10 August 2012 @ 11:24 am
[ there's the rustling of fabric, and a breath before irene speaks. she's tapping something against her palm as she does, a steady counterrhythm to her words.]

So it seems we've managed to get through a jump without any unfortunate mishaps. What a lovely change of pace.
[ Never one for too many words, Kara opts to send out a mass text to everyone. Knowing at least that way, she can get a better sense of where her attention will need to be.

And it's a good way to look after people without actually saying she is. ]

Since we will be docking soon, I'm wondering what everyone's plans are once we arrive?
20 June 2012 @ 02:13 pm
So hey, I'm going to make this pretty short, since I know a lot of people are still trying to get back on their feet - myself included. I heard there was talk of 'hellbeasts' in the newly rediscovered science lab.

Well, being a man of... let's say 'applied sciences'. I'm willing to head over there in the next couple days and clean out as much as I can. I've done this type of thing before, so it isn't exactly new to me. If anyone wants to accompany me to get these things taken care of, you either need to be really good at fighting, or be armed in some way, but I'm willing to take anyone who needs to vent at these things.

All you experimental types who want a sample of these things, speak now or forever hold your peace. This kind of work is pretty notably messy, so if you want someone to drag one of these things back, it's likely going to be at least missing a limb or two and not exactly be moving.

Once I know who all's planning to come with me, I can figure out a good time for us to head out there and clean out the lab so people can actually use it.

Clarke out.
16 June 2012 @ 12:12 am
[ Fellow passengers of the s.s. TranKILLUty, please forgive Ariadne. She clearly is bored and more then likely, slightly off her rocker. (Being stuck in med-bay this long tends to do things to you after all, am I right?) So without thinking, she is tapping away at the network and sharing some of her thoughts (perhaps ones that she shouldn't), as well as looking for something to do while she waits for someone to find the cure and save them all. ]

a few things:
  • Is anyone NOT sick?
  • Has anyone seen one of my sketchbooks? I think I dropped it on the way here.
  • I now know what death feels like. Is everyone feeling like me?
  • Who picked the teams that went into that maze? (seriously, who thought letting the breakfast club go together was a good idea? They are a bunch of minors and two curly haired dudes - who I'm pretty sure have no idea what technology is - traipse around looking for a cure. YEAH. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A WINNING TEAM.)
  • What do you people do when you're bored here?
  • I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pass my psych class now.
  • i haven't been laid in a while. It sucks.

ooc: feel free to action or whatever with this as well.
Clearly she is a bit out of her mind and will more then likely be talking via text or voice unless you are in the med-bay with her.
13 June 2012 @ 05:58 pm
[he knows he can't stop anyone from going, which is fifty percent of the reason he makes this a public broadcast instead of filtered. his transmissions starts with a file transfer. it comes with a photo pulled of the subnetwork, and detailing how to get to the start of the maze, located next to the Oxygen Garden. he'd rather people be informed than go wandering about, after all.]

{file transfer::// START.jpg}

Alright people, whatever we've caught is lethal. We need people in fit condition [or as close to it] to be assisting in the search. Anyone heading into the maze, do not go alone, do not go unarmed, and be careful.

Enterprise, we leave at 16:00 hours.

[ooc; feel free to use this post as IC coordination for heading into the maze/forming groups if you want! also this is pinging anyone Jim might not have talked to about going into the maze with him, ie: Asato, Godric, Todd, Jane Sheppard, Jack, etc.]
11 June 2012 @ 06:15 pm
[There's a burst of binary coming from a source outside the device - John did, in fact, spend the last couple of hours setting this up on the laptop that came with him.]



[The repeated ones and zeroes end. Finally. Thank god.]

If I ask a few questions, how many answers would I get? Questions like who's been here the longest, or is there a discernable population on board? How many people are on this ship?

Where is the food coming from? The water? How is the gravity functioning?


[Yeah, apologies for the binary on audio are not forthcoming.]

[ooc: if your character for whatever reason can understand binary, they're welcome to know what that was all about!]
10 June 2012 @ 04:07 pm
[She's been thinking since she's been back. Kara Thrace -- the Harbinger -- seems to have kept quiet about what she and her sister are. She's seen Caprica on the network, but she hasn't gone to her in person just yet.]

It looks like I've missed more than I'm comfortable with. If someone could concisely sum up the most important events of the last few months, I'd be grateful.

[She laughs quietly.]

