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[After hanging around this long, and mostly lurking (call it panic, call it praying that he'd somehow find Scott, just— around.

It wasn't like he'd even looked that hard or that far, but without Scott around, Liam was always afraid. That he'd lose control somehow, that no one would reign him in this time. All those monsters had been crawling around— but he'd managed to stay clear of most of them, at least physically.

Whether or not a tracker jacker made an appearance in his dreams once in a while— well, no one had to know about that, right?

He really needed something to distract himself.

Even if it was totally lame to admit that he had no idea what to do.]


There isn't something like school on this ship right?

I know there's work to do on the ship but all I know how to do is play lacrosse.

[Well. That he'd admit to.]
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there used to be a school but the guy who ran it got sent home
you can join a dept anyway
we'd train you first

[but that's not really the most important part of this whole post.]

you play lacrosse?
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it's kind of a big thing where i came from
i've got a bunch of equipment here if you ever want to play
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i think there's about 4 sticks left
a load of balls
a couple of uniforms
gloves helmets and padding

like i said
a bunch

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You want to go to school?

You can probably find people to play with you. I don't know the rules for lacrosse but I've been thinking about getting a game of stickball going
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Sure they do. My friends and I played it all the time when we were kids. No place to play baseball in the city so you make do.

[Well, the did in the 1920s, at least.]

It's okay!

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There's no school that I know of, but you might find some people who'd be willing to play lacrosse?
If you want help joining a department, let me know.
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i don't think so
my boss at least implied that it was possible to switch if you wanted

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that's what the kids are playing these days?
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well thank goodness
i wouldn't want the status quo of football to be upset

<33 you're fine

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There's a library.
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No one's got time to make you go to school, either.
There are monsters to fight & so on.

What did you like doing in school?


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[well, that certainly makes two of them with not knowing what to do and needing a distraction (and maybe some socialization in his case too, lest the boredom actually kill him like his imagination felt it could) - which is why after hesitating, he decides he can't help but reply out of curiosity. thankfully though texting makes him feel a little less socially awkward about it.]

you want to go to school in this place?

[now if only texting could also type in the tone of his disbelief.]
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no worries

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it's not that weird once you get used to it. it would be weirder if we still had to go.

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