06 July 2013 @ 10:14 pm
Tell me something interesting about you or your world, Tranquility.

[She's bored and needs entertainment.]

And I mean interesting by the way.
02 July 2013 @ 09:07 am
[Thankfully you can't see anything below bare shoulders this time, but here's Juliana, hair oddly perfect and a beatific smile on her face.]

After that... [SHUDDER.] terribly ominous happening--by the way, those of you who didn't tell me this place was horrible, shame on you--I have something much more important to discuss. It's been clear that none of you know what to do with a goddess in your midst. It's quite simple. Respect.

[She points at the viewer.] I can't watch every one of you, but I trust that you're all working hard for the good of everyone, aren't you?

[A smile, then she looks confused.] That wasn't my point. My point... My... point...

Oh, yes! My point. I'm told there are "hobos" aboard. I'd like to meet one, for comparative purposes. Assistance is appreciated. New experiences are wonderful, aren't they?

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01 July 2013 @ 12:09 am
[ before clara speaks, she cracks her knuckles. this is big news and big business, so she speaks crisply, ]

Alright then, so, for those of you watching the network, Mr. Winchester was nice enough to sound the alarm on subnetwork shenanigans.

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17 June 2013 @ 11:10 pm
[Hello, everyone! It's late, late night, and you're now being treated to the sight of... bare skin!? What?

Yes, it's bare skin, a bit out of focus, but that's what it is. The holder of the device sighs in what she hopes is a thoughtful manner.]

I know the science of it, the biology, yes, but I don't like it. Legs are troublesome enough...

[The feed is flipped over to reveal a young woman with dark, mussed hair and a haughty look. She sounds completely perturbed, but somehow bored at the same time.]

...inefficient as they are. This is a nuisance.

[Camera back to skin, camera back up. Yes, by now you may have figured out that she's showing off one slender leg.]

There's hair. On my leg. On both legs, actually. I don't know whether to be fascinated by the wonder of the human body or completely disgusted.
10 June 2013 @ 06:17 pm


no wait

a/s/location back home/year?

[It's not just that Cassie's bored of this sci-fi bullshit already-- though she is. She also wants to get the lay of the land. And hey, someone might find it as funny as she does.]
24 May 2013 @ 08:58 pm
so i havvent paid any attention wwhatsoevver lately but
just howw many nonhumans are there aboard noww
it used to be a pretty evven split or at least it looked enough like it for me not to be ovverly concerned for my owwn safety but noww i dont knoww
i mean i havvent evven heard from any a the other people in my univverse lately so im assumin theyvve all disappeared an that wwas a pretty good chunk a the unusual races here
so yeah i guess thats wwhat im wwonderin at this particular moment
20 May 2013 @ 11:22 am
[Because she's unsure of herself or just because she doesn't know what else to do, she's using this thing like one of those Real World confession booths at the moment. Good as anything, right?]

Somehow I don’t think I can ever let myself think any variation on “I thought I’d seen it all” ever again. I mean, zombies seem like “it all,” right? Decapitated heads seem like “it all.” Giant, canyon-wide… secret electrical forcefields or something seem like “it all.” And showing up out of nowhere in a giant tube is definitely “it all.” Or it should be.

Okay, so this is not the kind of stuff your parents or teachers prepare you for. But since there’s no other option, I’m – I don’t know. I’m resigned.

Dana Polk, Fearless Adventurer.

Dana Polk, Apparent Survivor of Highly Improbable Death.

Dana Polk, Just Trying To Keep On Surviving. If it’s worth it.

[And it's about now that she registers that someone else might be listening.]

I'm Dana, by the way.
16 May 2013 @ 10:08 am
[She sounds like every word is said with thought, intentionally, carefully. She still isn't sure everyone can hear her, that's all.]

Hello. My name is Annie, and I'm new onboard from the last Jump and I'd like to-

[Okay now she feels self-conscious]

Tea! I have tea! If anyone would like a cuppa, I have an extra mug as well, if you'd like to meet!

