01 July 2013 @ 12:09 am
[ before clara speaks, she cracks her knuckles. this is big news and big business, so she speaks crisply, ]

Alright then, so, for those of you watching the network, Mr. Winchester was nice enough to sound the alarm on subnetwork shenanigans.

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29 June 2013 @ 05:39 pm
[First thing to note: Sam's got a killer hangover.

Second thing to note: he's still in the library, nursing his hangover with coffee and scanning through the network out of sheer desperation for something to find. Anything to pass the time, really. It's hours into his work that he finds something that
might be familiar. Give him a few hours, a little irritation, and nothing remotely helpful in the remaining library aaaand -- ] 

Alright, so get this. 

There's a quote put up on a secondary sub-network, and I think it's from our friend with the red face.

[He scooches in his seat, looking over the words.]

"Such is the appearance of black birds." Now -- I can't put my exact finger on the chapters, but I remember in one of my Mythology courses, there uh -- it was a passage. From an old Greek text I read through during one of our big finals in my last year of undergrad. [A sound of frustration, some moosey grumbling about an Essay From Hell. Then he snaps his fingers, brow furrowed.] Pausanias. He, he wrote a big long piece detailing his firsthand point of view of Greece, way back when; I remember using it as a cited work for a few written works in classic greek literature.

[huff scoff first world college boy problems.]

Or -- it could not mean anything at all. Maybe if doesn't even have to do with the actual passage. Or maybe Mr. Smiles just likes to post from super ancient literature for kicks with no rhyme or reason. 

I don't know. Anybody got extended knowledge in old Greek literature? I don't exactly have the actual texts around to figure anything out, anyway. Don't know if any of you do, or if it even means anything at all. I can't find anything else besides this, but maybe someone who's better at surfing through the different places around here can do a better job than me dishing out more stuff hiding out.

But then there's more. Something about Scylla turning back?

[He'll just copy/paste the full message from the page.]


And speaking of... this. Who's had firsthand experience with this Red Smiley, anyway? How'd those go? I know it hasn't been all that fun, but any kind of first-hand experience about the guy, I'd love to hear. If it's not too much trouble for you.

[Man, his head is killing him.


Or maybe something a little easier: anybody have any remedies for space hangovers?

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15 June 2013 @ 09:47 am
All right. It's all very intriguing, and I'd quite enjoy a chance to get involved with Communications, or have a look at those engines, and the science department is quite enticing, not to mention all the people here — yes, you lot, definitely a perk, lovely chatting with you all — but I've had enough.

[ enough of boring domesticity. enough of being trapped. no matter how many small projects he takes on it never gets any less dull, and the bigger one never resolves itself. one thread leads to another leads to another, and he knew from the moment tom mcnair told him about the pirates that there was more going on here than meets the eye, reaffirmed by neal caffrey's cryptic intelligences, but in the process of finding it he's getting itchy for real information. ]

[ so there's a strictness in his tone and a glint in his eye that is perhaps not strictly the best way to make his debut on the network (this debut, anyway) but he has a question he needs answered. ]

Now. Somebody tell me how I can go about speaking to the captain of this ship.

[ he adjusts his bow-tie, and waits. would he be the doctor if he didn't think he could work it all out where everyone else has failed? it would be delusional arrogance if he hadn't managed it quite so many times in the past. ]
21 May 2013 @ 05:50 pm
[The device turns on and reveals Alex sitting in front of the screen, a grey cat curled up in his lap. He's looking pretty relaxed, for once, and he gives an actual smile. Running a hand through his hair, he clears his throat, and starts to talk.]

So uh, yeah it's my anniversary, I guess. Time flies when you're trapped on a spaceship on a trip to nowhere, right?

I figure in honor of me not getting myself killed, or anyone else exploded for a whole year, I'm going to be drinking at Space Babylon tomorrow night.

And I'd be totally cool with anyone coming down to join me.

I'd say it's a party, and the drinks are on me--but it's not like the drinks aren't free, and I don't really throw parties.

[And he feels like he might as well add after the conversation he had with Kirk,]

Since booze is free, I'm also totally cool with supporting underage drinking and delinquency.

[Fuck, he still wishes he wasn't so awkward.]

See you tomorrow, I guess?

Or not.


[He gives a little smirk and then turns the device off.

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20 May 2013 @ 10:46 pm
[ the camera turns on to show gwen holding a sword that is sheathed, the handle basic yet beautifully crafted, well made.] The events as of late have made it clear that we may need to defend ourselves from those we do not know. Enemies outside of our ship and... well, erm, perhaps the monsters that lay within. [ space rats.]

[ she pulls the blade from it's sheath to show her work, smiling softly as she lays it down and addresses the camera once more.]

