10 December 2015 @ 09:25 pm
[When Muscovy appears, he looks a bit scratched up but also thrilled, glowing with the joy of a successful hunt. ...He also is confused, and a bit upset, (even though he is still smiling brightly) and that is why he is contacting the network.]

I found a little frog.

[He holds up his hands, which are forming a globe around... something. It's obviously invisible due to it being caught between his hands, but there are odd dark brown smears on his hand. They look almost like... chocolate.]

It is really strange and it didn't die when I hit it, but it is melting now and I can't make it stop that. Does anyone know how to make brown frogs stop melting? It is very silly to just melt after being hit couldn't kill you.

[He'll spread his fingers a bit so that one can, with a bit of squinting and watching closely, see a dark brown frog between his hands. ...Well, it looks like a chocolate frog that has been held in one's palms for a bit too long and melted a bit, and his fingers are even more chocolate stained on the inside. It also seems to have a pretty cramped situation between the boy's small fingers, because it definitely fills all the space in there.]
17 May 2015 @ 09:44 pm
[Being from the second jump, Heather's been dealing with this headache bullshit for a longer than she'd like. Consequently, she looks like crap - if crap that's had an idea it's really excited about. Red eyes accentuated by dark rings, a smear from a nosebleed that got a very cursory cleanup (because who cares when you're only going to have another in half an hour?), and a jittery sort of energy that belies her tiredness.]

Anybody remember Mattie Ross? Cool kid. Braids, hat, very serious. She tried this thing when she was here with setting up a school and I figured - seems like there are more kids around now than there have been in a while, maybe it's time we start that up again?

I helped out last time. It was good. Thing is, I don't know anything about teaching and I have a pretty limited skill set. I'm gonna need a lot of help. And what I was thinking is we could set it up so it's relevant to here. Give the kids a grounding in the skills we need here, so like - I'm in agricultural, I can give a crash course in how to keep things running so we can all keep breathing. And maybe someone from medical can come and teach basic first aid, someone from security to show 'em what to do when everything gets all dangerous the way it likes to.

I know there's a lot going on. Headaches and blood and voids and people from off the ship. I figure that just means it's more important than ever that everyone knows how to take care of themselves. So let me know if you feel like you could help make this work. Or hell, if you wanna come and you've got ideas about how we should do it. Don't let the grownups set all the rules, that's like a guaranteed bad time, right?
10 May 2015 @ 08:39 pm
[Wash was already not in a good mood after the craziness before the jump. Then he woke up from the jump to find Zoe and Kaylee gone. So the usual goofy big brother figure is not available. Instead, you get grumpy!Wash.]

Okay guys. Seriously. Shuttles? Not your personal getaway craft. They're communal getaway craft. As in, if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we need to get the hell out of here, we need them.

And in case you're not clear on that point, those things take a hell of a lot of maintenance. On top of everything else, they get damaged every jump. Differently every time. We've tried a lot of things to secure them ahead of time, but so far no luck. If you have a brilliant idea for preventing it we haven't tried yet, I'm all ears.

Which brings us around to the other point I wanted to make here. Just like every department, we keep losing people.

[And there's more than a little pain in that particular statement. Actually no he's not taking the fact that his wife is gone and the best case scenario is she's gone back for him to die particularly well.]

And there could come a time when we need shuttle operational to get out of here. Which also means we're going to need more people who can train them. We need more people joining the department, but if you're already committed somewhere else, we can cross train you to fly in an emergency.

And if you don't have any experience, don't let that stop you. Mostly we just want people who are willing to learn. Gavvers had never even seen electricity before. If he can learn to help out, so can you.

[Please need lessons he could do with the distraction]
12 April 2015 @ 09:22 pm
[There is a small girl looking at you from the video screen ship. She still looks a little sad, like she's been crying recently but ignore that. She has important things to say.]

Hi,  my name's Newt.  This is my second jump but I didn't get to introduce myself last time.  I thought people should know that Ripley went home. She was my friend so I'm going to be looking after her cat for her until I see her again. His name is Jones and he's very important.

Also when the monsters were attacking last time I saw one from home. If there's any eggs left, you have to be careful because they'll jump out and on your face and then you'll die when they're born in your chest. Fire works best for getting rid of them before they get at you. If you get too many of them they'll take over the ship and kill everyone. And we don't have anywhere to run to.

