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hullo im posting a survey on behalf of Support
Support asked me to
answers here please but direct all questions to mr R J Lupin hes head of Support surveys thats why he asked me to do this one for him
interdepartmental unity

1) your name
2) your occupation
3) # of pets
4) # of snogging + partners aboard the tranquility - dont spare the details ;) ;) ;)
4a) any of them from dating survey
5) IF YOU HAVE NO OCCUPATION did kate bishop telling you to man up & get a job make you: more likely to get a job -OR- less
6) what sort of jobs would you like to see added to the tranquility
6a) wht sort of uniform would you like to see added to the jobs on the tranquility currently
7) does all of this seem sort of pointless sometimes
7a) its all right you can say yes weve all thought it
8) in your opinion can a skeleton eat sandwiches
8a) if yes: where would they go afterwards
9) are you tired of having someone elses dreams when you ought to be having just yorn own
9a) do you really think thats (for definition of 'thats' see: Q9) whats going on here
9b) if NO - whats your better xplanation
10) if that (see: definition note on Q9a) IS whats going on here do yoiu want to know whose brain youre getting crossed signals from or would you rather not bloody know
11a) &, why or why not
11b) for the record: personally yes, reasons vary
12) how are some people getting out of this
13) have you seen a worm laying in the corridor nearly a meter long + no teeth + brown
13a) if seen: did you see it leave the area
13b) AND if seen: was it slow or mutantly fast
13c) if not seen: would you mock someone for seeing the worm
14) have you ever worked in a lab
14a) have you ever eaten pizza in a lab (pizza was good part)
14b) what the hell sort of name for a game is mario kart, what does it involve
14c) carts?
15) any good at arm wrestling
15a) could you take a grown man in arm wrestling
16) what does any of this matter
17) have you seena worm laying in the corridor
18) can dogs get headaches
19) ke$ha or lady gaga (see: SPUNES)
20) got any really seriously brillaint hangover cures / ways to stop feeling like total shite as one might feel after gettinG SERIOUSLY PISSED
21) do you feela particular sense of repsnbility / territorial instinct for any one piece of this ship
21a) which & why
22) describe your perfect date
23) have you ever used the complaint box
24) wouldyou feel more inclined if it were an actual box
25) how many times hav you actually worn your tranlquilty jumpsuit
26) should we be working harder to work out why other peoples memories are in our heads & i dont just mean friends any longer that was one thing this is weirdly ongoing + normal for the ship but usually it lets up a little & also usually feels a bit more something instead of persistent itch + arm wrestling + mario kart
26a) see: 14 (14a, 14b, 14c), please answer, IMPORTANT
27) your honest opinion of Support as a whole (400 words or less)

thank you. your cooperation is appreciated. support thanks you. your data will be added to the rest and carefulyl considered.

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fill this out for me, i'm lazy :(
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1 of 2

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of 3 actually

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ok fine but you asked for this shit
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she just likes answering questions about herself

[personal profile] klutziness 2015-06-23 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
1) rikku
2) i work in engineering
3) 1 mammal & 2 robots
4) sparing so many details ;)
4a) ;) ;)
5) N/A because i am already (non)gainfully employed
6) what sort of jobs would you like to see added to the tranquility
6a) booty shorts for both men & women. my fashion sense is equal opportunity
7) i love machines a lot so not for me
7a) bruh
8) eat, yes. digest, no
8a) down through the rib cage and it just sort of falls out. it's a gross mental image
9a) i mean i guess. it's happened before
9b) N/A
10) tbh i'd rather know. i mean some of this stuff is............................. weird
11a) WEIRD
11b) good to know
12) special snowflakes
13) UM NO?????
13a) NO
13b) that's so gross omg
13c) mock?? no. i'd be terrified for them
14) technically yes
14a) yes
14b) IT'S ONLY THE BEST RACING VIDEO GAME EVER. also it's how friendships die
14c) gokarts
15) not really ):
15a) only if i could distract him
16) it's a way to pass the time
17) you already asked this????
18) probably ):
19) ke$ha because i have one of her cd's
20) peanut butter & banana toast drizzled with honey
21) yes
21a) the engineering bay is my home basically
22) mario kart, pizza, a long walk at dusk, & lots of makeouts (that last part on a second date because i am a LADY)
23) there's a complaint box??
24) maybe idk
25) like twice i think. i've got my own jumpsuit from home now
26) we should really get mario kart
26a) no really, MARIO KART
27) it's a cool idea let's keep it up guys
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[personal profile] unmakes 2015-06-23 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
1) make one up
2) ex mortician current professional slacker
3) 2 hedgehogs 1 large smelly dog (not in the 2 girls 1 cup sort of way i prob should've added a comma)
4) one
4a) there was a dating survey??
5) eh
6) i mean slacker is prob too much to ask for. food connoisseur?? or like i mean it's kind of morbid to even say but at least if more people died i could go back to my old job. i'm just saying
6a) none. uniforms are unnecessary. clothes are unnecessary. crank up that heat
7) excuse you, i take that as a personal insult
7a) shut up
8) yes
8a) the void. so look out if it starts freaking just throwing sandwich bites at you
9) is this even a thing?? i am so friggin left out right now
9a) um
9b) leprechauns
10) i would totally want to know
11a) bc they probably either need a high five or a hug
11b) this isn't even a question oh my god
12) out of the dream thing or out of the ship or just out of existence, how existential are we going here
13) oh shoot are we STILL looking for sniv
13a) n/a
13b) probably slow
13c) well yes but only for solidarity
14) kkkkkind of
14a) absolutely. had a corpse hold my plate for me one time
14b) fat italian plumber broheim in a tiny little car racing his skinny brother and his booty call and his dinosaur horse and also their ugly mad cousins
14c) small cars
15) against who?
15a) take him where
16) reasons
17) we covered this
18) probably
19) we covered this too
20) i do, but i don't share this secret with just anyone
21) nah. not even people so much anymore, since pretty much everyone's freaking disappearing for no reason
21a) yolo
22) that's cheating
23) we have a complaint box?
24) that depends, describe this box
25) i may or may not have lost mine
26) dude are you playing mario kart in your head, no fair omg
26a) what is even the question
27) wow
just wow
y'know who should get a promotion
remus friggin lupin
remus 4 support prez
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[personal profile] fullmoon 2015-06-23 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
You'd have to get rid of Mr Pendleton first & I'm pretty fond of him.
Otherwise, thank you.
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[personal profile] better 2015-06-23 03:19 am (UTC)(link)