I would like to offer my services to those who are in need of a sword. My father was a blacksmith and taught me his trade- [ cue a sadder sort of smile.] I can also make smaller blades. I only ask that you use them to defend yourselves and not on one another. We must work together to protect our temporary home. I share a forge with Fili and Kili, who are also master craftsmen.

[ awkward pause.]

Thank you. For your time.
20 May 2013 @ 08:15 pm
[There’s some mumbled talking even though the video feed is showing nothing but black. A series of sighs is heard before a muttered curse word and the hand that was apparently covering the camera is taken away showing a rather disgruntled Heine and in the background, a very red-faced Nill who is making a point not to look at the camera. After a minute of looking at the camera with some uncertainty, Heine lets out another sigh.]

Hey. So. Uh....

[HOW DO YOU CASUALLY ASK THE REST OF THE SHIP IF THEY WANT A PORNO MAG. These are things that Heine has never done before and will most likely never do again. It isn’t as if Nill told him he couldn’t destroy it, okay. He’s doing a... good deed. Mostly just getting rid of it. Heine clears his throat after casting a glance back at Nill that could probably be taken as a silent pleas for help. She stares sternly. YOU MADE THIS BED, YOU LAY IN IT.


After a moment he relents and grits his teeth as he speaks.]

Look. This piece of shit ship decided to leave me a “present” in my locker the last jump and I don’t need it or want it so this is me asking if any of you want it before I just toss it overboard or light it on fire.

[He looks at Nill as if to ask if that’s better, since he can’t actually toss anything overboard, fire seems like a good back-up plan. She nods, her wings sticking straight out behind her, agitated. She makes a sort of shooing gesture, signalling for him to wrap it up so they can talk about how he shouldn’t shove things like that under her bed.

It’s not his fault - oh, for chrissakes.]

For anyone interested it’s a...a... [End him. Please. SOMEONE END HIM because he doesn’t want to say this or show it on the network. There were reasons it was under the bed for the past two months. His hand meets his face. This is the most embarrassed that anyone will ever see Heine over the network.] afuckingpornomag.

[This transmission couldn’t end any faster.]

[Nill will also be replying to any comments made!]
20 May 2013 @ 05:32 pm
[The video opens. A distinctly non-human face appears, one that resembles somewhat of a humanoid squid or lobster. Or both. But he looks fairly content, the mouth underneath those tentacles curved into a smile.]

Hello, hello! Fellow space travelers! [He waves a claw.]

I don't know where we're going, but I like this place. Free meals every day! I think I'll stay here.

[He leans back in his seat, propping his feet up on the table. His feet are claws like his hands, except he's wearing sandals. Now the view of his sandals takes up the whole screen.]

So what happened to all the row-bits? I don't see any here.

Or any non-humans for that matter...

[He sits back up, withdrawing his feet from the table so his face is visible once again. An idea hits him as he mentions the word "human."]

You know, I am an expert on humans! You need a human doctor, maybe? [He points to himself, raising his brows suggestively.]
Hullo again, I'd been talking to someone else about this and I was just wondering if anyone here has a family or personal motto that they like to live by. Or, I suppose, that they really don't agree with.

If so, do you like yours? Do you find that it's helpful?

If not, did you want one? What would you make it?
17 May 2013 @ 08:36 pm
-- Hi. [ she's still so not used to using this thing.. ] So I have noticed there are a fair amount of passengers offering different services for trade as of late, and seeing as I've been really meaning to offer for some time now- [ especially after they were boarded by pirates, but she doesn't want to mention it since it's obviously a sensitive subject. ]

First thing, in the simplest terms, I'm a witch. In my world, magic is very real, and while only a small number of the world's population has magic in their blood, it's very powerful, and rather useful. I'm still only a student of magic, but there are certain spells I can cast that I feel could be used here for any number of things, so.. right now, I would like to offer my assistance with protection spells. They're used to guard things as small as a deck of cards, to a whole room, if you'd like. They're non-lethal, more like a barrier than anything else, but strong against most disruptions, and they can be layered with different types of wards. I'm not limited to protection spells, but considering recent events.. I thought some of you might like the comfort of knowing your things are a little better guarded. I can't promise they'll work long-term, because magic is a little different here than it is at home, but I'd be willing to refresh the charms as needed.

As I said, there are actually spells for a wide range of normal, everyday needs, so the trade is up for negotiation. Which sounds so formal, Godric. [ her nose scrunches up a little bit, but then she waves it off ] I just mean I'm willing to use different spells to help you with whatever you need.

If you have any interest in that sort of thing, I was actually hoping to trade it for a few lessons in how to better use these communicators, and some of the other technology found around the ship. I can't use magic to protect the conversations on here, for instance, and I'd like to learn how to do that. The wizarding world is very, very far behind on technological advances in the world- [ plus she's from the 1970s... ] -so I would be extremely grateful to anyone that would be willing to help me fill in the gaps there, so to speak. Thank you!

