We haven't had a jump that exciting in months. Smiley, a puddle of someone outside the medbay and a jump that felt a little different than normal. Almost makes me think that was just the start. I know, Tony, don't do the thing where you ruin the calm, but seriously, we're overdue for it. Personally, I vote for no pirates this time, but that may just be me and the residual annoyance of them.

[ this is so not actually what tony meant to open up with, but it's meant to sort of break the ice a little bit before he moves onto the important question. not to mention, maybe even pressing the issue of feeling weird after the jump was partially important to him. but details.]

Speaking of exciting jumps though. We all know that sometimes you get weird things from home and the like from the lockers on occasion. If you haven't, sucks to be you. [ a beat where tony takes a moment to take a drink of something. ] Show of hands, how many people got something that didn't look like it was from home, or seemed to just hop right over the bad line and into the territory of unpleasantness that may or may of not prompted you to scream what the fuck? Or whatever profanity you're fond of.

Don't be shy, I'll admit it, I found a shin bone in my locker and since I don't moonlight as a surgeon that cuts off limbs, that definitely shouldn't have been there. So, spill, satisfy my curiosity about this.
02 August 2013 @ 04:01 pm
This is just a reminder that fire in an enclosed area like a spaceship is bad and eats up all the oxygen. Luckily the past two were put out quickly. Use caution and don't set any yourself on purpose. If there are any more large ones or anything you can't put out quickly by yourself, let Security know.
[ dear tranquility. welcome to the network semi-debut of the hansel & gretel show. it starts with a semi-out of focus image of gretel as she adjusts the device to get both her and her brother (who should look familiar to some) in the picture. their weapons are visible in the background (it’s hard to miss a triple-action crossbow and a giant, phallic gun), but hansel blocks them from view as gretel has him stand next to her. she takes a moment to lean in and inspect it, frowning as she stands back and looks toward him. ]

I think it’s on. I’m still not sure how this thing works half the time.

[ taking a moment to eye the device with some obvious disdain, hansel turns his attention to gretel as she speaks, shrugging in response. can you guess which of the two of them decided to make this post? ]

How the fuck should I know? I still say this is a waste of time.

You might know if you bothered learning how to use it. [ jackass.

it’s a response that has him grinning now, though he does his best to hide it when he turns back to the device again. ]

So, you want to start?

[ gretel rolls her eyes, but resists the urge to smack him upside the head as she turns her attention back to the device. ]

All right. Hi, everyone. My name is Gretel and this [ she nods towards her brother ] is Hansel. We’re new arrivals to the ship, and we’ve heard that there’s need for the kind of services we provide.

We’re witch hunters. [ in case the weapons weren’t a giveaway ] So while you may not have the exact same kind of shit here we deal with back home, we know what we’re doing. [ see, he can be helpful here too, gretel. sometimes. ]

So if you run into anything you want taken care of, or if you think there may be leftover creatures in the darker sections of the ship, [ yes, she’s done her research (or as much as she could through the device) ] let us know. [ there’s a beat, and she glances toward hansel before speaking up again. ]

Also, if there’s anyone we can talk to from medical - [ well, he knows exactly where she’s going with this. so sorry sis, but that makes it time for him to take his leave temporarily. this is one topic he really doesn’t want to discuss on this network thing

gretel just glares at hansel’s retreating form before turning back to the device. ]
- we need to do that as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

ooc; purple = gretel; green = hansel. as a heads up to anyone replying, you’ll undoubtedly be doubleteamed by the pair. if you specifically only want to speak to one character (or have two individual threads), just give us a warning!

ETA: and yes, fourth-walling the fairy tale is welcome and encouraged.
10 June 2013 @ 09:29 am
[ it's a rare thing when damon decides it's time to pick up his communicator and make a proper post to the network. typically these things are waaaay more...self-serving, especially for him of all people. but in the light of recent events there's an inkling of obligation that's been nagging at him.

he should know by now on this goddamn ship that maybe running into the arms of these not-so-standard impulses is not the way to go. pretty ironic considering the message he's trying to send here. ]

Hey, newbs and the rest of us who've been here way too long—I don't know what it is that makes you completely ignore advice, over a year of evidence, the most basic of human instincts like hey, maybe this is going to be a dumb idea. Either way you're failing miserably and I'm going to take it upon myself to reiterate this reminder:

Do not go wandering into the ship.

Really, I can't be clearer than that.

[ there's a pause on the audio feed, like damon's sudden thorough irritation is stopping him from saying the other important thing on his mind. the silence only lasts about ten second, and when he speaks again his voice is way less authoritative and way more solemn. ]

For anyone who knew him, Stefan Salvatore is gone. Home.

text | private | to elena 013 » 066  )
[ it's perhaps a side effect of how he hadn't been sleeping as well as he should have been before the jump, and how there's been a mess of nervous energy with him that he practically jolts out of the medbay after seeing that pepper and natasha and— everyone else, except jaye, jaye wasn't there. he should check that. but first he needs to check the numbers, check the data of everyone who's here, see the numbers left. that'll kill two birds with one stone, won't it. because he'll see her number, and it'll be fine.

it doesn't take long for him to get to his room and look at the program connor and him had set up once upon a time to track numbers of people, to make sure as soon as they were gone, you'd know for sure. it's faulty, he knows that, you don't have names to go with numbers, but he knows the important numbers for him. there's jaye, just fine and then he looks down, toward the later numbers, making sure none of the people he saw were just doubles with the wrong number and then he notices.

018 has people he already knew were there. 019 seems like it only has one person. and then 020 looks like a normal jump where people come. they shouldn't be on twenty. they had just done the nineteenth jump, he hadn't been asleep again, had he? had they had a coma and no— someone would have stopped him when they were stumbling about and he was rushing. it's another moment before tony scrambles to look at the network, hand shaking a little before he sees hotspur and jaye and other people, and he should say something to jaye, but that doesn't point to them not skipping a jump. why wasn't there talk about the nineteenth jump. why hadn't— he just needed to ask everyone the simple question. in text, because okay no, he is definitely not feeling like talking. ]

Anyone remember the nineteenth jump? Going through it, anything that happened? Don't tell me it's the one we just went through, because you might want to check all the new batches numbers, seriously. Actually you know what, 019 » 034, you have a name, don't you? You want to shed some light on being a 019er?

[ like how it seems like you're the only one maybe? ]