08 April 2015 @ 08:24 pm
[ The monthly jumps leave a lot to be desired with their whole premise of death, tiny pods, throat-tubes, and goo explosions. That's undeniable. But the usually-adaptable Shepard seems a little more troubled than usual as she addresses the network, red brows knit in concern, the origin of which becomes clear when she speaks: ]

Has anyone seen Dr. Liara T'soni? I didn't catch her at the jump, and I think--

[ She hesitates, jaw clenched, eyes betraying regret. ]

Just to bring it to the attention of the Xeno department; I think she might be gone. I'm not sure, but if she didn't come through with the rest of us, then you're going to be one scientist short.

[ One blue, brilliant archaeologist. ]

That's what it means, right? ... Dammit. [ Shepard mutters, glancing away. ]
19 March 2015 @ 03:08 pm
[so this face has been a bit scarce since his arrival, but he's finally decided to suck it up and stop hating change. or well. he still hates change, but he's not sulking about it any longer. wes has decided to start acting like a grown up.

and what do grown ups do, except get a job, amirite?

My name is Wes Mitchell and back home I'm a detective with robbery and homicide in the LAPD. I'd like to thank everyone who has been helpful and patient with me since my arrival. Also I'd like to ask who I need to speak to if I'm interested in joining Security.

[small pause.] Or Agriculture.

Lastly, because it has come up once already: fair warning to those on the ship that involve themselves in recreational drug use, there is a trained narcotics dog on board now. Try not to smoke in front of him. [for god's sake people.] He's not going to attack anyone, but the barking does begin to get on your nerves after awhile.

... that's all, I think. Thank you all for your time.
20 February 2015 @ 12:58 pm
[The video doesn't take long to focus on the woman's face. At most, there are angle adjustments, but it appears asking questions and requesting assistance has boded well for her in regards to this particular set of technology. Her brow remains furrowed until she sees things working the way she was told. With slow ease, she gives a faint smile, her tone serious yet gentle with her French Orlesian accent.]

I thought it best that I thank those who have provided assistance over the past few weeks. I am certain my concerns were not the only questions answered and I appreciate the help provided.

That being said, I thought it best I return the favor. I'm Evangeline de Brassard. While present, I intend to assist with the security here. Although I admit, I am still learning of this place, I do intend to help however I can.

[She pauses although it isn't a very long-lived debate on whether or not to continue.]

I've also heard there are others from Thedas here. I've already spoken with a few of you, but would like to know how many others may be present. I am a templar and I realize that may be a concern to some, but I'd rather you address it with me directly if that should be the case.

[Considering current events as they were, she's well aware Templars and mages aren't exactly in the best standing with the public and since she has no idea who that public may be here, it is better safe than sorry. She'd prefer to get that mess out of the way, if there's any mess to begin with.

There's another short pause and thought but she comes up empty handed. This is enough for now, hopefully.]

Thank you.

[And she'll end things there.]

[OOC: So winging the security part a weeee bit. But assume she's on a patrol soon in some hallway or 'nother, in case anyone wants to Action comment instead of communicator stuff. \o/]
I work now!! I'm a worker like a, a adult, just like you guys! See??

[He pulls up his sleeve to show you guys his wicked awesome addition to his tattoo.

SCI » 039 » 055

Clearly someone has been telling him things to keep him motivated and busy. Heather.]

I work in the garden now! Heder says I'm gonna be a... morale officer!! I talk to everyone and make sure they're happy when they work and they're not sad, and if they are I can try t'make them feel better. So if you work there and you feel bad, just talk to me, and I'll help you! And if you get tired, I'll do your job, 'cus I don't get tired very easy. I'm a good worker.


A-and if you wanna talk but you don't grow plants and stuff, that's okay. 

I like talking with everybody.

[That's why he's even posting, okay, he just wants to blabber at all of you.

He spares no one from his talkative fate.]

11 February 2015 @ 09:33 pm
[The face of a young boy sitting quite casually in one of the shuttles appears on the screen. All the steady eating has brought his apparent age closer to nine or ten, even if he's really probably thirteen.]

For the new people, my name's Gavroche. I work down in the shuttle bay. Everyone needs to help out on board. If you want to learn about fixing the shuttles, I can show you all about it.

[19th century street urchins are the obvious experts]

If you want to actually learn to fly them you should talk to Monsieur Wash, his number's CFO» 023 » 064. He's the one to talk to about actually joining up, too.

[He's about to hang up when he remembers one more thing]

Oh! I noticed there were an awful lot of new kids this jump. We should stick together.