24 March 2014 @ 09:17 pm
Statistically, there is a 7% chance that someone will forget an important date - a birthday or something considered equally significant. If that's the case, then what is the proper protocol if they are aware of it but not entirely certain it's true?

Does it matter if there is no emphasis placed upon it? If it's only briefly mentioned-- Would a... gift be the correct course of action? And if so, what?

But I suppose, then, we must ask ourselves what will happen if we also forget. If we ever truly understood it in the first place.

... how do you remember if it can be so easily overwritten?
19 February 2014 @ 11:18 am
[This public service announcement comes to you from the security offices, and is delivered in a bored monotone. It's more a recitation than anything, really--Sirius is clearly reading off of a piece of paper. This fact is very clear, because he's holding up the paper, and you can mostly see it.]

Good day. My name is Mi-- Sirius Black. I'm a member of the security team. Unfortunately. All new arrivals, please do not hesitate to contact Miles Edgeworth, and not me, if you have either questions regarding security or if you are feeling distinctly masochistic and want to volunteer. He's always looking for new recruits and it would be really lovely if he had someone else to read things off of paper for him. And if you don't like reading things off of paper, and you're a military, law enforcement, or combat type, you can contact him as well. Just contact him. Give the man something to do.

Similarly, if you run into any trouble or find yourself in distress of any sort, which you most likely will, at some point, 'cos that's the way of things around here, kindly inform him, and not me, and he will swoop in to your rescue. Or organise someone to swoop in to your rescue, he's a terrific organiser. But he might just do it himself--I know it doesn't seem as if he will, but trust me, he will.

[Paper finished, he glances up. He's tired; it shows in his face, but he grins anyways.]

And now, because this wouldn't be the Miles Edgeworth Radio Hour without a survey--please answer this survey here and send a copy along to him as well so he doesn't miss out on the fun of reading your answers twice over. That's Miles Egdeworth, SEC » 007 » 114. He would just love to hear from you all.

[And he knocks off a salute, even though it's very lazy and he's slumped in his chair.]


survey.urmom.doc )
13 February 2014 @ 02:16 am
[ surprise, surprise, Wichita's broadcasting from the back room in the bar, like she did more often than not before she left. it's not like she's had any "man, it's weird to be back" feelings, because- well she didn't even realize she was gone for however many months when she first woke up after the jump. but then she turns on her communicator and there are a million transmissions about shit she doesn't understand, like, at all, and so she figures she better get to this sooner than later. ]


[ hey. complete with a single wave and a somewhat sarcastic kind of grin. ]

First thing's first, for all the new kids on the block, I'm Wichita and whether you want to or not, I'm going to get to know a decent amount of you, because I'm a bartender at the space bar on the 6th level of the passenger quarters. AKA, the only open-to-everyone bar on board. I'm there pretty much all the time. Before anyone asks, no, Wichita isn't my real name, but no, I'm not going to tell you what it is. It's been a really long time since I've been home, but back then I had to learn how to use a gun, and I've gotten pretty good at it, so I also offer up shooting lessons for anybody that wants them. My two rules when it comes to all that are one, no mixing booze and guns, on the range or in my bar, and two, don't be a douchebag. So. If you fit those rules and want to come by the bar or sign up for a shooting lesson, consider this an open invite.

And there's that introduction.


Second thing's second, I understand that my old room was left unlocked while I was gone, and that usually means that stuff is up for grabs, but that's no bueno now that I'm back, so this is me saying it needs to be returned. Immediately. [ the stuff she took from the kitchens and various parts of the ship she doesn't care about, but the stuff her friends left behind.. ] It's a short list, at least. Just drop it off here at the bar, or put it back where you found it, I don't care. Just refer back to rule two if you're looking for inspiration to not just hold onto it.


[ attached is a typed out list of about ten things, which include Justin Taylor's sketch pad, Isaac Mendez' sketch pad, this gun, this shirt, this hat and this gun, and a couple more random things that people she was close to might've left behind I just can't think of them because it's 3am, hehh, all described just enough to know what she's looking for. ]

Oh, and if somebody wants to explain what the hell's been going on on this ship for the last few months? That'd be- great. I guess. [ which is her cue to grab a drink, yep ]
14 September 2013 @ 12:44 am
All right, here's the thing.

[ "Here" is punctuated by one Jayne Cobb leaning forward and poking at the camera lens. ]

Lots of you are terrible shots. Since Wes is gone [ grumpy bastard; Jayne liked him anyway and will pour one out -- or drink it -- for him later ] that means no one's probably goin' around pointin' out that the gunnery crew'll teach ya how to be better shots or else make sure you stop touchin' weaponry 'cause we don't want to get shot in the ass.

