17 May 2015 @ 09:44 pm
[Being from the second jump, Heather's been dealing with this headache bullshit for a longer than she'd like. Consequently, she looks like crap - if crap that's had an idea it's really excited about. Red eyes accentuated by dark rings, a smear from a nosebleed that got a very cursory cleanup (because who cares when you're only going to have another in half an hour?), and a jittery sort of energy that belies her tiredness.]

Anybody remember Mattie Ross? Cool kid. Braids, hat, very serious. She tried this thing when she was here with setting up a school and I figured - seems like there are more kids around now than there have been in a while, maybe it's time we start that up again?

I helped out last time. It was good. Thing is, I don't know anything about teaching and I have a pretty limited skill set. I'm gonna need a lot of help. And what I was thinking is we could set it up so it's relevant to here. Give the kids a grounding in the skills we need here, so like - I'm in agricultural, I can give a crash course in how to keep things running so we can all keep breathing. And maybe someone from medical can come and teach basic first aid, someone from security to show 'em what to do when everything gets all dangerous the way it likes to.

I know there's a lot going on. Headaches and blood and voids and people from off the ship. I figure that just means it's more important than ever that everyone knows how to take care of themselves. So let me know if you feel like you could help make this work. Or hell, if you wanna come and you've got ideas about how we should do it. Don't let the grownups set all the rules, that's like a guaranteed bad time, right?
16 May 2015 @ 01:52 pm
[ Charles Xavier has managed to time this video for a moment when he isn't bleeding from the face, but his face is quite white, like maybe he has been not so long ago. When he speaks, his tone is level and informative-- but in most other ways, a certain amount of anxiety radiates off of him.

One of his eyes has blood blotting over white at the corner from burst blood vessel. ]

I wanted to share something I found when I was asked to examine Felix Laurens. Some of you know I have psychic abilities and-- well, now all of you do. [ Ha. Ahh. Anyway. ] I sought to find out what-- prevented him from speaking directly, or caused him to behave in strange ways, and a little about how he came to be here at all. Last we knew, he was dead.

What I found was a second presence, buried deep in his mind. His consciousness was separated from it by a sort of psychic, membranous barrier, which I don’t know the nature of. In my haste, I broke through the barrier so I could understand what it was, and-- initially, it was just. Sounds. Memories. Thousands of them, and I wasn't able to make any sense of it. But there was something else, too, something intelligent and aware that seemed to see me, like a single searching eye, and tried to-- do something. Pull me in, is what it felt like, to all that noise. Felix helped break off the connection before that could happen, and I experienced symptoms not unlike the ones we're experiencing now.

[ Charles hesitates. Taps his fingers against the desk. Continues, to the point. ]

It's in everyone. Everyone's mind.

This barrier is, anyway. It reads to me as being "thinner" [ you can hear the quotation marks in his tone ] for those who have been here longer, and "thinner" for those that attended Shepard's recon mission a while back. I haven't looked beneath it since I observed it in Laurens, but only because I fear that I'd find the same thing.

It's also-- I believe-- causing the rolling side effects we're all experiencing now, or has something to do with them. I've observed that there is a resistance happening, a ripping, like the barrier is trying to detach from our minds, and then when we seek physical contact and the symptoms abate, the barrier strengthens. Perhaps it isn't a barrier at all, but a--

[ He stops. He hadn't want to ramble and speculate. ]

Study is ongoing, anyway, about what it means for us, what it does to us. I'll put up my own findings in the archival timeline, and keep it up to date. If-- if anyone like me is looking to confirm this phenomenon, I can't stress enough that it's important you go carefully. It will overpower you, given the chance.

[ Grim public service announcement executed, he tries to consider how to sign off. ]

For those that are newer, my name is Professor Xavier, with Xenogen. Sorry about all that.

[ Aaand cut. ]
28 April 2015 @ 02:20 pm
[ Home vs. the Tranquility is an obvious choice for most people. For the ones from somewhere particularly awful, the ship's the better option; and for some, there isn't much of an option at all.