1) Erica
2) n/a
3) 0
4) 0
4a) n/a
5) n/a
6) - pass
6a) - pass
7) yes
7a) -
8) no
8a) -
9) yes
9a) no
9b) I don't know, but I don't think it is that either
10) - pass
11a) - pass
11b) -
12) by lying about it happening
13) no
13a) -
13b) -
13c) is there really a giant worm somewhere?
14) does chemistry class count?
14a) no
14b) it's a video game franchise that makes popular characters race against each other in go karts.
14c) go karts with a K are motorized. carts with a C are for shopping and carrying things. I think.
15) yes
15a) yes
16) you're the one asking
17) nope
18) yes
19) kesha
20) I've never been drunk. sorry.
21) nope
21a) -
22) That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.
23) I didn't know there was one.
24) that answers that.
25) twice
26) is that the royal we or just a general find a group of smart people and figure it out we?
26a) -
27) They ask too many questions. This doesn't seem supportive at all.
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[personal profile] fullmoon 2015-06-23 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
1) R.J. Lupin.
2) Support, cartographer, etc.
3) 1 boggart (confiscated), 1/2 dog.
4) No.
4a) No.
5) I have an occupation but somehow it made me more likely to get a job anyway. She's sort of scary when she's self-righteous.
6) We ought to have a department devoted solely to making people join other departments. A Department Department. Kate can be Chief.
6a) Robes. They would breathe better & hide how spindly my legs are. o<=== :(
7) Whisky.
7a) More whisky.
8) I'm not sure we're entitled to opinions about what other beings can or cannot eat if they say they can eat it.
8a) Probably wherever your worm went.
9) Some of them are nice.
9a) Yes.
9b) n/a
10) I'd like to know.
11a) I want to know who knows what about me. I assume other people would like to know who knows what about them. If it's impossible to tell then I don't think it matters so much.
11b) Did you dream about being a pretty girl?
12) Who's getting out of it?
13) No worms.
13a) n/a
13b) n/a
13c) I have never mocked anyone in my life.
14) I have also never worked in a lab.
14a) You've been present for all of my pizza-eating.
14b) I don't think this question applies to me.
14c) See above.
15) Passable.
15a) Do you count as a grown man?
16) Sirius.
17) No, but I do really believe you did.
18) Dogs can definitely get headaches.
19) Ke$ha.
20) Someone told me about aspirin.
21) Yes.
21a) The map. The private lounge. Etc.
22) Stuffed with cream cheese & walnuts.
23) Never.
24) Would the box reward you for inserting complaints? Perhaps with sweets or a pat on the head? We could do that, couldn't we?
25) Many times, but I got a hole in one elbow & you know how I am with mending. :(
26) Yes.
26a) Maybe Mario Kart holds the key to our salvation.
27) You're going to get me fired.
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Does this make you Support VICE Prez? I think it does.
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[personal profile] unmakes 2015-06-23 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
i never said i'm not!! but this is a PUBLIC survey after all
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i've never felt more secure
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[personal profile] unmakes 2015-06-23 04:33 am (UTC)(link)

how do you even do that, like

location: space
hobbies: space. day-drinking in space. going to the gardens and pretending i'm not in space
pet peeves: space
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[personal profile] workout 2015-06-23 04:34 am (UTC)(link)
That's a really long survey

[ that he isn't filling out sup ]
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i believe the word you're looking for is

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are you fucking kidding me