanding of Tranquility's engines and power grids. This venture may not have been entirely successful, given the fact that there's a lot that's off-limits. The fact that things are off-limits may not have stopped Scotty from trying to sneak a few peeks anyway.

Currently he's in his quarters, looking a bit disheveled. He's been
working. When he speaks, he keeps his voice hushed, as though speaking too loudly is going to somehow mean that a) Ward and Resnik are going to overhear him through the walls of his quarters or b) sense that something's been encrypted against them and find a way to get through the encryption. There's a reason no sends Scotty on missions of extreme subterfuge.]

Is there anyone aboard this ship with prior experience in travelin' between dimensions? I've dabbled in multiversal theory myself, a bit, but without practical understandin'... [He shifts, casts a furtive glance toward his door.] Been considerin' the possibility o' buildin' a proper transporter. T'anyone unfamiliar with the concept, it's a way o' travelin' almost instantaneously from one location t'another. The question... Well. The questions are whether there's materials available, whether it'd be possible t'divert power from nonessential ship functions in order t'power it, if there'd even be way o' keepin' it secret from people who shouldn't know about it... [He pauses, and glances at the door again, like any minute someone's going to come bursting in to drag him away. All this talk of death lately has him a bit jumpy, though he's far too proud to admit it.] Purely as an academic exercise, o' course. Completely hypothetical, wouldn't dream o' actually tryin' it. It'd be entirely too risky.

[There are a lot of things Scotty is good at. Lying is not one of them.]

An' it'd especially be entirely too risky t'actually attempt workin' out transdimensional beamin'. Probably wouldn't even work, anyway. But there's no harm in thinkin' about it, aye? Purely hypothetically, o' course. [Pause.] But if anyone's got detailed information regardin' what happens in the ship's systems during a jump, it'd be appreciated if you'd be willin' t'share. Or any other information that might be relevant.
10 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Jim addresses the network with prim efficiency this jump. his voice, curiously, is devoid of most of the warmth and infectious rabel-rousing it normally has. instead, it's clipped and professional; the voice of a captain stating facts and orders. anyone who has been around a while will know that something is off, and as he goes on, it becomes clear why.]

Tranquility this is Jim Kirk. To anyone joining us, welcome, and to anyone returning, welcome back.

I know you all have questions. Myself and those who have been on board for a while will be happy to answer any that you have, but before doing so I'll clear some of the more obvious ones up.

You're on the space ship Tranquility, a colonization vessel in a parallel universe to your own. The year is 938 A.E., and presently, we have no way of returning anyone to their home continuum. We ask, instead, that you lend a hand in the running of the ship. This isn't mandatory, but we are all that's left of a crew. Even if you have no previous experience on a starship, we'll be able to find a place for you.

Attached to this broadcast is what we have of a map of the ship. It's a rough outline, as we've found corridors spontaneously change, commonly with each jump. I ask everyone to be cautious when moving about the ship, and to avoid engaging the entity commonly known as "Smiley" on board.

[here, the pauses briefly, the crux of his attitude coming to light.]

Presently, I'd like anyone with information on missing persons to come forward. Dean Winchester and Doctor Leonard McCoy have both disappeared from our number, and I have the feeling they aren't the only ones.

Kirk out.



06 August 2012 @ 12:49 pm
Hey, I was just wondering how many of those people who came back from Strela are still out of commission.
I don't mean like spaced out or feeling weird, but just plain unresponsive.

[ Here, there appears to be something like a youtube video embed, which means that the video won't play until someone chooses to play it. Basically, the video features like a minute of Dave lying catatonic in the medbay. ]

Because my bro's pretty much been this way ever since he got back.
Also, I think I owe an X-dude named Alex for helping a bro out. My bro, to be specific.
Anyway, thanks.
I've been keeping a close eye on him. Anyone who's already tried to visit already knows that much.
But if you want to drop by, I guess it's cool now.
I think the jump's coming up soon, so maybe my bro will be back in action by then.
And I think I owe a certain Ser Jaime Lannister an apology for the slow work.
Just so you know, the hand's still coming along well.
I think I should be done with it in a week or two. Three at most.