20 November 2015 @ 10:00 pm
So since no one else is going to talk about it...

Let's do a vote. Show of hands. How many of you think we're all alone here? A whole planet of pretty woods, jut for us. And how many of you think that we can't be alone. Maybe there's some city out there. Too bad you can't leave the camp.

And how many of you think that we're, like, totally surrounded. I hear that's a thing. Because there's spears, and they're stealing from us. Blah, blah. Tell me something real. If there's someone out there? I'd like to get to them first. I'd like to think everyone would agree with me, but I'm sure I'd be wrong.

Actually, you know what I'd love? I'd love for them to come by and try to get at my stuff. Consider this an invitation.
22 July 2015 @ 03:42 pm
Well, it's official. "Someday" and "An emergency" are here. We need the zippy little battle craft and we need them now. This is basically all hands on deck for anyone I've flight trained.

[With one notable exception]

And if I haven't flight trained you, these still need a crew to work the weapons, so keep listening.

We have two kinds of shuttle. Harpy have some missile capabilities but are mostly for getting up close and personal with everyone who now wants to kill us. Need at least three people to keep them working. Wyvern are for sneaking around and dropping a nasty surprise from a distance. We need at least four people working those.

So speak up if you want on crew. And if I've flight trained you but you aren't sure about actually being the main pilot on one of these, tell me now. We could still use people working the guns who can step in if anything happens.

Gavvers, Newtie, I have a different job for you two.

((OOC: I've created a Google Doc for keeping track of who's flying with who. Let me know if you want me to just arbitrarily stick your character in any crew that needs them))
06 July 2015 @ 07:05 pm
Returning to the subject of the... bleedover events some of us have experienced. The impressions, whathaveyou. Are we meant to be doing anything about that? Or are we all just politely pretending not to have involuntarily glanced into one another's memories?

I really am game for ignoring them unless talking about it leads it to stop somehow, but I am uncertain about the etiquette that's being established here.
22 June 2015 @ 08:25 pm
hullo im posting a survey on behalf of Support
Support asked me to
answers here please but direct all questions to mr R J Lupin hes head of Support surveys thats why he asked me to do this one for him
interdepartmental unity

This is Mystique.

Some of you may recognize me from the Jump star-mapping and timekeeping projects, where I collaborated with passengers from the Science Department and Flight Deck. Some more details on those works are here and here, but we've been keeping the latest updates on those figures in other storage because of the network presence of hostile entities.

I've never joined a department. I know I'm not alone. There are more possible reasons why a passenger may have made this decision, even if that decision is only to wait. In the majority of cases, we are interested in sustaining life on this ship, and we all know that this is becoming more crucial with every passing Jump. Many of us coordinate with departments as it is.

I'm offering and requesting help with making this happen more often and more efficiently.


  • Potential volunteers: let me know what skills you have and what/kind of projects you'd be interested in working on.
  • Department heads: please let me know if you are willing to accept formal volunteers. If you want to specify a representative for contact and training from your department, do.
  • Roster of volunteers is now here.
  • Resident software experts: I've started to hammer together some basic software to make tracking easier, but I may need a tech assist too. I'm trying to keep it separate from the native nanite programming, and I doubt integration is possible, but a scheduler could be great.
PROPOSED PROJECT MANAGEMENT (pending departmental cooperation)

  • Flight Deck: complete construction of combat spacecraft and other equipment
  • Gunnery: complete construction/repairs of weaponry
  • General: maintenance, repairs, general assistance
  • Updates pending department input
My assumption is that volunteers will require supervision, training, and assistance with access to department-specific equipment, and work schedules will need to be determined. Serious disagreements should be resolved with someone getting fired; silly ones, I suspect we don't have time for.

If there is enough interest to proceed, I will make the information available in a few weeks.

OOC Note )
07 June 2015 @ 12:02 am
[Today, Elsa wears a long blue gown with a pale, diaphanous overlayer. She wants to be as much herself as possible, after days with other people. She's addressing the network very seriously, but her words are initially uncertain. As she continues to speak, she sounds more confident.]

Hello, everyone.

