07 March 2015 @ 02:04 am
[Travis turns on the video. He's dressed pretty casually, wearing a light blue Henley and jeans. The camera focuses on him cross-legged on the floor, petting a handsome German Shepherd. The dog is wagging his tail merrily, letting out a small whine.]

Hey, so if we haven't met, I'm Travis. And this is Hudson. We're new to this whole space thing. Just a few random things.

Number one, someone from home is here, but they don't know the future. You tell them the future. Am I going to be affecting some shit like timelines or anything?

Number two... [He's smirking because he's very mature like that.] how do you guys decorate your rooms? Mine's so boring and plain right now. I'll give you fifteen minutes of puppy love with Hudson, OR a thirty minute meal with your favorite cook, Chef Mitchell. [Not that he asked Wes if he could barter his time.] In exchange, I would like lights, especially colorful ones, posters, decorations, anything.

Okay, number three, the most important question: do we have any cheese puffs? Because Hudson likey da cheeeeeeeeese, [he says in his weird voice reserved only for dogs. Hudson wags his tail, giving him one short bark in reply. Travis laughs and turns off the feed.]
02 March 2015 @ 10:01 am
[Despite the rather serious reason for his broadcast, Levi addresses the network at large with the same vaguely irritated expression he might wear while complaining about someone leaving the milk out or sweeping filth under a rug instead of cleaning it properly. He's going for 'inconvenienced' instead of 'concerned', a specialty of his... Or maybe his face is just stuck like that, who even knows anymore?

In any case, though he isn't really a huge fan of asking for help- which is what this feels like to him even if it's a pretty simple request all things considered- going through the archives hasn't been particularly enlightening and that's left him with little choice than to utilize another tactic. Let it never be said that he can't adapt...

Anyway, he'll be brief- no introductions or small talk because ain't nobody got time for that:]

I have a few questions for those of you who've been stuck in those shitty tubes for longer than just what it takes to get through the Jump.

[He knows by now that that's a Thing, at least, but the details either don't exist or aren't in a place he can find them given his limited tech-savvyness, and that isn't acceptable. It's important he know what to expect.]

What was your experience like? How long did it last? [There's a short pause before the last question, and Levi's brows knit together even further.] ...And was there anything you needed when it finally spat you back out?

[...Other than a month's worth of showers, of course. That's a given.]

Secondhand accounts are fine, too. [Casting a wide net, here- he needs all the info he can get.] Either way, if this is something you'd rather discuss in person, I'll be in the kitchen on the tenth floor for a while.
[This is Death, this is Death with the skull face/body, creepy eyes, black robe and if you look off to the side you can probably see a scythe. He does however have a cat sitting on his shoulder like it's a totally comfortable place to hang out. It might look a bit weird is what I'm saying. Death however speaks up.]



[The cat on his shoulder does not seemed freaked out by this skeleton at all, in fact it may be purring.]



[Come have tea with Death....and his cat. Please?]
11 February 2015 @ 05:01 pm
[This is the first time Dorian's used this strange device of his to broadcast, though he arrived during the jump before this one. Best to be sure of what you're doing, to take care and try things out so you don't look like a fool. There's also no reason to speak to the group unless you have something important to bring up.

And oh, he does.]

As I remain here, I've gotten more and more concerned. Upon arrival, it was easy to ignore, as there were so many things to get used to, but I'm afraid I can no longer continue to stay silent.

[Dorian holds up the jumpsuit he found in his locker when he woke here. There were his mage robes as well, luckily, which is what he's wearing now - and perhaps that explains the look of disgust on his face.]

It's a travesty that some of you choose to wear this. It's so dull - no colors, no fine fabrics, no accents at all. Is there truly nowhere to procure decent clothing onboard this space ship?

[He says 'space ship' carefully, the unfamiliarity of the words sitting strangely in his mouth.]

