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video, un: sunflower

[When Muscovy appears, he looks a bit scratched up but also thrilled, glowing with the joy of a successful hunt. ...He also is confused, and a bit upset, (even though he is still smiling brightly) and that is why he is contacting the network.]

I found a little frog.

[He holds up his hands, which are forming a globe around... something. It's obviously invisible due to it being caught between his hands, but there are odd dark brown smears on his hand. They look almost like... chocolate.]

It is really strange and it didn't die when I hit it, but it is melting now and I can't make it stop that. Does anyone know how to make brown frogs stop melting? It is very silly to just melt after being hit couldn't kill you.

[He'll spread his fingers a bit so that one can, with a bit of squinting and watching closely, see a dark brown frog between his hands. ...Well, it looks like a chocolate frog that has been held in one's palms for a bit too long and melted a bit, and his fingers are even more chocolate stained on the inside. It also seems to have a pretty cramped situation between the boy's small fingers, because it definitely fills all the space in there.]
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video un: newt

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Frogs don't melt.

[But peering over at the screen closely. She's not sure what the brown stuff is.]

Was it in mud?
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Do the leaves make you melt?
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That's good.


Where are you? I want to see it.


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Video, UN: etliberte

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[Gavroche is looking at the frog with more than a little wonder]

That doesn't look like anything that's from this planet. Or home.
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Only thing I can think of.

But where do frogs melt?
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Maybe! It's very warm here, so if people were from cold places it would make sense.

[He's realized there are a lot of strange worlds out there]

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video; un: rjlupin

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[ Despite that Harry is missing, this earns an aww sort of smile. ]

Bite its head off.
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It won't kill it. It's not alive.
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And enchanted ones. My dad had a teapot that jumped.

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un: taKeshi!!!

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But that's mean!!
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[ oh no :c ]

Oh, it doesn't feel anything.
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But — how come! Does it got something wrong with its skin?

[Other than being... chocolate...]
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No, it's made of chocolate. It's magic that's making it move like it's alive. If you break the legs off they'll still wiggle.

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un: taKeshi!!!

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[He's so late to the party, that's what he gets when he's adventuring.]


Is it magic??
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[He considers it for a moment, unsure.]

Maybe it's melting 'cus your hands are warm.

Sometimes chocolate gets all sticky and gross if you hold it.
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Chocolate!! You know! Candy! It's real, real good.

You never had chocolate before?

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