03 May 2015 @ 12:45 am
[ It's taken her a while, but her meetings with people have finally made her curious enough to ask. ]

I was wondering how many people here are from or familiar with Thedas.

[ And for those that are... ] And where you might be from within it.

Also. Um. Lady Galadriel, it's late, but I wanted to thank you for your suggestion. The garden was... a good place for him.
21 April 2015 @ 12:37 am
People disappear a lot here. Anyone who's been here more than two jumps knows that by now. That there's no predicting the comings and goings.

[Nothing new so far. As he said.]

But what really bothers me is... it bothers me less, now. This is the third time, with Luke. I think that I might actually be getting used to it.

[And that's actually quite horrifying.]
12 April 2015 @ 09:22 pm
[There is a small girl looking at you from the video screen ship. She still looks a little sad, like she's been crying recently but ignore that. She has important things to say.]

Hi,  my name's Newt.  This is my second jump but I didn't get to introduce myself last time.  I thought people should know that Ripley went home. She was my friend so I'm going to be looking after her cat for her until I see her again. His name is Jones and he's very important.

Also when the monsters were attacking last time I saw one from home. If there's any eggs left, you have to be careful because they'll jump out and on your face and then you'll die when they're born in your chest. Fire works best for getting rid of them before they get at you. If you get too many of them they'll take over the ship and kill everyone. And we don't have anywhere to run to.

19 March 2015 @ 05:06 pm
[so guess which department is still notoriously and relentlessly the most understaffed of all of them? that's right, it's physical sciences. and it's time for another probably not all that successful recruiting campaign featuring everyone's not so favorite demolitionist, jasper.]

It's been awhile since I did one of these, and we just got a new batch of people in about a week ago so I thought I'd introduce myself again. My name is Jasper and I run the Physical Sciences department and we're always looking for new recruits.

Physical sciences covers, well, just about anything you can think of that isn't biological or genetic [what's up xenogen] but personally my expertise tends to run more along the lines of chemistry. And then there's Lydia of course who's expertise is, uh. Basically everything.

What that means for you guys though, is that I'm currently offering to teach any new recruits to physical sciences how to make their own fireworks-- and don't worry guys they're small ones and completely safe. [heading that conversation off at the pass right now.]

Let me know if you're interested in signing up. Or if you just want to talk combustion, I'm honestly not that picky. You don't have to be experienced, you just have to be interested!
19 March 2015 @ 03:08 pm
[so this face has been a bit scarce since his arrival, but he's finally decided to suck it up and stop hating change. or well. he still hates change, but he's not sulking about it any longer. wes has decided to start acting like a grown up.

and what do grown ups do, except get a job, amirite?

My name is Wes Mitchell and back home I'm a detective with robbery and homicide in the LAPD. I'd like to thank everyone who has been helpful and patient with me since my arrival. Also I'd like to ask who I need to speak to if I'm interested in joining Security.

[small pause.] Or Agriculture.

Lastly, because it has come up once already: fair warning to those on the ship that involve themselves in recreational drug use, there is a trained narcotics dog on board now. Try not to smoke in front of him. [for god's sake people.] He's not going to attack anyone, but the barking does begin to get on your nerves after awhile.

... that's all, I think. Thank you all for your time.
07 March 2015 @ 02:04 am
[Travis turns on the video. He's dressed pretty casually, wearing a light blue Henley and jeans. The camera focuses on him cross-legged on the floor, petting a handsome German Shepherd. The dog is wagging his tail merrily, letting out a small whine.]

Hey, so if we haven't met, I'm Travis. And this is Hudson. We're new to this whole space thing. Just a few random things.

Number one, someone from home is here, but they don't know the future. You tell them the future. Am I going to be affecting some shit like timelines or anything?

Number two... [He's smirking because he's very mature like that.] how do you guys decorate your rooms? Mine's so boring and plain right now. I'll give you fifteen minutes of puppy love with Hudson, OR a thirty minute meal with your favorite cook, Chef Mitchell. [Not that he asked Wes if he could barter his time.] In exchange, I would like lights, especially colorful ones, posters, decorations, anything.

