13 June 2015 @ 10:07 pm
[ The feed clicks on, showing the gunnery main room just behind Natasha as an extreme close up of her face adjusts the camera. It swivels, for a second, because phones are a pain in the ass to keep steady even if you’re holding them, but she manages to get it aligned properly and she sits back in her chair, arms crossed, looking serious. ] So. Our little Problems [ and yes, the capital P is there verbally ] of the last couple of jumps have made it very clear that we need to get our asses in gear about our defense systems. Not. [ she says, holding up a hand. ] That I think we should have shot our guests down.

[ Not at first sight, anyway. jax still advocates shooting on sight, but that’s besides the point. ] However, Jax and I have been discussing it, and if something like that happens again, we need to be prepared. [ She reaches forward, tilts the phone so that Jax is in the picture now, a little ways behind her. ] We don’t have enough manpower here in gunnery to do it all on our own.

[ jax leans forward, elbow on the arm of her chair. he’s tied his hair up and back, possibly in an attempt to look less unkempt but most likely to keep it out of his face.]

We got a few people pulling extra shifts down here to help us cover the spread. But if anyone who knows how to tweak our systems or rebuild some of the destroyed shit around here has the spare time, we could use you. You don’t have to switch departments, and me and or Natasha here’ll be happy to babysit while you do your thing.

[ casually throwing away the rest of his and her free time, because that’s apparently how jax rolls. ]

And we’ll trade you some beer and cigarettes for your time. What’s better than that?

Not much. [ Natasha supplies helpfully!! ] We’d really appreciate it. Getting caught with your ass hanging out isn’t a good time. Trust me. If you have any questions, let either one of us know.

And for the new guys -- my name is Natasha Romanoff and this is Jax Teller. We’re part of Gunnery. Nice to have you aboard.

[ jax winks, like the asshole he is, and kicks back in his chair to take out a cigarette. ]

That’s all, folks.
08 May 2015 @ 05:24 am
"Recently, you've all been told that there is a traitor.

"So you should probably know what it was I did."

[She pauses, searching for the words while she lets that sink in for a heavy moment. One might note that her tones are different; she doesn't sound like her usual robotic self when she speaks. Quite the opposite, actually. Rey sounds almost like-human. In her own way, you could say that this her one big "fuck you" to Smiley. You think she wouldn't tell everyone? Well, now she is. Full disclosure. So there.]

"I entered the dark corridors shortly after the DUPRR crew had docked the ship. Before long it became apparent that the things infesting the hallways weren't approaching me with any hostility. Because they weren't attacking, I was able to reach the secondary shuttle bay more or less without much incident. During that trek I made an effort to avoid others, not knowing the extent of the compulsion and whether it would also drive me to harm anyone who stood in the way." [Well, it's mostly the truth she speaks. You're welcome, William.]

"All that remained was the DUPRR pilot, Neson. Needing his trust, I tricked him into coming with me by pretending to be a person who was trustworthy. It's something I've become rather good at, actually -- pretending to be someone else, much like how I am right now. Despite the fact that something wanted me to kill this man, I decided to will against it.

"It didn't work as intended.

"Instead, I took him to the White Room. I opened the door. And I led him through.

"He's likely still in there right now, where it's kept him."

[She stops, still dizzied from the jump. The more she speaks, the more hoarse her voice gets. She hasn't been using it that much lately, and it's clear from her shadowed eyes and worn features that she's been neglecting more than just sharing this information.]

"Apparently, doing this has-- 'stopped the clock', whatever that means.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry."
03 May 2015 @ 06:18 pm
Hello, fellow... passengers.

I have what should hopefully be a simple request. I am a new arrival looking for somewhere comfortable to reside. Is there any place on this ship that is colder--much colder--than the common rooms provided? Or, similarly, is there any way to lower the temperature of said rooms?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.
09 April 2015 @ 10:51 pm
[the woman on the video has a smile on that's attempting to be confident, but seems just a touch wobbly. Her hair is brown with a vivid red streak on one side, and she seems to have coordinated the rest of her outfit with said streak, down to the ribbon trim on her white bowler hat, which, while clean, has definitely seen better years. given what she's discovered about the size and history of the ship, she's decided that she might be better served not coming out swinging with her normal confidence. this wasn't pandora, after all, and it seemed like people often actually helped a girl in need. weird.]

