[ Hannibal Lecter's calm blue eyes appear first, incredibly close to the camera, fixed and unblinking, at which point he retreats to a better distance. A smile is almost there, creasing the line of his mouth. ]

Good evening. My name is Doctor Fell, and it has the feel of an evening, don't you agree?

[ He settles down on his chair on the other side of the counter, set up as it is to look like the view of an office, irregardless of the fact that he's recording in one of the kitchens. It's just about possible to see the corner of one of the big freezers in the background. ]

I must come before you today in the wake of such dreadful circumstances as we witnessed several days ago. I hope your injuries are healing well, externally, at least. [ His head inclines, as though in deep thought. ] But in such cases, not all of the harm done is visible. If any one of you would like to discuss your experience - or any other experiences - with a qualified psychiatrist, you need only contact me to schedule a private consultation.

For those who do not, I recommend a solution of ammonia or a paste of baking soda, with which to remove the bloodstains from your clothes.

Finally, I should dearly like to speak to a Murphy Pendleton about his books, and if anyone should happen to know where there might be a ready source of fresh meat, eggs, or milk, I daresay it would guarantee you an invitation to dinner.
20 June 2013 @ 12:38 am
I, um-- Hello. It's Kurt. I went home for a while, so I might have missed a few things. Here's hoping the space horror has been decidedly minimal lately.

So, I... I have a favor to ask. Is anyone here familiar with...psychology? I understand that things are always rather hectic around here and everyone has their own agenda, but... Well, I'd like to have a talk with you. You don't have to be a professional, but--you know, some experience would be preferable.

You'll have to forgive me if I ask for a bit of a background check first, since it's pretty common knowledge that there are always unsavory characters around here. It's for a friend, by the way. Not-- I'm all right. I will be, anyway.

[ Locked to Team Jailbait or what's left of it; 60% unhackable ------ ]

So, um... How many of us are left?
20 April 2013 @ 12:17 am
Welcome aboard to our new friends. Please pretend you can't see any of this.

Working on a cheat sheet of information for anyone too lazy to stalk other people's conversations. Two heads, etc. Feel free to pitch in, I'm sure a lot of you are better at stalking than I am.

Tranquility - government vessel, missing? Tech damaged.
Alexandrian - time period? Roughly 40 years prior to whenever now is.
Demologos - type of ship we're on, warship (w/Bram Stoker inspired modifications).
Ship name - Scylla (sp?).
Planets: Alexandria (wealthy), Hyperion (machines), Pasiphae (food), Sycorax, Ceres. Jiutian - possibly space station?

Crew names/count so far on the network (sp?? on all of these, but who cares):
Felix Laurens - Captain
Casey Kassandros aka Kasey with a K - Tech? laughs at our encryptions Probably not tech. Scared of water and girls. Not tech.
Hays/Hayes - Chatty Cathy. Mechanic? Probably looting tech.
Fields - Gun guy. Full of crap.
"Trixie" - ?? Name provided by Fields, accuracy suspect.
Probably Juliana.
Noam - actually tech?
3x 2x (male) mystery guests

They already think we're amnesiac idiot thieves/squatters, so don't worry, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Or a reputation to uphold, pretty sure any efforts at negotiation were null out of the gate.

They can read everything, don't drop too much info on us if possible. If in doubt, try to meet with each other in person to discuss instead. In a perfect world this post is here to disseminate info on them, not us.

Disclaimer: They already know we're clueless as to our how/when/where/why (or really good at pretending to be clueless), so if you're going to yell at me for making that even more obvious, I'm only mildly sorry.

p.s. dear Casey, is the anonymous function in the useless camp too? Anon irrelevant.

[ updates/approx. day 2 ]
[ updates/approx. day 3 ]
11 April 2013 @ 09:33 pm
[ instead of a feed starting, a 'program' begins to run, scrolling down across the screen. no, this isn't really a post (though it kind of is). deal with it. or... y'know, don't. it's entirely up to you. but chuck won't be responding to anything himself. it's a game okay, A REAL GAME. BE ENTERTAINED and choose your own adventure. (p.s. responses of any form are allowed.) ]


> .RUN ADV004
interactive fiction story -- intersect corporations
copyrighted © 2009 by intersect co. all rights reserved
release 001. serial number 890023

title sequence not ic cut! )


Choose wisely on your quest through the caves to defeat the terrible trolls.
They may have thick skin but you do not.

> start _


You awaken to find yourself in complete darkness, rock hard ground beneath you. You are entirely unharmed and soon discover you are able to move freely through an open space. The only sound that can be heard is the faint dripping of water in the distance, accompanied by its echoes.


