08 March 2015 @ 03:02 am
[ jax is wearing his sweatshirt, hood tucked up around his neck and ears, wet hair tied up in a bun. he's missing his customary cigarette, though he looks like he could probably do with one as he settles back in the chair at the main gunnery console. his expression is tense, but he flashes a smile for the camera as he begins speaking. ]

So that was an interesting wake up call. Not the way I'd wanna do it, but I figure the longer I stay up here the less picky I get about dropping out of a fucking stasis tube.

[ no, that doesn't get any less weird to say, but jax is working on it. ]

Anyway, anyone who doesn't know, I'm Jax Teller. If you're Gunnery, check in after you towel off. If you wanna be Gunnery, come down and see me. You got another department in mind, speak up, and they'll snatch you up. If you're new and you just got questions, fire away. I don't promise I got all the answers, but I can probably point you in the direction of someone who does.

[ there's a pause, jax balancing the comm on his knee while he punches a few buttons, then settles back. ]

Anyway, anyone who wants to bend an ear about current events, come on by. I got nothing but time.

[ and a healthy distrust of talking about anything important on the network, but a little paranoia is excusable, right? ]

And Ilde, lemme know when you got a minute.

[ and casual disconnect is go. ]
11 February 2015 @ 05:01 pm
[This is the first time Dorian's used this strange device of his to broadcast, though he arrived during the jump before this one. Best to be sure of what you're doing, to take care and try things out so you don't look like a fool. There's also no reason to speak to the group unless you have something important to bring up.

And oh, he does.]

As I remain here, I've gotten more and more concerned. Upon arrival, it was easy to ignore, as there were so many things to get used to, but I'm afraid I can no longer continue to stay silent.

[Dorian holds up the jumpsuit he found in his locker when he woke here. There were his mage robes as well, luckily, which is what he's wearing now - and perhaps that explains the look of disgust on his face.]

It's a travesty that some of you choose to wear this. It's so dull - no colors, no fine fabrics, no accents at all. Is there truly nowhere to procure decent clothing onboard this space ship?

[He says 'space ship' carefully, the unfamiliarity of the words sitting strangely in his mouth.]

I desperately need to be directed to a tailor. There must be other options. This simply cannot be borne.
03 February 2015 @ 11:54 am
The next jump will be coming up soon enough. For those not aware, powers widely unknown to us occasionally distribute items into our lockers. Sometimes they are items from home, other times they are strange or frightening.

Infrequently, they will be body parts, organic matter, or biological material such as blood stains and so on. If you happen to be in possession of any such thing from past jumps or obtain something like it in the next or future jumps, I'd appreciate very much if you could bring it to the science department for analysis, as I'd like to try to investigate where these samples come from and why we're being given them. Any items turned in will be returned to you.

Or destroyed on request.

On a more general note, for those that don't already know, my name is Professor Xavier, with the Xenobiology and Genetics department.

If you have anything else you'd like to bring to our attention, such as if you're having difficulties with your magical/supernatural/superhuman powers, require investigation and therapies relating to any nonhuman characteristics you have, or have recently let loose a fear monster of unknown potential to wreck havoc on the passenger population, you may lodge a request here to petition for assistance. Our door is always open.
15 January 2015 @ 10:02 am
[Liara had taken her time to get familiar with the most immediate areas of the ship before deciding to ask questions, choosing to get her bearings and do some firsthand investigation first and foremost. She hadn’t gone terribly far, not yet, but so far it had become clear to her that wherever this ship was bound, no one she’d spoken to seemed terribly familiar with any of the planets, galaxies or major trade routes she had mentioned, nor had anyone but Shepard shown any knowledge of mass effect relays. That alone raised countless questions, even more than had already come to mind since she’d awakened in the medical bay.

First things first. She needed to find a niche here, a way to be useful, play to her strengths.]

Pardon the intrusion-- my name is Dr. Liara T’soni, though I’m certain that this place sees so many new arrivals, committing names and faces to memory must be quite an undertaking.

[She smiles faintly. She can only imagine how exhausting it must be, seeing so many people come and go.]

I’m interested in speaking to someone about assisting in the science department, particularly xenobiotics and genetics, though I’m uncertain of who, precisely, I should contact.

[The communicator is quite different from the omni-tool interface she’s become so accustomed to over the course of decades, and juggling everything on a tiny screen as opposted to projections is more trying than she’d like to admit.]

Aside from that, if there is anything that anyone on board would be willing to share with me about planets they may have visited during their time with the Tranquility, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m curious to see if I might be able to draw parallels or find some kind of connection between these worlds and the systems I’m familiar with. Thank you for your time, should you choose to give it.

[That said, she gives another smile, warmer than the first, and the feed ends.]