It's strange. Minutes at home, a hundred days here. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
[The transmission continues from Hotspur’s communication device, silence still spilling onto the network until some short time after the jump. There’s several muffled bangs – the sound of another door control panel being loosened and dropped – and then the long groaning sound of metal being forced, followed by a low gasp in surprise from Kara. ]

Frakken Hell. [coolly:] Is it?

[Footsteps. A soft, wet noise and then the clink of metal – dogtags being lifted free.]

It’s him.

[A long pause, followed by a few mumbled words exchanged between the two. ]

Turn his frakken device off.

[There’s the static shuffle of the device being lifted and moved, and then Hotspur’s final tranmission is shut off.]

(audio transmission)

[ The gap between hotspurs discontented transmission and Kara's audio flickering to life isn't long, but it's enough for the pair to discuss a few things (mainly the post hotspur sent out prior to his last). And when Kara does finally speak, it's short and to the point. ] Lieutenant Southey – Hotspur – didn't survive the jump.

Some assistance would be appreciated soon.

[ and with that, she ends the transmission, not wanting to give away too much of her emotions. ]

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Feel free to make this a catch all post for chatting about what happened,
as well as whatever else. POOR HOTSPUR :(

03 May 2012 @ 11:54 am
[ The feed clicks on and, for a while, all you get is the shift of a hand writing something on a page. The paper in question isn't in view, but the curl of his hand is — a short scrawl, tight but not illegible, from the way his wrist shifts. Arthur thinks about not picking up the device at all and deleting what's been recorded so far but he doesn't, instead choosing to set the pen down angling it so he can speak directly and clearly to the screen. He looks rough but it's not in his overt presentation, not with his tie neat and the collar secure and his cufflinks done up. It's in his eyes, the pinch of his brow — Arthur looks tired. But that's really not any of your business. There's a reason for all this face-time too. Demon-free, and all that. ]

I need to know how this— [ His brows draw together; it isn't exactly his field of expertise beyond using it as some on-the-nose symbolism. ] demon possession happened.

[ He taps the pen idly on the surface of his desk, tap-tap-tap. After a beat, he adds: ]

And how to stop it from happening again.

[ Another long, long beat. He sets the device down and it's almost like he's forgotten that the feed is on. He hasn't and, eventually, Arthur huffs out a laugh. ]

I also need a new pen.

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18 February 2012 @ 10:47 am
[ a wild spock appears. when the feed begins, it is with acute precision- an absence of wobbling and uncertainty, and he wastes no time with niceties. he doesn't mean to be a jerk. he just comes off that way u_u ]

Greetings Tranquility. I am Spock, at present, tactician of the gunnery crew.

It is my intent to access the recovery of those individuals affected by the yet unidentified biological attack, and to inquire after those who may remain in need of medical attention. I invite you to respond at will.

Further, in light of recent transmissions received to the ship's communal frequency, it appears necessary to reiterate the dangers of traversing the Tranquility's corridors unaccompanied. While theoretically impossible, individuals have become lost and perceive themselves as 'trapped' in varying hallways. It is yet unconfirmed if this is a direct result of the ship itself, or if said individuals have come into contact with mind-altering agents. Any and all persons willing and able to examine further, please present yourself for the formation of study and search parties.

I advise caution to all passengers aboard, regardless.

Spock out.

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filter to james kirk | text | encrypted | unhackable | )
28 January 2012 @ 12:32 pm
[When the feed clicks on, Natalie looks significantly more serious than anyone on the network has probably seen her. She's worried, and she conveys that by slipping into business mode.]

I'm hoping there's already someone here who's collected a security team for the new arrivals.

[Not necessarily formally tied to the actual ship's crew, but that's a risky thing to say out loud.]

If that's the case, I'm submitting my formal request to be added to the team. If a list of skills and qualifications becomes necessary, I can draft something up.
[ There's a jostle, and a familiar, fluctuating voice can be heard. ]

Hang on, I think I fucking got it. It's all in my pocket and shit, all up in here. Cozy like a motherfucking rainbow.

[ He laughs, and it's more like a sputtering chortle and--yup, there it is. A tell-tale honk as the gray-skinned troll pulls the device out of wherever it's been--it looks like under a sheet of some sort--and there's a huge clutter of various things strewn around the room. One of which is the mattress that used to make up the bed. ]

Motherfuck, there we go. So hey, world. I've got something pretty motherfucking important to share with you.

[ And, in the corner, a pie tray filled with neon green goo, half eaten. One of his very last pies. And also in the background that's--

Yup. The second Sherlock Holmes.