> _
Last time I was this ruttin’ drunk, Mal got married to a-- a-- [ there are some words there that sound vaguely like butchered Mandarin; it’s a futuristic dialect, but the man speaking it is also so drunk that it sounds like the communicator can’t quite translate it. ] An’ I passed out.

But he did later, ‘cause he kissed ‘er on the mouth.

[ The device suddenly turns over, Jayne staring down at it. From the look of him and the several empty bottles sitting next to him -- on the floor -- he’s been drinking for a while. Reaching for another bottle of something that looks extraordinarily cheap, he takes a swig, then sighs. ]

I miss my guns.
08 April 2013 @ 11:28 pm
I hope you're all well rested after that little experience. Caffeine is good for the post-jump blues, so if any of you missed my black coffee and a sit down in the jump bay, I'd recommend you get on that now. And for those of you who are a little more delicate, I'll reassure you--the jitters are a lot easier to deal with than the alternative.

My name is Nathan Petrelli; I was Senator for the state of New York. Here, I manage the Communications Department. If you have any skills with computers, managing databases and information, or no skills at all, and want to learn how to use the computers here in exchange for a nine-to-five, you can show up to our office on 001 and I'll give you the tour. Just look for the door with Communications stenciled on the outside. We're understaffed presently, and I'd be grateful for any help we can get. Just sign up, we'll find a place for you, and if things don't work out you can move elsewhere with my personal recommendation.

We'll be resuming classes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons tentatively. That's day 2 - tomorrow, and day 4, students will get a schedule. We do everything from learning about the ship and how to use the holodecks and communicators to learning to cook, sew and for the older students, fire guns, etc. Two afternoons, that's all I can offer, but the youngsters on board are usually welcomed into the various departments and mentored by experienced adults in the fields of science, flight, medicine; whatever you want. I can put you in contact with the right people if you have something specific in mind. If you're a teacher--well, it should be obvious that I could do with the help. Two afternoons isn't much at all.

I'm also responsible for the outside chapel in the Oxygen Gardens, open for members of every faith without restriction. A memorial wall there lists the names of people who have been and gone, and a book is open for anyone to leave a message. In the case of an emergency, the Oxygen Gardens is the safest place on the ship. A base of operations will usually be set up down there. If things go awry, it's a good place to be. We have a Sunday service every seventh day. Today is day one, if you're wondering.

What else is there...? Listen attentively to the information you read, stay in the common, well lit areas of the ship, don't eat anything that smells as bad as it looks. Try not to go space crazy. Shuttle bay has the only window you can see out of, if you're desperate to see it for yourself. Take care of your fellow passengers, and keep on Tyke's good side.

I'm done talking for now, but you're welcome to ask any questions you might have, for instance 'When do I get to go home?' That's always a good one.

Filtered to Tyke; comms encryption )
25 March 2013 @ 10:55 pm
[ HEY NETWORK long time no chat. have a mike ross in his room wearing jeans and t-shirt, barefoot and looking like he hasn't eaten properly in a month (which he hasn't) nor shaved or combed his hair in a month (which he also hasn't). his back is to the door of his room as he props up the communicator on his dresser and takes a step back, giving the communicator enough of a vantage point to show him from head to toe. when he deems the communicator secure enough, he smiles. ]

Hey! [ nervous energy kicking in: now ] Uh, hi. Small request.

[ and then he reaches off camera to hold up a suit ]

Anyone willing to trade a bag of funyuns for this thing? Or doritos. Or... cheetos, I guess? Basically anything in the chip family, really. I'm not picky.

[ he frowns for a moment before tossing the suit to the side again and moving to approach the commmunicator. and suddenly!!! the door opens behind him showing one (x1) donna paulsen in the doorway. donna looks as well put-together as always, but with her hands on her hips, she's definitely a formidable force. which means mike, of course, jumps in surprise. ]

Holy fucking--

Mike Ross, are you addressing the network while looking like a space hobo?

There is no such thing as a space hobo, okay.

And yet here you are.

[ so mike sighs! ] Okay, fine. Fine! [ and then, reaches for the communicator, addressing it. ] And I guess I could also use a haircut too or whatever.

[ a shrug and boom, end feed. ]

(( mike is in blue, donna in orange ))
I've noticed a lot of people talking about what they can teach or what they want to learn and that got me thinking. I was pretty distracted in school and I don't really feel like I know what I should know, but at the same time, I don't really know what I don't know.

[Perhaps its telling that he still thinks of what he ought to learn in prescriptive measures that have to do with school-based learning.]