Are these conversations on this device usually this terrible to start?
16 April 2013 @ 09:09 pm
[ Typically, Jake would be posting onto the network with his signature green text, but today we're on video. He's simply filming form his quarters, and he actually drops the device at first, muttering a slight curse word under his breath.
When he props it up on a hard surface, we see that he is in a white tee shirt that he's had for some time now.
Not too many people are aware, but he was sent home for awhile. Now he's sixteen and has gone through a lot.
On the outside, though, the only thing we can see is a marking on his left arm. ]

Courtesies, friends on the Tranquility. I seem to be in a might fine shuck-buster of a predicament since I arrived back here.
I have this horrendous tattoo that I have been trying to get rid of.
I am wondering if anybody has any pointers.

I'll show you how horrendous it is! It's absolutely dreadful.

[ With that, he turns to the side and shows his arm. It looks something like this.
He might also be.. bending his elbow to flex it a little. With a forced smile, he speaks again. ]

I'll try anything to get this off! So for the sake of things pure and saint, don't be shy to give me some suggestions.
24 March 2013 @ 04:48 pm
[ There's the whisper of not-quite silence that indicates the device is recording, followed by the sounds of someone obviously fiddling with it, like Emily's realized what a bad idea showing her face to the network could be, and might just turn the device off and call it a day. It takes a minute, but the video eventually clicks on. ]


[ No going back now... ]

Everyone's got this moniker that their parents gave them, and it stays with you- its, really, the only thing that can't take it on the heel and toe, dig? And- I mean, there's gotta be some thought that goes into giving a person a name, like... your parents know you're coming and they've got all these gowed-up hopes, savvy? That you're gonna be this tomato of a doll, that you're gonna be a right gee, that maybe you'll end up a little bit like both of them- [ A glance off screen, chewing on her bottom lip. ] Or nothing like either of them...

But they've gotta choose this moniker that's going to stay with you for the rest of your life, that stands to define you, and--

[ A hopeless look, like this is the edited and condensed version of a much longer conversation she's had over and over with herself- one she's well past frustrated with. ]

How does someone do that?
13 March 2013 @ 02:36 pm
Afternoon (????) ladies and gents aboard this craft its jake english again.
Though i supposed you are accustomed to my spanking green font here i only find it proper to be polite and introduce as chums come and go from time to time! That i have been rather to myself lately in case my name has been forgotten (i forget names all the time!!)

And i dont mean to be too much of a botheration with all of these movie sort of chit chatting but i have successfully watched the following movies copious amounts of times since our last little escapade and i am willing to hand them off to any of those who are in need of some earthly entertainment and swear on their graves soil theyll return them to me post haste. Here they are an how many times i watched them!
Casablanca (6)
Gone with the wind (4)
E.t. (10)
Frankenstein (8)
The wizard of oz (4)

I am also in need of a sparring partner seeing as i am getting antsy like an eager rabbit in early spring (i mean that in a non suggestive sort of sense!!!) to engage in some rousing sessions of fisticuffs.
By that i mean weapons aside and those capable of having any sort of powers gently lowering them to normal human stamina.

If you are interested in such things contact me and we can settle a place to wrestle for sport!

Oh! I also am curious. Has anybody seen the tiger board this ship?? She or he i dont know the sex crossed paths when the lifts werent working and i would love to be in contact with it again. Its completely harmless and a friend of mine!
Thank you!
12 March 2013 @ 08:17 pm
[After a moment's fiddling where muted swearing can be heard but precious little seen the feed flicks on to display one terribly bored looking tanned elf. Between the set of his jaw and the twist of his lips the displeasure he's been feeling for the last however long is quite visible, though he does his best to put on a charming smile for the ship.]

I know when we arrive on this very fine vessel we are given, without our consent, a mark for purposes in keeping tally of who is on the ship, translation, so on and so forth. And while it is a nicely done tattoo it is not precisely to my taste, mm?

[He turns his cheek to the camera, tracing a line up the black curves marked up from jaw to temple.]