Fitz had spent several months thinking he was part of the latter group. He'd thought home meant certain death, so he should appreciate cheating it while he had the chance. Since that had been proven wrong, home had resumed being the obvious choice, despite all its complications — but now Jemma's here, and things are somehow better than they'd been back at the Playground. Add to that a friendly research team offering help to the passengers of the TQ, and the end result is dwelling on questions he probably shouldn't be.

And a broad question for the network, minus much context.

Whenever the ship's docked somewhere, it's been too dangerous to stay. But if it wasn't, or if you could get off the ship without going home, would you? If it were possible to go somewhere safe. Different, and not home, but safe.
09 April 2015 @ 10:51 pm
[the woman on the video has a smile on that's attempting to be confident, but seems just a touch wobbly. Her hair is brown with a vivid red streak on one side, and she seems to have coordinated the rest of her outfit with said streak, down to the ribbon trim on her white bowler hat, which, while clean, has definitely seen better years. given what she's discovered about the size and history of the ship, she's decided that she might be better served not coming out swinging with her normal confidence. this wasn't pandora, after all, and it seemed like people often actually helped a girl in need. weird.]

Hey, so, I bet you all get this a lot, but I'm looking for some people. They're kinda important--well, at least one of them is--and I ended up here with some really, really awkward timing. So, Sash, if you're listening to this, call me already, wouldja?

Guess I should introduce myself, huh? I'm Fiona, and I'd say I'm fresh off the boat except for how I'm actually fresh on the boat. So to speak.

[that had sounded better in her head.]


Anyway, if anybody has the latest ECHOcast newsfeed, catching up on current events would be great. Or any idea where I could take a room that's maybe near some people? That would be cool too.

[there's a moment of silence where she seems to be contemplating turning off the feed, but then she snaps her fingers, as though remembering something.]

Oh, right, Rhys and Vaughn, if you're around you should give me a call too. Don't ask me how, but I've still got the thing.
28 March 2015 @ 04:00 am
This is Raven Reyes, CEO. [ her words are quick, a little businesslike but mostly just concerned and ready to get shit done. ] I'm down in Engineering and I'm sticking around, so if you need help anywhere lit, odds are I'm the quickest rescue you've got.

Text, call, doesn't matter, just get in touch and tell me everything you can about where you are and what the hell's after you. The sooner, the better. I'm working with strategy, not firepower. If you wait too long, there's not much I can do.

[ end transmission. now she's just going to monitor like crazy and wait for the scared and the reckless to blow up her phone. ]
28 March 2015 @ 12:11 am
[ Hey, Tranquility! It's your resident busybody who has no authority or jurisdiction, and no justifiable reason to be taking point on this one, here to kindly inform you he's decided to try and take point on this one. He appears solemnly, wearing that well-perfected dangerous hunter face. How scary. Such intimidating. ]

I'm gonna make this quick and to the point.

[ He declares, voice barking out frank orders like a damn drill sergeant or something. ]

Those people on board- those are people. Not some... evil... dictatorship, not a bunch of spies from the goddamn dark world, not soul-sucking ringwraiths here to steal your jumpsuits. They're just people, and they need a rescue, not a lynch mob.

[ Have a firm and pointed look, because he knows some of you are planning on shooting first and asking questions later. Screw that. ]

I'm going. Anyone who wants to come along and help, I'm leaving in an hour. And before you sign up just to turn around and put a bullet in them as soon as we get there, I want to make one thing clear.

[ And let the cold, dark look in his eye carry just how serious he is about this: ]

You try anything stupid, I'll knock your ass out myself and leave you in the hallways for whatever's hungry.

[ end transmission. ]

( after 1 IC hour (so a few tags) Dean will abruptly stop replying and will be focusing on surviving the hallways. anyone is more than welcome to tag along to his big ole rescue group of friendship and mistake-making! )

[The most cryptic image-slash-message appears on the screen. Looks something like this:

Only repeated, like, twenty times in jumbled letters. Clearly someone was just trying to practice. There are a few other words before it, mostly little things like cat and dog and bird, sun and mat, hat. Eventually it becomes a child's curious voice as he addresses the people at large.]

Names are really -- special. I think. Don't you think names are special? Sometimes they mean things, but I dunno what mine means; do you know what yours means? I bet there's lots of really cool ones that mean a lot of really cool stuff. 