Okay, number three, the most important question: do we have any cheese puffs? Because Hudson likey da cheeeeeeeeese, [he says in his weird voice reserved only for dogs. Hudson wags his tail, giving him one short bark in reply. Travis laughs and turns off the feed.]
28 February 2015 @ 08:45 pm
Raven Reyes reporting from Engineering.

re: THE HALLWAY ODDITIES - Nothing new to report since Fitz's update, and in this case no news is good news. Looks like we're just getting a little more space, lights and vital systems booting up a few yards farther out each day. When the other shoe drops, we'll be the first to know and we'll make sure you're the second.

re: SUITS & SHUTTLES 101 - I'm still ready and willing to dish out lessons on how to use the suits and shuttles down in the Bay, in case (worst case scenario) part of the ship loses pressure or needs to evacuate. Better safe than sorry, etc. Just let me know. As for gunnery, that's all Jax.

re: ENGINEERING - We're a little more comfortable with the recruits we pulled in just before the last jump, but I'm looking to sign on a few more so my engineers can get more than six hours of sleep between shifts.
      building shit
      scrapping shit for parts
      digging through scrap like it's treasure
      sitting on your ass while someone else gets a work-out
      getting a work-out while someone else sits on their ass
      keeping people alive
      inflating your ego

If any of the above listed things interest you and you're not already in a department, consider throwing your lot in with Engineering. We've even got a mascot.

Which reminds me.

re: THE TICKLISH CUBE OF FLESH - Couple of months ago, I got an unnerving flesh cube in my locker. Some of you have asked about it since. Yeah, I've still got it. It's Engineering's resident freak of nature. Sits at my desk whenever I'm on the monitors.

That's it.

[ now for the real reason this post is a thing: all current members of engineering and/or individuals who might want to be a member of engineering should definitely take a look at this page. it has information on the department from a technical standpoint and a daily-life standpoint, plus there's a little thing at the bottom to fill out so we can all handwave like motherfuckers.

EDIT: I'm so sorry for the unanimous wait re: tagbacks on this, I got two group presentations sprung on me this week ahaha weeps.
20 February 2015 @ 12:58 pm
[The video doesn't take long to focus on the woman's face. At most, there are angle adjustments, but it appears asking questions and requesting assistance has boded well for her in regards to this particular set of technology. Her brow remains furrowed until she sees things working the way she was told. With slow ease, she gives a faint smile, her tone serious yet gentle with her French Orlesian accent.]

I thought it best that I thank those who have provided assistance over the past few weeks. I am certain my concerns were not the only questions answered and I appreciate the help provided.

That being said, I thought it best I return the favor. I'm Evangeline de Brassard. While present, I intend to assist with the security here. Although I admit, I am still learning of this place, I do intend to help however I can.

[She pauses although it isn't a very long-lived debate on whether or not to continue.]

I've also heard there are others from Thedas here. I've already spoken with a few of you, but would like to know how many others may be present. I am a templar and I realize that may be a concern to some, but I'd rather you address it with me directly if that should be the case.

[Considering current events as they were, she's well aware Templars and mages aren't exactly in the best standing with the public and since she has no idea who that public may be here, it is better safe than sorry. She'd prefer to get that mess out of the way, if there's any mess to begin with.

There's another short pause and thought but she comes up empty handed. This is enough for now, hopefully.]

Thank you.

[And she'll end things there.]

[OOC: So winging the security part a weeee bit. But assume she's on a patrol soon in some hallway or 'nother, in case anyone wants to Action comment instead of communicator stuff. \o/]
16 February 2015 @ 12:05 pm
I have been thinking.

[Eponine avoids looking into the camera, favoring, instead, to look beyond it.]

After the events of the previous jump... For those of us who are dead where we come from. Here, are we... undead? For we have come back to life here.

If so, why are we different from the zombie dudes? I wore rags, too, once, and was nothing more than flesh and bones. [She's gained weight here, becoming healthier, from her gaunt looks before.]

Yet I breathe.
11 February 2015 @ 05:01 pm
[This is the first time Dorian's used this strange device of his to broadcast, though he arrived during the jump before this one. Best to be sure of what you're doing, to take care and try things out so you don't look like a fool. There's also no reason to speak to the group unless you have something important to bring up.

And oh, he does.]

As I remain here, I've gotten more and more concerned. Upon arrival, it was easy to ignore, as there were so many things to get used to, but I'm afraid I can no longer continue to stay silent.

[Dorian holds up the jumpsuit he found in his locker when he woke here. There were his mage robes as well, luckily, which is what he's wearing now - and perhaps that explains the look of disgust on his face.]

It's a travesty that some of you choose to wear this. It's so dull - no colors, no fine fabrics, no accents at all. Is there truly nowhere to procure decent clothing onboard this space ship?

[He says 'space ship' carefully, the unfamiliarity of the words sitting strangely in his mouth.]

I desperately need to be directed to a tailor. There must be other options. This simply cannot be borne.