These now, I like a great deal more and it makes me wonder if there is anyone else that would rather regain just a little bit of themselves by choosing a tattoo of their own design and placement to make up for what was graciously given without asking. I've skill and experience in the art and would be willing to lend my services to anyone interested.

My supplies at the moment are somewhat limited but depending upon what you would like done I am certain we could come to some sort of arrangement.

[Please. Someone. Anyone. It'll be something to do, some sort of project, something to focus on and while his expression is not quite pleading it is eager for some manner conversation centered around something he can understand for once.]

11 February 2013 @ 08:17 pm
Attention everybody ever!!!! I have some of the most exciting news.
Well its pretty gosh damned exciting to me.
This jump around i not only found two solid gold berettas and a computer coat but i found some things that are even more important.
Thats right when i opened up my locker a small collection of classic movies fell out.
Hot diggity shits this is precisely what i have been having a hankering for since i dont actually recall when but its sure been a good while since ive settled myself down to watch some real movies.

I figure since the ship is at a lull atm and no shipwide horrors are occurring we could take this moment to get acquainted over watching some cinemaflicks. I would like more friends.
The videos found are the following:
Gone with the wind.
The wizard of oz.
A fine collection if i can say so myself. All these items can fit in my puzzle modus so i will bring them all.

Anywhoo if you are interested in watching a movie you can meet up with me i will be in the rec room nearest to floor 8 in approximately thirty minutes.

locked to raven darkholme )
11 February 2013 @ 08:03 pm
shooting lessons. i've offered them up before, but now they're a more permanent deal

every third day (ship-wide disasters aside) at the range. turn up if you want to learn. fuck off if you're planning to screw around

[locked to stilinski's&mccall;]

[edit: locked individually to each person following the talk with stiles]

the offer goes out to the three of you first. complete with hand to hand training

take it if you want

[locked to hale, d;]

think your uncle would be up for getting involved?
08 February 2013 @ 06:14 pm
oh, wow.
let's face it: this is all sorts of crazy.
but like the sci-fi kind of crazy, which is a cool and dangerous kind of crazy!
although if you tried telling that to your therapist or rose, they'd probably argue that lunacy is lunacy, no matter what.
which brings me to my next point...
am i crazy?
did you ever think that maybe the reason that goo is blue is because it's the color of your destroyed dreams??
the kind of goo that seeps into your ears and totally brainwashes you????????
what if i am figuring all this out way ahead of schedule.
i've been scratching the tattoo a whole lot, too.
i didn't mean to, i swear. i was just itchy!
the effects are wearing off, i repeat, the effects are wearing off!
i just heard a highly suspicious noise.
...they're right behind me, aren't they.

[ 5 seconds later: ]

03 February 2013 @ 10:16 pm
[Anne's face isn't one that shows up over the network very often, if she can help it. But right now, it feels necessary to break out of her usual norm of being as antisocial as possible, now that she has a reason to reach out to people]

I don't know if anyone's going to be able to help with this, but I can't risk not asking. I'm looking for someone.

[She pauses, and takes a long moment to just breathe. Internally, she's cursing herself for not making this a text, because it's a challenge to keep her composure right now. She chews on her bottom lip and then manages to pull herself together enough to speak again, though her voice is shaky]

I know at least some of you know him. His name is Murphy Pendleton. He's middle aged, around average height, I'd say. Brown hair. He has a scar on his right cheek. He's been missing for a few days. If anyone's seen him, or knows where he might be...