... Did you get to pick your own name? 'Cus mine's always been mine, since I was a baby. I don't remember anything else!

08 March 2015 @ 08:33 pm
[ one day octavia will have something useful to say on the network.

today, unfortunately, is not that day, and the morning after the jump the tranquility is blessed with this little piece of poetry.


- not be a dick (non negotiable)
- be attractive (subjective so you know feel free to put your hand up even if you don't think you're a babe)
- have a sensitive side (our blonde here is a little on the shy side when it comes to the lip to lip action)
- not be as dull as watching paint dry (please for the love of all that is good know how to hold a conversation)
- don't be super old. that would be weird.

applications can be made here for review by me (octavia) before being passed onto the blonde. just so you know, she doesn't wind up with anyone weird or creepy.

good work guys, back to your regularly scheduled work or whatever.

[ and, as an afterthought: ]

also, bellamy blake is gone, whatever that means. home, hopefully. just in case he managed to actually make any friends here despite the handicap of being a huge dork. thought you should know.

[ now she's done. ]
[When the feed begins, Luke is in some part of the Engineering department at a work bench. It's zoomed in too closely to see the table in front of him, but he's surrounded by bins of spare parts and it looks like he might have been building things.]

Hello, Tranquility. This is Luke Skywalker with some updates on the ESD project I've been working on for the past few months.

To refresh your memories, I created an IV device that's worn inside the stasis pods and administers drugs to the wearer right before being released. It minimizes the effects of jump illness and the Engineering sickness, if anyone is around who's still going through that like I am. I call it the ESD, the Engineering Sickness Device for that reason.

[He holds up the device itself to the camera. It's fairly small and simple, made up primarily of a pump and a timer attached to a tiny vial, and dangling from it is a short strap.]

Here it is. I went into detail about it a couple months ago but you can get a pretty good idea of how it works from here. I've been testing it on myself and the design works great. I usually have a mixture of painkillers and anti-nausea drugs and that typically takes care of the worst of it for me.

[Luke tilts his head to examine the device and then sets it back down on the table.]

The biggest problem I had was timing it so that it would go off about a half hour before we were released from the pods, but I found a solution to that, something I'll talk about in a minute.

First, [he holds up a finger] I'd like to ask for volunteers to continue testing it. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty low-risk test. The medical staff will set it up for you and they're responsible for the drugs and needles of course. Oh, and no one can tamper with it while you're out because it'll be inside the pod with you during the jump.

Pretty much your biggest risk is reactions you might have to the drugs, so it's probably a good idea to make sure the med staff give you something that you know you can tolerate. It'll be up to them to help you come up with a good cocktail that'll be safe for you and stave off whatever nasty jump side-effects you'd like to get rid of.

Primarily I'd just like to know of any problems other people might have with my design, like things not fitting right, stuff like that, before I mass produce them.

Anyway, let me know if you'd like to volunteer to try it out.

[Luke clears his throat and shifts in his seat, preparing to move onto another topic.]

Now, I mentioned that I found a way to time the ESDs perfectly. In other words, the lengths of the jumps. They're different every time so that proved to be a major problem. This is something that I know several people have been working on for a while so I thought it'd be helpful to share what I discovered.

Back several months ago when we had that nanite problem that almost killed everyone, we found a room, a sort of status room, where the stasis pod systems are managed. Some of the tech in there let me sync up the timers perfectly with the control equipment. I wanted to test it first to make sure.

I set the timer on my ESD to that exact time minus thirty minutes during the last jump and it worked! It administered the drugs exactly when I needed it to and I woke up feeling pretty good. Well, relatively speaking.

I'm going to keep using that status room to set our ESDs, but I'm sure someone else can find another use for it. I wouldn't go messing around with stuff in there too much, but we might be able to use it to our advantage, maybe figure out a little more about jump times and how they're determined.

[Luke clasps his hands in front of him.]

Alright, uh... ask questions, volunteers are appreciated, etcetera. I'll be around here in the Engineering department for a while. I'm going to try to get one or two more ESDs built before I head to bed.