All you motherfuckers, I've come to a realization. This ship. Is, like, a motherfucking case. We need to solve.
21 January 2012 @ 10:19 pm
[ the feed is suddenly jostled to life when it hits the floor, catching the tail end of a frustrated grunt/growl/noise of great distress/whatever/etc. please do enjoy the view of the ceiling from the floor.

offscreen there is a noise of sudden movement and then mjolnir is heavily slammed on the floor right next to the device. electrical currents fire and spark across the metal and cast out small fingers of lightning. it's nothing grand and from the look on thor's face, it's troubling. and right getting ready to piss him off. these actions are repeated in triplicate, but reach the same conclusion.

after the last time, he stands, raising the hammer above his head and tries one last time. except he's much too close to the light fixture. and while his lightning might not be as strong as it once was, it's certainly enough to cause the bulb to break and rain down electrical sparks. there's two beats of silence before he releases an angry battle cry and mjolnir is dropped, cutting the feed suddenly.

but, then a bit later, a voice...! ]

Who is responsible for this? How am I to use my weapon now—Mjolnir is useless to me in this condition. [ this is almost like new mexico all over again. ] Is there some sort of black magic restricting it's use? I demand it be fixed at once.

[ he falls silent, then there's almost an embarrassed edge to the next question, ] Where might one find replacement fixtures of light?
21 January 2012 @ 05:09 pm
This is former Alliance Navy, arguably currently Cerberus employed flight lieutenant Jeff Moreau; callsign “Joker”; while I’ve already gotten an idea of what’s going on with the shuttles down in the hanger thanks to Hotspur, a guy’s gotta ask: why haven’t we made it a priority to get those repaired and running and ditched this floating coffin?

[He scratches at his chin – beard’s getting a little scruffy around the edges there – and shifts on camera, looking more than a little annoyed.]

Just, you know, throwing that out there. I don’t know about you, but I know I got better places to be than something out of a creepy ship like this. I mean, who designed this shit with the flying buttresses and all the funky internal architecture? It’s like some sort of Gothic antfarm in space.
20 January 2012 @ 04:40 pm
[ Good afternoon, Tranquility. Those of you who have been here for more than one jump will recognize Dr. Robert Capa. He was one of the first faces on the Network following the incident that brought the first of the passengers here and it's very possible you've seen him around the ship. Now that Corazon has gone, he's become something of an off-again, on-again fixture in the oxygen garden. He is also one of the two astrophysicists that are part of the science team and can often be found in the company of the little girl named Chase or with his head down, doing calculations on a tablet from home. It's quite possible he's trained you — somewhat awkwardly — on some of the safety protocols of space travel.

If you're new, then this is an unfamiliar face, though it seemed to be all over the place on the day of the second jump. In the Medbay, in the locker room, checking names and running food to people going over the lists. Being awkward (this is an on-going theme).

When the video clicks on he gives something of a wince that, upon further reflection, is actually meant to be a very brief smile. Then a nod and then he speaks, his voice even and his tone matter-of-fact. He's not an automoton by any stretch of the imagination (his shoulders are far too slumpy for that) but the overall sense he gives off is one of calm.

I— [ Hm. ] I suppose, I should welcome all of our new passengers. I'm not really the part of the official welcoming crew and that's a good thing, trust me. But for those of you who have woken from stasis for the first time— [ An inhale, an audible exhale. ] —welcome.

I'm Doctor Robert Capa. Originally of the international space mission Icarus II. I serve as a physical science officer— here, on the Tranquility. Astrophysics, specifically. Now, I know a lot of you have questions. Questions that I'm sure Captain Ward and Chief Engineer Reznik would love to be able to answer. [ Okay, that might be a lie. ] There are those of us who are working to find those answers for you, but answers take time, so— A little patience and a little insight, if you have any, would be appreciated.

For some of you, this'll be your first time in space. I highly recommend you speak to me or to passenger Re-l Mayer, and we can see to getting you trained up. Nothing complicated — just the basics. [ A pause. Capa takes the opportunity to run a hand across his face, specifically his chin, the stubble scraping audibly there. ] One of the hardest things about being in space is the fact there is no night and day here. Your circadian rhythmns will be greatly affected if you don't take the time and the effort to regulate yourself.