About six months ago, I didn't wake up after the jump. I missed a whole month, and I know I wasn't the only one. I had dreams during this time, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember anything about them.

I've been starting to remember things since the last jump. Everything that has happened since then... the way that girl Seraphim died and the things she said... it makes me think that what I remember might be important, if it wasn't just a dream.

I talked to Emily about it recently, but there's more now.

The trouble is, I'm pretty good with math, but I don't understand the technology here very well. It's not like anything we had at home. That might be important, too.

My dream was about a woman with thick black hair and a ruddy complexion. She wore her hair pulled back. She left the pods after a jump, and the lights were red, and everyone was lined up in formation. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who looked like her here.

A lot of things that happened after that are still coming back in bits and pieces. The thing that I remember now is... after some time passed, she went to the jump drive. It's the thing that helps the ship move, isn't it? It wasn't easy for her to get in, but I still don't understand why yet: the important thing is that she made it. And it wasn't what she expected to see, it was... there were things that should have been moving that were... frozen. Not as if they were in ice, but they were just hanging there in the air, kind of like lightning that never moved or ended.

[Her expression has grown increasingly troubled through the course of this narrative.]

It scared her.

Did anyone else see this? Even if you didn't... do you know what it means?
( this isn't exactly how enfys planned to introduce herself to the ship's network, but in fairness, enfys hadn't actually planned to do that in the first place, having not exactly been given a lot of 'figure out what the fuck' time before some more 'seriously, what the fuck' got loaded up onto her plate. she's been scrolling through for information - thanks, person who put up all that support info, you're a doll - but it's sort of a truncated quest, given that she has a very specific problem needs dealing with posthaste.

his name is ivan, and she's currently standing on his throat. )

Right, hi, so--

I have a vampire needs drying out. I had a look at the info, but I'm gonna be straight with you, I skimread because I'm in a bit of a pickle, so if I'm barking up the wrong tree, by all means, forward me the fuck on. You lot looked about right. Anyway, he's--

( she breaks off. unseen, she manhandles ivan briefly to get a look at his arm. there are some sounds that do not suggest this is an entirely pain-free enterprise. )

Number is 035 189. He's having a bad day, he should sleep it off behind a nice strong lock. I can get him there, someone just give me a bell and let me know where I'm going. Navigating from, uh, the stasis pods. Which are disgusting, in case anyone needed a reminder from fresh eyes.

Ta, much.
28 April 2015 @ 02:20 pm
[ Home vs. the Tranquility is an obvious choice for most people. For the ones from somewhere particularly awful, the ship's the better option; and for some, there isn't much of an option at all.

Fitz had spent several months thinking he was part of the latter group. He'd thought home meant certain death, so he should appreciate cheating it while he had the chance. Since that had been proven wrong, home had resumed being the obvious choice, despite all its complications — but now Jemma's here, and things are somehow better than they'd been back at the Playground. Add to that a friendly research team offering help to the passengers of the TQ, and the end result is dwelling on questions he probably shouldn't be.

And a broad question for the network, minus much context.

Whenever the ship's docked somewhere, it's been too dangerous to stay. But if it wasn't, or if you could get off the ship without going home, would you? If it were possible to go somewhere safe. Different, and not home, but safe.
13 March 2015 @ 11:26 pm
[the feed opens on a shot of a half empty bottle of tranquility brand ~space whiskey. along with another empty bottle lying on its side beside it. to anyone familiar with the bars on the ship, it may be possible to recognize the fact that the feed is coming from the wrong side of the bar. that inside of being sat beside it, he's instead stood on the inside of the counter. (easier access to the alcohol. and considering there's no bartender, it made more sense to him. it did take an entire liquor store last time).]


[…okay, whoops. there's a pause; time spent squinting down at the device. he's making a call to the network, so maybe it'd be a good idea if he laid off the "dead" languages. when he speaks again, there's a weight to his words that comes largely from having to focus so hard on what he's saying. on making sure that he's actually using the words he wants to use.]

There are games I have seen humans play before. Ones that involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol for amusement.

