[The feed opens to Luke's face, streaked, red, and blotchy. He's obviously been crying and he attempted to clean up, but his efforts weren't quite good enough to hide it. Around him is the quiet privacy of his room where he's been hiding.]

I need help.

I need advice.

Er--... I don't even know what I need exactly. I just-- I need to talk to somebody.

[He pauses to take a deep breath and gather his thoughts, running a hand through his hair.]

My best friend woke up from a pod for the first time yesterday. He doesn't know it yet but in the time I come from he's dead. He was killed in a battle. I had to lie to him a bit and--... I don't know what to do now.

He's probably going to find out eventually and I don't think it's right to keep hiding it from him, either. If I know he'll find out sooner or later I'd want it to be from me, you know? Not-- not from someone who might not be as careful about it, or--

I just... I don't know. Then sometimes I think that maybe it'd be better if he never finds out. Maybe he never has to know. He can spend his time here without having to worry about his future because I don't even know what that would--

[Luke decides to not go any further with that thought tangent. Imagining his friend becoming an empty shell and living out the rest of his time on the ship like that isn't something Luke wants to spend any more time thinking about.

He gathers himself, sniffs, and sits up straighter, pushing his shaggy hair out of his eyes. He wants to go about this as objectively as possible, considering only Biggs' feelings on the matter, but it's difficult to near impossible to keep his own feelings in check.]

Anyway, I want to hear from someone who's been in the same spot. Would you want to know? Or would you rather never find out? And then from the other side of things, have you ever had to talk to someone about this kind of thing? Let me know... if you can. Thanks.
18 February 2014 @ 07:03 pm
[When Thranduil appears, his own quarters in the background, he looks pristine. All signs of hardship have been washed away. Lúthien has even regrown his hair, which lies in a shining braid over one shoulder. He has put extra effort into his presentation this time. No dark circles under his eyes, no glassy, haunted look. His hands are tucked away carefully out of view on his lap. If he can't make it for real, he is excellent at faking a full recovery. There is no filter on his message. He wants to be seen.]

My name is Thranduil. [He pauses for a beat as if that's significant. Which it is, to someone.] I am King of the Woodland Realm in Northern Mirkwood. If you have only arrived in this last jump, I extend to you my personal greetings and condolences. If among these stars you find a better life than that which you left behind, I am happy you are here. Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

Now to the heart of it. Some months ago, many of us experienced one another's feelings and memories. It is to those who had such a link with me that I wish to speak. I will ask nothing of your own memories, only of mine that you saw, though I have naught to offer but gratitude in return. I would prefer to speak of them on this network with no filters, but if you prefer, we may arrange to meet in person.

Finally, for there are many who have come and gone and come again since I announced it first, I am skilled in birdlore and beastlore. Should you have need of such aid, I would be glad to be of service.

For your time and patience, I thank you all. Be of good health.

[He lifts one hand from his lap to shut off the device. In the second it is onscreen, it can be seen to tremble slightly before the image goes black.]
17 February 2014 @ 01:40 pm
a friend of mine once said that being dead... it was like nothing. there was just darkness on the other side. like if you closed your eyes and could never open them again. so then i thought, maybe this is hell-- but then, i've been to hell-- visited hell, i mean, and no way this is it.

so where are we supposed to be? heaven? 'cause if heaven is supposed to be a bad sci-fi movie, where god's played by alec guinness and E.T is jesus....then that's just weird. too freaking weird, and i'm used to weird.

you guys have probably heard all of this over and over again. newbie falls out of the jelly tube, tries to understand what's going on, and totally gets it wrong. sorry. but since i'm stuck here for the time being, i'd like to make myself useful ... i mean, i can't pilot a ship or fix an engine, but i'm sure i could find a way to help.

okay, totally rambling now
-- [ and then the line cuts. ]
15 February 2014 @ 09:23 pm
Is this thing on?

[At first, the questioning voice is all there is of the speaker; the video, shaky, shows the wall of passenger quarters. There's a rustling sound, and it shakes a little more, and then several slim fingers slip on screen, then take over the screen, and then the video is spinning around to catch sight of a young woman's face. Her features are scrunched, nose and brow wrinkled in confusion, lips pouted, and then the hand not holding the comm brushes a long lock of blonde hair back behind her ear. The pad of a finger swipes first one way, then another, and then fills the screen again, and then, finally-]

Oooo! Got it!

