18 May 2015 @ 10:42 am
All right. I’ve got two things.

So if gettin'... um... close to people makes us bleed less, it seems like now would be a good time to get people together to spar. So I’m offerin’ now, if anybody wants to meet in the gym or whatever.

[Because that should work just as well as holding someone’s hand or hugging them, right? And it’s much less weird and embarrassing--Firo's sure that the ship's intending to torture them even more with the "solution" to their problem and he'll do his damndest to get out of it.]

And the second thing I got... Well, it’s kinda gross, so I won’t show it right here. You’re welcome.

[He hesitates, realizing he really should have rehearsed this at some point. How the hell does he explain this?]

I got an eye in my locker. Thought I’d ask around and see if anybody wants it, ‘cause I sure as hell don’t want this thing hangin' around and watchin' me sleep. Somebody said Medical might be interested.

And no, it’s not all gross from sittin’ around. I’ll show you if you want.

[By all rights, it should be kind of gross, given how long ago the jump was. This eye is a bit... special. As most immortal eyes are.]
09 April 2015 @ 10:51 pm
[the woman on the video has a smile on that's attempting to be confident, but seems just a touch wobbly. Her hair is brown with a vivid red streak on one side, and she seems to have coordinated the rest of her outfit with said streak, down to the ribbon trim on her white bowler hat, which, while clean, has definitely seen better years. given what she's discovered about the size and history of the ship, she's decided that she might be better served not coming out swinging with her normal confidence. this wasn't pandora, after all, and it seemed like people often actually helped a girl in need. weird.]

Hey, so, I bet you all get this a lot, but I'm looking for some people. They're kinda important--well, at least one of them is--and I ended up here with some really, really awkward timing. So, Sash, if you're listening to this, call me already, wouldja?

Guess I should introduce myself, huh? I'm Fiona, and I'd say I'm fresh off the boat except for how I'm actually fresh on the boat. So to speak.

[that had sounded better in her head.]


Anyway, if anybody has the latest ECHOcast newsfeed, catching up on current events would be great. Or any idea where I could take a room that's maybe near some people? That would be cool too.

[there's a moment of silence where she seems to be contemplating turning off the feed, but then she snaps her fingers, as though remembering something.]

Oh, right, Rhys and Vaughn, if you're around you should give me a call too. Don't ask me how, but I've still got the thing.