[He reaches towards the camera and then the feed cuts out.]

((OOC: The bit about the status management room containing equipment needed to sync with jumps comes directly from the mods. I'll be corresponding with them for the information needed to answer character questions about it, or at least, things that Luke would know.))
28 February 2015 @ 08:45 pm
Raven Reyes reporting from Engineering.

re: THE HALLWAY ODDITIES - Nothing new to report since Fitz's update, and in this case no news is good news. Looks like we're just getting a little more space, lights and vital systems booting up a few yards farther out each day. When the other shoe drops, we'll be the first to know and we'll make sure you're the second.

re: SUITS & SHUTTLES 101 - I'm still ready and willing to dish out lessons on how to use the suits and shuttles down in the Bay, in case (worst case scenario) part of the ship loses pressure or needs to evacuate. Better safe than sorry, etc. Just let me know. As for gunnery, that's all Jax.

re: ENGINEERING - We're a little more comfortable with the recruits we pulled in just before the last jump, but I'm looking to sign on a few more so my engineers can get more than six hours of sleep between shifts.
      building shit
      scrapping shit for parts
      digging through scrap like it's treasure
      sitting on your ass while someone else gets a work-out
      getting a work-out while someone else sits on their ass
      keeping people alive
      inflating your ego

If any of the above listed things interest you and you're not already in a department, consider throwing your lot in with Engineering. We've even got a mascot.

Which reminds me.

re: THE TICKLISH CUBE OF FLESH - Couple of months ago, I got an unnerving flesh cube in my locker. Some of you have asked about it since. Yeah, I've still got it. It's Engineering's resident freak of nature. Sits at my desk whenever I'm on the monitors.

That's it.

[ now for the real reason this post is a thing: all current members of engineering and/or individuals who might want to be a member of engineering should definitely take a look at this page. it has information on the department from a technical standpoint and a daily-life standpoint, plus there's a little thing at the bottom to fill out so we can all handwave like motherfuckers.

EDIT: I'm so sorry for the unanimous wait re: tagbacks on this, I got two group presentations sprung on me this week ahaha weeps.
05 February 2015 @ 06:33 pm
[ Amidst the bright greens of the Oxygen Gardens is Elizabeth, much better off since her last broadcast, post-Smiley trauma. The brunette turns the device on, yes, but her attention is elsewhere, ducking amongst the plants and trying to suss out a few of the bugs. In the meantime, she's singing softly to herself, looking almost lost in a daydream for a moment or two. ]

I'm sorry, I meant to ask: is there anyone else aboard who had... well, some kind of power before coming to the ship? I've mentioned it once or twice to some since I've been here, but I had a certain ability before arriving and I'm almost nostalgic for it. It was part of who I am, and... it's a bit hard to explain.

Oh, and the Gardens are wonderful! I can't believe I haven't spent any time here before; they make the whole place seem much less cold. And there are insects! It really does remind me of home, which I thought I would never miss.

[ There's a wistful sigh. ]

Space can be awfully lonely, don't you think?
21 January 2015 @ 05:18 am
This is Raven Reyes, CEO.

It's been mentioned a few times now that being tracked and boarded involuntarily isn't a possibility, but an inevitability. I'm not here to weigh in one way or the other. I'm here to make sure you're ready, just in case.

You were told to familiarize yourself with the operation of Tranquility-issue space suits and armaments. I can teach you that.

On top of that, I also want to get a hell of a lot more people familiar with how to launch and operate the shuttles, and how to tell which ones are even safe for launch in the first place. I don't know what kind of enemy we'll be facing here. What I do know is, we're stuck in a big metal ship that wants us dead, and that same ship is being tracked by agents who probably also want us dead. It's good to have some kind of escape route, even if that escape just puts you a little farther from the immediate target. After all, deep space doesn't give a shit if you're dead or alive, and in the event of an on-board battle of some kind I'd call that an improvement.

So if you want to learn any of this, say something. It could save your life.

And you're probably sick to hell of hearing this by now, but if you're unemployed and wouldn't rather hang yourself than get a little dirty, Engineering wants you. Especially right now, when everybody's stretched so thin.

