20 July 2013 @ 07:11 pm
[ the device is set just beneath one of the trees in the garden and allows the viewer to see that someone hanged chains upon chains of these from the branches!! ]

Hey Tranquility!!

[ so where is Rapunzel? heard but not seen! ]


[ and then, from the top of the tree, a waterfall of golden hair flows down and Rapunzel slides down on it until she reaches the grass. ]

Ta da! I hope you're all doing well. I had an idea! You see, Jenna gave me all these pillows -

[ she points towards a small bunch ]

And I have seen others! and blankets! so I decided to build a pillow fort! in the garden! and since it doesn't rain here ever since we're inside it will hold and not get wet, haha!

But I need more blankets and fabric. so if you have any to spare, I'm over here at Chameleon Land at the gardens!

[ Chameleon Land. that's what she said. yep. ]

Thank you!!
01 June 2013 @ 06:16 pm
[ The feed opens to Rapunzel's room. However, it's not your ordinary Tranquility room! instead, the walls are filled with paintings. all done in warm colors, greens and yellows and reds, all inspired by Rapunzel's original room. there are star charts painted on the ceiling and the walls are covered in flowers, images of Rapunzel herself and even Pascal.

Currently, the girl herself is doing some finishing touches to one of the largest paintings in the room. it's just near the ceiling but a good thing Rapunzel has hair long enough to hang on.

It's Pascal that turned on the feed and he hops on the device. that seems to catch her attention and she jumps down, landing easily and lifting it up ]

Hi, Tranquility.

I was sorta wondering. This ship, while filled with...surprisingly nice people doesn't look too much like a home. Maybe it's just me but I sort of feel....cold here, I guess? hah, I don't mean physically but just --

anyway I was wondering if anyone would like me to paint something. For their rooms! While I do have many ways to keep myself busy, I like painting and I think it'll be nice to help more people feel at home and I can paint nearly anything you'd like.

Um, I also have been trying to learn more about this space thing in the media library and it's really been great. But what I'd really like to learn is stuff about um. the outside world! You know, and since most of you have probably been to the outside world, I wonder if you could tell me about it.

Oh! and um. I would also like to learn how to send a message to only one person on the magic box! If anyone could help with that, that too would be great and until then, um!

Jenna? Sommers? I sorta have a thing. for you. um. that is it! thank you!
29 April 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[ she doesn't trusts herself with saying this out-loud so she sticks to text. However, it doesn't go quite so smoothly ]

This is Rapunzel.


I just wanted to tell you that

Or actually I wanted to offer

if you know someone who needs to be healed because of pirates or or

anything else!

You can ask me and I promise I will heal them.

Just not in front of a crowd.

10 April 2013 @ 10:24 pm
[ When the feed kicks up to life, a face can be seen for a split second; big, green eyes, freckles and a crown of golden hair.

A split second, then the girl screams and flees. But then someone else comes to view, a chameleon! Who gives all of you this impressed look and seems to try and coax the girl to come closer, pointing its tail to the device. She can be heard mumbling to herself out of view. ]

Well, it didn't explode. I don't know Pascal, they could be cannibals -

[ but eventually, she does come closer and picks up the device and then, you can finally see her. Green eyes, freckles and golden hair.

A lot of it, a silky trail of gold that seems to fill the room. You cannot see its end. ]

Well, Tranquility, the name is kind of an oxymoron aha, we've been here for two days now. Two days and a half really, oh mother will kill me, and actually, I simply -

It was my birthday! Just yesterday, ha! I was eighteen in space, I bet not many can say that. But the thing is I kiiiinda wasn't supposed to leave my tower and I really meant to only be gone for one day to finally make my dream come true for my birthday and I!

--- I'm here instead with all of you, possibly a dozen aliens and a ship that apparently tries to kill us all.

So now I'm eighteen and...two days. And I'm still here. In space.

Outer space,

[ and suddenly it seems to excite her. ]

I'm stuck on a possibly living ship in outer space, with men eating aliens and possibly ruffians for two whole days and I'm alive! Ha! Take that mother.

[ erm. ]

Well, anyway, my name's Rapunzel and this here is Pascal and what we really wanted to ask was, I know these jumps occur every month and I was just wondering if there is anything to wrap around my hair for the next jumps since if we're going to stay since who wouldn't want to stay on a men eating spaceship, it'll maybe become a bit of a problem to wash - whatever it was from my hair every month.

[ a pause and ]

Will we ever land on the moon?
09 April 2013 @ 09:49 am
[ Judging by the flash of furniture and kneecaps, Carolyn is crouching down next to her bed when she turns the video on. She's smiling today, but there's more than happiness there: there's wonder, awe, and a bit of surprise. ]

Spot had her kittens, [ she breathes, then turns the camera and carefully slides it under the furniture to get as much of an image as she can until the momma cat hisses at her. ]

cut for image )

I'm not sure how many there are yet. They're so small...

[ Her voice trails off, and Carolyn seems to realize that she's being overly sentimental about a bunch of kittens and shakes herself, standing. The motion seems to smooth her back into something harder, even if it's slightly ruined by her quick glance back toward the bed. ]

I didn't arrive on the ship with cats. Their original owners left, and they stayed behind. It may be a good idea for everyone to come up with a contingency plan for their possessions, in case they return home or something happens to them. This is especially true for animals, but if there's something that you'd especially like certain people to have, it could help guarantee that it gets to them.
09 April 2013 @ 02:55 pm
[The feed clicks on to show Taylor sat in the security office. The jump usually leaves her unwilling to really deal with people for a few days, and she doesn't precisely look friendly, expression set level and maybe slightly annoyed. Not interested in messing around, which only becomes clearer as she starts talking.]

I don't do the welcome committee, so I'm gonna keep this short as. My name's Tyke, I'm first wave and I'm head of SEC here on the Tranquility. The Security team are here to keep you safe and alive, and we do that job because this ship is going to try and kill you, or maim you, or fuck with your head. You can be stupid, or you can help us out by letting us deal with the real problems instead of dealing with you.

The rules we enforce among passengers are basic. You don't steal or damage each other's belongings or the ship, you don't assault each other, and you don't kill each other. If you break any of these rules we will take action. Punishment is decided case-by-case - we have a brig, we run infractions by Captain Ward. So don't ask me 'what would you do if'. I'm sick of hearing it.

It's additionally strongly advised you do not enter the unlit central sections of the ship. Whole place is hostile territory, but the dark is where the real fucked up lives. So stay out of it, if you want better odds.

If you've got a fighting, military or police background, we could use your skills on our team. If you don't have any of those skills but are still interested, we offer training. But keep in mind what you're signing up for. I run recruitment, contact me or Miles Edgeworth to schedule assessment.

[A pause, and she glances off camera at something briefly before adding,]

There's a dog here. German Shep. [And because she knows what response some people might give,] No, it's not mine.