-- Oh, and just- a small note. If anyone catches sight of James Potter, Sirius Black, or Remus Lupin, tell them to send a text my way, please.
[Takeshi has had a lot on his mind, lately. Some days, he wants to run to his most precious people and hug them and tell them how much he loves them--some days, he wants to call them names only good little boys call the people who raise them do. But then there are some days where he gets scared: his dad at home loves him, takes care of him, supports him. He says Takeshi is his kid. Takeshi believes him. But now he's in space with these new... he wants to call them parents. They feel like parents--the good kind, he thinks, anyway. He's mostly just used to the kind that let him down. 

Do they like him back? Like a son? Do they even want a son? Is he being bad, having so many people he wants like this? What if--they go away, when he tells them all this? He's scared of being alone again. He doesn't want them to go away. So... he asks Reaper for a favor, and once the message is encrypted good and proper, he asks the community a few things.

Grown ups tend to know things like this, right...?]


I... There's one, two [he counts them off just in case y'all need that visual] people I like a lot on the ship that... I mean, I like everybody, but these two are special! Heder and Mr. Ned--he works in the garden--they take good care of me and give me food and give me baths and they're nice to me, 'cept when I'm doing things that aren't good to do. But that's 'cuz they protect me! They're not my real mom and dad--but should I... if--should I call them that? Will they still like me if I do? I don't want them to think I'm being bad. I want them to keep being like my parents... I wanna call them that...

What if they don't like me no more?

'Cuz before, I didn't have good parents. And then I found my new dad at home--he's the best and strongest!

Will he be mad if I had more than, than--just him as a papa? Will he be mad if I had more? Can I have two dads and a mom, even if I had real parents before?

[This is all just so confusing. He's not sure what to do. He re-counts off on his fingers, adding the other 'parents' in his life, frowning. There's his dead dad and his mom-who-didn't-like-him and her mean boyfriend--but he doesn't count, right? And then there's Kaze and now...]

I think I have too many moms and dads... I think that's okay... I don't know. What do you think? What should I do...?


I just don't want them to leave if I say.
11 May 2013 @ 06:01 pm
Communications will be a building zone over the next few few weeks while we integrate the systems from the Scylla into a workable network. We'll be occupying a number of empty rooms on 001 in the meantime, at least until things get back to normal, although if things work out we may link the rooms into Comms anyway. Things got uncomfortable last month sleeping on the floor; I think we're all agreed on that one, at least.

[ Nathan rubs his chin, considering for once just leaving it there. But then it would get very Invasion of the Body Snatchers around here. ]

For those of you that have forgotten, we have a service every seventh day - that's tomorrow - in the chapel in the Oxygen Gardens. Anyone is welcome to speak, sing, pray or otherwise sit in silence. Practically any faith is welcome. No blood sacrifices though, huh? The gardens is also where we keep our memorial wall. If you have people you miss, and you want them to be remembered, come down and make sure they're there. There's also a book where you can leave messages to loved ones past and future. Give me a call if someone's missing.

Also I need to talk to someone with a mind for the ethics of artificial intelligence, regarding the line where something's sentient. They need to be patient and keep their temper, no matter how ignorant on the subject I am. I also need to know if anyone around here does ironwork. I'm in the market for a deadbolt, so that in an emergency I don't have to barricade the door to lock it from the inside.

If anyone has questions about the Tranquility, about how things work around here, or regarding what happened last month, I'm here to answer them for you. Orientation for those who want to join Comms is tomorrow, and yes, any help with setting up the new control room would be more than welcome. That's your lot. Petrelli out.
10 May 2013 @ 01:33 pm
[ when the feed begins, luke is seated somewhere looking a little on the worse-for-wear side. dressed in the same all black he'd worn on the death star, his expression is pleasant enough, if exhausted. but he can't quite rest yet-- not until he has a few things sorted out.

he offers a smile that he hopes seems less sheepish than dignified, bobbing his head in a polite nod. ]

Hello. I'm Commander Luke Skywalker of the, ah, Alliance of Free Worlds-- but as our ranks mean very little in the grand scheme of things here, please feel free to call me Luke. I apologize, since I know we're all still settling in after the jump, but I had a request and an offer.

[ he lifts his right hand with a wince, pulling the glove back slightly to reveal the blaster damage to his prosthetic. he pulls it back down over the hole, then, fingers clicking as he curls them and lowers that hand. ]

As you can see, I have a prosthetic, and it's seen quite a bit of damage in the last few-- well, weeks, really, but it's at the point now where I can't ignore it. I was hoping someone on the ship had access to tools for delicate work that I could borrow. The sooner the better, in all honesty.