[The finger disappears, and this time, the blonde is grinning, as if proud of herself. And- well, okay, so she's a little out of touch with the latest of gadgets, but this is a little out there, like Willow level out there, so- maybe she is a little proud of herself. So sue her. Except don't, because she doesn't have that much money, and she's not even sure if money is a thing around here, and- yeah.]

Alright, so. I get the whole- 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto' thing, really. Other worlds, dimensions, universes, whatever- been there, done that, the t-shirt was too tacky to take home. I even get the space-ship thing, and I'm not gonna argue with it. God knows I've heard enough sci-fi babble from Andrew for the past far too long that I can deal. What I don't get is why I woke up in that- pod- thing- without my clothes. Which- conveniently- were in the locker left for me. Is there a reason I was taken out of them? Or is this some kind of weird perverted space initiation thing? If so- not impressed. Not too impressed by the tattoo thing either, even if it is useful. We're not gonna talk about the last tattoo I ended up with against my will, but it didn't turn out too well.

[She pauses, then seems to realise something, judging by the somewhat sheepish expression that passes over her features, and her head ducks just a bit.] And I've just been rambling away and haven't even introduced myself yet. Hi, I'm Buffy. Any and all information that you can offer? Totally welcome.
29 June 2013 @ 05:39 pm
[First thing to note: Sam's got a killer hangover.

Second thing to note: he's still in the library, nursing his hangover with coffee and scanning through the network out of sheer desperation for something to find. Anything to pass the time, really. It's hours into his work that he finds something that
might be familiar. Give him a few hours, a little irritation, and nothing remotely helpful in the remaining library aaaand -- ] 

Alright, so get this. 

There's a quote put up on a secondary sub-network, and I think it's from our friend with the red face.

[He scooches in his seat, looking over the words.]

"Such is the appearance of black birds." Now -- I can't put my exact finger on the chapters, but I remember in one of my Mythology courses, there uh -- it was a passage. From an old Greek text I read through during one of our big finals in my last year of undergrad. [A sound of frustration, some moosey grumbling about an Essay From Hell. Then he snaps his fingers, brow furrowed.] Pausanias. He, he wrote a big long piece detailing his firsthand point of view of Greece, way back when; I remember using it as a cited work for a few written works in classic greek literature.

[huff scoff first world college boy problems.]

Or -- it could not mean anything at all. Maybe if doesn't even have to do with the actual passage. Or maybe Mr. Smiles just likes to post from super ancient literature for kicks with no rhyme or reason. 

I don't know. Anybody got extended knowledge in old Greek literature? I don't exactly have the actual texts around to figure anything out, anyway. Don't know if any of you do, or if it even means anything at all. I can't find anything else besides this, but maybe someone who's better at surfing through the different places around here can do a better job than me dishing out more stuff hiding out.

But then there's more. Something about Scylla turning back?

[He'll just copy/paste the full message from the page.]


And speaking of... this. Who's had firsthand experience with this Red Smiley, anyway? How'd those go? I know it hasn't been all that fun, but any kind of first-hand experience about the guy, I'd love to hear. If it's not too much trouble for you.

[Man, his head is killing him.


Or maybe something a little easier: anybody have any remedies for space hangovers?

((ooc: the first part totally just an ic shout out to the tumblr pages, but see if you can figure it out! characters can ICly figure it out too, if they can figure out all that technical mumbo jumbo and actually find the correct sub-networks and stuff. EDIT: there's more stuff, oops.))

[ the thing is, ric knows this is perhaps timed badly, that between everything this might be the least of their worries, but this jump, how it's so twisted with that broadcast of a man who's been dead for almost enough jumps to where only a handful of people even remember him from any broadcast that wasn't from the past. ric remembers him, faintly, in the sort of way you tend to remember the people you see around on the ship more than once or twice. ric likes to call it the small town effect, the ship may be bigger than boston or a number of cities that the various people on the ship are from, but their number is just like a very tiny town. and everyone knows that everyone knows everyone in those places and if they don't, they will soon enough.

seeing the broadcast and seeing some of the other broadcasts had made one singular question pop up into ric's head that he— feels is necessary to ask. if only to learn more about everyone ( that's what a good neighbor does, right ) and their opinions on the entire thing. ]

Bad timing, I know, but figured if I didn't try now I'd manage to forget it the next time it actually was a good time to ask. But anyway, how many of you here believe in ghosts? [ a pause, and a huffed out laugh as he shakes his head. ] I'd say have you seen them, but different worlds, universes, mine is not yours, I'm not assuming the supernatural exists in yours and you don't have to call me crazy for it maybe existing in mine or anyone else's.