Now, some of us— [ Capa lifts an arm to reveal a watch (analogue) around his wrist. ] —are used to a 24 hour solar cycle. Those of you who have watches, I suggest you maintain them, even if — technically — those particular patterns no longer have context or meaning. As it currently stands, those of us who do have watches have synchronized them for the sake of consistency. It's— it can be helpful.

For reference's sake— [ He looks down at his watch now, still speaking. ] It will be 4.27 in the afternoon in three. Two. One. [ When he looks up again, he nods once. ] Officer Spock, could you please open a secure channel for the following individuals? Capa out.

file contents. )

message to: WINCHESTER, dean. )
19 January 2012 @ 10:08 am
[Viewers are greeted by a charmingly dashing white smile, easy and confident without being cocky, shining blue eyes and the face of a 1950's matinee idol. He's dressed in his customary outfit of braces and greatcoat, his very presence commanding your attention]

Hey there, kids. So it's come to my attention that there are some of us a little more used to this whole traveling in space thing, am I right? I mean. There are some of us on here who have literally never even heard of the idea, which. Is charming, really it is. But that means that this whole Tranquility thing has gotta be more than a bit of a shock. So here's where I'm going to be taking a poll.

How many of you are familiar with travel in space? How many of you have heard of it, but never dreamed you'd do it yourself? How many of haven't even dreamed of traveling the stars?

I figure if we cover that much at least, we'll be able to determine how many of us need a bit more explanation than the fact that we seem to be on some sort of large passenger vessel traveling through some undetermined part of some unknown galaxy. Vague, I know, but I haven't exactly found a viewing screen yet, have you? That's where the rest of us come in. Maybe, with your help, we can figure this all out.

[He goes to reach forward to turn off the video feed, before a thought comes to him and he stops, a more mysterious look in his eyes as he does] I don't suppose that any of you are familiar with time travel...?
18 January 2012 @ 09:46 pm
[When the video starts, it's of a man with tan skin and long hair. Some of it is in dreadlocks, some of it is in braids. He's wearing a black leather tricorn hat above a red bandanna. He's got beads and trinkets in his hair, and he's dressed in full pirate garb. That jumpsuit was weird, why would he wear that when he's got his clothes?]

[He's also upside down. Jack, how did you get on the ceiling, that's not--Oh, wait, no. He's just holding the cell phone upside down. How do I technology?


So, I'm t' believe that I'm on some sort of...

[He pauses for a moment, and the video flails around for a minute. Jack is gesturing with his hands and doesn't realize that some viewers may become motion sick. He finally finds the word he was looking for, and the video stops and you've got a lovely video of the wall. Isn't it beautiful?]

...ship. In the sky. Above the Earth. Floatin' in space.

...The Locker made a lot more sense the first time around. This is just... odd.

[Fourth walling is encouraged!]
17 January 2012 @ 03:02 pm
[Good afternoonish, Tranquility]

Have we all settled down from the jump? I see we have new people on board. I'm Jane Foster, and I'm an astrophysicist with the Science Division. So apparently the jumps the ship does will also bring new people aboard. Though really the gravity couch experience should be a one time thing.

That brings interesting ideas about how the engine affects time and space and how Einstein, bless his heart, really had no idea, since I don't think E=mc² really stands up to this test, since it was explaining how an object at rest requires infinite energy to achieve the speed of light, and well, we apparently moved quite a ways in a blink of an eye? Though other aspects of relativity could still apply, since they allow for such things as wormholes, which can quite possibly be created.

Would anyone have anything to add to this? It's rather rough, I apologize. Also, do we have any idea of where we are in relation to our last known stop? I'm wondering how far we traveled since Tansei.
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16 January 2012 @ 09:58 am
[ Nigel isn't a luddite in any way, shape or form, though he's never been fond of technology in any strong sense. For a young man who liked to spend his time wrist-deep in the insides of once-living things, far too often technology and all of its trappings struck him as too clinical, too detached. Too bloodless. And so, it's with a fair amount of fiddling that he finally manages to get his communicator to work, choosing the video options after scrolling through one and then the other, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each.

When the image clicks on, the Network is greeted with a young man in his late teens — strong-jawed and handsome, tidy and in a jacket and tie, his bangs pushed across his forehead in a damp swipe of dark hair. He looks, for all intents and purposes, perfectly harmless. And when he speaks, his voice is surprisingly low and oddly lulling despite the way it seems to lie flat over certain phrases.

Hello, Tranquility, [ the young man says simply, revealing himself to be English and with quite good diction. ] I've questions and it seems there are some of you who may provide answers.


Where might I inquire about the dead?