If that made any sense to you, I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think the average person should know. Maybe skills I ought to have or books I should've read?
17 March 2013 @ 03:15 pm
[Taylor is looking better than she has in a while, less agitated and more steady, but there's still a frown pinching her brow for the announcement she has to make.]

Genetics lab is to be considered hostile territory. The place is fucking infested with those rats and attempts to clear and secure the area aren't putting a dent in their population.

[And she wasn't wasting any more ammo on trying it.]

You really want to head down there, you let me and SEC know. Don't go alone or unarmed. You want to do a proper run and need a security detail with you, we can provide one. Otherwise stay the fuck away.
[ my reputation's well set by now, neal says like it's not a big thing and peter can't lie and say it isn't. sure he had let the matter drop then only to half pick it up ( sort of ) later after a conversation with wichita. the lifts and their malfunction had stopped him from having his own conversation that drew off of what wichita has said until just a bit ago.

it bothers him more than usual to know that neal is somewhat keeping things from him. not because he wants to ( god he can't want to because, he's here and hadn't neal been so happy to see him when he came ) but because he doesn't know what he's supposed to say. he's in the dark and maybe he really has gotten involved in something that he can't even remotely get himself out of. and that sets peter on edge, because yes it was neal's own choice but peter could have pulled him back. maybe.

there's a moment on the feed where peter doesn't say anything before he smiles looking just a little tired, double checking that this is all filtered away from neal before he finds himself asking what might be a slightly complicated question for anyone to answer at home. let alone people who know a neal from before his excursion and know a neal from after. ]

I know this is probably an unorthodox question to ask, but if you could indulge me, what are your opinions on Neal Caffrey? I don't care if you're close or if you only know of him through what you've heard, I'd welcome any answers you all have. This is filtered away from him if you're worried about him barging in here acting affronted by anything you say, and I'm not likely to tell him it because it's more for my own curiosity's sake. I happen to know him from home and I was wondering what sort of impression he's left on all of you in the time he's been here.

[ because if neal's reputation is well set then they should all have the same answer. or something close to it. ]
10 February 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[It's not very often that Asato makes a post to the network, preferring to read and hear what others have to say, offering bits of awkwardly-worded input when he thinks it could be useful. He's not one to draw attention to himself, and though it might seem difficult for a relatively big guy with cat ears and a tail, he tends to manage it too.

He's just a quiet guy minding his own cat business, part of which he's spent in the gardens, carefully tending to something each and every day. The result of nearly a year of watering, trimming, checking and double-checking, is what he moves the video feed to quickly after he sees the feed is on, offering only a quick glimpse of his face.]

I have--these.

["These" being a little pile of some kind of fruit. They're somewhere between a peach, an apple, and a currant, the size of a baseball at their largest, ranging from magenta to purple in color. He can't show it through the feed (much as he wishes he could!), but the scent that's coming from them is a strong mix of sweet, sour, and spicy.]

Kuims. Is what they're called. I planted them. I can't eat all of them, but I don't want them to go bad. [Which is why he's happy to offer some to whoever wants to stop by in the gardens and try them out.]

They're really good. In my world, lots of people like these the best. [A great advertiser he is not, but he's trying, and his enthusiasm is genuine.]

Please come have some. I don't need anything in return for them. Um... They're good in cakes, too. [That...should wrap things up, he figures, so the feed gives a shake, comes back to his face one more time, and clicks off.]
[ sulu's fresh out of the shower, hair sticking up in damp spikes. he's not wearing his command gold, just the black undershirt and pants, sitting by his locker. he holds up a toy car, a quiet smile on his face, amused and a little wistful. ]

You know, these are antiques. Or they were antiques, where I'm from.

[ nostalgia. sulu hesitates a little, flipping the car in his fingers. ]

Of all the things for me to get, it's these. You'd think I'd get...

[ there's a pause, like sulu's thinking better of what he was going to say. then he shrugs a little. ]

Just a weird souvernir, I think.
08 February 2013 @ 12:33 am
[ the feed pops on to mike, sitting on the edge of his bed and holding the communicator in his hand. he looks a bit tired but, really, why wouldn't he? still, there's a bit of strain around his eyes like he's trying to not look as bad as he feels.

instead he opts for speaking, getting right to the point. ]

So, hey, Tranquility. Does anyone know where I can get a box? I mean, I have all this stuff and just nowhere to put it and--

[ he takes a moment to frown off to the side before looking back at the communicator again. ]

It's kind of bullshit, actually, being stuck with a bunch of crap when someone leaves. I don't have any use for it, y'know? Why do I have to keep it? Like, who the fuck needs two pairs of sunglasses in a spaceship?! A spaceship!

