28 October 2013 @ 07:25 am

[ will sounds like he's giving a lecture when he comes on the screen. he's looking directly into the camera — it's easier to make eye contact with a device. ]

That's the key to all this. If you're receiving foreign sensation, you need to track down the person it originated with and make skin-to-skin contact. It'll stop the side-effects, and eventually — hopefully — break the connection. Doesn't have to be more personal than a handshake.

[ a pause, and he glances down, off-camera, visibly discomfited by the fact that the hand not holding his device is in the grip of another. ]

An... extended handshake. Whatever timer this thing is working on, we think letting go resets it.

[ the screen’s upended as sherlock hijacks the device, settling on his face (at an admittedly slightly awkward angle) a moment later. ]

But in the meantime— I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the physical links are current, unlike the memories, and arguably offer us a great deal more control. Passive sensations are the exception, but if I were to hypothetically hit my hand — as our resident neurologist has demonstrated — then Mr. Graham would feel it. [ and by hypothetically he means he's tested it, several times. ]

In the case of mutual sensations, like, say, holding one’s hand, this creates a unique feedback loop; the sensation of their hand in yours, and yours in theirs, et cetera. [ speaking of hand-holding, holding will’s hand is getting in the way of his usual gesturing; the screen's unsteady as a result. ] While I'm reluctant to test the theory with present company — no offense — I imagine this could apply to other neutral or positive sensations. If one were to engage in sexual intimacy with their link partner, for instance, then the moment of—

[ in another blur of abrupt motion, will takes his device back — and also his hand. no offense. ]

Better reset the clock to zero, Mr. Holmes.
18 October 2013 @ 01:57 am
hey so i know everyone is really busy having their deepest darkest secrets and shit jammed into each others heads and stuff but what is this

:) <---- red????

??????????? p what? d what?

[Because she's been reading up on this stupid place but seriously, is this some kind of weird future spaceship code she's not getting?

On the plus side, you know what's fucking awesome? This is. The communications network or whatever is seriously cool.]
17 October 2013 @ 04:40 am
[There are several orders of business, here, and Lisbeth gets right down to them: no greeting, no please, no thank you.]

I want to know how many people have left the ship and then returned. With or without memories of being here before, and how long they were gone. Firsthand accounts or otherwise.

I also want to know how often our brains and bodies are fucked with and whether anyone's unaffected. I know this isn't the first time.
[And if you're stupid enough to go blabbing to a stranger about the memories you're experiencing, be her guest, but she's not asking for that.]

I need these items:
- disposable camera
- soldering iron
- copper wire
- electrical tape

Contact me privately and we'll arrange something.
15 October 2013 @ 07:35 pm
[Nomi's generally not fond of making broadcasts, but with all of the strangeness going on, disturbing dreams and memories shared between people...she'll make an exception. She faces the camera, face neutral and somewhat drained of color.]

Hello everyone.

Forgive me, it's been a while since I used this function, but I'm sure you've all felt the strange goings on. Memories not your own, the feelings of other people...and an influx of emotions not your own. I've had several such flashes in the last few days. And to that end, I...well I suppose I'd like to speak with the individuals with whom I've shared memories. I know not who, but I recall several names from the dreams. Holmes, Winchester, Celebrian, and Stark, as well as the planet Vulcan and some sort of drill. Those would be the clues I have thus far.

Please, contact me or find me in the Oxygen Gardens. Thank you.

[With that out of the way, the Jedi Grandmaster sends out a second broadcast]

Filtered to the Star Wars cast )

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13 October 2013 @ 10:47 pm
[This is a new voice. A smooth voice, canyon-deep and deliberate in its enunciation. Occasionally, the speaker breaks from his practiced tone, but, for the most part -- this sounds like a professional.]

Hello, everyone -- however many people and non-humanoid entities that word may entail. I won't take up too much of your time tonight, but I'm sure you've all noticed it by now. The stray feelings, arriving out of nowhere, and with no apparent courier. The images, too.