[ a brief pause, straightening slightly. ]

The offer is in regards to my place on this ship. I'm told that there are gaps in the manning in several departments, and I'm happy to offer my services. Skillset-wise, I'm most suited to security or engineering, I think, but I'm a quick study if I'm needed elsewhere.

[ he seems to consider that for a moment and, satisfied, offers a quick salute. ]

Skywalker out.

[ the feed ends. ]
09 May 2013 @ 10:17 am
[ so when the feed first comes on, it's mostly of the ceiling and possibly the top half of a very messy head of hair. black hair, ruffled around a little more than necessary, but hey. what'cha gonna do when there aren't any brooms to get on? I mean really.

the audio picks up what sounds like the ends of a conversation-- ]

I'm going-- of course it's a good idea, Moony! Why wouldn't-- oh, whoops.

[ and then the camera moves around a little, shifting and changing until eventually it's picking up the face of one (1) james potter. he looks quite similar to a certain harry, if you've met the boy, but a little younger. a little less war-scarred. more specifically lacking one certain forehead scar. ]

Guess I turned this on. [ have a sheepish little grin here, tranquility. ] This muggle techy-nology still confuses me. [ and then his eyes move over the camera, where a different voice can be heard. though not really loud enough to be made out, and james just laughs. ] No, I still-- I'm not going to send everyone a ruddy smile, Pads.

[ and then he's back. ]

Anyway, 'ello Tranquility. Name's James Potter. I'm not really new - came on last month - but we had a few... difficulties. [ pirates, learning you’re going to die in three years, meeting your son, etc etc etc. ] Couldn't properly introduce myself.

Though that isn’t the only reason for this message, as delightful as I might--

James, watch it--!

[and that’s Sirius, from somewhere off-screen, and the camera is really in for it now, because Sirius throws himself forward, knocking James flat with a yelp--there’s this weird garbled growling sound; they have just dodged some sort of flying object. like maybe someone has enchanted a very heavy ball-shaped something to try to kill them. badly enchanted.

more shaking, more movement--really no one should be worried because they’re laughing, or at least James and Sirius are--but after a few moments, the picture (and James) straightens back out. in another corner of the room. ]

Right! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I’ve figured out what the problem is with this ship. [ dramatic pause. ] We’re all bloody bored. Out of our minds.

Back home we have this sport - called it Quidditch. Granted, it requires a few supplies; balls, hoops, brooms and the like, but it is brilliant. Requires strategy, skill, everything you could think of.

Now, most non-wizarding folk probably don’t know about Quidditch. Which is fine, really, it’s not too difficult to teach. Just so happens I’m a great teacher when it comes to these things, so you lot are in luck.
[ have another grin, tranquility. just because. ] Won’t be for everyone, also, but if anyone’s interested we could try and set something up. We’ll have to change the rules around a bit - we’re severely lacking brooms, for one - but I’m sure we can figure something out.

Let me know! You can just...message me. On this? Yeah?
[ and he’s looking up again, as if he’s checking with someone else in the room. ] Okay. Yes-- no, I know how to, Sirius I swear if you--

[ the device is dropped. or set down very quickly, either way it's recording the ceiling while there is more commotion and more laughter in the background until someone in the room has the decency to pick it back up again. ]

Right, excuse me--

[As James and Sirius bicker, Remus grabs the communicator.]

Before you all go clamoring to join, let me tell you all that Quidditch is extremely dangerous. And considering we don’t have-- we don’t have magical ways to heal, you two, now stop fussing-- I think a warning should be issued.

Quidditch consists of, among other things, two balls magically flying and doing their best to break every bone in your body. You won’t be flying, thank god, but broken arms, skulls, jaws, etc, have been known to occur. People have lost bones and had to regrow them. People have-- well, died. Frankly.

That being said: James, nor Sirius, nor I, will be actively trying to hurt you. Obviously. And I’ll be standing by, ready to help anyone who gets hurt. But you really need to be quite tough to play this game-- and don’t take that as some macho challenge, please, just-- be careful. It would be better if no one played at all, to be frank, it would be better if we found some other game to play--

[ more wrestling of the feed goes here, and james once again returns triumphant. ]

Also! Before I forget, could Miss Raven-- [ there’s a pause, where james realizes he doesn’t know her last name and just shakes his head. ] You know who you are! You’re the one dating my mate over here. Anyways, it has come to my attention that we have not yet been acquainted. Which, and I’m not sure about you, but I find this to be a travesty. That should be fixed. As soon as possible, really.

So let me know when you’d like to meet, yeah?

[ and there goes the feed. ]

ooc: and fair warning, your message may be answered by any of our three marauders here: James, Sirius and/or Remus. though your chances of it being all three are also very high. who knows, you might get lucky. ]