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[ the comm is propped up, resting on the edge of the workstation. jax and firo are in the frame, jax leaning forward on his elbows, gaze focused on the screen in front of him rather than the comm itself. ]

Hey, everyone listen up. We got a reading on some incoming shit.

[Firo shakes his head, biting his lip.]Really fuckin’ weird shit.

And, yes, that is the technical term. [ She’s hanging back, just barely off frame, one eye still on the sensors. She looks casual, for what you can see of her, but her tone is pretty serious. ] Something pinged the arrays a few minutes ago and then vanished, likely when they hit the deadzone.

This is a heads up to everyone, though I’m betting SEC is gonna want to take point on this.

It ain’t all that big. There’s people on it--er, well, live things. 14 by our count, so not, like, an army or anything, but still enough to cause trouble.

No weapons were detected, but-- [ She leans into frame, smirking just a little. ] --I think we all know that people don’t need weaponry to be dangerous on this ship. Anything else, we don’t know yet.

Keep your eyes open.

[ ooc: natasha is red, firo is blue and jax is green! answers will be coming from the three of them and any other members of gunnery around!! ]

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