Last thing: If you're good with suits, armaments, or shuttles, speak up too. It'd sure be handy if I weren't the only one dishing out the safety-first lectures.
[ Rough around the edges in an oil-stained jumpsuit with rolled up sleeves, Devon Resnik broadcasts from a darkened corridor—she sounds grim and looks even more frustrated, like this was the "I told you so" she didn't want coming. One hand reaches up to scratch the spot between her eyebrows. ]

We expanded your access because we thought you had the common sense to keep yourselves alive, not so you could cast off one another's warnings and dig yourselves an early grave. Everyone on this ship is aware of our smiling friend: what makes you want to chat up an anomalous transmission on the network?

[ Her hand drops, and she fixes the screen with a serious look. The frustration drains into her usual: flat, no bullshit. Just the facts. ]

Don't fool yourselves into believing that Van Rijn's people want to help you.

[ From behind her, a much more clean-cut figure with dark hair and broad shoulders approaches. As Resnik takes a half-step to the side of the frame to make room for him, Ward explains further, though his voice is no less flat. ] They want the Tranquility. They're going to try anything to get it, including making promises they can't keep. If you receive any messages from them, don't engage or antagonize. You have no idea what these people are capable of.

[ Resnik turns to glance at Ward over her shoulder, something wary in her eyes: it's met with an equally dour look in his. The look holds for a moment before she turns back to the terminal. ] Seems like we've lost them for now, but they're persistent. Report all communications with individuals identifying themselves as agents of Van Rijn immediately.

[ With those orders stated, she cuts the feed. ]

[ OOC NOTE ▒ Direct your comments to either Resnik or Ward by specifying their name in the subject line. Comments without a name in the subject line will be treated as a question for both. ]
14 January 2015 @ 05:21 am
[ Erik’s voice is low and rough, raw tension metered in the effort he makes to keep himself in check. ]

There is no force in this universe that has our best interests at heart.

We’re stowaways on a stolen warship. Van Rijn is hunting for us.

From what little we know of him, we may deduce that he is not a man celebrated for his mercy. If we are taken on Van Rijn’s terms, we will be subject to his rule -- not as people, but as scientific curiosities. Collateral damage. Pirates. Witnesses. He has no obligation to follow through on any promise his men make.

We are not citizens of this world. We don’t have rights.

Be discreet. Keep communications apprised of any contact you have with his crew. If we are to engage with him, it must be on our terms. If his forces breach this vessel, be prepared to fight for your lives.

[ There’s a pause, as if he’s checking notes. ]

For those of you unfamiliar with the basic operation of Tranquility-issue space suits and armaments, now is the time to learn.

[ ...And a moment of silence for his self-control buckling under the strain of formal address. ]

As of this moment, if I discover that any one of you has taken it upon yourselves to pander away further intelligence on this ship or your fellow passengers in exchange for safe passage -- hope that Van Rijn finds you before I do.

[ He ends that sentence, and so the transmission, with a bristling quiver at the tail of his diction and an abrupt punch of his forefinger. Magneto out. ]
08 January 2015 @ 10:48 pm
[There's a friendly face in heavy goth wear on the screen]

Hi, I'm Didi and I work in the Support Department. We do... well, actually, we do a bit of everything. And part of that everything is helping newcomers get settled in. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but first we have a lot of the basics collected already.

[The feed switches to text]

THE RUNDOWN » What happened, where you are, what to do.
SUPPORT DEPARTMENT INFO » Who we are and what we do.
REFERENCE* » Basic facts about the ship and solar system.
A TIMELINE OF EVENTS » This will take time to read thoroughly, but we strongly recommend it.
FAQ » Please read this before asking a question on the network.
SPACE TRAINING » If this is your first time aboard a space ship, please watch these helpful videos.
LOOKING FOR WORK? » If you have any questions about the departments, track down a chief officer or someone who operates within it about recruitment.

[*OOC Note: This document is editable by anyone in the game. Please feel free to expand upon sections, add sections, add your own theories, etc. Part of the fun is solving the mystery, and this gives us a convenient way to do it.]

