09 April 2014 @ 05:00 pm
Alaric Saltzman and Jenna Sommers went home. I know a lot of you were friends of theirs, and they were here for a long time. I'm sorry for your loss.

[ it's short, but elena doesn't really know what else to say. just that hurt to type, and she can't... she just can't. knowing what they're going back to, that jenna is dead and ric is going to go crazy and then die too... she doesn't want that for them, doesn't want to think about it.

for all the tranquility's faults -- and faults is putting it lightly -- she at least had jenna and ric. her family was mostly put back together, and it was safe so long as they didn't try to do anything stupid. now they're gone, and damon doesn't remember anything, and honestly, she just wants to go home. there's nothing here anymore that makes staying worth it.
11 November 2013 @ 04:10 am
[The feed opens to one very tired looking guy -- Tyler has not been getting a hell of a lot of sleep in the past few weeks.]

You know I was really, really hoping memory share time was done.

I guess I should be glad this time I didn't have to hold anyone's hand or anything [For a given value of glad, anyway.]

....Has anyone gotten anything about the ship? It looked like the Tranquility, sort of. And there was this guy -- except I guess he wasn't who he was supposed to be. And he had like bird hands -- talons and shit, you know?

It was really weird.

[There's more he wants to say, like he gets why the girl did it -- that he would do anything if he could have saved his own mother, but instead he just hangs up there.]

[ooc: Tyler was one of the selected to get a different memory than the rest of the ship did. Have fun with that, everyone.]
15 September 2013 @ 08:05 pm
[Put up on the network at some dark hour of space night, but it's not like anyone's sleeping anyway, right?]

I need somewhere to run.
H-hi, it's. Is this...? This recording device is different than the one I -- had.

[ he clears his throat, he's pretty sure this is rolling so let's do this, TQ ]

Do I just say, 'The Tranquility?' Or is there some other name we like to be called? Tranquilities, perhaps. Or. Tranquilmen? People? Tranquil people. [ he shakes his head where is he going with this he's forgotten. ] Everyone needs... friends. Even in space. Even when we're all alone.

Maybe especially then. Now-- as it were. I know I was here before. Oh, I'm. I'm Ned. Some people call me 'The Piemaker.' I make pies. Obviously. And I'd like to, again.

[ god how he misses the pie hole. ]

If anyone knew me -- before. The other me, the ... him. That guy. I'd like to speak with them. [ he gives a little half-smile, his eyes crinkling. ] Or if you work in the kitchens. I'd.

I'd appreciate your input, either way.

Also, apparently I used to work at the bar... [ he's so not sure how that works. ned tilts his head and accidentally (or on purpose) hits the end button. ]
[ there's a part of lydia that wonders if this is stupid. if that after her last foray ( god, why did so many people care about her problem with peter ) with anonymous text and her problems and the network that maybe this was uncalled for, maybe she should just come clean and be herself and ask everyone if they were having problems like this. except, this is just as damning, isn't it? little miss lydia martin thinks killing peter hale will solve all her problems just like she thought doing what he wanted would solve them and yet, here she was, still sleep walking, still with nightmares and still— finding her mind in pieces she didn't know were still broken. ( they shouldn't have been why were they. ) she just wants to be normal again, she just wants to feel normal again. not like whatever this is. ]

When you get gangrene the treatment is to cut off the portion effected in order to try and save the rest of the tissue. Sometimes you have to amputate things, but that's not always what happens. You think that cutting it away is supposed to help. And it does sometimes. Other times you die anyway despite the efforts and it's bullshit.

That's morbid and— I shouldn't have started off with that. Whatever, you think something will make everything right again and then surprise the joke's on you, you still feel like a mess and it's— that's still not the point and is maudlin in ways that I don't do. I'm not even that intoxicated to justify it.