[there's another pause then. one that's only interrupted with the sound of a drink being poured in to a glass. far more than a single shot. it's gone moments later; swallowed easily, and with very little impact on his current state.]

Show me.

[what are manners? look, he has other priorities right now.]
03 February 2015 @ 11:54 am
The next jump will be coming up soon enough. For those not aware, powers widely unknown to us occasionally distribute items into our lockers. Sometimes they are items from home, other times they are strange or frightening.

Infrequently, they will be body parts, organic matter, or biological material such as blood stains and so on. If you happen to be in possession of any such thing from past jumps or obtain something like it in the next or future jumps, I'd appreciate very much if you could bring it to the science department for analysis, as I'd like to try to investigate where these samples come from and why we're being given them. Any items turned in will be returned to you.

Or destroyed on request.

On a more general note, for those that don't already know, my name is Professor Xavier, with the Xenobiology and Genetics department.

If you have anything else you'd like to bring to our attention, such as if you're having difficulties with your magical/supernatural/superhuman powers, require investigation and therapies relating to any nonhuman characteristics you have, or have recently let loose a fear monster of unknown potential to wreck havoc on the passenger population, you may lodge a request here to petition for assistance. Our door is always open.
21 January 2015 @ 05:18 am
This is Raven Reyes, CEO.

It's been mentioned a few times now that being tracked and boarded involuntarily isn't a possibility, but an inevitability. I'm not here to weigh in one way or the other. I'm here to make sure you're ready, just in case.

You were told to familiarize yourself with the operation of Tranquility-issue space suits and armaments. I can teach you that.

On top of that, I also want to get a hell of a lot more people familiar with how to launch and operate the shuttles, and how to tell which ones are even safe for launch in the first place. I don't know what kind of enemy we'll be facing here. What I do know is, we're stuck in a big metal ship that wants us dead, and that same ship is being tracked by agents who probably also want us dead. It's good to have some kind of escape route, even if that escape just puts you a little farther from the immediate target. After all, deep space doesn't give a shit if you're dead or alive, and in the event of an on-board battle of some kind I'd call that an improvement.

So if you want to learn any of this, say something. It could save your life.

And you're probably sick to hell of hearing this by now, but if you're unemployed and wouldn't rather hang yourself than get a little dirty, Engineering wants you. Especially right now, when everybody's stretched so thin.

Last thing: If you're good with suits, armaments, or shuttles, speak up too. It'd sure be handy if I weren't the only one dishing out the safety-first lectures.
29 November 2014 @ 02:23 pm
What do people do here other than the departments? I know I probably should join one but I don't know if I'd be any help.

( At least not yet, anyway. She needs to pull her head out of bad space first but at least she's not said she's never joining one. But Elena does at least know that she needs to do something )

I guess I mean like group stuff, not a personal 'what do you like to do'.

( Although anything could be helpful )

Where do you even start trying to find something new to do somewhere like this? It probably makes a difference if there are already groups. Or clubs. I'm hoping that there are.
24 November 2014 @ 06:35 pm
Now that it seems the halls are no longer full of sleepwalkers engaging in bloodsport... it seems like many of the people who have joined departments had occupations or skills from home that made one a natural fit over the others. Did anyone pick up something entirely from scratch?
27 October 2014 @ 05:31 pm
Hi, I'm Annie Sawyer with-

Well, not with anyone, really, I just was hoping that someone could just, if you could, if you have a bit of extra rope, and maybe something heavy that you're not using, I would be very happy to take it off your hands.

And also, be careful, of course.

Mostly, please be careful.

Oh, also, does anyone know, if we lose powers, do doors still lock?
22 October 2014 @ 11:48 pm
Hey - it's Raven. Got a couple more things.

1. If you need me, I'm in Engineering 70% of the time and 2/3s of the rest is split between flight and comms. You can usually catch me by communicator, but if not, Jasper's your guy. He can do damn near anything I can these days, and even if he can't he'll get word to me. And yeah, I'm still open for freelance mechanics. If you've got something to trade, there's not too much I won't build you.