[ and he glares a little off to the side again before going kind of quiet, deflating slightly and continuing a moment later. ]

... But, well, I guess, we don't actually know what happens when people leave, do we? We just... assume they go home, right? Except--

[ he looks a bit panicked for a moment, looking off to the side again before shaking his head and just murmuring a "nevermind". ha ha, yep, harvey specter has left the tranquility and mike's... dealing better than expected, honestly! ]

... Also, I have a vacuum now.

[ he just pans over to the other side (not the one he was looking at) to this sitting on the floor, then back to himself. ]

Dunno why.

[ and then he hangs up. thanks, tq. ]
01 February 2013 @ 03:52 am
I happen to be a very private man. It tends to happen when you're brought up in the public eye. My parents-- [ He pauses. ] They were wonderful people, but their deaths caught the imagination of the world, and I grew up under that shadow.

You can imagine how difficult it must be for me to speak to you now. It isn't a subject I enjoy visiting, but it's come to my attention that I've been coming off as... Well, as aloof. It's not my intention. You're all so close, helping each other out when times are hard. It's a long way from what I'm used to. It's difficult to know how to--how to join in, when you've never really done it before.

I'm afraid I really don't have any applicable skills. I'm not a doctor, I know a little about science, I'm afraid to say I wouldn't be much use in a fight, but if there's anyone on board who wouldn't mind showing a closeted ex-billionaire the ropes, I'm willing to try to learn. I'll take anything.

It's Bruce Wayne, by the way.

[ A wary smile, and then the feed clicks off. ]

26 January 2013 @ 04:29 pm
[ that says video, but it's not, really. the camera is actually face down on the bed, so you get a nice dark screen with a hint of flickering movement, occasionally enough light through the rumples of the sheets that it's more grey than black. ]

I totally don't get the anonymous posting thing. Not as though this is the internet. It's like a group skype session. Or — endless youtube, but without the cats. Which, fyi, lame. Video blogging is for A/V club nerds.

[ stiles, it seems, has opinions on the network. he huffs a cheek-puffing sigh. he didn't actually think it would be possible to be bored when you're in space and everything that happens is a major drama, but that's pretty much what he is, listlessly bored. it's a mood. ]

So you guys. You guys. Raise your hand if you've managed to learn something new and cool on the S. S. Pandorum. Except, don't actually raise your hand, okay? Just share with the class. Show and tell with space skills.

[ he picks up his communicator, and hey, there's his little face, all interested and ready to be amazed. ]

What do you know now, that you didn't know before you woke up here?
21 January 2013 @ 03:48 pm
Hello, Tranquility. [ For once, Carolyn's background isn't the shuttle bay. It's medbay instead, though she's not a patient. Simon can occasionally be seen in the background, doing... doctor-things. ] I'm Carolyn Fry. On this ship, I work on the flight crew; back home I was the pilot and captain of another ship. I've got a few things I'd like to talk about today.

First is the flight crew. We're always looking for more members -- we're responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the shuttles as well as flying them. We've gotten more members over the last few months but we'd always like more. If you're interested, we just want to know a bit about your skills. If you don't have any experience with spacecraft or aircraft of any time, several of us work together to provide flight training. If you're interested, we have some sign-ups on the subnetwork as follows.


Second, I'm aware that many of the people on-board have never been in space before. If this applies to you or you're looking for a better understanding of this ship specifically, I'll be holding one of our semi-monthly [ jumply? ] space training courses in two hours. This jump's focus will be on medical situations and health thanks to Doctor Simon Tam, and as a result, we'll be meeting in the medbay. Dr. Tam will be reviewing space-specific medical concerns as well as general medical concerns, teaching people who to use the automated medical machines, and several other topics.

In addition, I'll be covering what we know about the Tranquility specifically and what's happened here, as well as what we know about this universe. There's a lot of information out there and while the anonymous information page is quite helpful, sometimes it's easier to hear about it from someone else. I haven't been here for all of it but I'll do my best to answer any questions, as will Dr. Tam -- and anyone else is welcome to offer insight as well. This is also a good chance to get to know everyone else stuck here, if that's your thing.

For those of you who've missed any prior sessions and are interested, please see the following subnetwork page. [ SPACE TRAINING SUBNETWORK PAGE ] If you have any suggestions on making these sessions more accessible or anything you'd like to see covered, please let me know.