Oh, the things I've already seen so far. The things I may never stop seeing. The things now imprinted, permanently, behind my eyelids.

[He sighs, but he doesn't sound aggrieved. It's a soft, dreamy exhale, a gentle 'aah' that's slightly incongruous with the low, dark octaves of his voice.]

I just wanted to say, to whomever may be behind this: you're doing a great job. Simply fantastic. We had an emotional entrepreneur in my little hometown, and I thought I was impressed by their work, but this is a cut above! Full-featured memories, delivered right to us, and without any long and frustrating sign-up process.

It's a great service, and you're performing it so efficiently. Why, if this keeps up, I may never have a feeling or thought of my own again. My sense of self might become completely sublimated to a foreign set of memories and experiences. I would have no identity-based responsibilities whatsoever.

Dream vacation, right?

So keep up the good work, whoever you are. Five stars.
12 September 2013 @ 01:18 am
[Seth has gotten about two hours of sleep in as many days, and he's getting super bored of laying face-down in bed trying to pass out. Also maybe slightly delirious from sleep deprivation but those are just details.

So instead he has settled for dragging everyone who looks at the Network down with him. He's sitting up when he starts the video, his hair is sticking out in all sorts of crazy directions and the fact that he's shooting from the shoulders up makes it obvious that he's bare-chested. Look, it's not his fault Werewolves are naturally allergic to shirts, okay?]

Does this spaceship ever land on planets? If it lands on a planet and there's nobody there, do we get to name it? I'd like to know where to formally submit my suggestions, because I'm thinking Sethtopia.

[For someone who is dead tired, he sure is disgustingly chipper. In fact, he practically bounces in place when he remembers to ask:]

Hey, are there any aliens here?
01 September 2013 @ 10:28 pm
A quick question and I don't mind anonymous answers: how many people here have died? Or, if not, what do you or your people think happens after death?
15 August 2013 @ 01:23 pm
[ sherlock's in space. he's more or less come to terms with that, because the facts don't lie, and the facts say space - or at least a working model. he could ask targeted questions about the informational posts and the major players. he probably should, though he's fairly sure he won't get much more than what he's already gotten by reading other people's conversations.

the priority, currently, is the ridiculous reactions people keep having to his name. ]

2 Qs. 1: Have U heard of SHERLOCK HOLMES. If Y, which 1.

[ he's aware of a few. the question is admittedly petty and self-indulgent (and possibly stupid), but it beats working blind. ]


[ unrelated to the first question, obviously. that's it for a few seconds, then: ]

Also ROPE. 200lbs/SWL 10, 5 @ push.
14 August 2013 @ 12:52 pm
[The feed clicks on to reveal a woman who has certainly dressed to leave a very specific impression. But the difference between this, and the woman who seemed kind, but lost in the locker room, is staggering. Her entire countenance though polite, is detached. Regal, and severe]

While I have only been here a few short days, I have already become acquainted with plenty of information on the circumstances we find ourselves in. We find ourselves in. We have all been taken from our homes, from our duties, our families- And any course of action should be decided on and taken together.

We should not be a group divided and yet we are. It's come at a great cost. [It's clearly not a rehearsed speech. She pauses as much for effect, to allow it to sink in- As she does to gather her own thoughts for the best way to continue. Her only aim is to generate discussion- To perhaps set up the building blocks for change, because things certainly can't continue as they have. She's done enough digging to be quite sure of that, ty pirates]

The information- it can be difficult to find, or simply isn't being shared at all- Intentionally conflicting or misleading. Primarily between the separation amongst the departments. How can we hope to return to our homes, to enter fruitful negotiations with those running this ship, without trust? Without making all our resources available to each of us?