But, I'm just a little curious to see if any of you believe in them given— this ship and a lot of things that happen on it. How things are just— fucked up here to where that almost seems sane compared to some things.
[ usually faith wouldn't bother with text, but she's not trusting herself to deal with this latest fantastic life choice over anything else.

( or deal with it totally sober, but that was taken care of hours ago. ) ]

so everybody's got a hardon right now for life stories and destiny or whatever. like any of it matters, because fate either has a jacked up sense of humor or it went out for cigarettes freaking years ago.

in case you lived someplace nice before now welcome to being like the rest of us, the world's shitty all around and then you kick off and that's about as good as you can get out of the deal.

so screw it. sitting around worrying about that shit gets you killed. fuck fate, fuck destiny. you got two options: do something or don't, and sitting around whining like a pussy isn't getting whatever you got on the books done.

[ that part is directed at herself. so is the whole post honestly, because why not dump her purse out all over the network.

also on that jarring, unfinished end note she's out, mic drops and so on. ]
22 May 2013 @ 11:12 pm
[ dean doesn't look happy when the feed turns on. unlike before, that hint of smugness isn't present either, as it's all down to business seriousness today. he looks tired, a little ruffled you could say-- like someone who hasn't really seen any rest.

and it holds true enough, too. there's no time for resting when you're searching, worrying. ]

There isn't a day on this ship when somebody ain't missing, is there? [ despite the conversational words, his voice lacks anything inviting. he has his favorite gun in his hands, is reloading it with a new magazine, and tossing it into a small bag filled with a few things.

looks like he's going somewhere, and it won't be just a quick trip either. ]

If anyone sees Jo Harvelle, keep her safe and lem'me know. Starting to look like she's been missin' for a few days now… [ he cocks the gun experimentally before flipping the safety back on and tucking it away. ] …which means it's time for a little search and rescue.

SEC, I guess this means I'm taken' a few days off from patrollin' and whatever.

[ a hint in his tone suggests that if that's a problem, keep it to yourself. ]

I'll be back before the jump with her.

[ or he'll try to be. if he isn't… well, that'll be the end of yet another winchester. ]
12 March 2013 @ 10:42 am
Well, hey there folks.

[The Mayor sits in his room, smiling cheerfully down at his communicator. He's a nice-looking man with a friendly voice and a kindly demeanor.]

Wow - what an adventure, huh? [He raises a hand to forestall arguments.] Now, before anyone gets mad at me, I'm not saying, "Gee, it's great to be here." I've got plenty to get back to - heck, I'm the mayor of the greatest city there is, and I don't want it to have to get along without me! But that doesn't make this anything less than an adventure, and I say even if we're mad or sad or something we still make the best of it.

So let's start out with introductions! "We all already know each other," you're probably all groaning, and I say to that, settle down, let me catch up a little. I'm Mayor Richard Wilkins of Sunnydale. And I'm really glad to meet each and every one of you, and I'm looking forward to having more adventures with you all!

And now it's your turn. Be nice to me, and step forward and tell me your name and what you do here.
19 November 2012 @ 10:34 pm
[ Well, hey TQ, hope you don't mind this fresh face on the network. She normally sticks to texting because if it looks like a phone and acts like a (kind of sci-fi upgraded) phone, why not use it like one? But she's been going through the other features — slow day on the ship, you know how it is — and after rifling through everything she can easily find on the communicator, she decides to post up a video.

So here's a young, teenaged girl setting the comm in front of her before she sits down cross-legged and twirls a lock of her hair. Alas, it's got less of a bounce than it normally does, but that's what lack of hot rollers on a ship will do. ]

If I write my best essay and promise to stay on my best behavior after, am I allowed to leave Space Detention? I mean, I haven't even gotten to mess around in a library, so this kind of blows.