Anyway. You want to learn to shoot an' take care of your gun, you let us know. That's me an' Ric an' Natasha an' Wichita. I got a few people who've asked me already, so I figured I'd extend the invitation out. Some of us can probably help ya with other weaponry, if ya ask nice. If one of them don't want to teach it... I don't know. Hit 'em until they say yes or until they knock y'out, whichever comes first.

[ And this is why no one should let Jayne anywhere near his communicator. ]
08 September 2013 @ 08:58 pm
[ when the feed first comes on, it’s just of jo, sitting at a bar that should be recognizable to anyone who has ventured into the space bar at all in the last couple of months. jo seems fairly relaxed, sitting at one of the bar stools with one leg crossed over the other, her elbow leaning on the counter. she’s watching something off to her side for a brief moment before she turns back to the feed and smiles. ]

Guess this would be a good time to say welcome to the Tranquility to all the newbies. It sucks, so get used to that. I’m Jo, and I help run the Space Bar. All the free alcohol you could ever want, thanks to the lockers.

[ Wichita’s been fussing with a few bottles behind the bar, back to the camera, mostly just rearranging them for no reason, like it matters what order they’re in or whatever. but maybe it does, because it’s not just Generic Shitty Space Booze anymore. like hey, check out the space bar, suddenly looking very legit. not that it’s all out in the open, no. they’re not dumb. her hands rest on her hips as she steps back to take a look, only vaguely aware that Jo’s been recording, but.. they did decide to make this little announcement, so. okay. she’ll turn around and give the comm a nod, even though she’s not sure that she’s even in the frame until she moves to stand next to Jo’s seat. her arms cross on the bar as she leans on it, shaking her bangs out of her face to give it a good looking-over, like she can see every single person that’s watching the feed right now. ]

I’m Wichita, and basically if you ever have plans of getting drunk somewhere that isn’t all alone in some depressingly boring part of the ship, we’re your new best friends. And don’t listen to anybody that tells you the booze sucks and music sucks, it’s not that bad. The booze we get each jump isn’t high-end Earth stuff, and the music is just- reminiscent of a much happier, weirder time.

[YOOOO I’LL TELL YOU WHAT I WANT WHAT I REALLY REALLY WANT blares from the speakers and she doesn’t even flinch. ]

And for those of you who don’t know, last jump we took a little joyride over to a ship called the Cyllene. Got out before the ship went murderous, thank god, and didn’t leave empty handed. [ the grin on jo’s face is more than just a little cocky. they made bank from their pirating, after all, and by bank she means all the new bottles plus some unopened boxes behind the bar. ] This shit ain’t free, though. [ she turns it back around to face her and wichita, back to business. ] We’re up for trades, favors, and manual labor of the shirtless-and-attractive variety.

[ Wichita snorts a laugh and nods ] Seconding the shirtless-and-attractive variety. Though if you want, you’re free to harass the current bartenders for shirtless-and-attractive service too. [ a beat ] Not us, but the guys. [ trollololol ]

Oh- [ jo takes the communicator back, turning back to her. ] And just to throw it out there, if anyone has any REO Speedwagon- CDs or iPods or whatever- I’ll do anything short of… [ she trails off, thinking, before shaking her head. ] Actually, no, I’ll do just about anything for some Kevin Cronin. So if you have some- trade?

Crappy alcohol is all still free. As is the incredible service and a chance to not be totally antisocial. But ask for Jo or Wichita if you want any of the good stuff. And- [ jo’s eyes will suddenly get very dark and very intimidating. ] if anyone even tries to touch our loot, you’ll wish you didn’t.

[ and then she just smiles, all threatening looks gone. ] See y’all later, then. [ have a two-fingered salute, a peace sign from wichita, and then the feed ends. ]

[ ooc: it's pretty obvious, but just in case, wichita is in navy and jo's in black, and both are open to respond to this post! we're also going to be putting up an open log for the space bar! ]

02 August 2013 @ 09:16 pm





no offense to ianto's dino just seemed like a good set of panic words

should i help i can get a bucket or smthing

[i am severely high rn]
26 June 2013 @ 09:42 pm
[There is a very good reason for the lack of video for this particularly selfy-loving ghost. You're being spared something grave, but you'll have to trust the groaning voice as to why.]

Say you have a friend, and said friend made the creative and life enlightening decision to have a chocolate binging party--not that they're regretting it! Like I said, it was quite enriching. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I mean, my friend would, of course.

I just need to know out of innocent curiosity and all... For my friend's sake.