Original point of this, so you don't start laughing at the anonymous freak who can't shut up and get to the point. Has anyone been having sleeping related problems? I don't mean nightmares, because of course you're going to have nightmares here unless you're some person who thinks this is a walk in the park. But, sure, tell me about you special ones that aren't just consequences of the ship. What I mean is sleep walking. Waking up in places you don't remember falling asleep in. And I guess maybe another aspect of that is— have you had black out moments here. Where you're in one place, and then in another but you don't know how you got there. And if someone were to ask you, you couldn't answer what happened. You just were in one place and then suddenly you were in another and you don't remember even walking or running or whatever there.

God, I sound like a crazy person asking this. This is why I did this anonymously. No one wants to talk to a person after they sound crazy like this and I like talking to people for the most part. I don't feel like being shunned like that.
12 June 2013 @ 12:46 am
[The feed opens to a rather trashed looking bedroom behind him. Tyler's gotten better at holding back his temper than he used to be but sometimes? He still loses it. This is one of those times.

He almost never posts on the network himself, but someone has to do this.

For anyone who gave a shit, Mason Lockwood has left the ship. You know, for those who care.

[And the feed shuts down.

Even saying it hurts more than it should. Mason is dead back home. Has been for a year now. The one perk about this place was that he got to spend time with his uncle again, that at least here some of his family was still alive.

But he's gone now. There was nothing Tyler could do to save him. Just like there had been nothing he could do to save his mother. Or his pack He can never save anyone. It's getting tiring, being constantly reminded of the fact.

Why does he even bother trying anymore?
09 April 2013 @ 01:23 pm
[ close on stiles stilinski, wearing a party hat with the elastic under his chin and looking more keyed up and happy than he has in at least a month. ]

Check it out. For those of you who haven’t met him, I’m pleased to introduce my bestest of best bros... Scott McCall!

[ come on down! he turns the communicator around to film scott, who’s seated on the bed and reading (in theory). he’s got a matching party hat on, and he flashes a broad smile in greeting. ]

Go team Jacob.

[ which is as much of a hello as he’s giving, apparently, but it might clarify exactly what book he’s got. stiles is still doing voice-over: ]

He’s totally brand spanking new, fresh off the production line, so if you think you’ve met him before? Bzzt, nope, you’re wrong, keep it to yourself.

[ with shakycam to rival cloverfield, the camera swings back around to stiles, whose general hyperactivity slips, for a moment, into a no-i’m-serious-do-not-fuck-with-me face. judgmental eyebrows and everything. it’s intense. ]

It’s this whole alternate universe schtick. Crazy, huh? I know, way too sci-fi. We’re on a spaceship, deal with it. Uh, so...

[ he’s interrupted by scott jumping off the bed to hijack the communicator. once he’s got it, he holds it slightly too close to his face while declaring in a very solemn, very official (except for the part where he’s almost laughing) voice: ]

May the Force be wi—

[ stiles’ hand slaps abruptly over his mouth because that isn't a funny joke when there are actual jedi on board, scott, and the communicator, after a brief staticky scramble, goes dead. that’s all folks! ]
30 January 2013 @ 02:20 pm
[ no one has ever looked more irritated to be on camera than derek looks right now. there's a beat, and then derek gestures to his beard, which has progressed past stubble and into full on beard territory. ]

I need a new razor.

[ there's a pause. he doesn't actually have anything to trade, which is a problem. there's maybe a minute of dead air and then derek just shakes his head and shuts the feed down. ]
11 November 2012 @ 01:21 pm
[Tyler's voice sounds very terse as he opens up the feed, hoping to keep it short.]

Has anyone seen Mason Lockwood?

He seems to be missing since the last jump?

[It's a last ditch effort. Tyler knows what that usually means. It usually means someone's gone home. That's how it happened with Elena, with Klaus. But he doesn't want that to be true of Mason. Because all that awaits Mason back home is death.

And it's been nice getting to have time with his uncle that he never would have back home. Not that he'd ever say it in so many words.

If you hear anything from him, please let me know. I'm his nephew, Tyler Lockwood.

