16 February 2015 @ 12:05 pm
I have been thinking.

[Eponine avoids looking into the camera, favoring, instead, to look beyond it.]

After the events of the previous jump... For those of us who are dead where we come from. Here, are we... undead? For we have come back to life here.

If so, why are we different from the zombie dudes? I wore rags, too, once, and was nothing more than flesh and bones. [She's gained weight here, becoming healthier, from her gaunt looks before.]

Yet I breathe.
05 February 2015 @ 05:15 pm
[a couple of months ago and this would've been an anonymous post. he knows that there's the potential of this causing trouble for himself. or even for those who may decide to reply. but things have changed, and his own curiosity has long since gotten the better of him. thus--]

so i've got a question for all you "non-humans" out there
or questions i guess. plural
(and yes i know some of you find that offensive or whatever. but how else am i meant to say it?)

do you hide what you are back in your worlds?
and if you do are you hiding it here too?
28 November 2014 @ 02:25 pm
I'm glad everyone's alright.

[ alright here being a subjective term. not dead might be better, though that's also a subjective term in this instance. the message is a bit late on the tail-end of the previous week's violence, and some clarification would probably be helpful, but kieren's second-guessed starting this discussion about a thousand times. now that he's finally going for it, the tactic's too leap before you look to be completely coherent. ]

It's not your fault. That's what people will be saying, anyway, about any damage you've done or harm you've caused, but I know it's difficult to believe. And it isn't true, really, because if you hadn't been alive, then maybe it wouldn't have happened.

Acting like the guilt's not there doesn't help. But if you can accept it, there's a chance you can learn to live around it.

[ except now he's getting insanely awkward group therapy flashbacks. the attempt to make the conversation less dire is a mildly panicked afterthought, tacked on quickly. ]

And I know I'm late to space Christmas, but if anyone wants any pictures — paintings, portraits, anything like that for belated gifts, I'd be happy to do something if you've got the materials.

[ super awkward pause, then: ] Thanks.
09 October 2014 @ 12:06 pm
[ Simon comes into view unsmiling and still, standing framed by one of the unadorned walls of his room. ]

Those of you who aren't human. Or are more than only human. If you lie low, or pass, or hide—why? [ He's quiet, with an Irish accent and a cadence that's steady verging on mumbly, and intently focused. He's not uncomfortable, not fidgety or uncertain, but he isn't quite at ease, either, in front of a camera. He's only using video to make a display of his bloodless face and white eyes. ] Has something happened to you here? Or is it a habit you've carried from home?

We may not be in the minority, altogether.

[ That's less threatening than we could outnumber them, right? Right.

That's also the end of what he'd planned to say ahead of time; he shifts back from the screen, looks aside, and nearly disconnects before more occurs to him. ]

If you want to talk and don't trust this to stay private, I'm in room two hundred on the third floor. You can... [ Leave a note, he almost said, but he's yet to see paper or pens. He raises his eyebrows like a shrug. ] Paint your answer on the wall.

Or knock. I'll be here.
14 September 2014 @ 01:46 pm
Hi Tranquility.

[ Meet Peter Parker, who doesn't often use video, but video seems like a less weird medium in this moment. The effects of his sickness are pretty much gone, and apparently, he's shacked up in Communication despite his designation being blank, department-wise. In the background is Harry Osborn, who appears to be ignoring what's happening, despite that Peter takes a moment to adjust the sit of his video feed to include him. ]

Peter, here. Um. When I first got here, I asked around for music players and stuff, and-- that's not a great barter system, obviously, especially if you can't even reliably charge your devices, so, we -- this guy, me, other people -- would like to bring you Spunes.

As in like tunes, space tunes. Not cutlery.

[ There is a pause, as if he's considering how he could have delivered that better. Behind him, Harry briefly lowers his face into his hands. ]

Yep, um. So, it's an app you can download onto your comms device -- I'll attach a link to the download to this -- and you can listen to music through it. We have caught up to the early 2000s, technologically, so, yay, for that. The, uh, the music actually comes from you. Right now we have one person's iPod treasures uploaded, but we'll need more, probably, no offense Darcy.

[ Harry interjects, without actually looking up-- ] Lewis, I’ve seen your contributions and I’m ashamed of you.

--we are accepting all music, so don't worry about that. Um, so yeah, if you wanna share, contact this guy at zero-32, zero-21, he will be nice. Or. You know. He'll upload your music, anyway. If you need help charging your devices, I've been working with Hank McCoy to make some chargers that'll be compatible with-- this place, generally, but we may need to customise based on what models you have, so let us know.

I think that's it. I'll play us out, how about that.

[ The video feed shifts a little as he fidgets with its controls, and then 'Fancy' by Iggy Azalea suddenly all but overpowers the feed. He grins immediately. ]

Oh man, Harry, it's your song.

[ Cue dancing. Not a lot of dancing. Just chair-grooving, definitely lip syncing, but it's enough to provoke reaction in the form of Harry’s slow, deliberate rise from his chair. He turns. He considers his options. Upon conclusion, he kneels on his rolling chair with one knee and uses the other foot to slowly, purposefully and very quietly close the distance, coming up behind Peter like he’s Jaws.

With great sense of solemnity, he catches Peter by the head and shoves his face into his armpit. ]

Make him stop.

[ Peter's grasping hands pause, and resume a kind of hand dance, but then the video ends. ]

[ As promised, there is an attachment that leads to the app tagged onto the post. Feel free to go nuts with it! ]
12 September 2014 @ 07:52 pm
So poll time:

What's creepier?
a) zombies
b) robots
c) clones


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