[ she smiles because she's kind of hoping someone will catch the reference. If not, then well: ] Or are we all waiting for some big, space musical number?

Are there even any boomboxes to hold up outside that red smiley thing's window? If it has one. [ seriously, what is up with that thing. ] Also, I guess it'd have to be this phone thing, since I don't have an iPod anymore.

[ She lets out a very put upon sigh before admitting something you never would have guessed!! clearly!! But it's followed by a smile that's all teeth and too much eyelash batting. ]

Okay, so I'm bored. And I can't really miss anyone who left, since I just got here. [ not even touching whatever's up with the masks. ] You'd think the aliens would be able to hook us up with better movie selections or something.

I don't suppose there's someone on here with something entertaining to do?
[ faith is smoking slowly when she turns on the feed, clearly lingering over the last of her stash in a way she really should have implemented sooner.

she has a veritable arsenal out and unloaded, covering a lot of the bits of her room that can be seen-- weapons cleaning is a totally sane hobby, why is everyone nervous when they try and sit down in here-- and she has a gun clearly unloaded and half taken apart in her hands, gleaming already but apparently not good enough.

her mask is chilling out in the back of her closet, but that's nobody's business but her own. ]

So, here's my thing. And I'm not talking for SEC here, so don't give me shit duty again, all right boss? Just thinking out loud is all.

[ she loves you, tyke. ]

So, what. We got-- hell and darkness out there? Yeah, and? I've done hell and darkness, it's pretty freaking routine for me.

Why are we letting jackasses like Caffrey and Stark head out alone and come back all fucked up and useless?

[ wait for it. ]

No offense, or anything.

Look-- back home, this is where we start talking about mounting up and heading out to take a little tour ourselves, is all I'm saying.

[ pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease oh please won't someone give her permission to troll the creepy space doom, oh oh oh pick her! ]
20 November 2012 @ 12:28 am
[ Look, it's an Isaac, slouching in his old room - the one that matches the numbers on his arm, not the one he sleeps in. It looks mostly unused because he's only been in there for all of six hours before he moved down to Derek's space. "Mostly" is a keyword, though; he's been staying here infrequently, in between avoiding Derek and other familiar (adult) faces. Maybe Erica knows where he's been. Or Remus, or Hayley, or Tyler, or Seraphim. He's pretty sure no one over eighteen knows, Isaac's gone lengths on the matter.

He's not wearing his mask, even if he's been wearing it a lot lately; Isaac knows a thing or two about keeping quiet, especially about things that can and do hurt you. The confused sad look he's wearing right now, though - it's a bit too clean. It's sincere, mostly.

"Mostly" is our word of the day.

Then he holds up a combat knife for the network to see.]

I don't know anyone she was friends with, but for what it's worth, Miss Rosella's not around anymore. She left me this, for some reason.

It's a pretty big knife.

Anyway, people have been disappearing, and there's this big thing going down about Smiley and stuff, so I guess this is a bad time to ask about gym equipment, and like. Who do we talk to about appropriating one of the bigger rooms or a holodeck to set up a gym? I mean, we probably already have one or two but this one's more of like, a club thing?

More of a thing that's just ours, not something pre-made and ready to use. Is that allowed?

- - - - -

FILTERED-- DEREK : AUGGIE : JENNA : JOSH || viewable to erica )

- - - - -

[ ooc: if anyone wants to say they saw isaac sneaking around and stuff, feel free to say something about it! isaac's been: a) helping erica look for boyd, b) helping tyler look for his uncle, c) hiding from hunters, d) hiding from derek, e) hiding from adults in general, so if you're 21+ and you noticed a teenager quietly avoiding you in the hallways, it's probably isaac. team jailbait can just throw him a rock or something, though, because he's been emoting over some of the recent drops. ]
17 November 2012 @ 03:52 pm
[ since waking up in the pod, dean's had quite the eventful time. between people telling him he's been here twice before, some nut job hiding behind a red smiley face, and cas being anything but the angel he remembers from home-- well, needless to say dean's feeling a little like someone who had the rug pulled from under his feet.

that, and the now clear memories of what went down back home on top of it all make for shit storm he's not quite ready to deal with yet. if ever.

but speaking of home, there's something that's been bothering more as he's watched the network ever since the jump had landed him in this mess. so today finds him poking this very problem. ]

So, about people going home.