I desperately need to be directed to a tailor. There must be other options. This simply cannot be borne.
05 February 2015 @ 05:15 pm
[a couple of months ago and this would've been an anonymous post. he knows that there's the potential of this causing trouble for himself. or even for those who may decide to reply. but things have changed, and his own curiosity has long since gotten the better of him. thus--]

so i've got a question for all you "non-humans" out there
or questions i guess. plural
(and yes i know some of you find that offensive or whatever. but how else am i meant to say it?)

do you hide what you are back in your worlds?
and if you do are you hiding it here too?
23 January 2015 @ 10:57 pm
[ The feed opens on the familiar view of the security offices, and the possibly very familiar view of Tyke looking really annoyed. Though central on the video, there are two young men stood behind her, one looking particularly sullen, the other sheepish but friendly. ]

For any of you newer to the ship, my name is Tyke, I'm head of security. I'd give you the usual rundown on what that means, but we've got more immediate shit to deal with. It's been reported that there's a creature called a boggart loose on the ship.

[ She says 'report' and 'boggart' half incredibly unimpressed, half irritated. ]

This boggart shouldn't pose an urgent threat, but it's still gonna be trying to freak people out.

[ At which point she decides she's not the one that should be explaining the details of weird magic monsters, and steps back enough to nudge Remus more fully in front of the camera.

He knew it was coming eventually, but Remus still gives Tyke a startled look, then Draco an expectant one, shuffling to the side to make more room for him in the frame. There's a long second before Draco moves an inch in a helpful direction, his expression stormy and focus cast past the camera lens like he's ignoring it as Remus addresses the network. ]

It's a nonbeing--a nonhuman spiritous apparition. It can't hurt you-- [ is a lie told out of the impulse to be reassuring, followed by a mild grimace and swift correction. (And a cynical glance aside from Draco.) ] It won't kill you. It might hurt you. We're very sorry about all of this.

It will appear as something that frightens you. Whatever you see, it's not real, but it is corporeal. And amortal. You can't kill it. Get away from it, and let one of us know where you saw it. If we can pin it down somewhere, we can take care of it.

[ No they can't. ]

It will help if you stay in pairs or groups. If it's trying to scare more than one person, it might make mistakes.

You might get lucky, [ because Draco had to chime in eventually. ] If you're a-- if you're non-magical, you'll probably be too dense to see it as anything but a figment of your imagination. 'course, maybe not now.

It'll probably be found in dark spaces, you know, waiting in your wardrobe or under your bed, or in the bathroom before you turn the light on, or--

[ Remus steps on his foot--placidly, but not very subtly. Not interested in letting anymore wizard squabbling get played out on the network, Tyke neatly steps in again. ]

We'll be working on containing and dealing with it. Stay in your rooms unless necessary, report any sightings, and keep your heads level.

[ The last thing she wants is real passenger on passenger harm done because of this thing stirring people up. To her side, Remus tightens his mouth in a way that's half smile and half wince, like well there you have it, and glances at Tyke to check for permission before he shuts off the feed. ]

[[ ooc: blue is tyke, red is remus and green is draco! ]]
08 January 2015 @ 10:48 pm
[There's a friendly face in heavy goth wear on the screen]

Hi, I'm Didi and I work in the Support Department. We do... well, actually, we do a bit of everything. And part of that everything is helping newcomers get settled in. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but first we have a lot of the basics collected already.

[The feed switches to text]

THE RUNDOWN » What happened, where you are, what to do.
SUPPORT DEPARTMENT INFO » Who we are and what we do.
REFERENCE* » Basic facts about the ship and solar system.
A TIMELINE OF EVENTS » This will take time to read thoroughly, but we strongly recommend it.
FAQ » Please read this before asking a question on the network.
SPACE TRAINING » If this is your first time aboard a space ship, please watch these helpful videos.
LOOKING FOR WORK? » If you have any questions about the departments, track down a chief officer or someone who operates within it about recruitment.

[*OOC Note: This document is editable by anyone in the game. Please feel free to expand upon sections, add sections, add your own theories, etc. Part of the fun is solving the mystery, and this gives us a convenient way to do it.]

[Before she signs off, she switches back to video]

Oh, and it's not in the welcome documents, but since it comes up an awful lot, no, this is not the afterlife. Trust me.