[And with that, the feed's cut.]
20 October 2012 @ 06:42 am
[ This entry starts with the sound of shrubbery and a black screen. It goes on for a few more seconds, almost a full minute of it with heartfelt cursing interspersed every odd second or so. Next comes the pneumatic sound of the lift doors opening and closing, and a staticky shake of the feed, catching on the tail end of a low goddamnit.

Lo, an Isaac Lahey appears, looking a bit torn up with his dirty shirt but suspiciously not injured. Like at all. At least he didn't catch any of the scheduled "rains", so he's not muddy along with just dirty. ]

Great. Pocket dialing.

So I just went camping. Also I think I have a literal thorn in my ass, but I fell backwards on a bush, so who knows. I'm back, though?

I didn't see the dinosaur. I did find some pretty flower plants, though, like this one.

[ You guys, pay attention. He's holding wolfsbane. Of the non-deadly variety - thanks, Remus, for pointing the shrubbery out that one time - but still wolfsbane. Oh nooo. ]

Anyone knows what flower this is?


so are you guys okay or just avoiding werewolves?


HH, how good are you with adults? this is important.


so i'm back. chocolates first, garden later?
16 October 2012 @ 09:18 am
[the feed turns on, and the girl holding the device looks rather timid, if not scared. she somehow keeps herself calm and quiet, though. it's not like she made it a point to avoid introducing herself, or at least make herself known. she had taken some time to explore, to try and understand just what was on the ship, but understanding most of it was difficult, if not impossible. whatever explanations she'd heard didn't make her want to talk about anymore than she wanted to talk about how exactly any of it was possible. she was just one of the many that had been taken.]

[now all she had to do was speak up.]

Hi, um, I was wondering if anyone has ever left without coming back. I know a lot of you probably get this question a lot, but ... I need to know.

[she offers a small, partial smile before ending the feed.]
Considering the amount of animals up here -- [ that aren't just dogs ] -- I'm starting to wonder if we should figure out a better place to keep them than the oxygen gardens. Anyone got any ideas? My word's not final here, but we may as well brainstorm before we end up with an entire zoo in there.

ooc: I HATE BEING ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE AND I HAD NO INTENTION OF DOING THIS, but I'm actually headed out the door now and won't be able to tag until later this evening. I'm so sorry. :c
18 September 2012 @ 11:51 am
I'm looking for someone that's got a green thumb. [ He pauses for a brief moment and, once he realizes that could be taken literally, he adds on: ] The planting type, not an actual one. I've got a plant in my room that's struggling to survive, so I need some tips on how to keep it from dying completely. [ There's a bit of a grin in his voice when he says, ] And yes, I know I need to water it daily.

[ Toshiko puts on her most sincere, "I'm friendly and come in peace" smile for the camera. The two people on board who know her well might notice the tension present behind it. ]

Since I've only just arrived and it seems there's a lot to learn around here, I'm hoping someone out there can answer a couple of questions for me. Just simple ones right now, really.

What do you all do for fun, in your leisure time? Is there a library, or games? Darts, pool table, that sort of thing maybe?

And, um...I know there's been a little talk about it, but is there any alcohol on board? And if so, is it available for public consumption or do I have to beg someone for a drink or two?
18 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
Is it a normal thing here to talk about:
1. dead people
2. killing people
3. what to do about 1 and 2
4. what to do about 3

Not to get on anyone's case, I get that this is a pretty creepy spaceship, but there's been talk of death penalties and airlocking people, I'm just wondering.

[ The next part comes up a bit after the first, mostly as an addendum. He switches to voice for this one, though. ]

—Does anyone know where I can find a washing machine? Do we even have those? My stuff still smells a bit like the blue goo, it's taking a while to get out of the fabric.


[ Filtered to Derek + Remus: ]
There's this werewolf guy, Josh? Have you met him?
26 August 2012 @ 12:05 am
Okay, I don't wanna sound like a total insensitive jerk, or a whiny brat or anything? I mean, I get that people have died and gone missing and stuff and it's super concerning and all- [ one palm lifts to rub at the back of her neck, only to fall a beat later, when her hands flutter demonstratively as she speaks. ] and I totally get that most of you guys are busy like- running the ship and saving people and doing cool-futuristic-space stuff?