Hey, so, I bet you all get this a lot, but I'm looking for some people. They're kinda important--well, at least one of them is--and I ended up here with some really, really awkward timing. So, Sash, if you're listening to this, call me already, wouldja?

Guess I should introduce myself, huh? I'm Fiona, and I'd say I'm fresh off the boat except for how I'm actually fresh on the boat. So to speak.

[that had sounded better in her head.]


Anyway, if anybody has the latest ECHOcast newsfeed, catching up on current events would be great. Or any idea where I could take a room that's maybe near some people? That would be cool too.

[there's a moment of silence where she seems to be contemplating turning off the feed, but then she snaps her fingers, as though remembering something.]

Oh, right, Rhys and Vaughn, if you're around you should give me a call too. Don't ask me how, but I've still got the thing.
28 March 2015 @ 04:00 am
This is Raven Reyes, CEO. [ her words are quick, a little businesslike but mostly just concerned and ready to get shit done. ] I'm down in Engineering and I'm sticking around, so if you need help anywhere lit, odds are I'm the quickest rescue you've got.

Text, call, doesn't matter, just get in touch and tell me everything you can about where you are and what the hell's after you. The sooner, the better. I'm working with strategy, not firepower. If you wait too long, there's not much I can do.

[ end transmission. now she's just going to monitor like crazy and wait for the scared and the reckless to blow up her phone. ]
17 March 2015 @ 02:43 pm
[Rhys shows up on-camera, his brows furrowed slightly at the communications device. You're probably gonna notice pretty quickly that there's a mechanical port on the side of his head, and the corresponding eye is a bright, unnatural blue. And, of course, that he's sporting a yellow mechanical arm in place of an actual biological one.

But hey, nobody's perfect. Without much further ado, he turns the phone over so the camera is facing the floor, and there's definitely the sound of some buttons being pressed, some tampering that sounds like he's attempting to remove the back panel.]

Oh, for the love of- [The phone drops to the floor, the screen going dark. Rhys picks it up a minute later, flipping it back over so the camera is facing him again.] What kind of backwards tech is this? You have the technology to teleport us to different realities and you decide to give us an outdated ECHO recorder that my grandma could have built?

Look, is anyone on this junkheap versed with the network systems you've got going here? 'cause I've got the same functions in my arm and that's way more convenient for me. I've been trying to access it directly, but it'll probably take me awhile. If anyone knows how to cut corners, you know, now's the time to be helpful.

Also, hey. I'm Rhys: hero from Hyperion, new arrival, good with technology. [A pause, and then-] ...and if any of you are from Pandora, then you should know that I'm a totally laidback and innocent guy, and I didn't do it.

[[ooc: Forgot to post this earlier, but here is Rhys' Permissions post!]]
11 March 2015 @ 07:46 pm
[ At first there's no one visible on the feed at all - just a bad shakycam-esque view of a bar, the hand holding the device wavering badly. Empty or half-empty bottles are littered on the bar, and a photograph is propped up carefully against one of the empties. Eventually, the device's owner manages to figure it out, the camera view changing to show his face.

It's a wonder that the man is able to operate the comm device at all. He’s a mess; though he’s wearing the standard crew jumper, his hair is mussed and unwashed, and there are dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. More than that, though, is the fact that he's dead drunk - and he's clearly not a happy drunk. He's a big man, muscular, and the lines of his body are tense and hard, his expression just this side of angry.

This is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley, inebriated or no.

He focuses as best he can on the screen, scowling. It's difficult to operate, the tiny icons hard to pinpoint with his fingers. (He may have accidentally sent a few private and totally incomprehensible messages before managing to access the main network. Sorry about that.) ]

Gotta find her.

[ Right, the network...Booker's still not 100% sure about this thing. There's no wires hooked up to it, nothing to show how it's connected to anything at all, but hey, he's seen stranger stuff in the past week.

Might as well give it a shot. ]

Looking for a girl.

[ He smiles suddenly, all teeth and glittering eyes, and then laughs, dark and bitter. ]

Not gonna find her, though. She ain't here. She's back in the city, with him.

[ His face twists into an ugly expression, and he tightens his hand on his current bottle, lifting it to down half of it in one go. ]

But what the hell - I'm here, ain't I? Can't do much else but ask. So here's the deal. Anyone here knows where to find Elizabeth Comstock, you let me know.

I'll make it worth your while.