Is there a hangover remedy like thing for over-binging on chocolate?
14 June 2013 @ 11:39 pm
[ This is the most important question he's actually asked in a while. It could be a combination of getting lost down in the ship for weeks, a bad jump. Hard to say, but he spends a decent amount of time typing this out rather than using the voice to text function. ]

yeah so

dead people dont bother me since ive been around them for centuries. and if youre dead that kinda sucks

but how do you get rid of a ghost. is that possible???

because i think i might have a problem
13 June 2013 @ 08:57 pm
Soooo... hey. I'm Sam. You guys probably met me before - I've lost a few years, and, uh. I guess I don't remember the last few trips here. So if anybody'd like to fill me in about - whatever the hell I did around here, I'd love to refresh my memory.

[Not that he could, either way. He's a babyface (who still looks a bit like he got into a barfight).]

Actually, I wanted to ask - anybody got any useful books? Outside of this place, I mean. Anything with actual - information. Nonfiction stuff, old age books, whatever.
[It's been about a week since Sam got aboard the ship, and really, he's mostly been trying to find anything to occupy his time in the library. Yeah, yeah, he's a nerd or whatever; Dean's probably said anything you could say about his bookworm stuff. But he's not too content with the selection, and as he's scanning through the holographic consoles; the green-glow plays off his face as he sighs, leaning back to talk to the comm. Hi everyone, I'm a moose, how's it going.]

 I'm not really finding anything remotely helpful here - not much of a surprise, considering everything else I've read on the network about this place... [He squints up at the hologram, shaking his head.] A ship like this without anything helpful in the library? I guess everyone's pretty much already guessed something got rid of anything important here. Now all you've got is...

[what the hell is this - he half-laughs, throughly amused and repulsed as he reads the passage aloud]

"Captain Haroldo set his phasers to love as the exotic alien princess ran her hands down his glistening abs..."

[He trails off, and whatever he reads in his head after that is clearly beautiful enough to make him laugh aloud.]

Dude, gross. Look, Dean, this stuff was practically made for you. 


[Not much later, he includes a quick little encryption - it was kinda interesting, to mess with. Go technology. More importantly... there's someone he wants to - meet? Re-meet? He's not even sure what to call it, but he knows that it's better to have a chat sooner than later.]

[To Jo Harvelle // Encrypted 50%]

Hey, uh... I hope I'm doing this right.


[ neal takes a long time to prepare for this broadcast, even more than his usual. he's in the devore ( largely relegated to 'look, don't wear' by now ) for extra confidence. the usual fedora is off, though, the better to expose his new scar. there's an almost mocking edge to his charm, an aggressive tilt to his smile because the best way to handle your issues is pretend they're nonexistent.

he takes a moment to fuss with the cuffs before speaking, just to torment certain people ( cambridge ) more. ]

I know the representative from the great state of Montana already made his monthly PSA, but I thought I'd follow his good example for once and add my two cents.

[ his smile drops, eyes finally matching his mouth in full. ]

I wouldn't edge out of civilized territory if you like the idea of leaving the ship ever again, because the best option out in the wilds is agreeing to extend your stay as long as you're wanted. That's the shining light in the distance, and it comes at cost.

[ giving that a bit of a weighted pause, neal raises a hand as if to brush away the truly pretentious bullshit he just laid down and in an instant his smile is back, bright as if it never left. ]

Now that I've done my civic duty, I also wanted to mention I have a still and a reputation for being a deeply superficial person when it comes to my taste in aesthetics.

[ to wit: 'i make good shit'. the warhol shout out's for you, josh. ]

I'm in the market for... just about anything, really. Stories seem to be the currency of the day-- [ sup, madge-- ] So try one of those, if you want. The worst thing I can say is 'try the bar, their alcohol is free'.

[ his smile falters a little at the mention of the bar, but it's quick enough to go unnoticed. ]

I'd slip in a warning about the Kardashian menace, but reliable authorities tell me it's not as funny as I think it is. [ his expression clearly says: and look, i still think it's hilarious. ] But one PSA really is all I have in me, so...

[ with a little half bow he stole off robb stark, he's out. ]

( ooc | for the scar think roughly like peter's in five years gone, albeit more obviously new and raw. )
11 April 2013 @ 06:47 pm
[ When the feed comes on, Jo's leaning over the counter of a bar. Wichita's bar, Space Babylon, if anyone recognizes it from that alone. ]

Just to send out a heads up, but I'm gonna take over management of the bar for a few weeks. Same hours, same everything, I'll just be your one and only.

[ Have a very proud, 'I suddenly have all the power' kind of smiles. ]

Name's Jo, if you're interested. And before you start asking, no. I don't know where Wichita is. She just told me to take over and I did. [ they have that kind of agreement. ]

Though if anyone's got some free time and would like to hang around and bounce, it would be much appreciated. As much as I wanna run this place entirely on my own...thanks, but no thanks. And yeah. That's it.