2. Figured I should put out an official apology for the small controlled explosion a few weeks back. I'm not here to lie to you, we're not actually all that sorry. We've just got enough to deal with without the underqualified safety brigade crawling up our ass.

3. A buddy showed up on the Jump and I'm getting sick of his face. Somebody put his ass to work, yeah? Finn Collins. He'd be good in Comms, or any job that asks you to do stupid stunts with a doofy grin.

Raven Reyes, by the way. I realized I should probably specify.

[ ooc | taking this opportunity to say that since her post last month, she's picked up a good handful of shifts each in both flight crew and comms, as per the advice/reccs she got last time. if you run one of those departments and need me to do anything/fill out any forms for that, lemme know! and if you work in one of them, it's safe to pretend they've at least said 'hi' in the last couple of weeks if you want to tag in with a little familiarity under their belt. ]
09 October 2014 @ 12:06 pm
[ Simon comes into view unsmiling and still, standing framed by one of the unadorned walls of his room. ]

Those of you who aren't human. Or are more than only human. If you lie low, or pass, or hide—why? [ He's quiet, with an Irish accent and a cadence that's steady verging on mumbly, and intently focused. He's not uncomfortable, not fidgety or uncertain, but he isn't quite at ease, either, in front of a camera. He's only using video to make a display of his bloodless face and white eyes. ] Has something happened to you here? Or is it a habit you've carried from home?

We may not be in the minority, altogether.

[ That's less threatening than we could outnumber them, right? Right.

That's also the end of what he'd planned to say ahead of time; he shifts back from the screen, looks aside, and nearly disconnects before more occurs to him. ]

If you want to talk and don't trust this to stay private, I'm in room two hundred on the third floor. You can... [ Leave a note, he almost said, but he's yet to see paper or pens. He raises his eyebrows like a shrug. ] Paint your answer on the wall.

Or knock. I'll be here.
19 September 2014 @ 01:33 am
Got two things to ask and one thing to offer. I'll try to make it short and sweet.

QUESTION 1: What destroyed or depopulated your version of Earth? Nukes, asteroids, zombies? If nothing did yet, what took the closest shot so far?

Same question if you're not from Earth - just swap out Earth for wherever you came from.

I'm not compiling a spreadsheet or anything. I guess it's just something I've wondered.

QUESTION 2: What are we even doing here? What's our destination? The purpose of the voyage? Who sent us, and why us? Maybe I missed something and by all means point me there if I did, but in less than a day, this ship sucks up more resources than the Ark could spare for a month.

I've been here for over a month now and I'm the first person I've seen ask anything like this so far. I want to think it's because we were up to our airholes in highly invasive nanotechnology. Or - like I said, maybe I missed the big 'who, what, where, and why' memo.

OFFER: I'm bored off my rocks, if you haven't picked up on that yet. I was a zero-G mech back on the Ark, and if that's not enough, I helped fix the thing that saved your asses pre-Jump. I can repair, rebuild, or build from scrap just about anything you can think of. So somebody give me a job before I start opening panels and improving whatever the hell's inside.

[ is she serious? she very well could be, so throw her a bone here, yeah? ]
17 September 2014 @ 01:37 am
I have managed to multiply my supply of Essence of Dittany, though I only have three bottles worth. It's useful in healing wounds and I think the clinic could benefit from it - if they do not already have a supply. If you have need of it, contact me and remember that a little goes a long way. A few drops should heal even the nastiest of gashes.

I will continue to search for the leaves and blooms in the garden, but I cannot make any promises. However, even if I can't find more living growth, I might be able to search for substitutes if I examine the Dittany on a molecular level. It isn't something I have done before, but I am curious.

On a lighter note, are pets abundant on the ship? I had a cat - who was half-Kneazle - before I arrived and I miss him. I have a preference for felines, though a small dog or a rabbit wouldn't upset me.
09 September 2014 @ 03:22 pm
I'd like to speak with someone from Communications and someone from Xenogen, since Nathan seems to have taken his leave and I'm not sure which of Severus' scientists is currently pulling rank on that side of their department.

That's all. Unless anyone wants something from me.