14 April 2014 @ 11:17 pm

now that i have devoured what i can about this environment within reason.... please tell me about yourselves. i am very very curious. im sure youre curious about me.
what are your talents? who do you miss back home? what were you doing back home? these are all simple questions that im certain everybody has asked publicly before but i am aching to know.

also give me all information on these messages i have been seeing
:) :( ;) omg lol 
and so forth.

theyre things i am not accustomed to seeing like most things around here so explanation would be fantastic!!
29 March 2014 @ 09:37 am
[With the last few anonymous messages sent in the past little while, it's given her an idea for a question she wants to ask. One she'd rather not have people like say,...totally random here... Wheatley find out she was asking.]

If you lose your memories, is it possible for them to ever come back?
16 March 2014 @ 07:13 pm
what happens to the stuff that goes in the toilets
poo n the pee
and whatever else you flush down those things anyway
like do they get released into outer space to drift forever
so aliens can find it and go what the fuck
or is it like reused in the gardens
what if thats our sole purpose on this ship
to keep the plants growing with our matter and shit
no pun intended
what if the plants are actually alien overlords
oh my god
13 March 2014 @ 03:35 pm
This is Shepard, formerly Commander of the SSV Normandy. On the topic of signing up to do work, we've got huge unexplored sectors of this ship and that should be remedied. The ship changes at the jump [--or hell, mid-month--] but if we don't try to map it, we can't know if there's any kind of pattern to the changes. [And somewhere out there, there has to be a secondary control central for the ship seeing as no one was on the bridge when they took it.] As far as I see it: the more intel we can get, the better. And I don't know about the rest of you but I'm sick of either running blind or just waiting for something to happen.

I also realize I'm talking about dangerous work. I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, but if you're looking to help and want to volunteer then I'm all for building small scouting teams with mandatory check ins, written reports and posted communication lines. [With the unspoken message being: look, you're only cannon fodder if you don't write about it first.] I'm planning to go off the last known schematic we have of the ship. I've attached it to this message in case you haven't seen it as well as well as a short survey for anyone interested in volunteering. I'm looking to build at least five groups of three to four with a contact for each running and recording communications from a secure location.

Experience with field-ops is a bonus, but not a requirement. Weapons training is mandatory for anyone on a scouting team. If you don't have it, get it. If you don't know where to go, talk to Gunnery. For anyone looking to help with comms, technical skill is a bonus. Additionally if anyone out there has workable ideas about how to boost the network signal to deal with the ship's dead zones, I'll personally buy you a drink.

I'd appreciate cooperation with Security and Ops, but I won't argue with anyone who doesn't feel like backing this. Again: the is strictly on a volunteer basis only.

[As promised, attached to this message is a partial map of the ship and a short text document since everyone on the TQ loves surveys:]

Crew Number:
Previous Occupation:
Applicable Skills:
[ Waking up in blue goop and being told what to do and where to in a strange place that wasn't her era at all wasn't the best experience for this disoriented soldier. She was struggling to keep her balance and there was already so much to see and do.
Hange thought she was still having a very realistic dream. Her profound thoughts gather in the shower (which was also a very, VERY, cool thing) as she regains a little more consciousness. She doesn't straight up use the funny looking device she was given, but instead decide to explore her surroundings and take in as much as she can— even get acquainted with a few people. Her first initial report is through this fascinating texting feature that she doesn't really understand how to use. Therefore, there are several errors and lack of enthusiasm in her message. Probably for the best for now. ]

i was told that there are other peopple in this vessel that are possibly from a place where i am from and this is my official reach out to seehow many of them
this is possibly your squad leader from the surveyy corps please report in with haste and most importantly

are we away from them

this is the most fascinating
one of the most fascinating things i have ever seene and im going to see what happens wh e

[ The text switches to video. There's an eye, and some brown hair— looks like goggles instead of glasses she's wearing. Then, we see her concentrating hard with the tip of her tongue out at the feed before she pulls back, blinking a few times. She looks like she's in her twenties with a long, slender body— hardly any curves at all. Looks like she found her jumpsuit too. Her voice is rather deep, but bursting with an intrigued tone. ]

—Ahhh! Aah-HAH! I think this is working probably. What an interesting trinket! What is inside of it? I was told that I will be able to communicate with others this way and, this is... astounding! I have never seen anything like this before in my life!

I want to tear it apart!

[ Well. That escalated quickly. For somebody first brought on this ship, she seems to be taking things well. ]