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nathan young. ([personal profile] picnmix) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2013-03-19 05:52 pm

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so i know the thing to do at the moment is fuss over the hallways and the mutant creatures and all that but i notice nobodys talking about the other elephant in the room

and by elephant i mean the werewolves and the vampires because thats not really a common thing where im from and ive got a few questions as to the technical details

like say if a werewolf has sex with a dog while theyre a wolf does that still count as bestiality

or if youre dating a werewolf does that mean youre into bestiality because im thinking it does at least a little bit doesnt it

plus how exactly does the intercourse go with that is there growling and knotting because ive seen it where the male dog gets stuck in and then the female tries to walk off in the middle of it and thats just a mess isnt it?? or maybe thats a type of kama sutra actually

vampires!! whats the deal with them can they even get an erection if they havent got any blood

do you suppose if a hungry vampire gets an erection hell pass out

ill be honest im not entirely sure where im going with this anymore but if youve got details on supernatural reproduction dont be stingy

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