But would it be too much to ask to maybe get a calendar running around here?

[ she squints briefly, one finger lifted as a preemptive shush. ] -In before but Hayley that's just totally depressing because we've already got space tats with our dates on them. So, time's already racked up. No blaming a calendar for sulking.

Okay hang on, what was I sayi- Oh right. Yeah, a calendar.

I mean I've been here, what- [ her cheeks puff out when her gaze drops, checking the digits on the inside of her arm before she continues, shrugging carelessly. ] six runs now? Seriously, every day is like, the same stuff over and over again ad nauseum. Why not bust up the routine a little? We can have space Christmas. And trick or treating. And whatever other non-human totally random holidays you guys have.

No but really. It's getting boring.

And I know this is kinda lame, but I'm pretty much desperate, and then there's that whole proverb, desperate measures etcetera etcetera. I mean, if all else fails we can waste some time. And if it goes over well then, hey, you have at least three socially acceptable calendar excuses to get wasted and make terrible life decisions. Right?
23 August 2012 @ 03:39 pm
[ after the death of sherlock - someone caroline never had the opportunity to meet - and the disappearance of elena, she's starting to wonder how this ship operates. she still feels brand spanking new, despite being on the ship for a few months already. there are things she doesn't even know that the first comers do. and as much as she likes to rely on the expertise of others, caroline's found fending for herself usually ends with her in less trouble. at the end of the day, though, caroline is so sick of losing people. ]

So many people seem to go missing on this ship. It's not like there's a How To Tranquility available - and if there is, where are the mass-produced copies? - but, anyway, I've only known a few people to go missing before. As in missing - gone, poof, like they no longer exist here.

How is it that you know when someone's gone? Besides them not answering their phone, which can mean a multitude of things back home, anyway, but is there a way people know when someone is gone-gone?

[ there's a pause. caroline's voice is softer and sadder. ] No one has an answer for why, do they?
14 August 2012 @ 04:49 pm
have marijuana. a lot of it. was told to share.

sharing now.

001 deck, common area - if you're interested.

addendum: minors will require supervision. no exceptions.

[This is Rey trying to be social. How social do.]
03 August 2012 @ 12:50 am
Gotta say, the more I heard about that excursion you all took? The more I'm really glad I stayed on the ship this time. Sounds like it was a total shit fest out there.

But no one was lost, so that's something, right?

Mason )

Mystic Falls Filter )

Elena )
25 June 2012 @ 10:57 pm
[ Elena doesn't look different compared to the last time she popped up on the network, she refuses to think she looks any different or sounds any different, but she is feeling a bit wary, on edge. like even posting an entry on this little communication device might be some kinda risk, now that she's... what she is. for someone that wasn't hit with the space-plague, she still looks very tired. less excited to be here with her family, anyway, since it just means they all have been dealing with a different level of drama than they did back in Mystic Falls. ]

I'm sure someone's already asked this - but what are we going to do if everyone gets sick again? Do we know what caused it yet? [ yes, she's worried about her friends and family. and about being surrounded by people who were bleeding uncontrollably, yeah, that too. Elena hasn't had any huge issues with control, but the idea of it becoming a regular thing scares her more than she'll let on. ] I'm just worried that the cure won't last forever, that's all. Or that it'll only get worse if it ever does come back.

-- Wow, I'm being such a downer right now, sorry about that. The space plague shook me up worse than I thought, apparently. [ a small 'why am I even talking right now' smile forms at that ] I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there's anything we should do? You know, to prepare for it. I just want to know what I can do to keep my friends safe.

[ENCRYPTED 80%: Mystic Fallians. ..Mystic Fallites. Myst-- PEOPLE FROM MYSTIC FALLS. Minus Klaus. Sorry, bro. )