H-hi, it's. Is this...? This recording device is different than the one I -- had.

[ he clears his throat, he's pretty sure this is rolling so let's do this, TQ ]

Do I just say, 'The Tranquility?' Or is there some other name we like to be called? Tranquilities, perhaps. Or. Tranquilmen? People? Tranquil people. [ he shakes his head where is he going with this he's forgotten. ] Everyone needs... friends. Even in space. Even when we're all alone.

Maybe especially then. Now-- as it were. I know I was here before. Oh, I'm. I'm Ned. Some people call me 'The Piemaker.' I make pies. Obviously. And I'd like to, again.

[ god how he misses the pie hole. ]

If anyone knew me -- before. The other me, the ... him. That guy. I'd like to speak with them. [ he gives a little half-smile, his eyes crinkling. ] Or if you work in the kitchens. I'd.

I'd appreciate your input, either way.

Also, apparently I used to work at the bar... [ he's so not sure how that works. ned tilts his head and accidentally (or on purpose) hits the end button. ]
09 August 2013 @ 03:53 pm
[Video turns on to show the garden in the background and an Elf in the foreground looking neutral.]

Before the jump, my son and I began making mead. We have returned to...unexpected results.

The different casks, though they were begun at the same time, have...aged differently from each other. One cask is spoilt as though many years have gone by, two are ready to drink, and one has yet to finish fermenting. Do what you will with this knowledge.

As we now have two casks of good mead, one shall be given as promised to Chuck, who provided the honey. The other we will open three nights from tonight, and we invite you to join us on the second level of the gardens with whatever food and drink you wish to provide. There will be music and dancing as ever.

However, remember the gardens provide you food and air to breathe. Enjoy your revelry, but if you so much as bend a leaf you will be asked to depart.

Health and joy to you.

I dunno how to swim. 

[Wow Takeshi, what a good opener. Give him a second, he's getting to his weird point; kinda just popped into his head while he was dreading the idea of learning how to swim, and all.]

Everybody's got stuff they dunno! Right? I dunno how to do lots of things... like — I can't whisple [yes he said it like that, shut up; he also demonstrates how he can't whistle by blowing spittle in a sad attempt to.] And I don't think I can drive cars. I never never tried, but I don't think I can. My feet are too short!

[Because obviously that's why five-year-olds (six-year-olds? is he six yet?) can't drive.]

I know lots of things, too, though! I learned how to make pasta, a-and — I can write some, 'cus Heder teaches me sometimes. I know my alphabet, and I can do car-wheels and backflips, those're easy. Does everyone got stuff they can't do but they wanna learn? Maybe everyone can help eachoff—eachother learn it. What kindsa' stuff can you do?

I wanna learn how to fight better, too... Everyone says I shouldn't, but I — I think it's important. Heder, Nederlands, it's important, right? Is that bad?

[He needs to know you guys are backing him up here! FIGHTING IS SO IMPORTANT OKAY, IT'S WHAT HE'S SURPRISINGLY CAPABLE AT. But at the same time, he thinks they'd be mad if he outright said 'can anyone show me how to punch and kick like the cool kids'. So he doesn't. But he strongly hints at it, because even if he's one of the youngest passengers, he knows his way around words. Sneaky little booger, like that.]

I don't punch and kick very good... but I can throw things good. Heavy things! And I can run... so I guess I can run-hit. I know how to run-hit. But if bad things happen, it's good to know how to do the other stuff, too! 'Cus I like the ship, but it's scary sometimes, and sometimes you gotta kick and punch...
13 June 2013 @ 11:26 pm
[the feed turns on and chuck is briefly out of frame for a moment as the view focuses on a collection of cup pies sitting on the kitchen counter in a variety of flavors before it turns back to her]

Been a while since I made these but they look good, right? [she just smiles, looking fairly chipper as she continues talking] They're cup pies. Single serving of pie with a honey baked crust.

I have been working with the bees on the upper floors of the oxygen gardens for the last several jumps but just yesterday I was able to harvest most of their honey so I thought I'd put it to some good use.

Though between both these cup pies and the honey, I have quite a lot here actually so if anyone is interested? Just let me know or you can meet me in the kitchens on the fifth floor.
13 June 2013 @ 06:28 pm
[ anderson has come to terms with her presence here in as much as she can. there's a minimum level of information she's gathered from the guide, the network, peoples' minds. accept that which you cannot change, prioritize, move on; those are the principles she's been operating on for the time being.

so she faces the screen now, expression and voice even.
] We’re all from different worlds. I know that there are different justice systems in many of them. [ there’s a brief pause, a swallow. the hall of justice has been her home for a long time, being a judge is what she’s always wanted. the role of judges in her world is important, it’s necessary. she doesn’t want to see their reputation sullied by a comparison, but she wants to know this. ] Tell me about them?

[ ooc; annd a permission post for her too! ]
[The screen is showing a very anxious little boy. He doesn't use the comms very often for just anything at all - no, Takeshi's all about being practical, using it for when he has a question or something to that effect, or maybe threatening somebody. So it's no surprise that he's kinda serious right now. Like he's working on summoning up the courage.]

Um... I dunno if - if it's bad to ask right now, but... Uhhh... I wanna... talk to some doctors...

I'm not hurt! I'm okay! But - can you - check my head? 'Cause at home... I had a chip. It's called a chip, my dad said. They put it in my head, and it makes people's heads a'splode. I don't think it works no more, 'cause - 'cause I talk about stuff I shouldn't talk 'bout, and I'm okay still, but I don't want my head to a'splode. Someone said I need to see if it's okay. So I am!

[A pause.]

I'm okay, though! Heder - Ned - don't worry.



oh lawdy, child.

Suddenly the camera turns to a panda bear, sitting on Takeshi's second bed, chewing quietly on a stick.

He looks at the camera, pauses, and then goes right back to his task.]

And!! This is Hoi Hoi! Please don't shoot him! He's a nice bear. He just likes hugs. I gotta find bamboo for him. I think he'll like that more than the people food he eats.
08 June 2013 @ 04:41 pm
Has anyone seen Beard-Me?


Pie Maker, that's not fair. You're not permitted for long pauses and pouty looks with those eyebrows. They just might crawl away and hide in a hole. ] I'm taking that uncomfortable silence as a 'no,' I don't think that ever means 'yes.'

[ Another pause, but he quickly catches with the stillness of it. He clears his throat. ] Say, knock knock...

[ Maybe a joke will help. ]

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