[Before she signs off, she switches back to video]

Oh, and it's not in the welcome documents, but since it comes up an awful lot, no, this is not the afterlife. Trust me.
07 January 2015 @ 05:27 pm
Boy, that was a close one! That gas formation was a clever trick.

Hello there.

I know I've already spoken to some of you—I had hoped to do this individually—but it appears we need to move things along more quickly than we'd realized. That ship of yours seems eager to shake us, and we simply can't let that happen.

My name is Lina Barnez. The rest of the team and I have been working on contacting the Tranquility for some time. Unfortunately, our tech isn't perfectly compatible with what you're running on. It hasn't been easy, but we're managing. I don't know how long we'll have.

We're here to help you, but in order to do that, we'll need you to help us. You've been through a lot on this ship: it's a miracle so many of you are still with us. We'd like to make sure you stay that way, but we can only do that if you're completely honest with us.

We know about the events on Strela, the Cyllene and Arima, as well as the Scylla. What happened to those poor people was not your fault, and you have my word that we have no plans to hold you responsible for those events.

But we need to work together to make sure it doesn't happen again. The more you tell us about what's been going on aboard the Tranquility, the more we can do.

[ NOTE: All conversations will be cut off before too long by the engines suddenly powering back up, and the jump alarm sounding to alert characters to proceed to medbay immediately. ]
04 January 2015 @ 01:44 pm
[ Guess who doesn't have time for a friendly-faced update on the ship's status: engineering. The following message shows up on the network without any preamble, and probably at an odd hour. They've kind of lost track. ]


Several weeks ago, the ship's engines powered down. Flight crew has confirmed that we're currently parked in an interstellar cloud.

The cloud's atmosphere has caused minor damage to the hull and several non-essential systems. Repairs are ongoing, but the ship's primary systems are running without issue, and passengers are not in immediate danger.

Although the ship is at a standstill, it should be assumed that the jump will proceed as normal. Please be prepared to follow routine jump procedure.

Anyone with mechanical or tech experience, we'd appreciate extra hands on repairs. Volunteers, please apply here.

( OOC: Replies will come from Fitz, Raven, and anyone else with the Engineering department who'd like to hop in. Other departments are welcome to threadjack questions/convos in order to further spread the info provided in this post! )
01 January 2015 @ 01:16 pm
[ Compared with all of her past broadcasts and the sweet, curious, bright-eyed impressions she's given off in the past, today's view of Elizabeth is a little more on the disturbing side. The young woman is clearly terrified, looking very, very worse for wear. The keener eyes in the ship's residents may notice signs of malnutrition. Dehydration. Exhaustion. In the meanwhile, Elizabeth clutches her device close, shaking, eyes shining with fear. ]

Is... Is this real? Can anyone-- [ She takes a deep breath, trying to keep things together, not doing an especially good job. ] Is there someone there? I... I need help. Please--

[ The lack of the ship's usual humming doesn't help; Elizabeth glances around, terrified, the silence cutting deep into her already-overwhelming panic. ]

Just let me go, I can't take this anymore!

[ Apparently, she and :) don't see eye to eye... ]
19 December 2014 @ 02:24 am
this is long as hell. sorry guys. )

{ ooc notes | TL;DR JOIN ENGINEERING OR SCIENCE with notes to ENGINEERING, COMM/FLIGHT, and one catch-all for THE REST OF THE DEPARTMENTS. jasper's words have "quotes", raven's don't. (figured it was easier than colors.) so sorry this was stupidly long. responses will come from both RAVEN and JASPER. i think that's it, thanks! }
10 December 2014 @ 12:51 am
Raven Reyes here.

To the departments (any) - What's protocol when your boss goes MIA? MIA as in disappeared at jump. As far as I know, she never did name a second.

To Flight & Comms - How's our chain of command looking? Still got Wash and Ryuuzaki? Did we lose anyone else?

To Engineering - What now? I'm doing everything I can but we can only go like this for so long.

To anyone who can tell me what the hell this thing is -
[ she's attaching a picture of what looks like a rubik's-cube-sized square of skin and flesh?? it's sitting alone on a table. ] I'm all ears.

To anyone I've ever talked to - Be nice to know if you're still around.