I don't get it. What's the big deal? Ain't it a good thing when someone gets a couple post stamps slapped on their forehead and then shipped off back to whatever factory they popped out of? I'm not saying whatever's waiting back home is all sunshine and puppies for everyone 'round here -- [ it's no paradise he's ready to kick some ass for either. ] -- but settlin' like this place is some kinda home doesn't seem right. Especially if the things I've heard 'bout our ride're true.

[ he gets that things haven't been exactly a breeze on the ship, really. ]

Just sayin'. Sounds like an awful lot of people gettin' too cozy 'round here.

[ and with those deep and meaningful thoughts, dean cuts the feed. ]
12 November 2012 @ 09:39 pm
[Well guess who's back on the network again. No, he's not looking for playmates this time. Instead, it's time to make a very important announcement. It's a video feed; though it's clear he isn't really focused on setting the shot up right. That'll come later.]

There were demons here- A long time ago. They were...dangerous. They tried to hurt people and turn you against each other. But that doesn't mean-

[Okay, give him a second here.]

Not all demons are like that. Some of them are good, even though they're not designed to be. Back home, one of them was my friend. She- She took care of me when I was in hospital, even though she had no reason to. And now she's here and-

[The feed breaks in to static now for a moment, before then turning to a shot of a dark haired woman folding a few towels and trying to -- not look annoyed by the sudden episode of Real World that is being filmed in her quarters. Meg turns toward Cas, a definite furrow of her brow and a lift of her eyebrow as she watches him. This is not on her agenda for the day.

His voice is softer now as he speaks. yes, he's a little smitten by her. go figure.]

This is Meg, and though she may appear to be angry most of the time, she's- Special.

Say hello, Meg. [And don't mind that he's pushing the camera far too close now.]

[Okay. This is likely to give someone a definite feel for how it is to be around Castiel when he's decided personal space is just a cute word. Her hands move to push him, gently, away from her a bit.] C'mon, Clarence, let the thing at least come into focus if you're gonna insist on becoming a reality TV producer.

[She shakes her head at him, not actually feeling like addressing the camera, but she knows that it'd make Castiel happy.]

Yeah, hi. I'm Meg and maybe... [This ambush is not fun at all... if she thought he could handle it, she'd get revenge on him for this little stunt, but no - she won't risk that.] Maybe, you can come play board games with us.

[There's a definite expectant glance that comes to Meg's face as she glances up to meet Castiel's line of sight and stop staring at the device in his hands.] Happy?

[You may not be able to tell by the droop of the camera, but that'd be a yes to her question. His huge grin is a dead giveaway.]

Perfect. [He...may not be talking about the quality of just her reply though.]

ooc; ...do i really need to say who's who?
11 November 2012 @ 02:36 pm
[Jim might be talking a little too loudly on this broadcast, but he doesn't- well actually notice. he's not using video because he's still in medical because some people haven't let him leave yet.

probably because he only just woke up about an hour or two ago. maybe if he hadn't been quite so reckless he wouldn't be in this situation. it's honestly thanks to a quick response and the advanced medical facilities that he didn't go completely deaf.

still, there's something oddly... cocky about the way he speaks. a little more brash than he normally is.]

Jim Kirk here.

Anyone new to the ship, welcome aboard, though I wish we could've met under better circumstances. The earlier broadcast you all might have noticed was from our anonymous friend known as Smiley. Needless to say, it isn't the most helpful entity on board. [which is probably the most aggressive thing he's ever said on the network about the thing. gee, Kirk, you sure are acting a little off.]

If you haven't done it already, I suggest going over the compiled FAQ. Your comms device has a text to voice option if you're unable to read it. I'm willing to answer questions if you have them.

[then there's a shift in his tone, a weight to his voice that sounds a little frustrated; another of his good staff gone.]

Also, John Watson of the first wave is no longer with us.

Kirk out.
10 November 2012 @ 12:11 am

If, hypothetically, a person on this ship wanted to acquire a drug that would probably be deemed "illegal" in said person's home world on this ship, where would one go to find something like that in this ship? (Drug is not deadly or harmful in any way. Drug mostly induces sedation. Drug only wanted for recreational use.)

Completely hypothetical.


[ mike no ]