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Anyone I know

[Secrecy bros tbh.]
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Isn't he as good as dead anyway?
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Sounds like this is between you and whoever opened the fucking door

Not us
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WAY TO BLOW UP MY SPOT, SMILEY (also → private)

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Fuck off!

Maybe you should save your thumbs for brainwashing the ones who made it then.

You're good at that.
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[It historically doesn't take much to scare William. Being soulless doesn't change that. Being soulless doesn't change as much as you'd think.]

All right dont miss

Just watch who you bloody aim for

By which I mean, leave us out of it.
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you going to fucking kill me then

is that it

[You can't criticize these priorities. They're quite reasonable, as priorities go.]
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I dunno i mean dont get your knickers in a twist again

but sometimes you're a bit of a cunt

blah blah I dont miss, running around pointing fingers, ratting me out
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Well switching to explicit and detailed statements instead of rhetorical fuckn questions would be good but I guess ill settle

is there something you want then

Is there anything now to keep us safe

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William wtf is he talking about?
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We were supposed to have killed someone

I gather.

that was the compulsion anyway and he seems to be taking the fucking credit

you got it too right? the bloody compulsion
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Yeah, I did. What did you do? And who's 'we'? He's talking like there was just one traitor and I didn't kill anyone either.
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We's recon folks (I assume). (Probably a bad idea to fcking assume anything anymore but what the Hell else can you do)

I went with Rey and we saw an open door to the white room

we didn't go in because we arent fucking stupid but I think somebody did.

[This comes haphazardly after he inboxes Rey.]
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You saw an open door to the white room?? Who do you think went in? There wasn't anything compelling you to enter it?
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No compulsion at all.

No idea who went in honestly

but id guess (some more)

that it was someone I fucking missed.
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But that just makes you sloppy, not a traitor. Also he said the traitor was a she. I don't get how it goes together unless someone is missing and I haven't heard that anyone is.
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Im pretty sure no one's missing. Repeat fucking miracle

I got knocked out when we ran into some monsters. acid blood and huge fucking teeth. I reckon I missed a lot during my little nap.
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Well what does Rey say happened? Have you talked to her?
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She says she found the door and didnt go in either.

She says she carried me a long fuckin way

bit emasculating really.

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