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[The video kicks in all jumpy and uncertain, like whoever is recording with it either started the recording a bit too early, or else is far too excited to worry about things like proper recordings--just blurred room, generic Tranquility setting--and then, woosh, Sirius turns the video around all at once to focus on himself, grinning.]

Hullo, the ship! Have I got good news for you-- today, you’re the witness of a genuine certified miracle. I was doing a bit of investigating, since that's my job--see, you're in safe hands, the lot of you--and now instead I've found this, and suddenly it’s a bright new day of evils being undone, so dry your eyes and lock up your daughters-- dah nah nah naaah--

[Yes, that’s trumpet fanfare, and again, there’s the sickening swivel of the video turning around and here is Nathan Young. You know, the dead one? The one who very publicly died not three days ago? And here he is, in those same clothes (maybe they’re a little cleaner), and Sirius has hooked him up with a bar of space chocolate as well.]

Hello again, dear people of the Tranquility. I know we’re not all from the same planet, but if you’ve heard of Jesus, yes, it’s a bit like that. Only with better hair. [ Nathan will stand by that point, thanks. It's like a natural halo. He’s accordingly doing what might be considered a Jesus impression, tone and expression as close as he gets to magnanimous. The impact’s slightly ruined by it being Nathan, plus the fact that he was eating the chocolate and not paying attention when Sirius turned the camera on him, so there was a scramble to get into character. ]

Charming. Just charming. It’s brilliant, innit, but I found him just like this--and not dead! Which, for our listeners at home, indicates the miraculous restorative powers of this ship and possibly preludes an era of all-dead-things-coming-back-to-life. Resurrections every which way!

Or maybe the ship missed him so much, bless him, that it just couldn’t help itself and bestowed resurrection on him. Ahh, but does it matter! The awful events of days past have been undone, peace, love, and laughter, and joy hereafter, let’s all have a drink to celebrate. Cheers.

[ Nathan’s mostly just working on not breaking character in the background, and he almost manages. Before Sirius can finish, he leans into frame a bit more to offer an enthusiastic royal wave. Then he thinks of something, and somewhat hastily: ]

And if any of you devout young ladies would like to pay proper respects, come on by my room. That’s floor thirteen, door sixty-nine. And that is a promise.

[the conclusion to the gross death of nathan from a few days back! (tw for descriptions of violence & suicide) nathan has been resurrected by the power of... well, himself. sirius, blue is nathan, replies to come to you from either/both. threadjacking is okay! also TW for possible discussion of death, violence, self-harm and suicide in the comments - peruse at your risk!]

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