I'm certain this is an idea that has been shared before, and so it is my hope that some of you are like minded, and that if you are not- I have said something that will resonate with you. Offer you a new perspective. If you would like to talk about this matter further, please, don't hesitate to contact me. My name is Padmé Amidala.

All opinions should be heard, and I welcome them. [She doubts she'll get much of a response, or much of an agreement- rather, the population is far too large for that- But it's a start]
We haven't had a jump that exciting in months. Smiley, a puddle of someone outside the medbay and a jump that felt a little different than normal. Almost makes me think that was just the start. I know, Tony, don't do the thing where you ruin the calm, but seriously, we're overdue for it. Personally, I vote for no pirates this time, but that may just be me and the residual annoyance of them.

[ this is so not actually what tony meant to open up with, but it's meant to sort of break the ice a little bit before he moves onto the important question. not to mention, maybe even pressing the issue of feeling weird after the jump was partially important to him. but details.]

Speaking of exciting jumps though. We all know that sometimes you get weird things from home and the like from the lockers on occasion. If you haven't, sucks to be you. [ a beat where tony takes a moment to take a drink of something. ] Show of hands, how many people got something that didn't look like it was from home, or seemed to just hop right over the bad line and into the territory of unpleasantness that may or may of not prompted you to scream what the fuck? Or whatever profanity you're fond of.

Don't be shy, I'll admit it, I found a shin bone in my locker and since I don't moonlight as a surgeon that cuts off limbs, that definitely shouldn't have been there. So, spill, satisfy my curiosity about this.
09 August 2013 @ 10:43 am
A reminder for everyone on the ship: always be at medical at least an hour prior to Jump. Never, under any circumstances, risk being late. It does not matter what you're doing prior to that; it does not even matter if you are on the brink of some brilliant discovery about our circumstances here. Always get to the Jump early. If you are so much a single second late, you will die horribly. There is no stopping the Jump; there are no excuses, no notes pardoning your tardiness, no ways to get around it. You will die. And there is nothing that is so important as your lives.

Thank you for your attention.

Any new arrivals with a background in law enforcement, the military, or combat in general: please contact either Tyke (001 >> 011) or myself to discuss possible employment with Security.
[ the feed winks on with no trouble, and there’s an elegantly disheveled man on the other side. it takes skill to look this good, okay. ]

Right. I see you - and that’s a general "you" rather than a specific one - have taken the liberty of marking me without my consent. While I don’t necessarily disapprove, it would be greatly appreciated if you would ask me prior to the event next time, as this isn’t necessarily the location that I would choose. Perhaps something more discreet, I think, for something so boring.

[ can you see the other tattoo peeking out from underneath his sleeve? maybe. he’s got a few. Sherlock sits back in his chair. ]

I assume these numbers mean something [ and there’s a wave of his arm ] if they’re so important as to be tattooed on. I can’t say that my- [ the tiniest pause ] associate will be too pleased with it, but experience tells me that these things are quite meant to last. I can’t see that she has any say it in now, in any case.

[ he’d spin around, if the chair would let him. good lord, don’t you people even have spinny chairs? ]

The way I understand it, we are all currently on a spaceship hurtling into the great beyond, yes? As I’ve not seen any proper crew members, I’d like to know who is piloting. What are their credentials, where did they train, the like. I assume that interplanetary kidnapping is a rather large part of their agenda, so I won’t be so obvious as to ask when I can return to my "cozy" little brownstone. All I ask is that, when I am finally returned, you see to it I’m accompanied by a, a doctor’s note, of sorts, describing the circumstances and why I am not to be held accountable for my mysterious disappearance. You can address said note to Joan Watson, and Captain Gregson of the New York City Police Department. They can pass it along to any other possibly relevant parties, whomever they may be.

Oh. [ there’s a pause where he remembers something, and it’s muttered to himself: ] I hope Watson remembers to tend to my bees. They’re rather high-maintenance around this time of year; it’ll be the least she can do, before she takes her leave.

[ and it ends there. ]

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