[ Pausing to run a hand through her hair, there's a barely audible "I'm starting to sound like Kirk" before she continues. Time to fix that. ]

This is new to all of us, even those of us who've been in space before. If you've got sense, there's no reason not to use the resources on board in order to be better prepared to survive. We may have bars and beds but this isn't a pleasure cruise. People have died and if you don't take care of yourself and exercise some caution [ and not break into the shuttle bay, Zaeed ] then it could be you next.

I'll hopefully see all of you in medical in two hours. Try not to disturb anyone working in there.

((ooc: Free-for-all log is here.))
[ The comms turn on and Rachel's face can be seen. She looks calm, confident and put together. Even though, on the inside, she might be anything but. ]


[ Rachel doesn't ask for help often - or, at all. So, she's not quite sure how to go about this. ]

I have a few [ how shall she put this ] questions. I'm new and I'm used to being the one who knows everything. [ except how to be modest ] I'm a paralegal [ because she refuses to use past tense ] and I know the ins and outs of the firm I work for. The associates, other paralegals - they all came to me for help. Granted, I've worked there for five years. [ As their best paralegal ever, but the network doesn't... need to know that. There's such thing as some modesty. ] For the first time in a long time I find myself with more questions then answers.

Hopefully, that's where you come in. If you wouldn't mind taking some time to answer a few questions?

First, I haven't been that impressed with the food here. It might be that I'm eating the wrong thing. And I haven't made it down to the oxygen gardens yet. Are their any chefs on board? Or, is there anyone familiar with food? [ a smile. ] Good food?

neal caffrey )

public ]

Second. Is there a way to transfer information from the datapads in the library onto my phone? I've been doing a lot of reading but I've been stuck in the library. There's nothing wrong with it, it's actually quite remarkable but... I'd like the option of reading somewhere else. Maybe the common room or my room.

Third. Things... happened a few days ago. Is there anything I shouldn't be doing? I got the basic rundown from several people my first week here. You can never be too safe, right?

Four. And it's less of a question and more of an apology... For those of you who know Mike Ross, I'm sorry. He's - well, you get used to him. So, if he's done anything to you or said anything to you [ or generally been himself at all ] just, please accept this blanket apology.

[ because she may have spent some time looking up conversations between Mike and people and wow, Mike, you fail at being a human being but why would that be different then in space? and maybe this is sort of flirty and needly - she may not be divulging voice mail details but she's only human. mike ross pushes her buttons. so she's pushing his ]

Okay. I think that's it. Oh, my name is Rachel, for those who haven't met me.

previous cr )

donna paulsen )
27 August 2012 @ 01:44 pm
Never thought I'd miss Twitter. Be a lot more efficient around here if people kept their PSAs to 140 characters or less.
09 July 2012 @ 09:34 pm
[ The video snaps on to a blur and a big hand holding it out at arm's length, and at the end of that arm is one John Casey with a certain ship's geek - Chuck Bartowski - headlocked under the other. He finds something to put the viewer on so that he can draw his gun - a silver on black SIG Sauer P226 - out of its holster, placing it against Chuck's neck, and growls under his breath at him. ]

Stop squirming so much, Bartowski, otherwise I really will end up shooting you, and it's no fun if I do it accidentally.

[ Chuck had never liked being held at gunpoint, but it's not as if this was the first time this had ever happened over the years, which was only one reason why he looked so calm about this. The only thing that made it any different than usual was being put on film while doing so and Chuck elbowed at the other man, squirming anyway. ]

Look, Casey, I really think there are better ways to deal with this than threatening to kill me, and it's not even gonna get you out of here. Now if you would just put the gun down…

[ A fierce grunt of disgust cut Chuck off mid-sentence, Casey narrowing his eyes at his friend, only to turn that same withering look on the camera. ]

I'll put the gun down when I'm good and ready. Listen up, whoever you are; I don't care if you're aliens or Communists, but I suggest you find a way to get me back to Burbank, otherwise I can't be held responsible for what I might do. [ And he might just be squeezing Chuck's neck a little bit harder between his forearm and bicep to illustrate his point. In response, Chuck makes a wheezing sort of noise, stopping his shoving at Casey so he doesn't end up turning blue before too long. ]

Nobody has to worry about Casey, he's not actually gonna hurt me, I promise. He's a friend from back home, he's just a little trigger happy, you can ignore him. Right now, I mean. Not any other time. [ a beat ] You really might not want to ignore him any other time.

[ This time Casey reaches out his gun hand to take the device back, and as it spins before it goes off his voice is audible over the feed; a deep gutteral growl: ]

Idiot, Bartowski, now we have to start over, and maybe this time I will shoot you just to prove I mean it. How do you record over-- [ The feed cuts.]