[Then her voice breaks and she abruptly switches the feed to text]

Just let me know. I need to find him. His number is OPR » 006 » 073, so you'll know him when you see him.
01 February 2013 @ 08:54 pm
right so
save your condolences and told you sos
and by "i" i mean me and other me
im back from a trip around the ship
and no im not bleeding out of every orifice or horribly dismembered so were good on that end
we didnt find a body
moving or otherwise
so if you knew 012 200
previously known as 004 097
commonly known as dirk strider
more esoterically known as THE MAN
hes gone again
for all those who wanted him for sketchy science shenanigans
tough luck
youll have to settle for his arguably less scientifically capable bros

[ ooc; Though I'm not technically off hiatus yet, I will slowly be making a comeback. Good to be back, guys. ]
21 January 2013 @ 08:13 pm
[ There is a naked, brightly glowing blue man standing a short distance away from where his comm device is holding steady in the air. He’s hardly bothered by the fact that he’s naked... nor does he look as if he’s bothered by, well, much of anything. ]

It has become clear to me that, while I am entirely capable of moving my own matter both through time and space, I have been moved into a plane that has hindered this ability. I have found that i’m unable to manipulate my own particles to the extent that I have become accustomed to. It seems that this is not true in all instances, however. [ His tone indicates a shrug might go here, but he doesn’t move an inch. ] I was not able to foresee this event, likely a cause of whatever is altering my intrinsic field.

[ Jon almost sighs, almost looks dejected, but mostly looks nothing too terribly different. ]

While I am aware that this is possible, I have yet to understand exactly how it’s occurring. Once I have, however, I intend to stop it. I have begun research in the science department for this reason only. [ Still as blase as ever. ]

I am curious, however, as to how this plane affects the atoms of others. It can only serve to further advance my own research if I understand how other particles have proven to react in such a place. [ He tips his head slightly, curiously, and then proceeds to wait for his answers. ]
10 January 2013 @ 01:58 am
"You are frightened of everything. You call it caution. You call it common sense. You call it practicality. You call it playing the odds, but that's only because you're afraid to call it by its real name, and its real name is fear."

What are you scared of, Tranquility?
08 January 2013 @ 08:36 pm
[ Hey, gang. It's your monthly dose of Jake English broadcasting here on the network through the flow of everything going on. Been while since we've seen him, hasn't it? He's blissfully unaware of any sort of dreaming that went on during comas. Yeah, oblivious as par usual. There is only one thing he has his mind set on today.
For those who don't know, this kid is roughly about sixteen and carries a weird accent. It isn't too important, but the best way to describe it would be bullshit Australian.
Anywho, he's in just a plain white tee shirt he managed to salvage back during one of the station trips, along with shorts he risked his life to get. And it appears he's something some sort of space chips. Who knows where that came from.

A few simple scars cover his face from his mask horror that happened a few weeks ago and he's been doing nothing much besides isolating himself. ]

[ His voice seems to be heavy and lacking its typical enthusiasm (though that is apt to change.) His hair appears a bit tousled, and it's evident he hasn't really been taking care of his hygiene upkeep.
Look, it's almost like he's growing facial hair; the best a guy of his age could muster. What a dunderhead. ]

I hate to be a bother to you lot on the network, what all being pried from your tidy homes and sucked into this ringarosie of spaceship bullshittery. Imposing on your chinwags and chit chatters, I have something of vital importance to ask you.
[ ..And there's a pause of suspense. ]

have been here for what feels like a year, but that probably isn't true. The date I remember upon arrival was April 2012. I still haven't a heaven to betsie's idea of what the current date is, whether or not a missed my 16th birthday or not, or anything. In any case, if my birthday has passed or is to come, all I really want is...

[ Here it comes. He sounds desperate. ]

A movie. And not just any movie, I want--

[ A breath. ]

Weekend at Bernie's. More than anything.
[ what. ]
--And I am aware that some of you get things and trinkets in your locker! Mayhaps you can help me out here if you have it? I am willing to do anything I can to get a hold of this movie. My skills and interests are the following:

[ green courier text ]  )

I will sacrifice anything I can muster for this, or any Earth movie, especially adventure/action movies! If I'm not completely satisfied in this manner, by Jove, I'll ask every single jump.
[ A little more passion in his voice here.
Nobody should ever deprive a movie junkie of their needs, evidently. He shuts the video off before turning it back on quickly. ]
For new arrivals, I greet you and will offer any services to you and will answer any inquiries! I've been here for some time, but I can assure you that you are not completely safe where you have been brought.
Thank you.