09 December 2013 @ 02:37 pm
[ arya stark. staring at a panel on one of the floors of the massive engineering complex with a direwolf and a droid for company. ]

We need people to work engineering.
It is the part that keeps the ship running and all of us alive.
So it is really important.
[ just in case that part wasn't abundantly clear. ]
Everyone who wants to help ought talk to me or Carolyn 008 » 022.
Give us your name and experience and we will assign you a task from there.

[ next to her, r2 beeps sadly. she cannot even pretend to smile. she takes a breath and adds one last question. ]

The last time this happened how many of the ones sleeping were gone at the next jump?

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25 November 2013 @ 07:18 am
[ what's that? totally pretend that the whole memory thing never happened, up to and including the discussion of the new information about the manticores? well, if you insist. will is incredibly wary of getting roped into working this puzzle out, when all he wants is for people to get out of his head. ]

Does anyone else on this ship keep dogs? Other pets? I've run into a few strays around. Thought maybe I could borrow some space in the gardens to run something between a shelter and a playgroup. Might need a hand, if you're good with animals.

I'm still collecting samples of foreign matter found in the lockers for tissue analysis. Might need a hand with that, too. You'd be surprised how much meat turns up every month.
28 October 2013 @ 07:25 am

[ will sounds like he's giving a lecture when he comes on the screen. he's looking directly into the camera — it's easier to make eye contact with a device. ]

That's the key to all this. If you're receiving foreign sensation, you need to track down the person it originated with and make skin-to-skin contact. It'll stop the side-effects, and eventually — hopefully — break the connection. Doesn't have to be more personal than a handshake.

[ a pause, and he glances down, off-camera, visibly discomfited by the fact that the hand not holding his device is in the grip of another. ]

An... extended handshake. Whatever timer this thing is working on, we think letting go resets it.

[ the screen’s upended as sherlock hijacks the device, settling on his face (at an admittedly slightly awkward angle) a moment later. ]

But in the meantime— I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the physical links are current, unlike the memories, and arguably offer us a great deal more control. Passive sensations are the exception, but if I were to hypothetically hit my hand — as our resident neurologist has demonstrated — then Mr. Graham would feel it. [ and by hypothetically he means he's tested it, several times. ]

In the case of mutual sensations, like, say, holding one’s hand, this creates a unique feedback loop; the sensation of their hand in yours, and yours in theirs, et cetera. [ speaking of hand-holding, holding will’s hand is getting in the way of his usual gesturing; the screen's unsteady as a result. ] While I'm reluctant to test the theory with present company — no offense — I imagine this could apply to other neutral or positive sensations. If one were to engage in sexual intimacy with their link partner, for instance, then the moment of—

[ in another blur of abrupt motion, will takes his device back — and also his hand. no offense. ]

Better reset the clock to zero, Mr. Holmes.
[ faith has exactly one concern in all this bullshit: empathy is not so much her gig. ]

So, seems like everybody's all about sharing and caring. And that's cool, whatever gets you off. Play Missed Connections on the Love Boat from hell all night long— have a blast, I don't give a shit.

But just in case anybody else gets any bright ideas about 'maybe we should talk about it'— [ gdi topher— ] maybe nothing, get me? You think you picked my brain, sucks to be you but don't blame me, I didn't sign up for this crap and I don't wanna know about it. I got zero desire to talk about whatever anybody thinks they saw, end of story.

[ because not-terribly-blissful ignorance is better than pity!!! or something. she's emotionally healthy. ]

And just so everybody clear, I'm talking the kind of leave me out of it I'll throw some muscle behind backing up. Keep it zipped and to yourself or I'll break it off, it's nothing I wanna look at.

[ and with the snick of a lighter and a mumbled curse then a long inhale, she's out. ]
19 October 2013 @ 09:35 pm
[ there's a click of a lighter, then an inhale, before jax breathes back out. chain-smoking his way through the last couple weeks is hurting his supply, but it's also the best way to deal with stress. and unfamiliar memories. and everything else going on up here. ]

I'm not looking to get all touchy-feely about this shit, but I gotta say it. Some of you people got weird fucking lives, you know that?

[ it's meant to be a joke, but jax ends on a note that's much, much too tense to really carry it off. ]

Anyone figured out how long we gotta put up with the trip down memory lane, or we just waiting till the other shoe drops on this mess and someone's head explodes?
17 October 2013 @ 08:30 pm
[Initially, he was going to give a proper sort of introduction over the network; enough time had passed for him to "settle in", as it were, and he felt it necessary to pierce the veil of non-communication sooner or later.

But now, the point seemed rather moot, what with everyone's memories being tossed about the place. It appeared that the residents here were already forcibly getting to know each other a bit better.

Regardless, he settles for text.]

What does it feel like to have your most cherished memories, your most hated actions, your darkest secrets -- all potentially flitting about in the head of a complete stranger? Is it freeing? Humiliating? Or are you indifferent; what is a single memory without a lifetime of context, after all?

And as for those who would rather not wax philosophical: Hello, Tranquility. What a welcoming this is turning out to be.
17 October 2013 @ 04:40 am
[There are several orders of business, here, and Lisbeth gets right down to them: no greeting, no please, no thank you.]

I want to know how many people have left the ship and then returned. With or without memories of being here before, and how long they were gone. Firsthand accounts or otherwise.

I also want to know how often our brains and bodies are fucked with and whether anyone's unaffected. I know this isn't the first time.
[And if you're stupid enough to go blabbing to a stranger about the memories you're experiencing, be her guest, but she's not asking for that.]

I need these items:
- disposable camera
- soldering iron
- copper wire
- electrical tape

Contact me privately and we'll arrange something.
16 October 2013 @ 12:16 pm
So we're all up in each other's heads, which blows, obviously. I feel like I'm ten people right now, and I have no idea who half those ten people are. I was gonna ask around, try and figure it out, but I have a better idea.

[ for a certain definition of "better". ]

Presenting, The Tranquility's Freaky Memory Swap Directory.

Here's how it works: you drop the details of stuff that doesn't belong in your brain. You know, names, places, events, incriminating secrets. Then comb through what other people leave and work out who got all your dirty laundry so you can bribe or threaten them into silence. Got it? Great.

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