[ And Jo gives a sort of wave/salute/what have you as she cuts the feed back off again. ]

[[ ooc: and here's the open bar log for anyone who wants to come by and hang out with jo, or throw up an open tag or anything. Jo will probably be hanging around, chatting it up with any and everyone. Free alcohol, guys, how can you say no. ]]
Last time I was this ruttin’ drunk, Mal got married to a-- a-- [ there are some words there that sound vaguely like butchered Mandarin; it’s a futuristic dialect, but the man speaking it is also so drunk that it sounds like the communicator can’t quite translate it. ] An’ I passed out.

But he did later, ‘cause he kissed ‘er on the mouth.

[ The device suddenly turns over, Jayne staring down at it. From the look of him and the several empty bottles sitting next to him -- on the floor -- he’s been drinking for a while. Reaching for another bottle of something that looks extraordinarily cheap, he takes a swig, then sighs. ]

I miss my guns.
19 March 2013 @ 09:39 am
As we're long overdue and I've heard a few of you asking after it, anyone interested can come down to Holodeck 3 to join us for Fight Club. This is for hand-to-hand combat only. Spectators are welcome.

[ooc: ACCOMPANYING LOG; this is open to everyone!]
16 March 2013 @ 07:02 pm
-- Well, well. Guess that's what they call a silver linin'...

[ Benny shuts the lid of his small, personal cooler and manages to dangle that off a few fingers while holding what appears to be a wicked looking, makeshift axe... lashed together with some kind of cured skin, a massive bone of some unidentifiable origin and blades of what looks like obsidian, only of a dusty, almost metallic sheen. He's already put on his uniform, that being the first thing available to him that was clean. The navy blue cap of wool, however, he wears... and slips on his matching jacket to boot. It's... more black than he cares for, but that's what he gets for dressing before picking through all his belongings. Can you blame him? Who likes waking up in their skivvies in a tube with some kind of breathing apparatus jammed down your throat?

He's calmer than he was the moments after he woke up, not that anyone can tell that just moments earlier he'd had his mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs and was roaring for a girl no one likely even knew about here. He's had plenty of time in Purgatory to learn how to cool off, and the true meaning of 'cooler heads prevail'. That said, he raises a brow at the device, grasping it's use about as easily as he'd learned to use a cellphone... his Louisiana creole drawl betraying nothing of his alarm: ]

So, should I bother askin' what I'm in for? I figure I'm being charged with something, given the circumstances.
06 March 2013 @ 09:38 pm
i haven't seen rats like that since the trenches. and those crocodile things-- what are they called? manticores? anyone know where they come from?

i'd guess a flood in the sewer scenario, but i can't say i know space ships.
14 February 2013 @ 09:36 pm
[ when the feed turns on, you're greeted by one hunter+angel combo, namely dean and cas. dean looks alive!! the same as he always does, arms crossed and ready to dish out his lovely personality.

and today's subject? let him clear his throat. ]

So. Hellhounds.

[ yeah, no wasting time today, this shit is serious. ]

tl;dr cut >> learn how to kill monster dogs )
09 February 2013 @ 02:17 am
[ Wichita is not. a happy. camper. and it's very obvious by her tone, the fact that this is a voice transmission instead of a video and the fact that she hasn't left the bar since she got there earlier today.

in fact, a note to all you Space Babylon regulars, the doors to the bar have been locked ( by her ) and there's no music coming from inside it either. just normal, boring silence. on the transmission, you can probably hear the slosh of booze inside of a near empty bottle ( it was nearly empty when she got here, mind. some of the bottles stopped refilling themselves each jump. isn't that great? ) and the smack of her lips once she finishes her sip before she starts talking

To everyone that was fr- that knew Brian Kinney, crew member 006 » 033, I've got some bad news. Or good news, if you're an optimist, which I'm not. He went home last jump. Went to sleep here, woke up not-here.

Which I guess puts me in charge of the bar.

[ hence the doors being locked and the general 'fuck off' vibe of the place ]

Are there any bartenders on board that wouldn't mind working for free? 'Work' is a loose term, I mostly just sit around drinking with people whenever I'm here. Or if anybody wants to.. be here regularly and help make sure it doesn't turn into a crapfest, let me know. Assholes need not apply. [ because nobody will ever be a better asshole than Brian. ..wait, ew. she takes another sip, and only cuts herself off when she hears the tell-tale 'whoa whoa whoa!' of her mini Wall-E bumping into something in the near-dark. ]

Did your light go out again, bud? [ the one she fashioned onto his front in case the power went ut again. or, in the case, when Wichita decides she can't deal with colored strobe lights guiding the little cleaning bot's path ] Here, c'mere- [ aaaand the feed cuts ]