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[ so when the feed first comes on, it's mostly of the ceiling and possibly the top half of a very messy head of hair. black hair, ruffled around a little more than necessary, but hey. what'cha gonna do when there aren't any brooms to get on? I mean really.

the audio picks up what sounds like the ends of a conversation-- ]

I'm going-- of course it's a good idea, Moony! Why wouldn't-- oh, whoops.

[ and then the camera moves around a little, shifting and changing until eventually it's picking up the face of one (1) james potter. he looks quite similar to a certain harry, if you've met the boy, but a little younger. a little less war-scarred. more specifically lacking one certain forehead scar. ]

Guess I turned this on. [ have a sheepish little grin here, tranquility. ] This muggle techy-nology still confuses me. [ and then his eyes move over the camera, where a different voice can be heard. though not really loud enough to be made out, and james just laughs. ] No, I still-- I'm not going to send everyone a ruddy smile, Pads.

[ and then he's back. ]

Anyway, 'ello Tranquility. Name's James Potter. I'm not really new - came on last month - but we had a few... difficulties. [ pirates, learning you’re going to die in three years, meeting your son, etc etc etc. ] Couldn't properly introduce myself.

Though that isn’t the only reason for this message, as delightful as I might--

James, watch it--!

[and that’s Sirius, from somewhere off-screen, and the camera is really in for it now, because Sirius throws himself forward, knocking James flat with a yelp--there’s this weird garbled growling sound; they have just dodged some sort of flying object. like maybe someone has enchanted a very heavy ball-shaped something to try to kill them. badly enchanted.

more shaking, more movement--really no one should be worried because they’re laughing, or at least James and Sirius are--but after a few moments, the picture (and James) straightens back out. in another corner of the room. ]

Right! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I’ve figured out what the problem is with this ship. [ dramatic pause. ] We’re all bloody bored. Out of our minds.

Back home we have this sport - called it Quidditch. Granted, it requires a few supplies; balls, hoops, brooms and the like, but it is brilliant. Requires strategy, skill, everything you could think of.

Now, most non-wizarding folk probably don’t know about Quidditch. Which is fine, really, it’s not too difficult to teach. Just so happens I’m a great teacher when it comes to these things, so you lot are in luck.
[ have another grin, tranquility. just because. ] Won’t be for everyone, also, but if anyone’s interested we could try and set something up. We’ll have to change the rules around a bit - we’re severely lacking brooms, for one - but I’m sure we can figure something out.

Let me know! You can just...message me. On this? Yeah?
[ and he’s looking up again, as if he’s checking with someone else in the room. ] Okay. Yes-- no, I know how to, Sirius I swear if you--

[ the device is dropped. or set down very quickly, either way it's recording the ceiling while there is more commotion and more laughter in the background until someone in the room has the decency to pick it back up again. ]

Right, excuse me--

[As James and Sirius bicker, Remus grabs the communicator.]

Before you all go clamoring to join, let me tell you all that Quidditch is extremely dangerous. And considering we don’t have-- we don’t have magical ways to heal, you two, now stop fussing-- I think a warning should be issued.

Quidditch consists of, among other things, two balls magically flying and doing their best to break every bone in your body. You won’t be flying, thank god, but broken arms, skulls, jaws, etc, have been known to occur. People have lost bones and had to regrow them. People have-- well, died. Frankly.

That being said: James, nor Sirius, nor I, will be actively trying to hurt you. Obviously. And I’ll be standing by, ready to help anyone who gets hurt. But you really need to be quite tough to play this game-- and don’t take that as some macho challenge, please, just-- be careful. It would be better if no one played at all, to be frank, it would be better if we found some other game to play--

[ more wrestling of the feed goes here, and james once again returns triumphant. ]

Also! Before I forget, could Miss Raven-- [ there’s a pause, where james realizes he doesn’t know her last name and just shakes his head. ] You know who you are! You’re the one dating my mate over here. Anyways, it has come to my attention that we have not yet been acquainted. Which, and I’m not sure about you, but I find this to be a travesty. That should be fixed. As soon as possible, really.

So let me know when you’d like to meet, yeah?

[ and there goes the feed. ]

ooc: and fair warning, your message may be answered by any of our three marauders here: James, Sirius and/or Remus. though your chances of it being all three are also very high. who knows, you might get lucky. ]

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